[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 16/01/19

Une nouvelle mise à jour a été déployée hier soir sur les serveurs de Lost Ark. Moins importante que celle de la semaine dernière, elle comporte tout de même de nombreux changements.

Notamment les nouveaux coffres de stockage gratuits pour les matériaux, cadeaux et tenues !

Voici le patchnote de cette mise à jour, traduit en anglais (dont une partie traduite par Mokokoark).


  • Added Material Storage
    • added 100 storage slots for free, you can store materials and affinity gift items
  • Added Avatar (Costume) Storage
    • added 100 storage slots for free, you can only store avatars
  • Added tradeable rune chests
    • Red Rune Random Chest Tier 1 and Tier 2
    • Green Rune Random Chest Tier 1 and Tier 2
    • Blue Rune Random Chest Tier 1 and Tier 2
    • Purple Rune Random Chest Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • Added NPCs that you can exchange rune chests for raid materials in Capitals (Stern, Bern, Castle of Luteran)
  • Changed “숲의 목소리”, “본격 판다 위장 세트”, “페블링 변신 물약”, “사자탈” to be destructible
  • Fixed an issue that 48 avatars did not increase the priority stat (strength, wisdom, etc)
  • Added additional drop information about ability stones
  • Fixed an issue that “고고학의 정수 I” showed wrong information about exchanging items on the tooltip
  • Fixed an issue that “격류의 정수” showed different craftable elemental weapon  on the tooltip
  • Following reward chests are not stackable
    • Goblin Pandora
    • The reward of Hallucination Island
    • Chest of Sleeping Island of Music
    • Secret Chest of Vollard
    • Wishing pouch (소원의 주머니)
    • Chest of Island of Sabbath
  • Fixed an issue that opening 10 hunting guild premium box consecutive times is stopped when you get Mark of Procyon Crew
  • Island of Freedom NPC “비밀스러운 로사” is selling an affinity gift item “교육용 해도”
  • Fixed an issue that a system message “you cannot destroy the item” when you transfer an item between storage and inventory
  • Changed required materials for refinement on weekly raid gears
    • level 4 refinement of the weapon requires “Legioros’ core” (레기오로스의 코어)
    • level 3 refinement of the leg piece requires “Legioros’ hardened horn” (레기오로스의 단단한 뿔)
    • level 5 refinement of the shoulder pad requires “Legioros’ strong tongue” (레기오로스의 강력한 혀)
  • Changed battles items from quest rewards to binds on pickup
  • Cannot be used following items when you use the items (before and after 30 seconds)
    • Chaos dungeon +1
    • Epona request +1
    • Guardian Soul Collection +1

[Lost Ark Shop]

  • Added two items
    • A new mount “Shadow of Terpayon” (그림자의 테르페이온)
    • Weekly Epona Request +1
  • Chaos Dungeon +1 from Mari’s secret shop does not share the cooldown with Chaos dungeon +1 from Epona request


[Navigation / Îles]

  • Ship parts are now dropped from various sources
    • Brown and Gold Barrels of Rum
    • Giana Ocean (The East Ocean)
  •  You can exchange regular ship parts to rare ship parts from “홍차의 천칭 길드선” (Red Tea’s Guild Ship, located near ports)
  •  If one of your characters acquired a heart of island, other characters can acquire the heart from a shorter route
    • Island of sublimity
    • Goblin Island
    • Island of Destroyed Glacier
    • Walpurgis
    • Eye of Hypnos
    • Starlight Lighthouse Island
    • Whitewave Island
    • Island of Eagerness
  •  If one of your characters acquired a heart of island, other characters can acquire the heart from alternative quest
    • You can receive alternative quest reward via mail
    • Alternative quest completion includes any required quests to get a heart of island
  • In order to solve an issue that the characteristics of ships and crews are not matching to the sea areas, we adjusted respawn rate of farming points on each area
    • Seiren Area has reduced respawn rate of fishing spots but increased respawn rate of salvaging points
    • Sand Storm Area has reduced respawn rate of salvaging points but increased respawn rate of fishing spots
    • Freezing Sea Area has reduced respawn rate of diving points but added salvaging points
    • Storm Sea Area has reduced respawn rates of salvaging and fishing points but added diving points
  • Adjusted maximum capacity of certain islands
  • Fixed an issue that a player could not use crew skill during certain situations
  • Fixed an issue that a player was able to move when they press “ESC” and use diving skill at the same time
  • Fixed an issue that “전문 인양꾼 (professional salvager)” and “전문 어선장 (professional fisherman)” had low success rates which does not match to the tooltips
  • Fixed an issue that crew skills’ cooldown has been reset  when a player changed a channel or enter different sea area after using “선상 만찬 (Feast)”
  • Fixed an issue that minimap did not display an icon of humpback whale when the whale appeared on the ocean
  • Fixed an issue that Outlaw Island did not create a new channel when it reached the maximum capacity of 16
  • Added Life Skill Inscription Exchange NPC on Meteora Island
    • You can buy Dynamite Inscription from the npc


  • Fixed an issue that Berserker players could not use other skills after using “Strike Wave”
  • Fixed an issue that the tooltip of Hawkeye’s skill “Bladestorm” did not match to actual damage done
  • Fixed an issue that Soulmasters were able to cancel the awakening skill “천하섬멸옥” by using a movement skill
  • Fixed an issue that Devilhunter’s tripods did not display debuff icons
    • “Judgement Time” skill tripod “Destruction of Evidence”
    • “AT02 Granade” skill tripod “Armor Destruction”
    • “Plasma Bullet” skill tripod “Armor Destruction”
  • Fixed an issue that Blaster’s “Swing” skill tripod “Armor Destruction” did not display debuff icon
  • Fixed an issue that  Gravity core effect did not apply to Destroyer’s “Seismic Hammer” and “Perfect Swing” skills when Destroyers used movement skill after using the two skills


  • Fixed the phenomenon that the 'emotion expression: affection' item is not paid as a reward for the completion of the 'Toastopia Quest' 'Ugly We Digglet'.
    • Now, you can not get more than one emotion expression: affection, so extra 'emotion expression: affection' is deleted.
    • I have completed the quest 'Ugly We Digglet', but 'emotional expression: affection' is paid to the friends of Figglet who have not received 'emotion expression: affection'.
  • We removed "Emotion Expression: Affection" from the list of items that can be exchanged with Frank at the Starlight Lighthouse Island.
    • We have completed 'Ugly Our Figurine Quest' but will not return any compensation, so if you buy Frank 'Emotional Expressions: Affection', we will return '50 Floating Souls'.
  • Monte Island Quest 'Find a dream piece!' When the process was adjusted the box appearance period.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the favorability is not activated even after completing the favorability activation quest.
  • Fixed a situation where the target stage of the Shu Shay'e Dungeon 'Baedan's Hideout' quest does not coincide with the actual progress stage.
  • Efona daily commission 'Moronto's agent' Fixed the phenomenon impossible to proceed.
  • Berne Northern Dungeon Ancient Ruins Elberia Quest 'Death Erosion Space' in progress, before the conversation with Rahard 'Destroyer of Remains', 'Revived Worshiper' monster, first corrected the phenomenon that the quest does not proceed .
  • We removed the 'Village of Fugitives' from the quest description of 'New Dream of Totti Moss'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that Portal is not output properly if it goes a certain distance or more away from the output portals when proceeding with the quest of 'Goose and Flower'.


  • We have increased the maximum number of chaos gate entries available.
  • Fixed a situation where raid intermittently did not end exactly at 00:00.
  • Fixed a bug in Chaos Dungeon that prevented it from being intermittently escaped.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Nightmare Cave' Boss Shantak's laser range has changed from the actual range.
  • Fixed a situation in which you can not open the compensation box intermittently in a secret dungeon.
  • We have changed the location of the 'Illegal Military Service Inspector' in the Ardetain Dungeon 'Research Base' of the Aihan.

[Commandement de Silian]

  • Fixed the problem that when a sleeping bomb is used during the tower, Aggro targets are changed to monsters shot by sleep bombs.

[Livre d'aventure]

  • We have paid the expedition unit reward that we reached the pre-unification achievement rate of the adventure, but disappeared because we did not receive compensation, by mail.
    • Only if you have reached the achievement level of the adventure in two or more characters.


  • Fixed a situation where the character can not move intermittently when using the track move in the 'Red Sand Desert'.
  • Fixed the problem that if the item level is increased through the update, the achievement level will not be updated unless the equipment is re-worn.
  • Shu Shi'er Frost Prison Highland Quest 'to the end of the cliff' is underway.

[Niveau de vie (artisanat)]

  • Plant Picking Life Skill Florist, Logging Life Skill Fixed the phenomenon that the collection converted into rapid growth is exposed to other characters.
  • Plant Picking Life Skill Florist, Logging Life Skill Fixed the phenomenon that the collected material converted to rapid growth does not disappear over time.
  • When the golden fruit tree is in a certain position, using the "rapid growth" of the logging skill has corrected the phenomenon that the character can not approach and can not cut.
  • Fixed the situation where mini game screen is closed when unlocking item box and unidentified ability stone during life mini game.

[Codex, calendrier, Milestone]

  • We added 'rune box' category to exchanges and item dictionary.
  • Item category 'Island' has been added to the category 'Sailing'.
  • The category of 10 items including green slime jewelry has been changed to 'Island material'.
  • Fixed a situation where Accaccum II was not displayed on the Chaos Gate reward item of milestones and calendars.


  • When multiple attendance events are in progress, the attendance and acquisition effects in the UI are printed in the wrong slot.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the information is blinking when mouse over the information of the buff abbreviation at the bottom of the monster HP bar.
  • During combat with monsters, if the buff abbreviation information at the bottom of the monster's HP bar contains a lot of buffs, the phenomenon that remains unchanged is fixed.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of being displayed as an image of another item with a very low probability when checking the item tooltip registered in the UI during polishing.
  • Fixed the possibility of dragging item icon in rune mount UI.
  • Fixed the possibility of dragging item icon in polishing UI.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that explanation was omitted in weekly raid expectation compensation UI.
  • Item decomposition result When printing the Loupeon Tension icon in the UI, the phenomenon that the background color and the miscellaneous icon that have recently been outputted at the corresponding position are outputted is corrected.

[PC Room]

  • Among the benefits of the PC room premium, 120-minute access compensation has been changed from 'Shilian's order (PC room)' to 'Mysterious Golden Box (Random)'.


  • Fixed the problem that the effects remain for a certain amount of time when using the Arcana 'Checkmate' Tripod 'Thundermate' when the particle quality in the InGame preference is below 'Medium'.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that the character class of the user and the skill of the other class can be registered in the abrasive effect of items that can be worn by various classes.
  • We changed the items that can skip directing so that skipping is possible, and changed the skip that can be skipped after watching only once per account when watching in progress.
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  • 17 janvier 2019 à 00:21

    bonjour, j’ai un bug avec cette maj, 5h de combat et tjr 0 réponse…
    j’ai laisser dl la maj en rentrant, en revenant la quantité de MB à dl de la maj avait augmenter..jusqu’a 7 giga
    j’ai tout tenté, redemarer steam , changer de region, enlever tout les mods, verif cache , bien verifier qui ai pas la beta activer (jai pas la clef tfacon ,donc que je clique sur leur nouvel onglet ou pas)
    4h de maj, tjr rien, 4hplanté à voir des barres defilé.. maj anulé..reprend a 700/900 mb et sa repasse direct a 710/930 etc etc etc … j’en suis second essai 2.3/3.0gb, la dernière avait planté (Mise à jour annulé et passe a la maj d’un autre jeu) a 2.2/2.2 GB.. si qqn a une solution je suis preneur car la je suis un peu déçu

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