[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 29/05/19

Et on avance sur la roadmap annoncée en début de mois, avec l'ajout d'un système de MVP pour les Raids et les Donjons du Chaos !

En dehors de ça, cette mise à jour contient les habituels petits ajustements et corrections de bugs.

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 29/05/2019.

Mise à jour

[MVP system]

A new MVP system has been added.

  • Added new MVP system to Reid and Chaos dungeon contents
  • If the target content has been successfully completed, MVP will be displayed.
  • Up to 4 characters will be displayed according to the percentage of the content, and the MVP will be selected as the best performing character.
  • An MVP is only displayed when there are at least two participants in each content.
  • The following fields are selected by the MVP system, and each content can be selected in different fields.
    • Damage: Damage caused by party members
    • Disabling: The amount of disability that the party member has applied against the disability (only if the disabling has been triggered more than once).
    • Recovery: The amount of recovery provided by the party member
    • Party Defense: The amount of party shield damage that you have provided against your party's damage
    • Personal Defense: Damage to your party's damage to your personal shield
    • Attribution of Battle Items: Use of Battle Items in Contents
    • Enemy: The number of enemies you have treated

  • After closing the MVP window, you can open the MVP window again by clicking the button at the top left of the screen.
  • If you leave your area, you will not be able to open the MVP window again.


[PVP system]

  • Fixed a situation where you could open PvP info window before level 50.
    • PvP info window can not be opened for 50th level character, and it is possible to open PvP information window normally when 50 level is reached.
  • Added a tooltip area on the right side of the 'Last Experiences' item in the PvP info window Rank Score tab.
    • Added information that the experience value settlement time, non-season experience value unsettled,
  • Fixed a problem where the final experience value was displayed above the set value in the PvP info window and weekly settlement result window when class and class experience values ​​reached the maximum value.
  • We have changed the part marked '0' to '-' because there is no aggregate information about the number of times of treatment per life of pre-season.
  • PvP Rank Ranking window and before the competition to open the ranking window was modified to simultaneously.
  • Added a function to save the tab button that was specified in the PvP info window immediately before.
  • During the 'Medea contest' on Medaea co-op quest, team members' HP bar has been changed to expose friendly colors to team members.


[Thunder Wing]

  • When thunder wings are killed, we have relaxed the acquisition conditions so that more adventurers than ever can reap.
  • We have added Thunder Wing event expectation compensation to calendar.


[Sila Mael Battlefield / Battlefield of Proof]

  • We have slightly adjusted the positions of the four bases located in the Berne area in the situation map of Sila Mael battlefield.
    • Target list: Hatred of Kasrick, Battle of Bollars, Fortress of Tyrone, Battlefield of Blue Dawn
  • When I boarded the turret in the Sila Mael battlefield 'Bullard battlefield', I adjusted the camera viewpoint so that I can use it as a more pleasant viewpoint.
  • In the battleground battleground of proverbs, we have changed the winning pose from "Shining Star Dance" to "Wave Dance".


[Dungeon / Quest]

  • The Chaos Dungeon Clear has changed the victory pose of the Hunter series class from 'Laughter' to 'Cheer' motion.
  • When Chaos Dungeon Clear is in the victory pose, we have changed the weapon being worn so that it does not appear.
  • Chaos Dungeon In the eroding darkness, during the phase of matching the bosses during the boss battle, the mirrors are changed so that they do not fall off the ground.
  • When the player's pet is in the "Explosive Rock Summoner" summoned by the raid guardian "Taitalos", it has been changed so that it can no longer summon the exploding rock and cancel summoning.
  • Raid Guardian 'Bellanus' has been modified so that it does not get hurt around Bellanus's mouth when attacking Breath.
  • When Reid Guardian 'Yohho of Red Flame' summons Flame Zone 'Flame Zone' attacking his surroundings, it has been changed so that it can be summoned from the vicinity of 'Yohho of Red Flame'.
  • When a character that has never cleared raid has a 'Guardian Soul Harvest +1' item, the contents of the message are changed so that the text of the error message is displayed in accordance with the situation.
  • In the third gear of the Air Gates dungeon in the Ardetain region, the machine angels have been changed to appear faster than before in order to perform a smooth quest.
  • We have improved the name and HP bar color to clarify the peer identification during the team-based cooperative quest.



  • Blaster victory sentence 'counterattack' has been modified so that it does not apply to Bombardment mode. The contents of the tool tip have been changed as follows.
    • Before change: state In the abnormal state, the weather action becomes available and all the state abnormal state is released when using. However, the cooldown increased by 30%.
    • After the change: The state will be able to use the weather action in the abnormal state and all the abnormal state will be released when using. However, the cooldown increased by 30% and can not be used in Bombardment mode.



  • Fixed an issue where the performance was canceled when the player tried to interact with the stone while playing the instrument, but the actual related function was not working.
  • We added map exchange NPC to the public hall of Artetaine continental metropolis "Sternen".
  • Harmony Island Improved the ability of each player to cancel the replay of the co-op quest completion
  • We have changed the wait time for character deletion to 31 days and again for 7 days during the jumping growth event.
    • The characters that were waiting for deletion will not be reflected in the above time.
  • Event We added 'secret map' to the items that can be confirmed when entering Chaos dungeon.
  • We have removed the limit on the number of stamps that can be purchased from the Pirate Village Atlas 'Story Trader'.


Correction de bugs


  • Jackpot Challenge 'Jackpot! ...? ', We corrected the phenomenon that the completion bonus is paid even if we do not achieve all the sub-tasks.
    • We have normalized the EXP value of the expedited expedition due to the expedition project.
    • Fellowship Experience Level Normalization may lower the expedition level of some adventurers, but the Fellowship level achievement reward can only be obtained once.



  • Fixed the phenomenon that the character information text is pushed to the left when changing the aspect ratio after entering during the battleground battle of the proof.
  • When entering the battlefield of proof, we corrected the phenomenon that skin color is exposed differently from reality with low probability.
  • Proof of battlefield We achieved the gold rating before the competition, but we did not achieve 'Competition: Gold' achievement.
  • Silmael Battleground Guild Mastery Guildmaster Solves the problem of coloring differently for each pet type when checking the HP bar color of the guild's pet.
  • In certain situations, we have corrected the situation in which the Sila Mael Battleground Occupation Buff has been applied to the battlefield of the Proof and Sila Mael Battlefield.


[Sailing / Quest]

  • Corrected the phenomenon that the treasure salvage and the underwater exploration image are displayed abnormally during the voyage.
  • Fixed the description of the wrong effect when suppressing the 'floating pirates' among floats. (Corrected Terminology May 2019-05-29)
  • Goblin Island Quest '[Mind] For health and beauty' during the process, the object needed to proceed with the quest was not confirmed because the phenomenon can not be fixed.
  • Fixed the problem that 'Chaking Baby' in Alaquer Island does not hit certain skill.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the door to the city area does not open intermittently during the 'ruined harbor' of northern Bern.
  • Fixed the possibility of using the 'run' track move in the lower terrain at a specific location in the Bernyl Forest in northern Bern.
  • Mokoko Village NPC Mocha Mokawa Interaction, the ankle of Mocha Mokka is displayed on the floor as if the phenomenon has been fixed.
  • Lutheran West Jagorasan The motion of the tree shaking in the wind of a particular location has been corrected to be somewhat awkward.
  • Fixed a situation where a character could not move in a certain position during the progress of the wall of Lutheran Glory.
  • Fixed the phenomenon where the zoom position of the camera is somewhat awkward when using certain skills during 'Glory Wall'.
  • Totoik Continent Boulder Forest Cooperative Quest 'Life Threat' in progress Cooperative Quest failed to fix the phenomenon that the HP of the rock being destroyed is maintained.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the character stops momentarily when the map half-time production ends at Totoik continent 'pirate station'.
  • In the Handel Continent 'Star Herd Forest' Quest 'Raid of the Legion of Dreams' progress, Fixed the problem that certain NPCs of the Dreamland are not fighting with the Dream Devil.
  • On the Handel Coast, on the "Silver Ripple Lake", I boarded the Rainbow Bridge and crossed the rainbow bridge bridge to fix the effect of the darkness effect on my legs.
  • As a result, the handicapped dungeon 'Elemental Land' has been corrected while Meteor has been hit.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the symbol of "Welcome Butterfly Island" is not exposed on the world map.
  • Fixed a problem where multiple quests were exposed when mouse over a symbol representing multiple layers in the world map during a specific quest.
  • During the competition quest, we have fixed the possibility of entering the SilaMel Battlefield through the guild window.
  • Fixed the problem of stopping searching for a party when joining a cooperative quest.


[Dungeon / Combat / Skill]

  • Fixed a situation where you can not intermittently attack monsters that have been neutralized at certain timings.
  • Apprentice Raid Adboards The item level guidance required when matching a bulletin board has been modified to expose the current criteria.
  • During battle with Totoic Dungeon 'Pirate's Lair' and 'Guardian Aero', the phenomenon of intermittent unstoppable state is changed when changing phases.
  • Fixed a problem that when a raid guardian 'Eli Goth' was summoned after a summon of multiple opponents, he could not increase damage with 'Broken Bone' marking.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Homer's Mansion' in progress, very low probability of moving to an abnormal position has been fixed.
  • Fixed a situation in which Dual gauge acquisition amount was reduced when applying 'Fellow of battlefield' tripod, which is a spearman 'Gurung Cham' skill.
  • Changed the phenomenon that the judge is intermittently crossing the wall when using the skill of 'Jungseong Gangcheon'.
  • Infactor Fixed the problem that when you take an attack motion after wearing some weapons, your hand breaks through your weapon.
  • Fixed the fact that some battle items are included in the application condition of the Destroyer 'Hammer of Anger' marking effect.
  • Fixed the problem of intermittent mouse input problem when changing Devil Hunter stance.
  • Blaster Victory Sentence 'Counterattack' Fixed the phenomenon that the weather action is used in the bombardment mode if it is stuck in the state of being mounted.
  • Fixed the problem that when Arkanas wear 'avatar under the guardian of the border' and wear 'avatar of the dawn' after wearing the avatar, the waist part is expressed abnormally.
  • Fixed the situation where the attack direction of the skill is fixed to one place when using skill as a place that is not valid after boarding the transport vehicle.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that item bidding is not possible if character is reconnected while the loot auction is in progress.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of acquiring compensation differently from the actual output UI when intermittent fishing is attempted.

[Item / Item dictionary]

  • Fixed the error that the additional damage figures in the item tool tips and the additional damage figures in the character information window occur.
  • Changed tooltip description and item name of hero favorable item 'Advanced Capacitor' to the content suitable for icon.
  • Fixed a bug that the icons of 'Ride: Apostel' and 'Ride: Riter' 'were changed and exposed.
  • Fixed the problem that when hover board type rides on board, upside and downside of worn weapon are turned upside down.
  • When hover board, kind of ride, and character of neck and shoulder line appearance is somewhat unnatural phenomenon was corrected.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of intermittent light coming out from the eye of the tremble type of vehicle.
  • Fixed a problem where sound is not exposed when moving certain items from the warehouse and inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where 'cooldown time' is exposed in the item tooltip when clicking an item with 'cooldown' in the chat window.



  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'Jumpable Growth' guidance text and 'Jumpable' frame are displayed in character slot while waiting for characters to be jumped to grow.
  • Fixed typographical and awkward expressions in some texts.
  • Fixed a problem where the lowest value was displayed incorrectly when registering an exchange item under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the possibility of using pet skills while moving from stage to stage.
  • Fixed the message that "the rogue trader has finished selling" message in the chat window is intermittently output.
  • Fixed the fact that the tooltip application condition of 'Balance I' among the skill of 'Monarch of Evolution' card is different from actual effect.
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