[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 12/06/19

Cette semaine c'est une petite mise à jour qui a été déployée sur les serveurs de Lost Ark coréens. Elle contient quelques ajustements et corrections de bugs.

Rendez-vous la semaine prochaine pour l'arrivée du nouvel épisode !

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 12/06/19.

[Epona's Quests]

  • Changed the 'Panda Set of Camouflage' items to 'Panda Island' Reputation 1st Level Compensation for 'Panda Care Take Care' Epona Completion Request Completion.
    • We have already received the first level reward of the Island of Panda Island and paid the item to the character who can not receive the 'Panda Set' item.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the favorite icon icon set in UI window disappearing.
    • The bookmark icon, which has disappeared in the past, will be applied regularly after the regular inspection on June 19th. (2019-06-12 added content)
  • Fixed a situation where reputation level is different from actual level when acquiring reputation compensation which can not be received from Epson commission.
  • Fixed the problem that the execution count of the previous character is not updated immediately when the executing EpoNea request is completed with another character first.


[Dungeon / Combat / Skill]

  • Fixed a problem where the guardian's position was not displayed intermittently when using a signal from a raid.
  • Fixed the effect of Slow effect on all party members when hitting the raid guardian 'Na Krasenna' and 'Heavy Armor Krasena' fluids skill.
  • Fixed the problem that the effect range of 'Distressed Forward' does not apply when 'Destructive Crush' skill 'Dense Plan', 'Enhanced Forward' and 'Forward Combination' are combined.
  • Destroyer 'Perfect Swing' skill is used close to enemy, intermittent back attack is not applied to the phenomenon.



  • Fixed the phenomenon that the achievement guidance message is not displayed when some expeditionary tasks are accomplished.



  • Fixed the problem that the loading hint is not switched in the loading map that moves to the battlefield of the proof.
  • Fixed the phenomenon in which the highlight color is applied to the number of deaths when the number of 'death' and 'help' is the same in the UI for confirming the battlefield progress and results.



  • Fixed the phenomenon where the tool tip text of the material to be produced is not displayed correctly when making a battle item.



  • We have changed the basic keyboard shortcut of title system from 'Alt + P' to '['.
    • The previously set shortcut keys are retained, and they are changed to the default shortcut keys at initialization.
  • Fixed some typographical misappropriations.
  • We have improved the phenomenon of no effect sound when using some items.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the notification window is intermittently not exposed when collecting points such as great artwork and Moko seed.
  • Fixed a phenomenon that can cause abnormal operation due to intermittent UI unrecognized symptoms of various menu windows.
  • Cradle of the Wind Commitment to Ephona in Fermat Island In the process of 'For the safety of Fermat', the phenomenon of hammering sound is interrupted.
  • Totoik Mokko Village Exchange NPC Furfur's 'ability to increase potion' cashew seed exchange count has been changed.
    • Before change: 15,000
    • After changing: 1,000
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