[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 17/04/19

Nouvelle semaine, nouveau patch pour la version coréenne de Lost Ark.

Cette mise à jour n'apporte pas de nouveaux contenus mais pas mal de modifications au niveau de la navigation. Elle contient également quelques autres modifications et corrections de quelques bugs.

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 17/04/19.


Quête de navigation

Improved navigation cooperation and competitive quests.

  • We changed the name of the quest as follows to make it easy to recognize.
    • Blue hole - Jellyfish treatment → Blue hole filled with jellyfish
    • Voyage Invaders (sea of ​​Gye I) → invasion! My sea
    • Sailing Invaders (Sea of ​​Procyon) → Invasion! Ocean of Procyon
    • Procyon's token collection (underwater exploration) → Procyon deep sea exploration
    • Collecting the token of Procyon (treasure) → Procyon's treasure chest
    • Proclamation of Procyon (golden fishery)
    • The soul harvest of the dead (my sea) → My sea soul harvest
    • The soul harvest of the dead (Procyon sea) → Procyon sea soul harvest
  • Some quests have been changed as below.
    • Stranded cruise ship: Near the island of opportunity → near the island of lush reed
    • Explode firecrackers: club avignon → sleeping song island
  • We have changed the target figures and progress time of some quests as follows.
    • aggression! My sea
      • Running time 3 minutes → 5 minutes 30 seconds
      • Target number 4500 → 9000 points
    • aggression! Ocean of Procyon 
      • Running time 3 minutes → 5 minutes 30 seconds
      • Target number 4500 → 9000 points
  • Some of the quests below have been modified so that they no longer appear.
    • Blue Hall Farming (All Blue Hall)
    • Blue Hall - Treatment of jellyfish (near Kurzanzan & islands)
    • Lost Delivery (Near Roh Phang Island)
  • I have upgraded the amount of 'Pirate Coin' reward obtained from cooperative / competitive quests in the Sea of ​​My Sea and Procyon Sea, and added new rewards to some of the following competition quests.
    • aggression! Sea of ​​the Sea / Sea of ​​Procyon: Ancient Manastone
    • My Sea / Procyon Sea Soul Harvesting: Floating Souls 
      (Reward quest rewards may not be available depending on difficulty or competition)
  • Some of the voyage co-operation and the competition quest 'fortune recovery of energy' has been changed to 'pirate coinage'.
  • We have unified the omnipotent time of cooperative / competitive quests in the Sea of ​​Sea and Procyon Sea to 10 minutes.
  •  We have changed the start date and time of the cooperative / competitive quests in the sea of ​​Myanmar and Procyon Sea to more convenient.
    quest Progress Time
    Stranded boat (Tuesday) 11:00 / (Tuesday) 17:00 / (Tuesday) 23:00
    Deep exploration of Procyon (Tuesday) 11:00 / (Tuesday) 17:00 / (Tuesday) 23:00
    Procyon's treasure chest (Wed) 11:35 / (Wed) 15:35 / (Wed) 19:35
    Blue Hall full of jellyfish (Wed) 14:00 / Wed (Wed) 18:00 / Wed (Wed) 22:00
    Ring the boat (Thu) 11:30 / (Thu) 20:40 / (Thu) 22:40
    Fire the firecracker. (Fri) 12:25 / (Fri) 18:25 / (Fri) 21:25
    Procyonian abrupt fisherman (Fri) 12:50 / (Fri) 16:50 / (Fri) 20:50
    My sea soul harvest (Sat) 11:30 / (Sat) 20:40 / (Sun) 23:00
    Procyon sea soul harvest (Sat) 11:30 / (Sat) 20:40 / (Sun) 23:00
    aggression! My sea (Sat) 23:00 / (Sun) 11:30 / (Sun) 20:30
    aggression! Ocean of Procyon (Sat) 23:00 / (Sun) 11:30 / (Sun) 20:30



  • It has been changed so that it can be used on all servers regardless of the server that receives the 'Change of character appearance right' and 'Change character name'.
    • The number of 'change of character appearance right' and 'change of character name' that were previously owned by each server have been summed up.
    • Originally, "Change of character appearance" and "Change of character name" which were previously held in the merchandise box are only available on the purchased server, but can be used on all servers at the time of receipt.


Objets / Marchands

  • We have added 'Accacciam II Box' to the merchant's sales list.
    • The 'Accrasium II box' is available in 10 'Accrasium II' boxes, and the box contains 6 'Accrasium II'.
    • Aclacium II acquired in the box can not be traded. 
    • The 'Accrasium II Box' is an item shared by the expedition and can be given to other characters in the expedition through the expedition store.
    • 'Accashium II Box' can only buy items with 515 or more item level.
  • The set item tooltip layout has been improved as shown below.
    • An indent icon is added before each option.
    • For options that require a total number of polishes, the abrasive information is prefixed.
    • We changed the color of the options to improve readability.
  • Changed background image of tooltip extension display area.
  • The linked items in the chat window have been improved so that they can be expanded by mouse dragging when the tooltip content exceeds the display range.
  • We have changed the order of ship upgrade items sold on the new Berne probe.
  • We have changed the use of the Reward Quest Reward item on the Island of Psyche to secure the item.  


Recherche de groupe

  • Fixed the possibility of entering the title up to 25 characters when registering for recruiting party.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI creation of the party recruitment in other categories was overlapped with the icon.
  • Fixed a problem where there was a detailed information window that does not match the current situation when viewing the party recruitment window.
  • We have added 'Kally Eigos' in the 5th level category of 'Reid' in the party recruitment registration.
  • The "Search" button in the party finder has always been enabled.


Graphisme / UI / Autres

  • In the shortened HUD step (Alt + X entered once) of the screen shot mode, the character name is displayed together with the tooltip that is output from the class symbol of the party UI.
  • Improved to display appropriate message when using sailing songs.
    • You can not use the skill of the ship during the return song.
    • You can not play a song of returning while treasure hunting or underwater exploration is in use.
    • The 'Automatic Flight (T)' function of the returning song does not cancel the performance when toggling, but when using 'SPACE', the performance is canceled and 'Rapid Flight' is used.
  • Fixed the problem that the dangerous sea gauge and debuff information remained at the time of re-launch after using the return song in dangerous sea gauge and debuff application.
  • The name of the crew skill has been unified.
  • We have improved the display of the message when the entrance to the island is lost for a certain period of time.
  • Mystic Dungeon 'Spirit of Light' monster kill 'ether' 100% chance to drop it has been corrected.
  • We adjusted the position so that the progress message output from the labyrinth dungeon does not cover the skill casting bar.
  • We have improved to display a message about the reason for failure when interaction with an object placed in a field fails because the quest condition does not match.
  • We have changed the minimum participation requirement of 'I Arcana' which appeared in Blue Hall to the item level 500 or higher.
  • Blaster Awakening 'Heavy Turret' has added the ability to show target points when using missile launches.
  • Changed to be unable to play "Song of Escape" in the general field and city.

Correction de bugs


  • We adjusted the EXP value of the expedition that we did not meet the Fellowship achievement appropriately.
    • Some expeditioners may lower the expedition level due to normalization of expedition expedition values, but the expedition achievement reward can be obtained only once normally.


Navigation/ Quêtes / Calendrier

Fixed the problem that occasionally quest items are not acquired from some target collecting items during the weekly Epoana request.

    • [Mining] Collecting large pieces of magnetite
    • [Logging] Getting very hard wood
    • [Collecting] Getting the Hub Peaks
    • [Hunting] The ancient waterway of Yudia
    • [Archeology] Mysterious statue collection
  • Weekly Ephonas Requests '[Ghost Ship] Treasure left by ghost' has been modified to be placed in the category 'Sea of ​​Procyon' in the Quest Journal and placed in the 'Sea of ​​Procyon' category.
  • In Sila Mael Battleground 'Guild Wars', the attacking effect of Guard NPC 'Destroyer of heretics' did not match the direction of the launch vehicle.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the sound of the return song can not be heard due to the sound of the harbor when using the return song near the harbor.
  • Fixed an item that was incorrectly listed at 2 pm on Wednesday, during the time of 'Briareos' on the guide board of the Ice and Fire Islands, not in the morning but in the afternoon.
  • Roarun Modified the phenomenon that 'Mokko seeds' in specific locations could be acquired without using eternal songs differently than intended.
  • Fixed a problem in which the player character's weapon was not displayed during the Guardian Investigator Quest of 'Dark Ridge'.


Donjon / Combat / Compétences

  • Fixed a problem that when an Eolo is killed in battle with a boss monster "Eoro" in Totoiku Continental Dungeon "Pirate Dagger" before moving on to Phase 2, the item is dropped at the battle position of Phase 1.
  • As the palace is collapsing on the Handel Continental Dungeon 'Palace of Dreams', when the party member reconnects, the phenomenon that the character can not move is corrected.
  • In Handel's Continental Dungeon 'Palace of Dreams', when some party members moved to a chess room after queen killing, the character who moved to the chess room stopped moving.
  • Handel 's Heroes' Forest Quest' Monk 's Army attack' in progress, the monster is not sagged, but the next move to the area has been corrected.
  • In Handel's Dungeon 'Land of the Elemental', when the battle with Geldia is directed, some of the appearance of the monster is corrected.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of weathering in an awkward position after falling over the wall thorn traps in the Yudia continental dungeon 'Morai Ruins'.
  • Fixed the problem that the quest can not be intermittently executed when moving to a certain position during the battle with monsters in Shu Shire continental dungeon 'Baedan's Hideout'.
  • Lutheran Eastern Dungeon 'Lutheran's Tomb' during the process of moving the characters in a specific location when attacked by the kite to move to the wrong position has been corrected.
  • Fixed the difference between the display range of the skill of throwing the pushpot and the throwing skill and the actual shot range.
  • Fixed a problem that when a party member dies while raid is in progress, the message of using the feathers of the Resurrection is printed.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Serpent of the Serpent' Summoner Sergeant Elite El Seed 's tracking seeds to the abnormal path to the phenomenon has been fixed.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the time remaining until the start of mode after Ronan's manor landing is displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed a problem in which 'Kal' El Gos' was output when checking the acquisition point of a raid monster 'Belganus' in the Hunter class.
  • Fixed the problem that the blaster class raid monster 'Carl Ellogos' expectation compensation checker was outputting Bellanus reward item.
  • Fixed a situation where the blaster's bombardment mode is canceled, but the bombardment mode stance is maintained when other characters see it.
  • Fixed the problem that when the blaster laser turret is installed in a place where there is a difference in elevation in the terrain, the attack range indication of the laser does not match the actual judgment area.
  • Fixed the problem of displaying abnormally high HP occasionally when viewing information of another character under certain circumstances.
  • Bard 'Sound Hellick' skill 'Concentrated Saturation' When applying the tri-pod, we adjusted the supply and neutralization values ​​of the abnormal Serenade gauge.
  • Warlock 'Guardian of Lightning' skill 'Toughness' when choosing a tripod, the effect of toughness has been eliminated abnormally early.
  • Summoner 'Flying Wind New' skill 'wizard wisdom' and 'mother wind bird' simultaneous application of the 'mother wind bird' damage increases the phenomenon has been fixed.
  • When Berserker 'Power Break' skill is attempted to rotate rapidly in overcharge state, the effect and the appearance of the weapon are inconsistent.
  • Fixed a problem where the identity card is displayed in excessive black when Arkanas enter the big city.
  • Fixed to recover 2% of normal health when activating 'Emergency Recovery' effect.
  • Fixed a problem where a pet does not take any action when designating another target while moving to attack target.
  • Fixed a problem where some 'additional damage' options are not displayed correctly in the character information window.



  • If some of the party members participate in the competition quest, we have changed the output of correct system messages according to the situation of party and party characters.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'change setting' button is activated when registering party recruitment article in party search.
  • Fixed the problem that the icon and text are not displayed when the list of members is empty in the 'Details' window of the party search.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the category of the requested party is not selected when clicking the 'View application info' button after selecting the category to which the party did not belong after applying for the party in the party search.
  • Find a party Fixed a problem where selected category was not reflected in 'Destination' of 'Recruitment Registration' when selecting recruitment article after selecting category with raid type.
  • Fixed the problem that 'Detailed Info' window is not closed when 'View Recruitment Information' is selected while 'Details Info' window is open.
  • Fixed the possibility of dragging in the text at the top of the Find Party window.
  • Fixed the problem that the class symbol that is not changed is not displayed when proceeding to join the party recruitment article.


Objet / Milestone

  • In the tooltip description of the battle item 'Water Bomb', we corrected the phenomenon described as 'Fire of Fire' instead of 'Fire of Fire'.
  • Fixed a temporary delay in recovery of health when using a recovery battle item, intermittently in certain situations.
  • Fixed the problem that 'unavailable color' is not displayed on item slots that do not meet the conditions of use in the integrated inventory.
  • If you try to move the tab by dragging the 'non-destructive' item in the warehouse and then drop it, it is an item that can not be destroyed. The following message is displayed.
  • Fixed a problem where the number of retreated seaweeds is not updated when executing slot drilling in 'rune slot change' during rune processing.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the acquisition destination is not updated in certain operations in the item dictionary.


UI / Graphisme

  • Fixed the problem that certain colors of customizing are printed differently from the colors of in-game.
  • On the character selection screen, the phenomenon that the appearance part of the Hunter class overlaps with the specific background has been fixed.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the text moves when checking / unchecking 'Retained Item' in 'Token Item Storage' after setting resolution 21: 9.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of shaking the hem when entering the secret place on Monte Island.
  • Corrected a part of the graphics of the Turtle Island specific location is broken.
  • Fixed a situation where the extended map of the Yildia 'Saland Hills' and the mini map do not match.
  • Fixed a problem where the position of the character in the mini map is not updated when moving to Orbis Island specific secret space.
  • Fixed a problem where the NPC status is displayed abnormally in certain areas of Lutheran Castle.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that only some of the rides belonging to the vehicle storage box are exposed.
  • Modified the phrase so that the description of some rides in the vehicle box does not exceed the display area.
  • Fixed the situation where the name tag position is changed when using the Boost skill while boarding the 'Ride: Noise Gear'.
  • Fixed the problem that the name tag position of 'ride: myunduk' is displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed the fact that the length of the handle is deformed until the end of the battle.



  • Fixed typographical and awkward expressions in some texts.
  • Corrected the character insertion phenomenon of specific places and objects.
  • Fixed the wrong number in the tooltip above the 'Reduced Movement' state applied to Poison Mushroom Collection.
  • Fixed the problem that the music playing does not stop when using the transformation item while playing the score.
  • Fixed a bug where the battle speed slowed slightly during the card battle.
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