[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 25/09/19

La mise à jour hebdomadaire de la version coréenne de Lost Ark a apporté pas mal d'amélioration en ce qui concerne ce qui est partagé entre les personnages, ainsi que quelques ajustements.

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 26/09/19.

Mise à jour

[ Disposition Point Expedition Conversation Information]

The propensity points for each character of the Fellowship have been expeditioned.

  • Quests that provide propensity points will only offer propensity points once per expedition.
  • The propensity points provided through the quests that are completed together when the jumping growth is completed are added to the expedition.
  • The base propensity points provided when creating a character are summed in expedition units.


Adventure discovery information has been expedition.

  • Rewards for discovering adventures are provided once per Fellowship.
  • Adventure rewards have been reorganized.
  • Expeditions that have discovered adventures can now receive an additional one-time reward for their adventures.



[ Silmar Battlefield]

The conditions for entry into the Guild Wars and Fortress Battlegrounds have been revamped on the battlefield of Silma.

  • Added deposit function for challenge application.
    • It means the guild hemostat required for the challenge application. If the guild blood is insufficient, the challenge application cannot be made.
    • The deposit will be automatically refunded upon payment of the Siem Reap Battleground Rank Reward if the Rank Condition is met . ※ If you fail to play the rest of the match after one participation, you may not receive the Rank Reward or Deposit due to lack of rank calculation conditions. ※ The ranking conditions and deposits vary depending on the base, so you need to check carefully before applying for the challenge.
  • We have made the following changes to the deposit, ranking, and challenge requirements for the Challenge.
    • Golden Eagle Battlefield, Blue Dragon's Realm, Heretic Residence
      • Deposit: 7,000
      • Ranking condition: 1,000 → 1,200
    • Ground of rusty metal
      • Deposit: 4,500
      • Ranking condition: 700 → 1,200
    • Frostfire Battlefield, Battlefield of the Blue Dawn
      • Guild Rating Condition 1,100 → None
      • Deposit: 8,500
      • Ranking condition: 1,200
    • Redcliffe Fortress
      • Guiding Rating 1,701 or more → 1,301 or more
      • Deposit: 12,000
    • Bamboo forest
      • Guiding Rating: 1,300 ~ 1,700 → 900 ~ 1,300
      • Deposit: 9,500
    • Ashenwolf Northern Fortress
      • Guiding Rating Condition 1,050 or more → None
      • Deposit: 8,000


Fortification balance was adjusted as follows.

  • Increased battle preparation time as follows
    • 2 minutes 30 seconds → 3 minutes
  • Reduced the time that 'Named Monster' regenerates.
  • Enhance the buffs obtained by defeating the Named Monsters.
    • Upon stacking 5 stacks, gain an additional Siege of Victory buff that increases Siege Bonus damage (100%) and Physical / Magic Defense (10%).
      ※ Overlapping with the Heavy Walker Aura effect will only affect the Victory Shout buff.
  • Reduced Silma Core regeneration time by 50%.
  • Increased resistance and cannon attack range.
  • Increased the number of cannon balls that can be obtained from cannon chests by 100%.
    • Changed the maximum stack of Cannonball items from 10 to 99.
  • Reduced Heavy Walker retention time.
  • Heavy Walker skill 'Power Night' attack range and damage has been reduced by 50%.
  • Increased the cooldown of the Heavy Walker skill 'Flame Thrower'.
  • Heavy Walker Aura bonus increased from 20% to 75%
  • Reduced object re-creation time to gain stealth buffs
  • Reduced the time needed to infiltrate
  • The acquisition points have been reorganized as follows.
    • Successfully summon Heavy Walkers has been changed from 30 points to 5 points.
    • Points changed from 50 points to 100 points when the Guardian Tower is destroyed.
    • Destroyed gates changed from 100 points to 200 points.
    • Points changed from 150 to 300 points when destroying Silma Guardian Statue.
  • Ashen Wolf Northern Fortress has been rebalanced.
    • Stamina statues, gates, and Silma Guardian statues have been significantly reduced.


[ Tactics system]

  • Mercenaries have also been updated to display 'Starting Impending' and 'Available' signs on the battlefield in Silma.
  • As soon as the rating of the mercenaries is completed, the valuation rewards have been changed.
  • When hired as a mercenary, when all of the battlefield hours are over, we'll be able to create a guild or join another guild immediately.
  • In order to better recognize mercenary hire time, we have improved the notification text in the center of the screen when mercenary hire time is available.


[ Guild]

The guild system has been improved as follows.

  • Weekly distribution will also be mailed to guild members who do not meet the requirements.
    • We will also send you a weekly distribution mail to new guild members who have not reached minimum contribution.
  • Added a history of guild bloodstone use.
    • Added guild bloodstone usage history due to deposit
    • Added guild hemostat usage history to recruit mercenaries
  • Added a history of guild bloodstone acquisition.
    • Add history if you get a refund
  • Added weekly distribution history.
    • Added a history to carry over if the weekly guild is low on weekly distribution
  • If you change the weekly distribution settings, the guild member will be notified of the changed information in a system message.
  • Among the guild skills, the icons of 'Wind of Battlefield' and 'Wamp of Battlefield' have been changed to be more intuitive.
  • When the guild mana stone is purchased, charged, or deducted, a system message corresponding to the situation has been improved.


[ Battlefield of Proof]

Changed the structure to take into account the occupation of the player as shown below.

  • Various jobs are organized evenly without having the same job in one team.
  • However, if there are a large number of specific occupations, both teams have the same number.
    ※ The rating section can be set flexibly to prevent the matching time from getting longer.


[ Cube]

Improved cubes and elite cubes.

  • The score balance has been modified as follows.
    • We've raised the diamond score and the rest of the score.
    • Fixed the acquisition score according to the difficulty of the stage.
      Example: Lowering the score of the Easy Lucky Stage and raising the score of the difficult Boss Stage
  • Fixed the number of debuff durations and values ​​as follows:
    • Fixed the number of 'Debuff Damage Increased' debuffs from 2 times to 1 time.
    • 'Decrease maximum health' debuffs have been changed to 50%, 70% → 30%.
  • Reduced chance of survival stage in Elite Cube by 50%
  • Removed the immunity and immunity from low-grade monsters appearing in the elite cube.
  • Fixed monsters to take damage while in motion (2019-09-25 add missing guide item)


[ Event]

  • 'Dough comes down from the sky' event ends and 'Kung Duk Kung Island' disappears.
    • The character on Kung Duk Kung Island has been moved off the island.


[ Lost Arc Shop]

  • Improved the ability to see avatars when previewing other occupations in the Lost Arc Shop.
  • Added 'Rebellion' to the pet rap preview in Lost Arc Shop.


[ Graphics / UI]

  • Fixed the effect of some 'burn' debuffs covering the appearance of large monsters.
  • Demonic 'Howling' skill 'Concussion' Tripod icon has been changed to match the actual effect.
  • Demonic 'Rising Claw' Skill 'Quick Ready' Tripod icon has been changed to match the actual effect.
  • Summoner summoner 'Marine''s Taunt skill has been removed.


[ Other]

  • The loot auction will now be dragged when you click in the input window to manually enter a bid in the loot auction.
  • Changed so that pets can be summoned and saved by character.
    • After the change, the pet will be un summoned and can be summoned again from the Pet Library (Hotkey: Alt + P).
  • Minor improvements have been made to make it easier to recognize the text in the message that appears when moving items with pet belongings disabled.
  • Fixed the sturgeon to be searchable when using the 'Exploration: Marine Creature' skill.
  • Removed Barter Shop from NPC Rochelle in Atropos.
  • Changed the Transcendence buff tool tip in the Labyrinth Dungeon to be more accurate.
  • Removed the phrase "Can be canceled after requesting a challenge to Guild Wars" from the battle entrance window.
  • NPC 'Fortress Elite Soldier' ​​in Battle fortress of Silmael is no longer used.
  • Roppang Island's 'Database' has been changed so that it can only be used from the front.
  • Changed the category of `` Authentic Panda Camouflage Set '' to `` Toys '' like other transformants.


Correction de bugs

[ Battle / Dungeon]

  • Demonic 'Destruction' skill tool tips have been changed to match the effect.
    • Before Modification: Erupts the inherent evil power, dealing up to N damage to an enemy and blowing it.
    • After Modification: Unleashes an inherent evil power that deals up to N damage to an enemy.
  • Destroyer 'Indue Pay' skill 'Fear of Battle' Tripod's movement speed reduction has been applied to immunized targets.
  • Fixed the movement speed reduction effect of the Bard Symphonia skill on targets immune to that effect.
  • Fixed the issue where the direction of charge was not changed when applying the 'Wind Thunderstorm' skill 'Target Delete' tripod.
  • Fixed the issue where the damage dealt was not applied depending on the attack distance when the Technician 'Walkfield' skill of the Cruel Grasp Triport was applied.
  • Fixed a bug where Berserker 'Mountain Crash' skill 'slow effect' tripod's attack speed reduction effect was not applied by immunity reduction.
  • Fixed an issue where stack stacks would not stack properly when using the 'Edge Night' tripod of the Arcana 'Stream of Edge' skill.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera's point of view would occasionally move to the middle of the ocean during the marine dungeon 'Knut's Tomb'.
  • Fixed the issue where the second direction of Dungeon 'Knut's Tomb' was not automatically skipped even if 'Auto Skip in Dungeon' was skipped.


[ Quest]

  • Fixed an issue where a particular cast was output twice during the quest `` Worlds Again '' quest by sys.Landoftruth.devbui9%!) U%!
  • Fixed sys.Landoftruth.devbui9%!) U%! 's intermittent direction not being skipped during the quest' World Again 'quest.
  • sys.Landoftruth.devbui9%!) U%! Fixed unnatural rendering when killing mannequins placed in my factory
  • Fixed a bug where the percentage would not update from 28% to 29% and 56% to 57% when performing quests with progress in%.
  • Fixed an issue where the PC room reward acquisition message would be displayed even if the contribution was insufficient when the co-op quest included additional PC room quest rewards.
  • Co-op quest end message has been fixed to be displayed only at the bottom center of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Anitz Continental Way's Habitat Quest Immortal Ghost couldn't be re-entered into the Boss Emergence Zone if he died of the Iron Spirit and revived the base.


[ Sailing]

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate islands would be searched in the world map.
  • Fixed an issue where the contents of objects exposed when entering an unknown island are displayed as contents not related to island
  • Fixed the issue where the Ambassador of the Yon Continent's Harpoon Hunting Guild and the Tumbunge Fishing Guild have been swapped.
  • Fixed an issue that caused floats to form over island entry symbols.
  • Fixed an issue where the island exit message would still be displayed on the screen after leaving the island.
  • Fixed the issue where the item 'Developer's Bag' can be used while sailing.
  • Fixed a bug where Shadow Spirits could not be seen on the directed scene only on certain PCs.
  • Fixed a bug where the Metus Islands 'Werner's Mansion' could not interact with certain objects intermittently.


[ Guild]

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect guidance text was displayed when guilds were saved while entering the battlefield.
  • When a new account created a guild to change the 'guild mark', the order of the 'guild mark' was mixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the assistant guild master could not change the guild announcement.
  • Fixed an issue where the guild introduction date was displayed abnormally when the guild was created without entering the guild introduction.
  • Fixed a bug where if a character with guild skill usage rights re-entered the battlefield of Silma, they could not regain guild skill usage rights.
  • Fixed a bug where Guild Skills, which can be registered by dragging in the Guild's Skill tab, were automatically registered.
  • Fixed an issue where the guild's history "Silmael Battlefield" tab would display incorrect wins / losses.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the same content to be repeated on the guild's history tab.
  • Fixed the issue where the item level of the character who applied to join the guild is displayed as a combat level.
  • Fixed a bug where Guild Pane Guild Mark Change buttons were displayed for guild members below officers.
  • Fixed a bug where the name of the guild admin tab was not reflected in the guild management tab.


[ Battlefield]

  • Fixed a bug where Mercenaries hired on the battlefield of Silmael would not display a mercenary name but a guild name.
  • Fixed the issue where the kill reward icon is displayed when you open the battlefield entrance window after acquiring the Battle of Silma battle.
  • Fixed the fact that some Red Barricades in Silma Battleground Fortress will continue to generate when destroyed.


[ Silian's Order]

  • Fixed a bug where the Gather Symbol was displayed at the previous location when using the Platinum Gatherer skill.
  • Fixed a bug where exit count prompts were kept when exiting quickly after exiting the Trial Corridor.
  • Tower of Fate 50F Boss Monster Corruption Blade Lir will no longer move to an abnormal location when using his dashing skill.


[ Item / Item Dictionary]

  • Fixed the issue where the amount of Breath of Earth was displayed as negative when the sum of the Bonus Regeneration Success Rate and the Basic Success Rate exceeded 100%.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu in the dictionary could not be clicked in certain situations while viewing the item dictionary.


[ Graphics]

  • Fixed the issue where the hair color would change when transformed and unlocked using a beer doll mask at certain locations.
  • Fixed Demonic appearing unnatural when wearing 'End of Guardian' or 'Great Story' equipment.
  • Fixed the issue where the left cheek ornament was awkward when the Blade was equipped with 'Lonely Trace Headpiece'.
  • Fixed an issue where the color of the 'Swimsuit' face avatar would change when wearing the 'Aim for Penguin' torso avatar.
  • Fixed an issue where the forearm appearance would look unnatural when listening to certain objects with the wizard class.
  • Fixed a hazy appearance when viewing the View Ruined Fortress in Lutheran East Borea Territory.


[ Other]

  • Fixed typos and awkward expressions in some text.
  • Fixed an issue where the expedition achievement 'Fire Hell Falls' was displayed abnormally.
  • Naughty Umar's motion in Yon Continent's Unfinished Garden has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the bearing arrows on the world map and minimap would also display in simple mode (Alt + X).
  • Fixed a bug where mouse clicks were triggered intermittently when the mouse was repeatedly clicked on the UI window.
  • Fixed an issue where an abnormal message was displayed intermittently when accepting a friend request.
  • Fixed a problem where the preview would not be displayed in the 'send product' window when the root class was sent to 'Gift' when goods were available after the previous job
  • Fixed an issue where the raid leader in the raid settings window would sometimes not allow party members in position 1 to become party leaders when they moved to another party.
  • When switching from raid to party, the system message that raid members joined as party members is no longer displayed.
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