[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 19/12/18

Une nouvelle mise à jour conséquente a eu lieu cette nuit sur Lost Ark. Elle corrige de nombreux bugs et équilibre de nombreuses choses au niveau des objets et des îles notamment.

Voici la traduction (en anglais) du patchnote du 19/12/18.

Objet / Amélioration d'objets

  • I have downgraded the Acrecia II acquisition condition item level, which I acquire on an island that appears as a calendar.
  • We have downgraded the item level of Acquisition II Acquisition Secret Guidance acquired from the Voyage.
  • I have downgraded the level of the Accecum II acquisition condition item, which is obtained by requesting a daily / weekly Efona.
  • Event Chaos Dungeon Level 2 has been reduced to 395 restricted item level.
  • We have downgraded the level of Accecum II acquisition condition item, which is obtained from Chaos Gate.
  • I have downgraded the level of the Accecum II acquisition condition item from 'Secret Dungeon'.
  • Tier 1 Legendary Class We have changed to acquire up to 400 level ornaments from the secret dungeon.
  • Increased the item level of all ornaments dropping from Guardian Raid by +5. 
    ※ However, weekly raid is not included.

    • As the item level increases, the attribute stats of some ornaments may rise slightly.
    • Before December 19th, the ornaments you have already acquired will increase the item level, but will not reflect the increased attribute stats.
    • Please note that if you are performing a character conversion, the attribute stats will be reflected to match the item level.
  • Reduces the number of raid materials needed for the raid sub-level 1, sub-level 2 level equipment. 
    ※ In the raid equipment item abrasive material, the number of the Acclaimum does not change.
  • Fixed the problem that the color of the amount did not change according to the amount of possession amount at the time of ability stone crafting.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the maximum value of convertible polishing effect was reduced by 1% in the polishing effect conversion UI window.
  • Fixed the problem that when clicking on the location where the 'OK' button is displayed during the output of the result window, the result window is closed.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the button did not work when clicking the confirmation button after clicking the other area while the property conversion occurred and the maximum value occurred.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that when selecting the polishing effect to be changed while the network speed is slow, selecting the other equipment list or closing the window, the item tooltip of the item is displayed with the pre-change polishing effect.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which a party member's 'image' could not be removed with the battle item 'water bomb'.
  • Fixed a situation where 3 sets effect was not applied when 5 sets of 2 tier life equipments were installed.
  • Fixed a problem where an unknown error message is displayed when an attempt is made to destroy an item in a situation where the network speed is slow.
  • Panda Shaping Tool Changed the cooldown time of the 'Panda Set' to 30 seconds, so that it can not be used during combat.
  • Corrected the phenomenon of requiring 3 levels of raid polishing material when polishing 4 level raid equipment.

Navigation / Îles

  • Harmony Island 's cooperative quest' Shiny Sound 'even if you only get one quest item, cooperative quests have been corrected to receive compensation.
  • Harmony Island 's cooperative quests' Fragrant Sound', 'Glitter Sound' has added a coarse quest precursor time.
  • Fixed a problem that was not completed due to the cooperative quests of the frozen sea 'Sympathize', 'Resonance' of ice butterfly cliffs, 'Hearing sound of murky music box'
  • Paradise on the Sea Cooperative Quest of Peido 'Halla? Halla! 'Quest target number has been changed to seven.
  • The skill of the escort crew 'Niera' has been changed from 'Sandstorm Resistance: Normal' to 'Storm Resistance: Normal'.
  • Increased exploration of water, treasure hunting, and luck of the golden fishery, which in turn increased overall expected rewards.
  • In the treasure hunt, basically you can get pirate coins, and you can acquire ancient coins such as ancient silver coins / gold coins / platinum coins.
  • Reduced repair and restoration costs of Tragon, Astray, and Ghost Ship.
  • We changed the part where the Aboriginal community was unified with one existing name to different characteristic names.
  • We have reduced the chance of Lucky monster appearing in shipwrecks.
  • We have changed the effects of some of the sources of luck charm to:
    • Treasure Chest Lucky Charm Reduction 1Lv Skill Effect: Lucky Charm Reduction 1 -> 2
    • Treasure Chest Lucky Charm Reduction 2Lv Skill Effect: Lucky Charm Reduction 2 -> 4
    • Underwater exploration Luck aura reduction 1Lv Skill effect: Luck aura reduction 1 -> 3
    • Underwater exploration Luck aura reduction 2Lv skill effect: Luck aura reduction 3 -> 5
    • Underwater exploration Luck aura reduction 3Lv Skill effect: Luck aura reduction 6 -> 7
    • Golden Fishes Luck aura reduction 1Lv Skill Effect: Luck aura reduction 1 -> 2
    • Golden Fang Luck's energy reduction 2Lv skill effect: Lucky energy reduction 2 -> 4
    • Golden Fang Reduces the energy of luck 3Lv Skill Effect: Decreases the energy of luck 4 -> 6
  • Fixed a problem where the 'Island of Creation' icon and tooltip were not displayed in the navigation map.
  • Fixed a situation where the penalty of the danger zone of the sea was unintentionally immune by the character's ability.
  • When both ships and sailors are at the same level and have the same skill, all 2 skills are activated, but only one skill can be used.
  • Fixed a problem where system messages that did not fit the situation were displayed when entering a banned word in the vessel name.
  • Sailor skill tooltip corrected the phenomenon that ship needs level is output.
  • Fixed the problem that the tooltip of the dragon 3 level skill is displayed differently from the actual consumption of luck energy.
  • At the time of the liberation of slaves in prison in Karl-Hertz, the character was prevented from entering the prison.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that some part of the possible entrance time of hallucination is output in duplicate.
  • Fixed the problem that acquired information is not displayed in the map symbol tooltip even if the item 'Shadow Island's Heart' is acquired.
  • We have modified the treasure box of the lush reed island to be created after the cooperative quest begins.
  • The regeneration time of the golden chick baby in Alaquer Island has been shortened.
    • The number of drop items in the eggs has been adjusted.
  • Fixed the problem that 'Game Note' is not displayed or some clips are displayed after entering Medea Island.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that certain buff effects were maintained abnormally when reconnecting with 'Arcturus' mirror on Medea Island.
  • We have solved the problem that even if we destroy small luggage pile, big luggage pile, and thorny pile appearing in shipwreck, we can not go through immediately.
  • Fixed a problem where the texture of the shipwreck floor was not output.
  • I have raised the ability of the ship's windbreak as a whole.
    • Added 'Light Net Lv.1' passive skill. The added skill applies to all levels.
    • Normally your flight speed increases by 1.0 knots at all levels.
    • Vessel durability increases by 100 at all levels.


  • Shu Shi'er Blade Wind Hill 'Red Dungeon Arena' to fight against Agu Lune 'Jin Mad Nick' to increase the stamina has eased the difficulty.
  • Fixed a situation where you can not move from a specific location during Quest 'Saving' quest in the Underground of the Church in the Eastern Dungeon of Lutheran.
  • In Chaos Dungeon 'Ruins of Ancient Knights', the bosses of 'Brilliant Gherzel' during the battle with the extinction, intermittent boss was unable to re-entry into the area of ​​appearance was fixed.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Memory of the Moon' alone played, intermittent boss can not move to the area of ​​the phenomenon has been fixed.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'solitude trail' when playing alone, intermittent boss can not move to the area of ​​the phenomenon has been fixed.
  • Event Chaos Dungeon 'Beyond the border' can not use the interaction icon has been fixed the phenomenon.
  • Event The Chaos Dungeon 'Pycra' debuff has been modified to be applied more slowly than before.
  • Hunter Prologue In Dungeon 's Research Base, we fixed a situation in which a character could not progress under certain circumstances.
  • Raid 'Dark Ridge' When entering the area, the character can not move in a specific location has been fixed.
  • Fixed the problem that even if the average item level rises through item polishing, the next raid subjugation phase did not open.
  • Fixed the dungeon entrance of the 175 level secret map that can be acquired during the growth period to be distributed on continents other than Artemis.
    • Now, the dungeon entrance of 175 level secret map is distributed in Artemis, Yudia, Lutheran, Totoik, Anies, and Artemis continents.


  • It shortens the matching time for pre-war, break-up, and combat.
  • We have improved to match all players on the battlefield immediately.
  • Altered matching method displays elapsed time instead of remaining time.
  • In the battlefield of the provenance, we have increased the number of to-be-watched points obtained during the victory.
  • Fixed a situation where characters were not intermittently moved at some starting positions of the battlefield 'Battle of Destruction'.
  • Proof of battleground Result of pre-competition We corrected the phenomenon that the information of character who escaped from UI was displayed abnormally.
  • Proof of battlefield When using the search function on the pre-competition ranking board, the time when the record is saved is not displayed normally.
  • Proof of Battleground Before using the filter function on the pre-competition ranking board, the problem that the filter function check remains when the UI is closed and opened has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where the pre-competition ranking board was output more than 50 pages.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of moving to the first page when moving the last page from the pre-competition ranking board.
  • On the battlefield of the demonstration, the score is normally subtracted from the battlefield, but the defeat count of some characters has been incorrectly counted and restored.

Lost Ark Shop

  • Fixed a problem that was not applied when clicking on the [Delete selected] button in the Lost Arc Shop cart.
  • Fixed a problem where there was not a comma (,) in the numeric display of the UI displayed when trying to purchase from the Lost Arc Shop cart when the cost was insufficient.
  • Fixed the problem that when using the avatar motion of the musical instrument in the Lost Arc Shop, the motion continues to be output even when the UI is closed and reopened.
  • Fixed a problem where the intended checkbox was not clicked when clicking on the item check box in the merchandise box while purchasing three or more identical items in the Lost Arc Shop.
  • Fixed the problem that social / musical instrument list is displayed in preview after buying avatar and ride goods from Lost Arc shop.
  • Fixed a problem that the social / musical instrument list was not displayed when attempting to 'enlarge' the avatar product after clicking on the avatar or the item to ride.
  • Avatars, and Vehicles When previewing avatars with the avatar toggle button selected, clicking the [Unplug All] button at the bottom of the avatars has corrected the phenomenon of clicking the toggle button once.
  • Fixed a problem where the 'Sold out' text was not displayed when items were sold out at Marie's secret shop.

Échange / Échange de monnaie

  • Fixed the problem that when an item was registered for sale on the exchange but the item was not processed due to a momentary network delay, an error message was displayed when 'unregistration' was performed.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the current price of the purchase window and the remaining quantity are displayed abnormally when the 'Refresh' button in the purchase window of the exchange is temporarily clicked while the network speed is temporarily low.
  • Fixed a problem that was not registered unless you check 'Do not ask for 20 minutes' in the 2nd password field when registering crystal sales at the currency exchange.
  • Fixed a problem where there was not a comma (,) in the numeric display of the UI when the crystal exchange sale and purchase registration in the money exchange is insufficient.
  • We have revised the upper limit / lower limit of the fluctuation range from the existing maximum of 15% to the maximum of 30% so that the currency exchange can be utilized smoothly.


  • Fixed a bug where the "Reverend Wind" debuff overlap was not displayed when the Reid Guardian 'Red Dragon' s Yoho 'was hit by a certain skill cast.
  • Fixed a situation where the body of a raid guardian 'red sea bream' did not disappear when using public shooting.
  • Raid Guardian Fixed a problem where some of the skills of Hell's Hell Gaia were initialized under certain circumstances.
  • When a monster becomes neutralized during a state abnormality, only the state abnormality is removed and neutralization does not occur.
  • Fixed a problem where an error message was displayed when attempting to move using a structure when caught by a monster.
  • Fixed the problem that when you hit an Elite monster with 'Damage Boost' effect, 'Damage Damage' debuff is not applied.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Scream of the Serpent' appeared in the 'Pandemon' monster attack speed has been reduced debuff.
  • When attacking a named scarecrow at the Tri Sion training center, we have fixed a higher damage when attacking a normal monster.
  • An abnormal drop of a monster summoned by another monster has been removed.
    • King's Tomb Lastra Forest Monster 'White Ghost' summoned by the 'White Wizard' has been modified so that it does not drop rewards.
    • Miracle's Labyrinth Corrected 'Illicaan's Illusion' monster, which appears when the Illness Commander Ilya Khan is absorbing slaves, not to drop rewards.
    • Boom Bling In the island, the character is changed to 'Pebble', and it is recalled from 'Holly Fruit' so that the reward is not dropped.

Artisanat (Niveau de Vie)

  • When collecting items from the "treasure chest" through archeological life skills, the compensation rank decreased as the final life rank decreased when the life tools were not worn.
    • Now, you have to install archaeological tools to open the treasure chest.
  • Fixed an issue where archaeological and hunting water did not appear on the isolated island of eternity.
  • Fixed a phenomenon where it was not possible to install a catch on some fishing sites in Nortos Island.
  • Archeology Mastery Skill 'Digging Expert' Skill Level 20, when the tooltips are displayed incorrectly corrected the phenomenon.
  • We have corrected the phenomenon that we were not able to fish at the fishing port near the harbor of Krona, ruins.
  • We have changed the stamina of the giant mushroom to 36,000.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that the collection of life does not re-appear on the islands of broken glaciers, islands of idleness.
  • Fishing life skill 'net fishing' during the use of the equipment can not be mounted / disassembled / changed to be fixed.
  • We have adjusted the compensation acquisition efficiency of some fields and islands.
    • It has been adjusted so that it does not appear in the 5th rank collection that appeared in low probability in the general field and island.
    • The giant mushroom island's transcendent mushroom will no longer appear.

Commandement de Silian

  • Fixed the phenomenon that additional orders were deducted when re-accessing after entering Shilian's command content.
    • If you are an adventurer who has suffered these symptoms, you will be provided with an additional command of Shilian.
  • Fixed the situation where the destination sharing function was not available in the Platinum field.
  • We have adjusted the probability of acquiring the brilliant material of Platinum Field.
    • Collecting - Increased the chance of acquiring brilliant material when using Florist in the Manor of Mana.
    • Logging - Increased the chance of acquiring brilliant material when using the 'Wooden Kill' skill in the Lonah's Manor.
    • Mining - Increased the chance of acquiring brilliant material when activating the 'Lode Detection' skill in the Lonely Manor.
    • Hunting - Yudia Increased the number of 'Trap Hunting' skills available in the ancient waterway by two.
    • Fishing - You have increased the number of times you can use the 'Fishing Fishing' skill in the ancient waterway in Yudia 2 times. 
      ※ You can install a second fixture after 3 minutes have elapsed after obtaining compensation from trap and trap installation. (add contents)


  • Arcana 'Return' Tripod After 'Quick Exposure' has been applied, it has been fixed that only 15% of his debuff is attacked without increasing his critical rate by 30%.
  • Battle Master 'Ignition Combustion' Tripod When using 'Combustion Keep' and 'Power of Water Training' together, the effect of increasing the damage of critical damage has not been applied.
  • Fixed a situation where the Destroyer class was able to cancel a skill motion in an unintended way.


  • In the case of a panda transformation in combat, we corrected the phenomenon that seems to move in place after moving and arriving at the destination.
  • Using the battle item 'Bonfire', if the bonfire is dead, it is impossible to resurrect with a low probability.
  • Fixed the problem that some color of Eve avatar was changed according to the set skin color when customizing wizard and martial art class character.


  • Fixed the problem that the mail was not opened occasionally when clicking on mailing list.
  • After sending the billing mail, if the return period has passed, we have fixed the phenomenon that we did not receive bounced mail under certain circumstances.
    • Mail that has already passed the return period will be returned in bulk.


  • Fixed a situation where the explanations of the expedition quest 'Magic on Song' did not match actual achievement.

Bataille de cartes

In the card skill activation condition, the explanation of the skills which had the condition of 'me' missing was revised. The list of applicable skills is as follows.

  • Resonance II
  • Command (avoidance)
  • Leader (hit)
  • Command (avoid critical)
  • Leader (Critical hit)
  • Command (critical hit)
  • Leader (avoid critical)
  • Balance II
  • Command (hit)
  • Leadership (avoidance)


  • Changed the progress of the cooperative quest 'Get Golden Crucifix' to 25 minutes.
  • We added a hint to the associated item in the tooltip of a regular item that can still be acquired before or after the quest progress.
  • After entering the unknown island, the cooperative quest in a specific situation, 'hidden existence' was unable to proceed the phenomenon.
  • When the Ephona daily commission 'Defense, Pirate' s discipline! 'Was completed immediately at the eye island of Hipnorth, the phenomenon that forced movement to the commissioned dungeon was corrected.
  • Corrected the quest target number of the co-op quest "Spirit of Galat!" In the Borea Manor to be updated more frequently.
  • The quest guide of 'The Tree of Life' has been revised more clearly in Bern's cooperative quest.
  • Fixed a situation in which Sternen's NPC received the quest 'Desert Hunter, Na Krathena'.
    • The quest can be accepted by the NPC 'Luna' in the Red Sand Desert.
  • I added the phrase "I can go to strengthening with other equipment other than the equipment that I received as a reward" in Quest Quest's Quest Journal.
  • We have added a Usage Guide for the 'Throwing Item' which is used in the Handel and Ardetaine Prolog sections as a completion condition.


  • Fixed a situation where the boarding UI did not change when boarding a vehicle on a transporter.
  • Fixed a situation where when riding on a riding a car and talking to an NPC, it seemed to run in place on other characters' screens.

Codex, calendrier, Milestone

  • We have changed the name of "Top & bottom set" of Item dictionary and exchange category "Avatar" to "Up and down set".
  • We have changed 'Golden Fishery Trophy' to 'Golden Fishery & Retreat' and 'Marine Hunting Trophy' to 'Marine Hunting' in the item pre-navigation subcategory.
  • We have added the following sailing co-op / competition quest schedule to your calendar.
    • Ring the boat
    • The soul harvest of the dead
    • Sailing invaders
  • At the milestone, the recommended item level of the 2-Tier Event Chaos Dungeon has been changed to start at 395.


  • When the Attendance Event window is automatically popped up when the character is connected, the page with the remaining reward available has been changed to be displayed first.
  • Fixed a problem where the Attendance Event window did not pop up automatically when reward available for attendance events remained.
  • When there are multiple attendance events, we need to acquire them all so that the 'N' mark in the 'Event' quick menu disappears.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the number of times is not updated and an error message is displayed when the related UI window is open when the performance of good impression performance or emotion is completed.
  • Ability Stone Worker Fixed the phenomenon that there was empty space when expanding menu in UI window.
  • Fixed a situation where the position of the ambassador was not aligned in the middle when dialogue with NPC was selected.
  • Fixed the problem that the item icon of avatar "Banquet head of fog light" was not displayed.
  • Abrasive Effect Transformation Guide Fixed the problem that all the class classes of the corresponding series are displayed in the tooltip of the item used in the quest.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that there was no description of the components of some box items.
  • Fixed some UI operation error phenomenon.

Interaction / Réalisation

  • Fixed an issue where some of the Angi's 'Forest of Sound' feature was not working.
  • Bern has been unable to interact with the NPC of the village of Lanai village in North.
  • When goblins get great artwork from Pandora's box, the box rendering ceases.


  • When returning to the square hall, the phenomenon that the Christmas musical instrument avatar did not apply was corrected.
  • Fixed a case where the wizard class floats in the air when wearing a "faded fatal" avatar.
  • When a martial artist and a wizard character are wearing a short underwear, the phenomenon in which the bottom appears to be broken when attempting to 'sit down' has been corrected.
  • Some NPCs deployed at the Reeden Orphanage in Art Decin Tort Riche have fixed the appearance of floating in the air.


  • Fixed some typographical errors.
  • Polishing effect conversion Corrected the phenomenon that intermittent client termination occurred when interacting with NPC.
  • Increased the amount of shielding dropped from 'hidden coins' and 'locked gold boxes' among hidden boxes.
  • We have modified the hidden boxes to be able to acquire Pirate Coins instead of Shillings in the 'Locked Swords' and 'Locked Gold Boxes' of the islands.
  • The hidden box in the dungeon has been modified so that only the character who opened the box can gain reward.

Et voilà, comme vous le voyez, encore un tout petit patch 😀

Ils ne chôment pas chez Tripod !

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    Tu fais copier le texte et tu le colle sur google translate le fainéant…

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    Merci pour le partage en tout cas . Vivement une annonce sur une sortie en occident..

  • 19 décembre 2018 à 13:57

    Désolé mais je suis tout seul à bosser sur le site, et ça me prendrai un temps fou de traduire entièrement en français un patchnote de cette taille. Je préfère utiliser ce temps à traduire d’autres sections du site.

    C’est pourquoi je vous en propose une Google Trad du coréen vers l’anglais (parce que coréen vers français c’est très mauvais^^) comme pour le précédent.

    La version anglaise reste compréhensible et comme le dit Mike Datpseudo tu peux toujours utiliser Google pour le traduire en FR 😉


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