[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 12/12/18

Et voici la troisième mise à jour importante de Lost Ark, comme annoncée par Smilegate le 30 novembre 2018, une nouvelle mise à jour qui apporte beaucoup de modifications sur le jeu, notamment au niveau des classes, mais aussi sur pleins d'autres choses.

Avec les deux mises à jours qui ont précédé celle-ci, on voit clairement l'intention des développeurs de suivre de près leur bébé, et c'est une très bonne chose, ils ont d'ailleurs déjà évoqué la suite !

Ce patch est tellement long que je ne vais pas vous proposer de traduction pour celui-ci, mais une traduction via google en anglais, qui reste compréhensible dans l'ensemble.

Voici donc le patchnote du 12/12/18.

Équilibrage des classes

※ The class balance patch will be going on steadily since then, and in addition to the numerical part, it is
also going to improve the operability of some skills, change the characteristics of the tripod, and adjust the PVP balance.


  • Double slash
    • Increased damage from 50% to 60% when using a 'double-ended' tripod.
    • When applying the 'Space Saving' tri-pod, we have changed the effect so that the sword is overshadowed in the space where it cuts through and deals 60% additional damage.
  • Finish strike
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 16%.
    • I have upgraded the neutralization rating from [Severe] to [Upper].
  •  Whirlwind
    • When applying the 'Vacuum Slicing' tri-pod, the total damage has been increased from 40% to 50%.
    • Increased the total damage from 40% to 60% when using the 'Spruce' tri-pod.
  •  Hellblade
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 16.7%.
    • When using the 'Flip' Tripod, you have increased the damage done by the additional finishing attacks from 40% to 60%.
  •  Wind blade
    • Increased Damage from 60% to 80% when using 'Blast' Tripod.
    • Increased Damage from 30% to 40% when using the 'Windswift' Tripod.
  •  Strike Wave
    • I raised the neutralization rating from [Medium] to [Severe].
  • Reddust
    • 'Curse Enhancement' when applying a tripod, you and your party members have a 50% increase in the damage of critical damage.
  •  Bloody Rush
    • I upgraded the neutralization rating from [Medium] to [Best].


  • Sharp window
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 20.8%.
    • When using the 'Defenseless Target' tri-pod, you increase the damage increase effect from stunned or neutralized enemies to 30% to 50%.
    • Increased the damage of additional attacks from 80% to 100% when using the 'Unstoppable Trump'.
    • Increased damage from 30% to 50% when using the 'Enhanced Journey' TriPod.
  • Shield turbulence
    • The effect that reduces the attack speed of the target when hitting the base skill has been removed.
  • Charge Stinger
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 8.3%.
    • 'Last Charged' Increased the damage of Overcharge attacks from 30% to 40% when using the TriPod.
  • Counter sphere
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 4.2%.
  • Spear shot
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 12.5%.
  • Burst Cannon
    • Increased damage from 40% to 50% when using 'concentrated saturation' tri-pod.


  • Gravity core
    • Increased damage amplification magnification from 5%, 15%, 30% to 10%, 25% and 45% depending on the number of gravity cores.
  • Specialization
    • Gravity Increase the amount of damage to increase the damage per core Skill factor slightly increased.
    • Increased attack power when activating gravity-weighted mode Increased magnification factor slightly.
  • Gravity Impact
    • With the 'Lucky Core' tripod, we have increased the chance of obtaining additional cores from 20% to 75%.
  • Power Strike
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 12.5%.
  • Neutralizer
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 12.5%.
  • Running Crash
    • When applying the 'Lucky Core' Tripod, we have increased the chance of obtaining additional cores from 20% to 50%.
  • Earth
    • Increased damage from 100% to 150% when using the 'Land of Fury' tri-pod.
    • Fixed more intuitively when applying 'Ground Shock' tripod.
      • It causes an earthquake in the shape of a fan within 7m ahead, giving 15% additional damage and making it an earthquake for 2 seconds.
    • When applying the 'Storm Storm' Tripod, PVP has been modified to reduce stiffening time and to cause stiffness only to those who are not casting skills.
  • Earthsmasher
    • Increased the standard damage of the skill by 20.0%.
  • Full swing
    • Increased overcharge damage from 100% to 125% when using the 'Beast Eye' tri-pod.
  • One Man Ami
    • When using the Fatal Hammer Tripod, you increase the damage of the last hit from 100% to 250%.
  • Perfect Swing
    • Increased Overcharge Damage from 80% to 100% when using 'Tough' Tripod.
  • Sizemick Hammer
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 11.1%.
  • Jumping smash
    • When using the 'crushing' tri-pod, we reduced the range of decisions that were over-applied compared to skill production.
    • The effect of 'Bizarre Hammer' tripod is modified as follows.
      • Increases the attack range by 20% and increases the back and forth range by 20% and left and right range by 40% when used with a 'crush' tripod.

Battle Master

  • Minefield
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 8.8%.
  • Super wind angle
    • When applying the 'Fury of Anger' tripod, the total damage has been increased from 20% to 30%.
    • When using the 'Superpower Waterfall' Tripod, the total damage has been increased from 50% to 80%.
  • Room fire
    • When applied to a "different price" tripod, the damage increase effect has been increased from a previous 100% increase to a 125% increase.
    • When using the 'Extraordinary ability' tripod, the total damage has been increased from 40% to 60%.
  • O: brain advance
    • When applying the 'firm will' tripod, the total damage has been increased to 80% from the previous 50% increase.
  • Oh's: Fury
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 15.4%.


  • Slash
    • Energy consumption reduced by 5.
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 7.5%.
  • Nanta Patch
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 12.5%.
  • Push out
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 10.4%.
  • A sentence of victory
    • The duration of the 'Glycine Destruction' effect has been changed from 8 seconds to 4 seconds, and the mana regeneration has been reduced from -75% to -50%.
    • We have reduced the effect of 'Emergency Recovery' from 2% to 1% recovery.

Soul Master

  • Geumgang Line
    • The damage increase effect of Kumkang Line was increased from 5%, 15% and 40% to 7.5%, 18% and 45%, respectively.
  • Monopoly rights
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 31.8%.
  • Wall force field
    • When using the 'Cruel Hand' tripod, the damage to nearby targets has been increased from 100% to 150%.
  • Elbow height
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 9.1%.
    • Increased total damage damage from 100% to 120% when using the 'Brilliant Attack' tri-pod.
  • Release
    • Increased the skill cooldown reduction effect from 3 seconds to 5 seconds when using the 'Quick Ready' Tripod.


  • A windy bird
    • 'Accumulated aura' When you apply a tripod, you increase your chance to gain an ancient energy from 30% to 50%.
  • Spirit of Water
    • When using the 'Mana Restoration' Tropod, you have increased your mana regeneration from 100% to 200%.
  • Ancient Window
    • Increased the casting speed increase from 20% to 30% when using the 'Quick Cure' tri-pod.


  • class
    • Increased the health factor of Arcana class from 1.8 to 2.0.
    • Increased the Armor Class Armor Coverage from 70% to 80%.
  • Stackt-Luin
    • Stacked Increases the damage done by step-by-step effects by 20%.
  • Card
    • Twisted Fate Card Reduces damage reduction from 80% to 20% when negative effects occur.
    • Added 15% evasion rate to ghost card sustain effects.
    • Added a 20% increase in mana regeneration speed to the Moon Card sustain effect.
  • Unlimited Shuffle
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 17.5%.
    • Changed PVP to cause stiffness to targets that are not casting skills.
  • return
    • Added a '15% increase in critical strike chance for party members for 3 seconds when using the' Quick Exposure 'triphod.
  • Spiral Edge
    • 'Deadly Charm' When using the Tripod, the duration of critical damage increase has been increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Checkmate
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 20.0%.
  • Celestial Rain
    • Increased the chance of no mana depletion from 50% to 75% when using the 'Power Control' tri-pod.
  • Four cards
    • I upgraded the neutralization level from [lower] to [lower].
  • Dark Resurrection
    • I raised the neutralization rating from [Medium] to [Severe].
  • Secret Garden
    • Removed the effect of increased mana consumption when applying 'Quick Preparation' tri-pod.
    • Increased Mana cost reduction from 50% to 75% when using 'mental focus' tri-pod.


  • Rhythm buckshot
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 11.3%.
    • When using the "Shot Focused" tri-pod, you increase the amount of damage done to your opponent from 30% to 100%.
  • Sound holly
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 12.5%.
  • Overture of Storm
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 10.7%.
    • Increased the damage increase effect from 80% to 100% when using the 'Lightning Strength' Tripod.
  • The performance of the guardian
    • Reduces damage received by 10 levels, down to 65%, down to 50%.
    • Increased damage reduction from 15% to 20% when using the 'Strong Guard' tri-fold.
  • Wind of Music
    • Reduced cooldown reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds when using the 'Quick Ready' Tripod.
    • 'Guardian Wind' When applying the Tripod, the shielding effect reduced from 30% to 25%.
  • Symphonia
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 36.5%.
  • Serenade of salvation
    • Increased Serenade healing effects of Evidence and Satan applied in PVP by 20%.

Devil Hunter

  •  Plasma Bleed
    • When applying 'Rapid Cool', 'Defensive Weak', 'Split' Tripod, PVP has been changed to cause stiffness to targets that are not casting skills.
  • Spiral tracker
    • Changed PVP to cause stiffness to targets that are not casting skills.
  • AT02 ruthenium
    • Changed PVP to cause stiffness to targets that are not casting skills.


  • Firepower Buff
    • Increased the duration of buffs from 3 to 20 seconds.
  • howitzer
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 17.5%.
    • Increased damage from enemies to 50% to 80% when using 'Flash Cannon' tri-pod.
  • Multi-purpose rocket
    • When applied to 'Laser Po' Tripod, it adds 40% damage to enemies.
    • When the 'inaccessible' tripod was applied, the damage reduced to the enemy was actually 30%, but the error was marked as 50% and the reduction was increased from 30% to 20%.
  • Flamethrower
    • Reduced base cooldown from 24 to 20 seconds.
    • Mana consumption has also been reduced to the reduced cooldown time.
  • Aerial bombardment
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 15.0%.

Hawk Eye

  • Target of death
    • Increased basic duration from 5 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • Atomic Arrow
    • Increased the standard damage of the skill by 29.1%.
  • Arrow Tsunami
    • Wave Tidal "Trifod now has a 30% increase in base damage.
    • When applying the 'Multi-scale Tsai' tri-pod, the angle at which the tornadoes separate is increased.
  • Arrow Shower
    • We have reduced the rate of damage reduction to enemies from 20% to 10% when using the 'Strengthening Tremor' triopods, and have changed the description to output the total damage increase in the tooltip.
  • Homemade fire
    • Increased Damage Increase from 75% to 100% when using the 'Closer Shot' tri-pod.
  • Smoke arrow
    • The default duration has been increased from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • Shadow Arrow
    • Reduced movement speed from 50% to 30% when hitting basic skills.
  • Electric Nova
    • Increased the base damage of the skill by 58.3%.
  • Snake
    • Increased damage from 25% to 30% and 60% to 80% for Perfect Zone success when using the "Weak Attack" TriPod.
  • A sentence of victory
    • When applied to the 'Fury of Wind' tripod, it has
      been reduced to an additional 30% increase in hit rate from Hawkeye's critical hit rate .


Autres contenu mis à jour



  • Some of the skills used by the Warrior class have been modified to reduce the attack speed of the Immune Rune effect.
    • Berserker 'Aurora Blade' The Tripod '
    • DISTRESSOR 'IN DUE PAINE' TRIPOD 'Fear of battlefield'
  •  Some of the skills used by the Warrior class have been modified to reduce the movement speed of the immune rune effect does not apply.
    • Berserker 'Reddust' 'Tripod'
    • DISTRESSOR 'IN DUE PAINE' TRIPOD 'Fear of battlefield'


  • Berserker 'double slash' tripod 'space cut' has improved the usability and presentation.


  • Fixed a situation where the Warlock ends the defense posture change if the battle skill preset is changed in the 'Defense Position' state.
  • Fixed a bug where Warlord changed the battle skill preset to expose the Defense UI in the Identity UI for a while.
  • Warlock 'Reef Attack' Fixed a bug that caused the damage of a combo attack to be lower than that shown in the tooltip when applying the 'Shock Wave' and 'Low Shock'.
  • Warred 'Rising Spear' Fixed the phenomenon that the image damage of 'Firefight' of 'Tripod' is applied high.
  • Warred 'Rising Spear' TriPod It has more intuitively modified the tooltip of 'Chain Explosion'.


  • Destroyer 'Vortex Gravity' skill icon has been changed.
  • Fixed a problem that when using Destroyer 'Earther' skill, PvP and PvE are different from each other.
  • If you are struck by a terrorist brakes 'Terrabrakes', you have removed the debuff that was set differently than you intended.


  • Fixed the problem that Skill is not used at low probability when using Infinite Strength skill.
  • Infector 'Elimination' Triopod 'Lightning Fist' has been modified to cause only 5 damage of lightning damage.
  • Infector 'Advance Strike' Tripod 'Strong Fist' After using the skill, when the obstacle or monster is in the middle, the
    sphere is created after the strike point.

Soul Master

  • Fixed the phenomenon that standby time does not increase when using the technician 'Sunbo' twice.
  • Triumphant 'Poison Ticket' TriPod We have modified the debuff effect of the deadly poison to occur seven times, and adjusted the debuff damage as the number of times increased.


  • Summoner 'Fly-A-Bird' skill has changed the 'Mind Enhancement' icon.
  • Summoner 'Crystal of Magic' Tripod 'Magic Power' icon has been changed.
  • Summoner 'Horse Race' Trapod When 'Frozen Horse Race' is applied, the name of the debuff and tooltip applied is changed to 'Cold'.
  • Fixed the problem that when Summoner is using Kangion, the error message is displayed while moving the vehicle.


  • Fixed a situation where Arkanas hold a hold when you press and release the 'Checkmate' skill shortcut for a moment when the basic attack is done with the mouse.
  • Fixed the problem that the effect of 'Goto' card is not applied to 'Emperor' card among Arcana identity cards.
  • We have added a bonus to the Arcana Luke skill's tooltip when stacking effects are not added.
  • Arcana 'Checkmate' Tripod 'Punching Strike' buffs have been modified from 99 to 16 times.


  • Bard 'rhythm' Half 'Tropod' 'Rhythm Increase' has been fixed, and when using Skill on the transporter, the buff retention time is different from the time indicated in the tooltip.
  • Bard 'Stigma' Tripod When applied to Storm Stalk, killing enemies corrects that spheres fly in different directions without tracking other enemies.
  • Bard 'Cacophony' Tripod When 'live chord' is applied, the phenomenon that the projectile disappears immediately after creation is corrected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mana reduction on the TriPod tooltip to be 100% instead of 50%.
  • Bard 'Sound Wave Vibration' When you apply the 'Sound Wave' of the 'Light Blur', only the target nearest to the center of the sound wave vibration has the effect of increasing attack power.
  • When using the Bard identity skill 'Serenade of Salvation', if a bubble is consumed, it is actually maintained for 14 seconds, but the tooltip has been marked as 12 seconds.
  • Bard 'Sound Holic' Skill This skill has been modified.
  • Bard 'Sound Shock' Tripod When 'Cold Shock' is applied, the name of Debub and tooltip applied is changed to 'Cool'.
  • Bard 'note bundle' tripop When 'frozen note' is applied, the name of the debuff and tooltip applied is changed to 'frost'.
  • Bard 'Suh's Play' While avoiding / invincible, the number of times the Suh's play buffs are protected has not been reduced.

Devil Hunter

  • Fixed a problem where the actual skill and other icons are displayed in Devil Hunter's skill slot.
  • Devil Hunter 'Summer Salt Shot' Tripod Fixed a description of the target that can penetrate through the tooltip of 'Crash Override' to 'Normal Boss'.


  • When using the 'concentrated saturation' skill that can be used in Blaster Bombardment mode, the casting bar is now visible.

Hawk Eye

  • Fixed the phenomenon that the screen of other characters outside the screen was shaken when using the Hawk Eye 'Cremora Mines' skill.
  • Fixed the problem that when two pieces of land mines are installed close to each other, only one damage occurs when Hawk Eye 'DM-42' Tripod 'Distributed Installation' is applied.
  • When using the Hawk Eye 'Electric Nova' skill, we have corrected 3 phenomena in which the number of blink damage was incorrectly applied 4 times.


  • We corrected the phenomenon that we can confirm the position of the raid monster that moved by using induction projectile.
  • Fixed a situation where using the skill while keeping the mouse rightclick and using the flatness unintentionally keeps the balance.
  • Fixed the problem that when the damage is over 4 digits when the next level of tooltip is checked by mouse over skill in the combat skill window (K).
  • Fixed a problem in which skill acquired during level-up was overwritten by a skill slot already deployed.


  • PC room benefits changed.
    • 90 minutes compensation Battle Item Box (optional): You can choose 3 types of rare Battle Items.
    • 150 min. Reward Epona Request +1 (PC room): This item can be used separately from the Epona Request +1 item. Can be used in places other than PC room.
  • A new attendance section has started!
    • Attendance event window automatically pops up according to availability of attainable attendance when connecting character.
    • Existing attendance departments can be held together until the regular inspection on January 2 (Wed).


  • We added the island's heart of 'Island of Wrong Desire'.
    • The mind of the island can be obtained from the secret dungeon of the island of false desire, and the secret dungeon map can be exchanged for the "wrong piece" collected from the "unsuccessful" of the exchange NPC.
  • We changed the components of the wish pocket of Atropos Island.
    • You can obtain engraving tools, runes, marbles, etc. that match the item level of your PC.
    • Hunting Guild Premium box and fishing guild boxes have been changed.
  • Corrected the conditions for completion of the cooperative quest 'Troubles of the Adversity and the Path of Trouble' on the Atropos Island.
    • Before change: 12 people at the same time / Praying → After change: 12 times / Prayer
    • We have also added Acracium's acquisition points to the Item Dictionaries.
    • I added my tears and island fragments to the item dictionary.
  • When entering a distorted island, we changed the island to 1 island to understand the scenarios of the HAL.
    • We have changed the treasure box so that it does not generate more sex as the maximum number of entries on the distorted island is changed to 1 person.
  • We have improved the contents of illegal island contents as follows.
    • On the outlawed island, additional boxes are created, and you can earn the island's mind from the added box. (Island's mind acquisition difficulty downward)
    • We have changed the number of illegal island visitors from 50 to 16.
    • We changed the casting time of the target object of the 'Split Island, One Legend' quest to 1 second.
    • In the outlawed island, the heart of the island appears in every box except Quest.
  • Monte Isle Competition Quest 'Find a dream piece!' Has been corrected. The changes are:
    • You can no longer get a piece of dream from the monster 'Mimick'.
    • If you open one of the boxes, you have to make sure you get the reward for the quest success.
  • You can always acquire 'Bol'ar's Secret Box' from Bol'ar Island Monsters 'Vicious Crocodile'.
    • We have adjusted the components of the Bollard secret box.
  • The title and symbols of the little lucky island NPC Erin have been added and adjusted.
  • Harmony Island 'Harmonious Sound' cooperative quest has been fixed.
    • Added 1 minute and 30 seconds to the cooldown of the co-op quest.
    • The condition that ten people must play "serenade of love" at the same time is adjusted to 40 times of "cum serenade of love" cumulatively, and more people are participated.
  • Harmony Island cooperative quest 'clear and transparent sound' can not start intermittently corrected the phenomenon.
  • When moving over the whales in the island of Nothos, the characters are not moving smoothly in certain locations.
  • A small merchant NPC 'Erin' from a small lucky island has been modified to appear every two hours.
  • Fixed a situation in which a fugitive's village seems to be able to move from an unmovable region or map on the island.
  • Fixed a problem where monsters do not move at specific locations on Goblin Island.
  • When I heard the Arcus's mirror on Medea Island, I modified the effect to appear.


  • In berth mode, the effects of some of the same skills possessed by the ship and crew are displayed as overlapping.
    • In addition, all naval passive skill descriptions have an effect and odds of no overlap.
  • Underwater exploration, treasure hunting, ghost ship, 1 level of the book has been changed to better acquire the book.
  • We have changed the item level not to be displayed on the navigation map.
  • Fixed the problem that the icon of the circle block is not displayed on the expansion map during navigation.
  • We have changed some of the sails to be sellable.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of lightening around the mane wave harbor.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the number of marks of the black teeth of the 'black tooth' return product does not match the actual number of acquisitions.
  • Fixed a situation where the number of dangerous area in the sea seems to be initialized when the channel is moved.
  • Changed the description of good fortune item to output good luck recovery value.
  • Fixed a situation where you could not search for 'Swordfish of Little Luck' as a skill to 'search' sailing skills.


  • Proof of battlefield New PvP mode, 'before competition' has been added.
    • The pre-season started before the competition. (From December 12, 2018 until further notice)
    • The battlefield hot-time event time of the proof has been changed to match the pre-competition.
  • Fixed the problem that during the battlefield matching of skills, skill replacement and battle skill preset batch editing did not work.
  • Fixed the problem that 'hide avatar' option does not apply when the player to be noticed on the loading screen is displayed during the battleground entry of the proof.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the information of "Noteworthy Player" is not updated when the equipment is replaced when the pop-up waiting for admission is called after matching the battlefield of the proof.
  • When loading the battlefield of the proof, we clarified the explanation of the condition of the player to be noticed clearly.

[Amélioration d'équipement]

  • When you open the attribute conversion window with the attribute conversion result window open, and then open it again, the attribute conversion window is set to the initial value without displaying the result.
  • Hover your cursor over the attribute name to get a tooltip that tells you the effect of each attribute.
  • We have reduced the stamping cost of the 1-tier ring as a whole.
  • We have changed the prerequisites for the Engraved Guide Quest.
    • You do not need to do other guided quests, such as grinding, but you can now start doing World Quest in Berne.
    • In addition, the start of the quest NPC changed from "Magic Student Lai" to "Character Conversion Expert ANATAR",
      and accordingly , we modified some of the ambassadors of "Magical Society student Seve".
  • Fixed a situation where you could not use the magic powder for training when you put a rune on equipment less than level 250.
  • Rune Mounting Window In the tooltip content of the Help button on the right side, the item that was incorrectly referred to as 'higher item level' was changed to 'higher item tier'.
  • Fixed a situation where the skill cooldown time was not applied properly when applying the 'Cooldown' skill 'Cooldown Reduction'.
  • When caught by a monster, the effect of the cooldown buff effect of some markers has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where you could craft an ability stone that is unlocked.


  • We have increased the number of Restraints for Battlefield Item to 5.
  • We added lock function to avatar item.
  • The battle items obtained from each of the following islands belong to you.
    • Fortuna
    • Lush Reed Island
    • Valpurgis
    • Carmine's garrison
    • Secret base x301
  • Corrected the sound of the giant's heart, when the great artwork was acquired.
  • We have changed the battle items that temporarily increase the secondary stats to sell on the exchange.
  • Fixed a situation that can not destroy 'copper copper ingot'.
  • The poetry of Rat has been changed so that it can be sold and destroyed.
  • We have changed the 'emotion expression: lolly' item to be able to purchase only once per character.
  • 'Emotion Expression: Awakening', 'Emotional Expression: Taunt' item has been modified so that it can not be destroyed.
  • 3 sets of voyage two-tier equipment (3 sets of harmony loss) effect Changed 'Vessel movement speed +20' to 'Vessel normal operation speed +2.0 knots'.
  • In the item dictionary, we corrected the phenomenon that the place of acquisition of "Great Art # 1" is displayed as a treasure box rather than a small fortune box.
  • Fixed the possibility of using Chaos Dungeon Compensation Box and Secret map item in the navigation area.
    • Now, some items such as Chaos Dungeon Compensation Box and Secret Map Pouch can not be used in the sailing area.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that can use the island quest item of the shattered glacier in 'Gaist costume' in the opposite sea.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that the quest can not proceed because the item that can not be polished intermittently is being provided during the course of the polishing guide quest 'Let's stick to the [guide] basic'.
  • Infator launching limitation Fixed the phenomenon that the specific part of "Antsu's belief image" on the avatar was displayed abnormally according to the character's motion.
  • Fixed a problem where the level comparison symbol was not displayed when the item level was higher than the item being worn through polishing.
  • Fixed a situation where you could not acquire an item when opening a box item on a square hall.
  • Fixed a problem where the appearance of the bracelet was displayed in the wrong position when riding in a ride wearing a 'luminous bracelet' sold at Club Avigne.
  • The monsters that appear on the island of the time of the Sabinnak use 'thorns of Sabnah' has been modified to not drop items.

[Commandement de Silian]

  • We have added items that can be exchanged for 'Platinum Coins' that can be obtained from Platinum Field.
    • Platinum coins 2 → Restoration medicine 1
    • Platinum Coins 4 → Advanced Recovery 1
    • It can be exchanged for [Shilian's coin exchange] NPC located in Lutheran Castle, Sternen and Bern.
  • Fixed the problem that when the ESC is entered after moving from the Tower of Shadow to the upper layer, the skip-disabled UI is displayed in the lower right corner.
  • Fixed a situation where the party UI was displayed with a very low probability even though I entered the Platinum field as a single person.
  • When fishing points in a fishing spot in Platinum Field, it has been modified to earn rewards for the rank.
  • Platinum Field Yudia Corrected to appear to other users in the ancient water channel, which is created during the Lutheran Blackjack action.
    • However, only those who have the initial tracking can acquire the corresponding capturing prod.
  • Platinum Field has been modified to get 4, 5, or 6 rank rewards through Trap Hunting on Yudia Ancient Waterway.
  • Fixed a situation where after clicking 'Abort' on the cube, clicking 'Exit' quickly, the compensation was not obtained.
  • Fixed a raft where the start position was intermittent after entering the platinum field after boarding a platinum field raft and crashing.
  • Fixed a problem where the shutdown message was output twice when the mode was exited with the command "Abort" of Shilian's command tower.
  • Fixed the problem that the state of party with other server characters was maintained with a very low probability after the end of the command of Shilian.


  • We have changed the daily quest reward to acquire item level.
    • Duke Island Quest 'Catch the Dukey King'
    • Hope Island Quest 'Potatoes and sweet potatoes and weeds',' I have just escaped ',' I am full of bread ','
    • Orbis Island Quest 'ominous amber'
    • Golden Wave Island Quest 'additional product supplement'
  • Fixed a case where the Dukey Island cooperative quest 'Iron King Dukyu' failed intermittently when the time lapse failed.
  • Alaquer Island Adventure Quest 'The feather becomes a legend' In the course of quests, when the quest item is not in the quest location, the message "This is a place that can not be used" is displayed.
  • Anith Delphi's 'Break through the Force' quest is in progress, destroying the enemy family guard tower and moving to a specific location, the destroyed tower of security will re-appear
    to be unable to move the character is fixed.
  • Hunter Prologue Area 'Quest of the enemy's base of the base' Quest 'Fabian's Azit' when the character is intermittently located in a place where the quest can not be corrected.
    • You can only move to one of the two bifurcated routes after the "Lamai" treatment at the base of the enemy tactical command.
    • The quest is renewed when you move to the front of the Fabian in the room where Fabian is located in the base of the enemy tactical command.
  • Fixed a phenomenon that can not be done intermittently when proceeding to the quest 'Forbidden Altar' in the Wizard Prologue 'glass lotus lake'.
  • Fixed a problem where some texts of the quest 'Nothing Archeologist' appeared on Nithalarov's quest island.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error message to be displayed when starting a quest for 'Brave Soldier' ​​in the Eastern Rape of the Eastern Territory.
  • Fixed the phenomenon where the name and description of the quest item were changed in the Dreamy Seagull Island Quest 'Rote and Friendship'.
  • Fixed the problem that the quest acceptance UI of the Shushaire Ice Butterfly Cliff Quest 'Disappeared Crew' is not output according to the distance.
  • In the red pirate den of Crocenis beach in eastern Luteran, we have modified to destroy the watchtower only if the quest target is Destruction of Surveillance Tower.
  • After accepting the quest 'Shoe Shire', if the map is not changed intermittently when the connection is terminated during the production process, the
    entry quest condition has been changed so that there is no problem when moving directly .
  • Lutheran Croceness Beach Quest 'Uin Pirates of the Log' in progress, target monster is not included in the target point is difficult to find the problem has been fixed.
    • Now, you can more clearly see the Quest Zone where the location of the Pirates of the Pirates is revealed.
  • Fixed a problem in the quest 'Mirage of the Mirror' in the Shu Shay Dungeon 'Mirror of the Mirror' when the quest was completed at a different location than the guide location.
  • Fixed a situation where a monster moves before a mission is executed in a specific location of 'Shadow of Labyrinth' in Shushaie Dungeon.
  • Shu Shire Blade The Wind Hill Quest has been modified so that you can more clearly see the target area of ​​'Re-Blowing Fire'.
  • Shu Shi'er Frost Prison Highland Quest 'The wolves of the Sanctuary' has been modified to indicate that the goal is different from the actual goal.
  • At the black tooth's place, "Everybody, round and round", "The Red Shark Pirates are here!" Fixed the problem that the quest goal can not be renewed.
  • The black teeth have been modified to participate in cooperative quests throughout the garrison.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which the 'Summoned Demon' did not appear intermittently during the Prologue Quest 'Lumina of Water'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the goal of the sleeping song island 'My Secret Place' was wrongly marked as 'New Moon Island'.
  • Advent Quest Quest Quest Goal Flavor has been changed to be found in 'Kana Island, One Legend'.
    • We have changed the quest target so that the quest can proceed regardless of the box appearing on the outlaw island.
    • We have changed the quest target so that the quest can be done regardless of the box on a small fortune island.
      • There is no more box on the little lucky island.
  • We have increased the total target count to 250 to allow more characters to participate in the 'Catch Gold Carp' competition quest on Island of Chance.
    • We have eased the number of votes you can earn.

[Quêtes d'Epona]

  • Quests for pre-competition have been added in the weekly Eposa commission.
  • Removed the minimum item level requirement to receive Eponas pockets.
  • In the case of weekly commissioning, the same life commission has been modified so that it can not be performed at the same time.
  • The following referrals appeared on the weekly commission list.
    • [Mining] [3] Collecting magnetite debris
    • [Collecting] [3] Getting a plant leaf
    • [Archeology] [3] Collecting depressed statues
  • When I try to complete a daily request for an Epona request immediately, I have partially corrected the announcement.


  • We added four new Expeditionary achievements.
    • A mysterious guardian story that is useful if you know it
    • Mysterious Collection Dictionaries 1-3
  • We have changed the task of "Hurry Time" to cumulative achievement.
  • 'go! Fixed the problem that the number of achievements of 'Heavy Walker' task does not increase normally.
  • We have modified the description of the task to be changed to "Craftsmanship clockwise" and "Craftsmanship Counterclockwise" to match actual achievement conditions.
  • Fixed the problem that the number of achievement of 'Honey Night' task did not rise normally.
  • The 'Life is a room' task description has been modified to match the actual fulfillment conditions.
  • 'Slaves of all nations, get up!' The description of the assignment has been modified to match the actual fulfillment conditions.
  • The description of the expedition assignment related to the reputation of the Epson has been modified to match the actual fulfillment conditions.


  • Fixed the repetition of the battle / non-combat status of the head monster monster in a certain way on the lake at the time of the Shu Shire stay.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which a shattered ice fragment of a Shadow summoned from Shushaire Dungeon 'Shadow of the Shadow' disappeared without stopping at the time of death.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the appearance of the Monster 'Fallen Beast' was not seen intermittently in the Anzutsu Dungeon 'Fog of the Twilight'.
  • When raiding 'Hell Gaia' and 'Hell' s Hell Gaia ', I corrected the phenomenon that I stopped intermittently from the air and stopped in the air.
  • 'Hell Gaia' Guardian Raid of Hell Gaia 's' Flame Summon' skill, when it is successful, the damage is not changed immediately, but changed immediately after one or two other attacks intermittently changed.
  • 'Huhan's Hell Gaia' In the Guardian Raid, when the Hell Gaia of the cold
    hits the 'Chill Gathering' skill, it has not been changed immediately, but has changed occasionally after 1 or 2 times of other attacks.
  • We adjusted the attack power and physical strength of the guardian in the weekly raid to their intended purpose.
  • Fixed the problem that the health gauge UI of normal monster and boss monster was superimposed on the top of the screen under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the problem that the effects of the 'Poison Zone Generation' skill of the big body spider are not output.
  • Lutheran Dungeon 'Church Underground' Monster 'Social High Priest' When I was stunned by the skill of the party, the phenomenon that the entire party was stunned has been corrected.
  • In Luceran Eastern Dungeon 'Madness Fest', Cooksiteon has been dropping items.
  • Warrior Prologue Fixed a situation where the skill determination timing of the Monster YeGaTi which appeared in the Shushaire area was fast.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the body of the monster remained in the air in the Monorail of Artetaine Dungeon 'Krater's Heart'.
  • Fixed a bug that the field boss 'Sabnah' and the 'Sabnah's Visible' object that can be acquired during combat did not disappear after the combat was dismissed.
    • In addition, we fixed the phenomenon that the object was not removed immediately when we listened and dropped it.
  • Changed the field boss 'Gorukagros' to acquire the engraving tool.
  • Guardian Raid in progress, the Guardian was able to ignore certain patterns have been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where the superimposed effect was not output to the scarecrow placed in the triceion training room.
  • Fixed a situation where afterglow of 'Revanos Core', which was lost in certain situations during 'Revanos' Guardian Raid, was temporarily re-output.
  • Fixed a bug in Berthus' Guardian Raid when he cut off Berthus's tail and the character did not turn into a congestion when he left the battle area.
  • Growth Area Improved the ability to output a guide message that tells you how to use the jersey skill when you use the jersey skill with 7 monsters in the continent.


  • Changed one adventurer's token from one of the Adventurer Mark Traders in Northern Lanai Village in Bern to replace one healing potion.
  • We have placed additional NPCs that can use the currency exchange at NPC locations of exchanges in each major city.
  • Lutheran, Suthern, Payto, Bern, and all the channels that appear in the mysterious merchant, the number of exchangeable items will be removed.
  • When you try to purchase by specifying a quantity in a shop / barter, you can not specify more than the quantity that can be purchased now.
  • Fixed a problem where the name of the NPC located in Camilla's forge in the northern Rania town was incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that did not attack Amanita Tanathos in the monsters of Yudi Dungeon Mori.
  • Fixed some awkward appearance of NPC Jeffre, the raid manager of Rutheran Castle.
  • Rusty Anchor in Croceness Beach, East Lutheran In the story of the Tomb Story mission, we fixed a situation where the motion of black teeth was abnormal in certain situations.
  • Fixed a case in which black teeth appear to be dead if you quickly skip a black tooth and a battle-directed play in the Rusty Anchor Tomb on Crocenes Beach in Eastern Lucerne.
  • Fixed the animation of the NPC Monte Carloon of the Diorica plains of Lutheran East.
  • Some NPCs deployed in Art Decathlon Manor Passage Line 'Cliffside Line' have been using motion that is out of context.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Engineer Captain Bill' could not enter the Arena during the Quest of the 'Heap North Arena' quest.


  • Chaos Dungeon 'Nightmare Cave' due to the shot hit by the emergence of the boss can not enter the area has been corrected.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Trail of Solitude' Boss Corruption in the battle with the second boss at the time of the appearance of the boss when the character is destroyed, the battle is not reset to fix the phenomenon.
  • In Chaos Dungeon 'Memory of the Moon', Fixed the phenomenon that the 'Plagued Nut' monster appeared at a different location than the specified location.
  • Chaos Dungeon In the 'Nightmare Cave', when all the characters die quickly after entering the boss battle space,
    they have been unable to re-enter the boss appearance area intermittently .
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Darkness of the cathedral' to obtain a continuous ceiling modifies the phenomenon.
  • During Chaos Dungeon's Named Monster Quest, all party members can no longer acquire Lupeon's signature.
  • Chaos dungeon after the end of the party state, even if the party UI is printed intermittently corrected the phenomenon.
  • Fixed a problem where dungeon sort order of Chaos dungeon entry window was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a phenomenon that intermittent access to the treasure chest placed on the outskirts of Shushaire secret dungeon.
  • Fixed a situation where a character can not move on a specific terrain in Shu Shay'e Dungeon Circle Side.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when a raid is cleared in the air, the character is in the air and can not acquire the item.


  • The mailbox has been reorganized as follows.
    • Change to page structure
    • Added full mail selection
    • Change the priority that is printed on inbound mail
    • Add coin compete and compete quest reward mailing instructions when your belongings are out of stock
    • Change to receive postal items during battle
    • Improved to display guidance UI when receiving mailed items
    • Improvement of bulk mail function
    • Change billing postal expiration date from 7 days to 1 day


  • We have added the 'Avatar box' category to the exchange. You can trade avatar box items through exchanges.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the goods are not registered when trying to register the items that have already been registered on the exchange.

[Livre d'aventure]

  • Increased the chances of acquiring the adventure's standing dish "Shattered I Crusher" from Totoik's "Caspian".
  • We have modified some of the tooltip content of certain cookery items in the northern adventure of Bern.
  • Hidden Story of Anith's Adventure Fixed the phenomenon that the hint that appeared in the quest message of "What is the emotions of the wife" was different from the actual one.
  • We have modified the tooltip of Art Collector 's Stone Collectibles of Artemis Adventure to match your planning intent.

[Milestone / Calendrier / Dictionnaire d'objets]

  • We have strengthened information on life-saving acquisition sites.
  • When viewing information on an item that is not in the item dictionary, the displayed system message has been intuitively modified.
  • Now, we will guide you through the milestones based on the level of the items you have applied the polishing step of the items worn.
  • Fixed the problem that 'Do not display today' checkbox was not cleared when the calendar window was displayed after the date was updated at 6:00 am.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the content classification of Elite Cube was divided into single play at milestone.
  • We have reinforced the contents of the calendar content information tooltip.
  • We have added content that will automatically be added to calendar events.
  • We added content that can set the calendar alarm time at random.

[Artisanat (Niveau de vie)]

  • In mini games such as excavation, crucifixion, and so on, it is corrected to acquire only the failure compensation when it is below the standard rank required by the collection.
    • In mastery learning, warning message window is created so that mistake is not made wrong choice.
    • The effect and sound of the martial arts hit are reinforced.
    • We have added collection of life to the island of Balgina and the island of Welcome Butterfly.
  • After initializing the life skill, the problem that the skill which does not fit in the category was outputted as the overlapping was corrected in the intermittent.
  • Fixed to receive failure compensation even if it failed in life mini game.
  • Fishing life skills 'traps' expert, hunting life skills 'Trap Expert' mastery skills learned, even if the effect was not applied to the phenomenon.
  • Collecting Life Skill 'Plant Weapon' buff duration is actually 8.5 seconds, but the 9-second symptoms have been corrected.
  • Fixed the problem that when investing points in life skill skill rank, points invested intermittently were displayed as 0 points.
  • Fixed a problem that the Tooltip that I used to cast the tool I used to consume is consuming 3 instead of 5 tools.
  • If you are fishing point fishing in the 5th rank fishing area, you have to correct the rank to get the reward.
  • Fixed the problem that if you use Rapid Growth, you will be able to acquire the reward of the 4 rank tree that has been achieved by actually achieving 5 ranks .
  • We have been modified so that the baiting effect is not applied while mastering the mastery skill of the brute fishing expert.
  • Life level 50 achieved, Life Skill Points can be changed to earn 15
    • For those adventurers who have already attained Level 50, you will immediately see the increased points.
  • Although the search skill is not possible in the Carmine's garrison island, it corrected the phenomenon in which the mark appearing when the skill is used.
  • Adjustment to difficulty level of living level compensation progressed.
    • [Fishing] Reduced rewards that can be earned by pot fishing.


  • Added 'Refresh' function to the Find Party of Reid Party. Click the Refresh button to delete the existing party list.
  • Improved overall UI of rune mount and runout slot change system.
  • We have improved overall UI of handwork system.
  • The character context menu can not be output through the chat input window on the battlefield of the proof.
  • In the chat input window, commands that can change the dialog mode are exposed.
  • Moving the mouse over the Change Conversation Mode button in the chat input window exposes the use of Help for chat commands.
  • Fixed the problem that the connection of friends is displayed even after clearing 'Guide' of Chat tab setting.
  • When checking the server, when the sale time of the currency exchange expires, the recovered amount is not displayed in the transaction history list.
  • Changed the chat window message with tendency points increase to yellow.
  • Fixed the problem that when you board a regular line, you will not see a message on the chat window about the seal you paid for your flight.
  • Guild chat has been changed to light green.
  • We changed the message color created by emotional expression to pink.
  • If the guild member enters the chat command '/ Greetings', the message is displayed only in the tab where the guild item is checked in the chat tab setting, and the tag is changed from the existing guild field to the guild.
  • When the card was batted with a resolution of 21: 9, a blank screen was printed and when the card appeared at the top, the gap between the width of the sides and the outline was corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect sound was output as a duplicate when changing from the HUD lower combat level UI to the life level UI.
  • When the inclination condition of the metabolism to be selected is met, the condition of the satisfying inclination is displayed in green without removing it.
  • The design of each area icon within the continental map has been changed to better reveal the map-specific characteristics.
  • A tooltip will be displayed to allow you to check the source of the musical score when you mouse over a musical score that you did not master.
  • Fixed to prevent the output of the guide when the life tool can not be installed.
  • Character info window Indentation applied to tooltip of detail stat.
  • Fixed a problem where an unknown error message is displayed when the quest is completed in server delay status.
  • Fixed the phenomenon where the skill is displayed as a holding type when registering the casting skill at the holding skill position of the battle skill slot.
  • Fixed the situation where the entry confirmation UI is closed when opening the Lost Arc Shop while displaying the entry confirmation UI while using matching content.
  • Corrected the favorability and card battle UI window closing when favorability and card battle proceeded while participating in cooperative quest.
  • Fixed a situation where the battle skill window (K) was opened and the general battle skill window instead of the battle skill window was exposed when entering the triceion training camp.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the production time of the standing dish of the stern adventure which is made with an unknown crystal starts from the middle of the gauge.
  • Fixed the problem that the names of the raid boards and the weekly raid boards placed in Lutheran Castle are not displayed intermittently.
  • Seven monsters appearing in the growing area have been improved to output a guide message that tells how to use the jersey skill when using the jersey skill.
  • I corrected some typographical errors.


  • Fixed a bug in character position when communicating with legendary DJ in Abianu Island.
  • Corrected the awkward phenomenon when talking to priest Dirus on the island of calm rest.
  • In the course of the quest 'Forest Master' in the Forest of the Sound, we corrected the phenomenon that the appearance of the character overlaps with that of the master in the production of the master of the master.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the weapon appears awkward on the production screen when Winning the Blaster's Bombardment mode from the Bimu of Anchats 'Changcheon-gang'.
  • Shushaire 'Ice Butterfly Cliff' In the death tower of 'Sukyujaaru', there is a phenomenon that the subtitles are not seen in the production output.
  • Fixed a problem where sound and effects were not output when the water in Berne's northern Bernyl Forest was riding on a horse in a hilly terrain.

[Lost Ark Shop]

  • Displays items received from GM in the shopping cart at the top.
  • We have changed the default filtering of the first job's listing to "All Jobs."
  • Improved preview function.
  • Prints a notification when the store is updated.
  • We modified to not use Lost Arc Shop while matching content.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that clicking 'Purchase' button of the UI when there is no initial response when the product is clicked and the UI is invoked by clicking on the product at Marie's secret shop .
  • Fixed a problem in which more than 7 items were placed in the shopping cart at the Lost Arc Shop, and the number of items was exceeded when trying to purchase at once.


  • Fixed a problem where a character can not move at a specific location on the Shu Shire Blade Wind Hill.
  • Fixed a situation where the item in the last slot of the warehouse is not displayed when the character is reconnected while the warehouse is full.
  • Fixed a situation in which walking state was maintained when changing from combat to panda.
  • Fixed a problem that the appearance of the shape was abnormal when entering the battlefield in the state of transformation.
  • Fixed a situation where the death motions were not output when other characters died while transformed.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the characters can not be manipulated when resurrected after death while the movement directing is being output.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that character manipulation can not be performed due to a shot while moving projection is being output.
  • Fixed a phenomenon that can not be moved in certain areas of the Ardetain Wind Hill.
  • Fixed a problem where equipment stored on the second page of the warehouse is not displayed intermittently in the equipment preset slot.
  • Fixed the problem that the PC keeps moving when clicking the left Ctrl key of the keyboard after right clicking the mouse.
  • Fixed a situation where the position of other characters nearby from the vehicle was incorrectly synchronized.
  • Fixed the display of the information window of the battle equipment being mounted when right clicking on Ctrl + on the living tool being installed.
  • Fixed a situation where the Ability Stone effect and imprinting information were not exposed when viewing the character information of a target in a distance or other area.
  • Fixed a problem that when a shield applied to a character disappears and disappears, the HP bar's shield mark disappears later than the actual HP changes.

[Avatar / Personnalisation]

  • Fixed a situation where weapon was equipped when Devil Hunter class wore weapon avatar without weapon.
  • Corrected the problem that the appearance is not applied normally between the preset information of the customization and the eye detail setting.


  • Fixed a problem that when inputting a friend's case, the case is displayed on the friend list as the input is case-insensitive.
  • 4 party members were reduced to 3, but intermittently, the UI looks like four people have corrected the phenomenon.
  • Party party casting votes have been changed to be up to three times a day.
    • The initialization time is 6 am, and deductions are applied only at the time of approval.
    • However, there is no limit to the number of votes for or against any other user-proposed deportation vote.
  • Fixed the problem of automatically converting or partially displaying a word when entering a word in filtering when registering for a party search.
  • If you delegate the party during the party search, the party chief has been notified that the recruitment has been discontinued.
  • Fixed a problem where the scroll bar area is displayed up to the guild announcement when a scroll bar appears in the guild member list of the guild UI.
  • Fixed a problem where Gilded message is not included in Chat filter 'Guild'.
  • Fixed the problem that the request cancellation did not work normally when the 'Cancel Request' button of the guild that requested to join was clicked.


  • The acquisition conditions specified in the title 'Rider' have been modified to match the actual acquisition conditions.
  • Fixed the problem that title title window does not pop up after acquiring titles and moving the zone and then clicking on the titles linked to in the chat window.
  • Changed the phenomenon that title window that is linked to chat window is clicked but title of title is not selected automatically.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the N mark which is output when acquiring a new title is displayed even if it is connected to another world's character.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when the new title is acquired, the N mark on the title window is retained even when the title window is closed and reopened.
  • After acquiring a new title, when the title window (Alt + P) is closed and reopened, the newly acquired title is not updated in the list but the top position is corrected.
  • When the character name is more than 11 characters, the character name is not displayed at all when the long title number is applied in the front and back of the title of the combination title, and some titles have been changed accordingly.
  • Fixed the problem that the 'Apply' and 'Release' buttons were activated when there is no title being selected and applied.

[Chaos Gate]

  • Fixed a problem where the names of other characters that are not adjacent in the Chaos Gate internal expansion map can not be seen.
  • Fixed the problem that channel information is not displayed in the loot auction information window when the loot is auctioned at Chaos Gate.
  • Increased the chance of acquiring reward items that can be acquired from Chaos Gate, including Accra.


  • Fixed the problem that when you change the channel on the vehicle, the character and ride are separated.
  • Fixed the error message when using mobile object after using mobile device with ride.
  • Fixed the problem that the pet does not attack the enemy on the transport.
  • Fixed a situation where you can not summon some pet on a transport.
  • Modified the phenomenon of penetrating the wall when riding toward the wall after boarding the vehicle at a specific location in Totoik 'Silent Giant Forest'.


  • Added a tutorial on adventure book collection items.
  • Fixed a problem where the tutorial related to Identity Skill of Hawkeye Class was not output.


  • Fixed the phenomenon that the avatar ability value is not displayed on the compensation confirmation window when the likelihood is rising.
  • Favorability When talking to an NPC, playing a musical instrument or expressing an emotion corrected the phenomenon that the character appears to be running in place when viewed by another character.
  • We modified the criteria so that favorable gifts are sorted by 'earning points'.


  • A small lucky island has changed the loading screen screen hint associated with the island's mind.
  • Corrected an unusual explanation when entering Harmony Island in the opposite sea.
  • Fixed the problem that recently accessed server does not appear at the top of the server list.
  • When the party has the same sailing secret map as the party member, if
    the party member acquires Accra at the hidden location, the adjacent party member has also corrected the phenomenon of consuming the treasure map and acquiring Accra.
  • Fixed a problem where the screen was blurred when changing the camera zoom from step 1 to step 2.
  • Fixed a problem where an error message was displayed when reporting users of other servers that were matched.
  • We have added a harp player and a cappella unit to the nelly pub in Berne.
  • Fixed a problem where an unknown error (26002) message was repeatedly displayed when the player was killed in a position where the ether could be obtained.

Un patch monstrueux comme vous pouvez le voir, et d'autres ont déjà été annoncés !

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