[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 17/07/19

Voici les notes de patch pour la mise à jour de mercredi, qui apporte son petit lot de nouveautés sur la version coréenne de Lost Ark.

Voici ce qu'il faut retenir :

  • Nouvelle île liée à l'événement "Summer Bit Festival"
  • Ajout d'une collection de familiers qui ramassent les objets pour vous
  • Simplification des quêtes d'éveil pour les personnages secondaires (reroll)
  • Et d'autres ajustements et corrections de bugs

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 17/07/19.

Ajout de contenu et ajustements

[ Event]

From Wednesday, July 17th to Wednesday, August 7th, the 'Summer Bit Festival' event will be held before the regular inspection.

  • A new island, "Heartbeat Island", where you can enjoy the summer in the sea, will appear.
    • You can not party on Heartbeat Island, and you can not enter the island in a party state.
      ※ If you enter the Heartbeat Island as a party, it will automatically leave the party.
  • You can start the quest to "Festivals of the Festival," which stands on the perimeter of each metropolis or on the island of Heartbeat.
  • A liner has been added that allows you to move from each continental harbor to Heartbeat Island during the event.
    • Heartbeat Island liner is' hot [event], hotter !!! " Available after quest completion .
      ※ Lines to Heartbeat Island can not be boarded at parties.
  • In 'Heartbeat Island', you can acquire event-specific item 'Festival Coin' through various activities.
    • Every hour on the hour , the event quest 'Akashia Shining Night' begins.
    • Every 50 minutes the event quest 'Dance! God! Dance! King! 'Begins.
  • 'Della' on 'Heartbeat Island' will exchange 'Festival Coin' for various items and avatars .
  • You can also earn 'Festivals Coins' in daily Eponaquares and weekly Eponaquares.
    ※ For more information about the event, please visit the event information page. [Event guide page link]


[ Pet]

We added a pet system so that you can enjoy adventure more conveniently with cute and stylish pets.

  • The acquired pets can be used by all the characters in the expedition .

  • You can summon the pets you have in the Pet Holder (ALT + P) or check the effects and functions.
    • The function assigned to 'Alt + P' will be replaced by a pet archive when connected.
    • The function specified in '[' is replaced with the title when connected.
      ※ The functions that were previously designated as 'Alt + P' or '[' will be changed to non-assignment shortcut keys.
      ※ You can also open the pet box through the quick menu.
  • The summoned pets follow the character and give the effect of helping the battle and provide the following convenience functions.
    • The pets give the character the ability to automatically acquire items .
    • This ability will automatically acquire items within a certain radius of the character base .
    • A total of 40 pet storage spaces are provided.
    • Remote warehouse, remote exchange, remote mail, and remote repair.
      ※ pet effects are pet is summoned and the effect of pet activate the effect applies only if the state is
      ※ Pet feature is the pet function is activated only state that can be done.
      ※ The pet effect and the  activation status are shared by all pets .
      ※ In some areas, pet summoning and the use of functions may be restricted.
      ※ You can summon only one pet at a time.
  • We added the pet effect applied to the character in the character information window and battle information room.
    • Existing engraved effect items have been changed to 'Additional Effects', and have been changed to show imprinting and pet effects.
  • Pet Management NPC 'Working Akadan Ngan' has been placed in Lutheran, Stener, Bern, Roarun, Great Castle.
    • Pet Management You can change the pet effect via NPC .
  • We added emotional expressions interacting with pet as sympathetic.
    • You can check it on the "Pet Emotion" tab in the emotion expression window.
  • Added 3 kinds of pet related expedition quests and 2 kinds of titles.
  • Added pet related preferences.
    • Display: Add your own pet display, others' pet display setting function
    • Name tag: Added pet name display setting function
    • Hotkey: Added hotkey setting function for pet container

[ Awakening Quest]

If there is a record of completing the awakening quest within the expedition, we have been able to learn a quick awakening from the next character.

  • Shortening quests can be done in Tri-Sion .
    ※ You can accept the pre-quest for the start of the existing awakening quest (afterglow of the crack, radiche) after completion .
  • Existing awakening quests that are already in progress will be removed from the quest journal list after the check .
  • Shortening Quest Completion Rewards are paid by mail only with the core rewards of the existing Awakening Quest selected .
    • The propensity points reward will be provided at a later inclination point expedition .


[ Currency Exchange / Item Exchange]

  • We have integrated all servers in exchanges and currency exchanges to make transactions happen.
    • July 17 (Wed) All the properties registered on the Money Exchange and the Item Exchange before the regular check are canceled.
      ※ The 'Royal Crystal' registered for the sale of crystal is returned and can be found in the royal crystal reserve in the Lost Arc Shop .
      ※ "Gold" registered for the purchase of crystals can be collected in the transaction result box of the currency exchange .
      ※ Items registered in the item exchange and registration deposit are returned to the mailbox .
    • The average transaction value and the recent transaction price information have been initialized according to the integration of the item exchange.


[ Quest]

  • Hunter Class Awakening Quest '[Awakening] Desert Storm' World Map Guide Markings, no longer used marks have been removed.
  • We have added information on how to acquire materials from JIS BROOK Daily Efona Request Journal.
  • I have removed the item level limit condition of the quest 'Friends of Beer's Shrimp' quest.

[ Raid]

  • Level 6 We have eased the difficulty of '[Legion] Regius', as shown below.
    • Local movements have alleviated the tendency to combat both guards at the same time.
    • When two guardians battle simultaneously in close proximity, we adjusted each guardian's skill to reduce the frequency of use of the skill.
    • Changed the existing water attribute attacks of 'Freezing Legion' to no property and adjusted the damage amount.
    • 'Regyoros of Freezing' has been moved to the rear and has been lowered the attack speed of the second movement of the cold breath used twice in succession.
    • 'Regyorosu freeze' jumped backward, then suddenly adjusted to prevent the direction from rotating when rushed.
    • We have changed the existing cancer property attacks of 'Legion of Darkness' to no property and adjusted the damage amount.
    • 'Legion of Darkness' has reduced the speed of close range dark attack after surrounding area attacks.
    • 'Dark Leggyrous' has been adjusted to use only one occasion when using a quake attack in succession to a character caught in the 5th level debuff in the dark.

[Lost Arc Shop ]

  • Summer swimwear avatar package has been released. [Shortcuts]
  • New pet products have been released based on the update of the pet system. [Shortcut]
    ※ For more information on the probability of pet effect, please refer to [Guide to the item with probability] .
  • Two new product packages have been released.
    ※ The following items can be found in the package> Special category.

    product name Price (royal crystal) Components Purchase restrictions
    [Summer Season] Supply of Umar 15,000 Umanium x 50 5 times a week per expedition
    Galactonium x 200
    T3 Growth Supplement Package 12,000 Arcturus Breath x 1 5 times a week per expedition
    Breath of Lava x 3
    Breath of Earth x 6
    Sun stone debris pocket (large) x 5

※ Among the components, "Sun stone fragment bag (large)" is not possible to trade, but all other components are available for trading.


[ Other]

  • We have unified the names of some of the effects.
  • Rune 'Slot Haunt', 'Run Slot Change' is in progress When the related play is exposed, the end and ESC button are disabled.
  • We have adjusted the amount of damage the continental and island field bosses have received from adventurers with equipment levels above the proper level.
  • We have changed the wait time for character deletion from 31 days to 1 day.
    • If the character is waiting for deletion, the above time will not be reflected. If deletion is tried again after deletion, it will be applied as 1 day normally.
  • Chaos Gate and Calendar Island when entering the various expeditionary characters can not enter at the same time has been improved.
  • We divided the category of 'exchange' into 'ride' and 'box of ride'.
  • 'Blue Wind Island' has modified the effect sound of the horse doll to have a softer feel.
  • We have added the phrase 'available area' to the tool tips of 'White Cloud White Horse' and 'Wind Mane Bronco' which are dedicated to blue island.
  • We have changed the restoration time of shipwrecked ship from 60 seconds to immediate.
  • We have consistently arranged the output area of ​​the tool tip to check mouse over during engraving, finishing, and polishing.
  • Fixed an issue where the context menu was opened and overlapped when the UI was opened using shortcut keys.


Correction de bugs

[ Quest]

  • Fixed the phenomenon that the motion of the warrior class is displayed abnormally during the quest of 'Blue Wind Mane' quest of the blue wind.
  • At the end of the Shushire Continent Quest 'Ice Cliff', we have corrected the phenomenon that the Specter of Voids repeated the same ambush twice in certain situations.
  • Requested a daily Efona 'Boys Dream' quest in the process of collecting insects, motion, and a tool that does not match the phenomenon has been fixed.
  • Fixed the problem that the output time of the quest symbol is slightly delayed when the task is accomplished near the NPC of the start of the quest before the start of the quest in which the specific expedition task achievement is a prerequisite condition.
  • Fixed the problem that the character of 'Emerald Key' quest start object can not be seen to the character of certain condition.


[ Dungeon / Battle]

  • Fixed a problem where a character who achieved item level 600 or higher in the 2-Tier Event Chaos Dungeon could not acquire a specific material item when using the Clear Compensation Box item.
  • Raid Guardian '[Expert] Lumerus' has been abnormally jumped after the disabling of the phenomenon has been corrected.
  • Raid Guardian 'Berthus' has lost the target of Aggro, when the battle restart, the phenomenon of not moving the region has been fixed.
  • After successfully matching Antares' nightmare dungeon, we have fixed the phenomenon of intermittent escape from the dungeon.
  • Fixed the problem of intermittent disappearance of mouse pointer after finishing certain combat in Marine Dungeon 'Knight's Tomb'.
  • Fixed the problem that the color of the screen does not change to gray when the characters die while using the tear-3 explosion secret dungeon.
  • During the Handel's Dungeon 'Land of the Elemental', NPC Ajane does not appear at certain quest stages.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when the technician class enters the island, the amount of the enemy reserve is indicated as 50/1000.
  • Fixed the problem that when some debuffs are taken again before the duration of some debuffs ends, they are not updated normally.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of abnormal output of the monster's death directing at the time of the battle of the Bernese Continent 'Fernar Plate' monster 'Commander'.


[ Item / Lactation / Adventure book]

  • Fixed the 17th to 20th lag phase effects of Battle Master 'Gauntlets of Forgotten Legends' being output abnormally.
  • We have revised some of the items listed in the item rank and tool tip of the adventure's items 'trimmed worm head' and 'trimmed worm shell'.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that item is repeatedly exposed at the time of receipt of reward item with favorable feeling increase.
  • If you try to register or purchase after entering the registration / purchase number in the item registration / purchase purchase popup window on the exchange, we have added a new phenomenon that only one is registered / purchased regardless of the quantity entered.
  • Fixed an issue where the item 'trimmed worm head' was incorrectly marked as 'trimmed worm shell' in the production items of the local cuisine NPC Baejur.


[ Lost Arc Shop]

  • Fixed the phenomenon that checked items were changed when items were purchased and closed after checking the check box of the product box and opened again.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when I click on the image of 'Marie's secret shop' in the 'Lost Arc Shop' of the in-game, the product purchase window is not related to 'Marie's secret shop'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the 'Gift' button is disabled in 'Lost Arc Shop' recommended item in the game.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'new goods receipt time' is displayed in the secret shop of Mari which is turned off when service check status is turned off.


[ Other]

  • Fixed some typographical misappropriations.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the application and release of 'ship skins' of wrecked ships are not normally reflected.
  • Fixed a problem where the magnification of 'mini-map' is enlarged abnormally in a certain area and place.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the destination shared symbol disappears while loading intermittently in the world map (M).
  • In Platinum Field 'Yudia Ancient Waterloo', the phenomenon that the character can move to an inaccessible terrain is added.
  • Fixed the possibility of entering into a space that can not enter from Lutheran continent 'Borea Manor'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that an object in a particular location in the Berne continent 'Bernstein' appears to be floating in the air.
  • Fixed the problem that 101 or more characters are displayed as master level before competition.
  • Fixed a problem where context menu could not be loaded from Ctrl + Rightclick in raid UI.
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