[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 07/03/19

C'est une toute petite mise à jour qui a été déployée cette semaine sur les serveurs coréens de Lost Ark, qui apporte quelques ajustements et corrections de bugs.

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 07/03/19.

Ajustements et améliorations

[ Raid]

We have improved the rewards of 6 raid soul rewards as follows.
  • [Experienced] Lumerus
    • Increased amount of galtonium obtained
    • Add 'Fragments of Ascension' compensation
  • [Experienced] Legio Ross
    • Added 'Broken Bone III Stamp' Compensation
    • Increased amount of galtonium obtained
    • Add 'Fragments of Ascension' compensation
  • [Experienced] Belganus
    • 'Lightning's Rage III Stampboard' Adds Compensation
    • Increased amount of galtonium obtained
    • Add 'Fragments of Ascension' compensation
  • Akates
    • Increased amount of galtonium obtained
    • Add 'Fragments of Ascension' compensation


[ Shop / barter]

  • We have added a new 550-level earring and one ring to purchase from the luxury merchants in the metropolis.
    ※ Item level 515 or more characters can be exchanged for each content item below.

    • Mark of Slayer: 5
    • Crystalline stones of dreams: 40
    • Platinum Coins: 30
    • My tears on the ground: 10
    • Token of proof: 50
  • We have changed the Purchase Restriction Item Level of the 'Slaughterer's Essence I' item that can be exchanged at the PVP shop to '615' level.
  • We can buy a "dealable" jewelry box through the NPC of the dungeon entrance with the dungeon fragments obtained from the wonderful brewery, the Ark of the Arms, and the grave of Knut.


[ Quest]

  • We changed the titles of raid subpoenas quests from [General] to [General / Apprentices] during the weekly Epoana request.
    • Fixed some weekly ePOne requests that were not reflected in apprentice raid subjugation.
  • The apprentice raid has been changed to complete the quests 'Keep of the Night', 'Rest of the Eternal Light', and 'Stop the Storm of the Hero' quests at the time of the Blackjack's Yoho, Belganus, and Kally El Goss.
  • Club Avigneur Quest 'Unbreakable Beat' of 'Knocking on Devil's Door' acquisition of the 1st tier, 2 tier Chaos dungeon clearly described.


[ Sailing]

  • We have changed the 'Purified Beads' that appear in the 'Night of Valpuris' dungeon of Valpurgis Island to return to their original position after a certain period of time.
  • We have changed the compensation of some islands that can get umanium and galactonium to sunstone fragments.
    • Bollars
    • Monte Isle
    • Island of opportunity
    • Harmony Island
    • Medea
    • Death Valley
    • Isle of the Tranquility
  • We have changed the purchasing limit of the Yonhae legend map box, which can be exchanged as a reward for wartime spearfish treatment, to 'one expedition per week'.


[ Item / milestone]

  • Changed the secret dungeon to no longer receive compensation for shop sales battle items such as first aid medication and training awards.
  • The sound and icon of the navigation legend map box have been partially changed.
  • We added 'Tiffany' to the milestone.
  • We have changed the number of available quantities of the components to be displayed in the 'Umar's valuable material box' tool tip.
  • We have made some improvements to the item tooltips for items in the sun stone fragment pocket (small, medium, large).
    • Before change: You can get it all or at random.
    • After the change: All can be acquired.
  • We have changed the name of 'Wagyu Marlin Meat' from 'Wagyu Gagami' to 'Wagyu Gagami'.


[ Other]

  • We have changed the location of the 'Brilliant Golden Harbor' Square of the 'Land of the Beginning' of the Yon continent to near the harbor to make it easier to move.
  • Improved to keep selected consumable goods in succession of ability stone work.
  • We have added some unscheduled hazardous areas to World Map (M).
  • We have improved the ability to use the report function through the party status window during the battlefield of proving.
  • We have improved to display the guide message that informs the time of boarding when Bollard cannon boarding.
  • Changed the coin identity UI to expose the cooldown time of stance skills that are not currently selected.
  • We have added directing in case of success at a certain stage.

Corrections de bugs

[ Quest]

  • In addition to the intermittent progression of certain stages during the secret laboratory of the isolated island of eternity.
  • Fixed the situation where the collection position of specific material is wrongly displayed on the map during the 'Gift of Celia' quest in Rutheran Eastern Ria monocycle quest.
  • Sasha goodness quest 'Stage I accept' in the 'Return to Ardetain' stage, using the song to return to Suterun, the quest phase is not complete when the situation has been fixed.
  • During the quest 'Arms of Oman' during the quest of 'Arms of Oman' in the Dungeons of Oman, the phenomenon that the quest monster is not intermittently moved to the next stage is fixed.
  • Fixed a problem in which the voice of a specific NPC was displayed differently before and after the quest progression in the 'Yin Brewery' of Yon continent.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the quest was not renewed even though the 'Moon' was destroyed while the Ants Continent Quest 'Manswo's House' was in progress.
  • In the process of becoming a demon, the cooperative quest 'I hear the sound of a dreary music box' Fixed the problem that the character is attacked immediately after failure.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the number of favorites is cut off partly according to the number of favorites registered in Epona daily commission window.


[ Dungeon / Battle]

  • Fixed the phenomenon that Environment Object cloaking screen at specific location of Knut's grave.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that ship and cannon are separated from each other during Knut's grave production.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the position of the character changes occasionally according to the situation when the output after the boss is processed from the grave of Knut ends.
  • Fixed a problem where the guideline for the random option was not displayed in the tooltip of the loot end auction window.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the countdown is initialized intermittently when the auction window is closed and reopened during the loot auction process.
  • Bard 'Sound wave vibration' skill 'chain vibration' when applying a tripod, irregular shape does not take down the attack has been fixed.
  • Warlord Among the effect of the 'Great Story Helm', the effect of 'Mana cost reduction' is reduced abnormally when using normal skill.
  • Fixed the problem that hair is displayed abnormally when applying 'EMP Explosion' tripod of Blaster's 'Missile Bombing' skill after setting graphic option 'Best'.
  • Blaster 'Flamethrower' skill while using the mouse with a normal attack (left click) to keep moving, the situation has been fixed to move the motion stopped.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that attack motion is somewhat awkward when using 'Leap Taking' skill of 'Yongdong Telpard' of Yon continent monster.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the direction of attack and the direction of movement of the projectile are intermittently different when the missile attack is carried out by 'Scientist Marie', the 'heart of steel', the fall of steel.
  • Fixed the occasional flood of guardians using dashing skills.


[ Item]

  • Fixed the phenomenon that the G key does not work intermittently when getting dropped items after using items that are dropped on the floor.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the sea area indication is wrongly indicated in the tool tip of the tier 3 grade sailing secret map item.
  • Fixed a problem where some items are being output abnormally.
  • Fixed the problem that the acquisition destination of the 'Sailing Legend Map Box' that can be purchased from the Hunter Merchant ship is not outputted.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the acquisition place of the expedition Accra Sim box is marked as 'the traveling merchant Andy'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that if you buy all of Umar's precious materials box sold by Pirates of the Sea and Fermat's 'Pirate's Beast', you can not purchase from any other island's stores even if you renew later.


[ Sailing]

  • During the voyage, the phenomenon that the treasure salvage and the underwater exploration video were displayed abnormally was reproduced and further correction was made.
  • Fixed a situation where a ship rises above the terrain at a certain position during the voyage.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the debuff icon of the storm area event was left on the party window after entering the island.
  • Pirate town Atlas of the treasure chest was placed on the way to prevent the acquisition of mosquito seeds have corrected the phenomenon.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the terrain of the Yon continent which is outputted in the world map (M) is slightly different from the detail topography which is displayed when the continent is clicked.


[ Character]

  • Fixed a situation where one piece of equipment is moved to the end slot of the belongings when replacing 'equipment preset' with a space in the middle of character 'I'.
  • Fixed a problem where character damage was not displayed more than a certain value in the detail window.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the performance effect is displayed abnormally when playing the instrument while boarding the vehicle.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that achievement related to Epson commissioning can not be achieved after the integration of the expedition.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the number of counts of 'secret map sharing' of the expedition achievement 'our secret' is abnormally reduced.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the rating color of 'Beard Wig' which is the collection of the book of the adventure of the Yon continent is written in error.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that it is not possible to report when a specific character is included in the report detail description.


[ Other]

  • Fixed typographical and awkward expressions in some texts.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that character is caught in specific place of 'land of the beginning' of Yon continent.
  • Fixed the problem that scroll bar is not displayed on 'Destination' when registering recruitment post in the Find Party window.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when you click 'UI off' in preview UI of roast arc shop and click other preview product, skill button or 'i' icon is displayed.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the 'X' button in the item information window linked to the chat window appears at different positions depending on the resolution.
  • Fixed the problem that the BGM did not change even though I moved near the NPC Sira of Artemis continent 'Leon Heart'.
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