[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 22/05/19

Cette semaine nous n’avançons pas sur la nouvelle roadmap annoncée il y a peu, mais c'est tout de même une mise à jour conséquente qui a été déployée sur les serveurs de Lost Ark.

Au programme :

  • Amélioration du système de carte au trésor
  • Événement lié à un gardien
  • Complétion automatique des raids
  • Et bien d'autres

La complétion automatique des raids est plutôt inquiétante en tout cas... Lost Ark prend une mauvaise direction avec ce genre d'ajout 🙁

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 22/05/19.

Ajout de contenu

[Secret map]

The secret map exchange system is improved.

  • Up to 10 maps can be used as materials when exchanging secret maps.
  • The map exchange is divided into probability increase / increase rate.
    • Grade Rise: Gets a map of the top grade.
      ※ 'Legendary secret map' can not rise the rating.
    • Keep Rating: Get maps of the same rank.
  • You can check the probability of changing the grade each time you register a material secret map.
  • Depending on the type and quantity of the secret map used as a replacement material, the probability of climbing increases.



Wednesday, May 22 After regular inspection ~ Wednesday, June 5 (Wed) "Thunder wings of fear" event is carried out before periodical inspection.
  • During the event, "Thunder wings" will appear at 8:30 pm / 12:00 pm on weekends at the following locations.
    • By Handel The continent Silicon Valley near the lake Island 'The Land of Howling Thunder'
    • Berne Continent Island near the port of Krona 'Land of pouring lightning'
  • You can acquire various reward items when you deal 'Thunder Wings'.
    • You can acquire a 'Signal' item definitively.
    • You can acquire various battle items with a certain probability.
    • With a certain probability, you can acquire a 'glowing purse' containing 100,000 shillings.
    • 'Thunder wings' treatment reward is a character with a battle level of 50 or more.
  • After thunder wings have been treated, you can acquire items that are stamped through the auction.
    • Items to be auctioned: Grand Prize I, Invincible Avoidance Prize I, Telescope Grand Prize I
    • The 'Thunder Wings' auction is only available for characters who have contributed to a certain level of treatment with an item level of 250 or higher.

[Raid Immediate Completion]

Added the ability to complete a normal raid immediately using crystals.

※ 'Raid Immediate Completion' function has the following usage conditions.
  • You need to clear that raid at least once before you can use it. (Including apprentice raid)
  • Use of the decaying phase of the guardian soul harvesting opportunity remains available.
  • You can only use it once per day for each subjugation phase . (Reusable at 06:00)
  • "Apprentice Raid" and "Weekly Raid" can not use Immediate Completion.

  • When a 'raid is completed immediately', the Guardian's treatment and soul reward are paid to your belongings and the soul harvest count is used .
    • If your belongings are full, you will receive compensation by mail.
  • The 'Raid Immediately Complete' feature does not increase the Fellowship quest and Quest achievement count.

 [Sila Mael Battleground]

Sila Mael has added a new boblol battlefield to its battlefield.

  • Challenge condition
    • Guild can challenge at least 6 people
  • Entry Information
    • Recommended Item Level 450
    • Up to 30 people available
  • Introduction
    • Within the time limit, you must use two cannons to kill the two rogue bosses.
    • Cooperation is more important than character ability.


Sila Mael Battleground Changed the capture buff of some base.

  • Guide to change points
    • Kathryn's hatred
    • Collapsed crack
  • Buff guide
    • Conventional: Increase in 'normal operation speed'
    • Revision: Increased 'evasion rate' in content except for Sila Mael and Proof of Battleground
  • Guilds occupied during the week are subject to a pre-amendment buff.
  • Buffs changed from the guild occupied next week.


[Triion Pass]

  • We have improved the use of the Tricion Pass after the second password setup and authentication is completed when jumping growth starts.


[Currency Exchange]

The currency exchange has been improved as follows.

  • If the number of commodities to be traded exceeds a thousand units, a comma (,) will appear and the number color will change.
  • We have improved the message displayed on the result of the gold receipt.
    • You have removed the message that says 'Mileage 0 Received' even if you do not have mileage accrued when you receive your existing Gold.
    • We have added a separate mileage receipt message for any mileage credits earned during the Gold Receipt.
  • Transaction result history UI was improved.


[Sailing / Quest / Dungeon]

  • We added rank points to the PvP Island competition quest rewards below.
    • Island of psychedelic - red lobe
    • Lush Reed Island - Hidden in Reed Forest
    • Medea - Special Stone
    • Isle of Wrong Desire
    • Sudoku - The Power of Amazing Power
  • We have reinforced the contents so that we can specify the completion goal of the 'great anniversary ceremony' of the Atrophy Island Quest more specifically.
  • We have downgraded 'Entry Palace Condition' from 385 to '380'.
  • In PVE combat, we have changed the system so that certain party members' HPs are not exposed.



  • We changed the 'Power of Ether' trio of Summoner 'Marilyn' skill to 'Flash of ether'.
    • Before change: Creates a power ether at the position of death at the death of Marilyn.
    • After the change: A killer ether is produced at the death location of the killer.



  • Added 'Show my job' option to the engraving effect UI.
    • These options can be applied from the Job Effects tab.
    • When applying the option, only the occupants that you can give are shown.
  • The text of the PvP information window has been revised and clarified to a clearer overall guide.
  • PvP Info Window In the season tab, we have corrected the phenomenon that the pre-season rating of the character who achieved the diamond grade last season is output to the master.
  • In PvP information window, when the character is filtered by the server to which the character belongs, only 10 pages of information are printed.
  • In the PvP information window, we corrected the phenomenon in which the winning percentage is displayed differently from the actual number when the competitors' 'medium' and 'large' are displayed.
  • We have changed the map images listed in the tooltip of 'Labyrinth Secret Map Loot Bag' by class.
  • Improved to display the message 'Auto move is not available' when moving from death state.
  • We have reinforced the contents of the adventure book to make it easier to recognize the explanation of the expeditionary task.
  • When using 'battle and life skills initialization ticket' kept in inventory, we changed the sound so that the sound that matches the outline is output.
  • We changed the color of the battleground invitation window to be different from the party invitation window.
  • We have changed the 'Weekly Raid +1' item so that it can be used after one weekly raid compensation for that week. (2019-05-22 content added)

[Lost Arc Shop]

We have changed the criteria for exposing products in the 'recommended products' in Lost Arc Shop. (add contents)

  • Items that can not be purchased beyond the number of purchases are not exposed.
    • The list of recommended items is updated when the Lost Arc Shop is opened again.
    • Periodic items such as "Monthly" or "Weekly" will be re-exposed at the point when the number of purchase restrictions is reset.
  • Replacement products are automatically recommended for products that are not available for purchase beyond the limit of purchase.
    • We recommend products considering the purchase patterns of adventurers.


Correction de bugs


  • Fixed a problem where motion appears to be a bit awkward when the victory pose is executed with the infector class in the battlefield of the demonstration.
  • Fixed the problem that when using Amplification Potion on the battlefield of Proof, the "Mark of Tooth" tooltip is not displayed on the result screen.
  • Proof of battlefield After the start of the competition, we corrected the phenomenon that the wrong data is displayed on the ranking board.
  • Proof of the battlefield After the start of the competition, the compensation icon is not displayed when there is no battlefield.
  • The phrase 'pre-season' in the explanation of compensation before the race was changed to 'season'.
  • Fixed a problem that when a character is invited from Sila Mael Battlefield, part of the message is not displayed in the invitation window.


[Dungeon / Combat / Skill]

  • Chaos Dungeon, Event Chaos Dungeon, Arc Dungeon, Party dungeon entry window, the entry condition is abnormal output has been fixed the phenomenon.
  • Raid Guardian 'Berthus' When wiped out of the tobble, the defeat is not used to direct the skill to fix the phenomenon.
  • Chaos dungeon played by a single player in the battle space entry location with the boss disconnected after reconnecting the dungeon did not progress normally corrected.
  • Berne Northern Dungeon Elberia's quest to trace the Sigmunt quest has been fixed, and the effect does not disappear intermittently after the end of Rahard's production.
  • Fixed some NPCs in the Rutheran castle appearing to overlap objects.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which a character holding a lantern can not be seen when a directive is output from Rutheran's Eastern Dungeon 'King Lutheran's Tomb'.
  • Lutheran Eastern Dungeon 'Crying Storm' Quest 'Crying Storm Cleansing' is in progress, before the quest target is updated, 'Hebike' can fix the phenomenon.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the NPC 'Hachi' of Lorean Eastern Borea Manor appeared to be buried on the floor.
  • In the Eastern Blackrock Church of the Lutheran, the character's head has been fixed in a specific direction after a certain production has been fixed.
  • Fixed the appearance of monsters that can not attack at certain positions in Art Destiny 'Red Sand Desert'.
  • The tooltip of the destroying mobile 'run' has been modified as follows.
    • Before change: I ran forward with my body slightly lowered.
    • After the change: I ran forward with my body slightly lowered. You can use your skills while riding.
  • Fixed the problem that Seed Damage does not happen intermittently when Applying "Seed Seed" Tripod of Summoner 'El Seed' skill.
  • When Summoner Summons 'El Seed', he corrects the fact that the distance of El Seed is recalled to be less than intended.
  • Fixed a situation where an infector penetrates a weapon when the arm is extended to the front after attaching a specific weapon.
  • When the infector uses the second evasion, the 'invincibility avoidance' marking does not apply.
  • Fixed the problem that attack area is applied somewhat longer than effects when using the skill 'Blue Dragon Heading' skill.


[Item / Item dictionary]

  • Fixed the problem that when you check the tool tip of 'Trishion Jewelry Box' item as a former class, the component is not exposed.
  • Fixed a problem where an incorrect error message was intermittently displayed when a character slot was expanded.
  • Fixed the problem that when receiving items after cooking, 'Unknown error' message and item can not be received.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that link of set item information link which is output by clicking 'set item' button in item dictionary is connected incorrectly.
  • During the loot auction, when you re-entered the auction through the reconnection, we fixed the phenomenon that the current item is not the item that is currently being auctioned.
  • PvP Equipment Exchange NPC Jeffrey sells the following items to purchase PvP 'Grade' is displayed incorrectly PvP 'rank' has been modified.
    • The title 'beyond the limit'
    • Title 'who reached the pole'
    • Fighting Aura
    • Aurora of the ground


[Sailing / Quest]

  • Only one of the 'freshly-housed cats' of Totopia Island has corrected the phenomenon that the interaction is not smooth.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the present position is output to the left duck island of Ardetain when the world map (M) is confirmed after entering the randomly appearing Duck Island.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that we can not kill the appearance of the game when interacting with the salt flower placed in the safety zone of Goblin Island while acquiring the 'search' of the hunting skill.
  • Fixed a problem where the map symbol flickers abnormally on the expansion map when the 4K monitor is paused during automatic route operation.
  • Fixed a situation where you can not find a party with an unavailable message when you find a party immediately after completing a cooperative or competitive quest or giving up.
  • Hunter series awakening quest Quest 'Desert Storm' in the Quest Journal of the actual performance locations and other areas have been fixed the phenomenon of being displayed.
  • Fixed the problem that the destination guide is not displayed intermittently when using 'Tracking Cue' while Platinum Field is in progress.


[UI / Graphics / Sound]

  • Fixed the phenomenon of afterimage of World Map intermittently while using World Map (M).
  • Fixed a problem where the 'Jump Growth Enabled' phrase would hide the character position mark when the character has a jumping growth enabled character with the integrated character library.
  • Fixed the fact that when you enter a raid map after sharing a destination in a field, the shared shared symbol appears in the raid expansion map.



  • Fixed misleading and awkward expressions in some texts and unified them.
  • Emotion Expression In Progress While using the automatic movement (T), the message that the automatic movement is activated is displayed, but the emotion expression has been corrected.
  • Fixed the problem that the leading part of the sound of the 'Warrior' class is overlapped when entering the class selection screen by clicking the Create New Character button.
  • We fixed the phenomenon that intermittent guide book search is impossible.
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