[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 09/01/19

Comme annoncé le 28 décembre dernier par Smilegate, une mise à jour importante a été déployée cette nuit sur les serveurs de Lost Ark.

Elle touche à de nombreux contenus du jeu, mais les deux points les plus importants concerne les personnages secondaires (reroll) et l'équilibrage des classes (notamment pour le PVP).

Le Tripod Builder est d'ailleurs déjà à jour avec les modifications apportées par ce patch !

Voici le patchnote en anglais de cette mise à jour :

[Amélioration pour les personnages secondaires]

Mokko Seed Points Reward 'Mokoko's Earrings' items will be changed to Share Fellowship items.

  • You can move it to another character in your expedition using your expedition's warehouse.
  • Now, Moko's earrings have all the stats, so you can wear them regardless of your job.
  • We changed the earrings of Moko to non-destructive, non-saleable, and disassemblable.
  • For those adventurers who have acquired Moko's earrings, for those who are not currently possessed due to destruction / sale / disassembly / deletion of their possessed characters, we have restored Moko's earring box with Moko's earrings.
    • If the character that destroyed / sold / disassembled the earring of Mococo was deleted or lost in the form of deletion of the character it possessed, I recovered it by postal mail of the 'most recently accessed character' . 

The adventure's book is integrated into the expedition unit.

  • When you achieve your adventure with other characters within the same expedition, you will share the achievement rate.
    • If you have to register a large number of items like collectibles, you will see the total number of collectibles registered for each character.
    • The achievement rate of the character's adventure that has already been deleted is added to the book of the expedition unit adventure. (add contents)
  • Compensation according to achievement rate is divided into compensation that each character can receive each time and reward which can receive only once in expedition unit.
    • In the case of a reward that can be received only once per expedition unit, a guide window will be displayed to indicate that the character will be picked up upon receipt.
  • Characters who have not yet visited the continent after the advent of the adventure will not be able to earn achievement rewards on that continent from the adventure book.

It becomes easy to acquire the mind of the island of additional characters in the expedition.

※ Additional borrowing work for the remaining islands will be added through the borrower update.

  • If you have a record of acquiring the minds of the islands of the following islands with other characters within the same expedition, you can acquire the island's minds with a shorter path.
    • Island of the years
    • Pandapu Island
    • Turtle Island
    • Secret base X-301
    • Isle of Liberty
    • Pirate Town Atlas
    • Giant mushroom island
    • Toto Silver
    • Carl Hertz
    • argon
    • The city of the forgotten
    • A black tooth
    • Ribeheim
    • Island of Outlaws
    • Spida Island

The cumulative point compensation structure changes.

  • The island's heart points, the giant's heart points, and the rewards of great artistic points are divided into the first and second reward of the expedition.
    • Fellowship First Compensation: This is a reward that can be obtained only once at the first expedition.
    • Substitution Reward: This is a reward that can be obtained only once per character after the first expedition.
  • The reward items of the first expedition and the replacement reward may be the same.
  • If the reward items of the expedition's first and alternate rewards are different, a symbol is displayed at the top of the reward slot.
    • When you mouse over the symbol, a message about the compensation acquisition is displayed in the tooltip.

You can now hand over the unused Acrasium I to another character in the Fellowship.

  • You can purchase 'Accrasium I Box' from a merchant who appears in big cities and islands.
    • The 'Accrasium I Box' is available for purchase with 10 'Accrasium I' boxes, and the box contains 6 'Accrasium I'.
    • Aclacium I acquired in the box is not transactionable.
  • 'Accrasium I Box' is a shared expedition item, can be given to other characters in the expedition through the expedition store.
  • You need Accra to purchase a box, and you can only buy characters with an item level of 400 or higher.

[Équilibrage des classes]

※ We will guide you through the update history for class PVP balance adjustment.

Class common

  • Evasion rate
    • If you gain an evasion rate increase effect with different buffs, only the highest one effect will be applied.
  • PVP calibration system
    • We have reduced the waiting time that no more striking anomalies will occur if the striking abnormality occurs excessively continuously.


  • Chain sword
    • Slightly reduced motion line delay of 'Chain Sword'.
  • Wind blade
    • We have slightly reduced the motion line delay of 'Wind Blade'.
  • Shoulder charge
    • We have modified other skills to use slightly faster than the previous one while casting 'Shoulder Charge'.


  • Leaf attack
    • When applying 'Shockwave' tripod, only PVP was changed from 'Shock' to 'Rigid'.
  • Shield Rush
    • 'Shield Rush' has been changed from 'Shock Over' to 'Rigid'.
    • We increased the strike duration of 'Shield Rush' from 0.2 to 0.3 seconds, and adjusted the damage accordingly.
      The total expected value of the damage is the same as before.
  • Counter sphere
    • We modified the 'quick preparation' tripod effect as follows.
      'When a counterattack succeeds, the damage done to the enemy is reduced by 25%, but the cooldown is reduced by 8 seconds.'
  • Nelasia's energy
    • We have reduced the damage reduction by level from 45% to 40%.
    • When using the 'Retain effect' tripod, we have reduced the effect duration from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Guardian's Guard
    • When using 'Guardian's Guard' in PVP, we have reduced the shield gauge recovery amount.
  • A sentence of victory
    • We reduced the effect of 'Iron Barrier' damages from 'Up to 80% of 5% per overlap' to 'Up to 40% of 2.5% per overlap'.
    • When the 'Iron Barrier' and other damage reduction effects are applied in duplication, only the highest effect is applied.

Battle Master

  • O: brain advance (content added)
    • When using the 'Lightning' tri-pod, the motion line delay is slightly increased. (Revised contents)
    • When using the 'ROCK' TRIPOD, the motion line delay is slightly reduced.
  • Oh's: Fury
    • Changed PVP to prevent stiffness when applying 'cold storm' tripod.
  • Whisper of the wind
    • In PVP, when applied to 'ultra-strong' tripods, the damage taken is reduced by 46.0%.
  • A sentence of victory
    • After using the 'Strengthen the O' sentence, when using the O's skill, you have removed the immune effect.


  • Chain of Resonance
    • Skill resource consumption has been changed to 20 Power Consumption, Impact 10 Generation.


  • Unlimited Shuffle
    • Changed PVP to cause stiffness to the target casting skill.
  • Dark Resurrection
    • Changed PVP to cause stiffness to the target casting skill.
  • Call of Destiny
    • Changed PVP to cause stiffness to targets that are not casting skills.


  • A dissonant chord
    • When applied to a 'live chord' tripod, it reduces the speed at which 'dissonance' moves towards the enemy and increases the cooldown by 4 seconds.
  • Stigma
    • When applied to 'Storm Stalker' Tripod, 'Stigma' has reduced the speed of movement towards enemies and has been modified to prevent stiffness from occurring in PVP.
  • Heavenly performance
    • PVP has reduced damage to enemies by 26.7%.
  • The performance of the guardian
    • Reduced damage reduction by 10%, down from a maximum of 50% to a 40% reduction.
    • Reduced the evasion rate from 30% to 20% when applying the "Wind of Guard" tripod.
  • A sentence of victory
    • 'Song of Endurance' has been reduced from 400 to 200, increasing the fate of Continuous Effect and Patience.
    • 'Skill Song' Specialization of Sustainment, reduced skill increase from 400 to 200.
    • 'The Song of the Winds' has been reduced from 400 to 200, increasing the speed of the sustained effect.

Devil Hunter

  • Summer Salt Shot
    • Increased the attack speed of the skill.
  • Agile shooting
    • Increased the attack speed of the skill.
    • Skill's basic movement distance increased by 1m.
  • execution
    • 'Toughness' when applied to the tri-pod, even when rushed, has been changed to be immune to stunning.

Hawk Eye

  • Mover
    • When using 'Survival' tripod, the effect of 'Increase the evasion rate by 50% for 2 seconds after using the skill' has been changed to 'Increase the evasion rate by 50% while casting the skill'.
      Also, I removed the phenomenon that I was unintentionally attacked while using the skill.
  • Cremora
    • Increased cooldown by 4 seconds when applying the 'Storm Shock' tri-pod.
  • Charging Shot
    • Reduced damage taken by PVP by 8.3%.
  • Snake
    • Reduced damage taken by PVP by 8.3%.
  • Silver Hawk: Final Attack
    • Reduces damage taken by PVP by 13.3%.

[Gardiens de Raid]

Raid common

  • Level 2, 3, 4 Level The difficulty of the Raid Guardian has been adjusted.
    • Some raid guardians have been downgraded, and overall battle difficulty has been reduced.
    • We have changed to have fewer battles for destruction.
  • We adjusted the HP of some guardians who were very high or low compared to the pattern difficulty of the Guardian that appeared in weekly raids.
  • Fixed the problem that the reason why the entry is not allowed when entering the state while the daytime raid entry condition is not satisfied.


  • Revanos has widened its magical energy wall in the form of a circle, which is used after widening.
  • Fixed the time that the magic energy wall used by Levanos after widening is retained in circular ring shape is slightly shorter than before.
  • Revanos has reduced the number of ships that are stunned after widening to four, and has modified the summoning position slightly more.
  • Revanos has modified the position of the four-way breath magic attack used after widening to be created within a certain range around the revanos.

Carl Ventus

  • It has greatly increased the amount of damage that can be given to Gwangpung-jok by Karl Ventus.
  • Calvin Ventus has summoned Gwangpung-jok to over-attack and strike an attack.
  • The summoning cycle of Gwangpung-jae, which is summoned by Karl Ventus, has greatly increased.
  • After Calvinus summoned the Vampire Owl, he waited for a while and then moved it.
  • Calvinus has been modified so that he does not use any mobility skills when he summons Gwangwoonok.
  • Calvin Ventus absorbed the wind blowing and adjusted the neutralization value after it became windy.
  • Fixed a case where there is a sense of difference between the skill effect and the actual judgment position in the skill of Carl Ventus.

Lava chromium

  • Crater generated by lava chromium changed the period of flame ejection longer than before.
  • Modified the lava chromium part to be able to destroy it with 'penetration' property.
  • After lava chromium was destroyed, the time required to move the area was slightly longer than before.
  • Lava Chromium has been modified so that it does not move immediately after creating a crater.
  • We have changed to use the skill to create a crater every certain period after the lava chromium has been neutralized.
  • Fixed a situation where the local movement time was initialized at the end of battle in a certain phase after lava chromium was disabled.


  • Fixed a bug in the battle with Raid Guardian 'Hell of Hell Gaia' that did not get immune to Ice Deebeop, even though the movement speed reduction immunity is 100%.
  • Raid Guardian In the battle against the 'Heavy Raccrasena', when the heavy armor or Krassena gets a specific debuff caused by a dark grenade,
    he fixes the situation where he does not flee to another area.
  • Raid Guardian After using the Corruption Bomb on 'Heavy Armor or Crassena', the damage level of the area does not increase when attacked.


  • Increased the speed of the first decision of Arcana 'Dark Resurrection'.
  • Fixed the problem that when using Arcana 'Celestial Lane', the effect is lost when it is attacked by mobile device and enemy.
  • Summoner 'Ancient Window' After completing casting, there was a waiting time for re-use, but the enemy's attack caused the ancient window not to fire and it was stopped.
  • Fixed the problem that when the Destroyer 'Sichemic Hammer' is used, when the skill is canceled after the floor is shot with the hammer, the judgment does not occur.
  • When using the Destroyer 'Sicmic Hammer', we have improved the use of the mobile device after taking the floor with the hammer.
  • Devil Hunter 'Plasma Bullet' When you apply the 'Frozen Effect' of the Tripod, you have unintentionally hit more enemies in certain situations.
  • Blaster 'Summoner Turret' When using the Tripod 'Laser Turret', the turret recognizes and attacks the target, but does not hit targets at the end of the range.
  • Blaster 'Turret Summon' Tripod When 'Armor Destruction' is applied, the target has been modified so that the debuff effect is displayed as an icon.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the neutralization damage of the blaster eruptive 'guided missile' is applied lower than intended.
  • Blaster bombardment mode Skills 'howl', 'concentrated saturation', 'Energy Po' tooltips have been removed from the actual notation.
    •  Howitzer, Concentrate Saturation, Energy Poissure is not subject to state immunity.
  • Summoner Identity Skill 'Jahia & Liegeas' when using skill, the timing of use of skill and play the timing of re-presentation has been fixed the phenomenon of remained.
  • Summoner Identity skill, 'Zahia & Liegeas' when using the perfect zone input failure, other characters appear to have remained in the appearance of the correction.
  • Summoner 'Elcid' The tooltip of 'Elite Summon' has been modified as follows.
    • Before change: Elcid reduces the number of summoned humans to 1, but the damage done by Elcido to the enemy increases greatly, the attack distance increases by 40%, and
      strikes when attacking.
    • After the change: The number of Elcid summoned will be reduced to 1, but the damage done by Elcido to the enemy will increase significantly, the attack distance will increase by 40%, and
      strikes a regular rank monster when attacking.
  • Fixed the problem that the 'Luck Core' effect will not be activated depending on the Destroyer 'Running Crash' tri-pod setting.
  • Fixed the problem that the gauge ratio of the workload identity UI did not match the actual figure.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which the projectile of some skill seems to be pointing in an unnatural direction.

[Commandement de Silian]

  • When the platinum field has a broken trap / trap left, the following message has been corrected to indicate that additional installation is attempted.
    • 'You can not install additional when a broken trap / trap is left.'
  • Changed the ability to skip directing in Platinum Field.
  • The text of the quantity information of the possession quantity is displayed in red when the quantity of the quantity of the command of Shilian is negative.
  • After matching the command of Shilian, we corrected the phenomenon that we can press "Accept" from the entry confirmation window and close the window and apply for or enter other contents.
  • Fixed a bug where the cube could not move for a while intermittently when the next stage started.
  • Increased the amount of compensation you can acquire when interacting with the 'mushroom' that appears in the Platinum Field.


  • Fixed to recover 2% of health when applying the phrase 'Emergency Recovery'.
  • Fixed a situation where the engraving effect is displayed as a duplicate when checking the character information of a character in a distance or in another area.
  • When viewing information on other characters, the stats are not displayed permanently due to the ability to increase the potion has been modified.
  • Totoik The Silent Giant's Forest 'Sorrow's Weight' Fixed the problem that the character can not be moved at a specific location during the quest.
  • While stealth buff is applied except vegetation camouflage, life sapping has been changed so that the stealth buff is canceled.
  • Fixed the problem that the avatar can not be uninstalled even if you click 'Unplug' from the menu that is displayed after right clicking on Ctrl + on the avatar being installed.


  • Changed the reuse cycle of items 'Chaos Dungeon +1', 'Epona Request +1', 'Epona Request +1 (PC Room)' and 'Guardian Soul Harvest +1' item to be reset every day at 6 o'clock.
    • If the cooldown is already in effect, the 6:00 initialization will be applied daily after the cooldown has been applied.
  • We have changed the method of obtaining compensation of the secret safe that can be purchased from the traveling merchant NPC to the direct payment method.
  • We have changed the maximum number of overlays for some items from 99 to 999. (add contents)
  • Added a Merchant NPC to exchange the 'Mark of Slayer' in Lucerne, Sternen, and Bern.
  • The acquisition method of equipment paid in weekly raid compensation has been changed.
    • In the Weekly Raid Compensation box, you can acquire accessories and a 'slayer's token'.
    • Acquired accessories are randomly determined.
    • You can purchase artifact-rated weapons / armor with the slogan 'Slayer's Mark'.
    • Purchased Weapons / Armor can be polished using the material obtained from the lower raid and the 'slayer's mark'.
    • If you disassemble the weekly raid equipment, you can get the 'Mark of Slayer'.
  • We adjusted the level of the weekly raid reward item.
  • Now you can no longer exchange 'Ride: Red Ladybug' from NPC Furfur, Casco Seed Exchange Trader, Mococo Village.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that all the root classes, not the classes, are displayed in the item required class in the tooltip of the item.
  • Achievement of favorability grade If the space of the belongings bag is insufficient at the time of attempting to acquire compensation, achievement grade achievement compensation has been changed so as not to be mailed.
    • If you fail to obtain compensation due to a lack of space in the carrying bag, a favorable NPC will guide you to empty your carrying bag and come back.

[Navigation / Îles]

  • We have downgraded the item level condition to buy crew members after possessing adventure discovery skills.
    • Pioneer Penelope
    • Avenger Arpherin
    • Colossus Turner
    • Gambler Bella
  • Harmony Island Quests have changed the way they progress.
    • The quest 'Clear and Clear Sound' has been changed from 'Sprinkling the Flower to Sacred Spring Water' to 'Dropping'.
    • We changed the target quantity of quest 'clear and transparent sound' from 50 → 120.
    • We changed the target quantity of quest 'Fragrant Sound' from 200 → 400.
    • 'Fragrant Sound' in progress, quest item 'fragrant pollen' when you get the fixed quantity is always changed.
    • We changed the target quantity of the quest 'Glitter Sound' from 200 → 400.
    • I changed the number of times of the quest 'harmony sound' from 40 → 120.
  • Harmony Island Quest 'Fragrant Sound', 'Glitter Sound' in progress, even if the quest item is not counted intermittently corrected the phenomenon.
  • Monte Island Quest 'Find a dream piece!' Has been changed to the following.
    • An additional treasure chest appeared on the island.
    • Some treasure boxes are respawned.
    • Depending on the grade of the treasure chest, the quantity of dream sculpture has been adjusted.
    • Increased the quest target quantity from 1000 pieces of dream pieces to 4000 pieces.
  • Fixed a situation where intermittent cooperative quests were not received on the island of Monte.
  • Quest Monte Island 'Find a dream piece!' Fixed a problem in which a progressive box was opened to acquire a piece of dream but it was not counted intermittently.
  • Fixed a problem where the box could not be opened due to a character trapping in a particular location on Monte Isle.
  • Fixed a problem where you can not open a box at a specific location on Monte Isle.
  • We have corrected the phenomenon that the quantity of the 'Gold Crucifix' item that was actually acquired and the amount of the quest achievement are displayed differently while the 'Quest for Golden Crucifix' quest is being performed.
  • Secret Base X-301 As the conditions for entry to Zone 7 have been relaxed, we have adjusted the recommended item level for the Efona commissioned 'Android Liberation'.
    • Recommended before change Item Level: 335
    • Recommended Item Level After Change: 330
  • Fixed the phenomenon of dropping items inside the pieces of Argon Island.
  • Restricted purchases of "secret safe" items sold by a floating merchant appearing on the island have been removed.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that characters can not move in a straight line from a specific landform of a recalled island.
  • We corrected the phenomenon of resurrecting from a place where we can not move intermittently when resurrecting base after death on hallucination island.
  • Fixed a situation where a character is trapped in a terrain at a particular location on an island in an ice maze.
  • Quest for cooperative quests in the black teeth 'Everyone, turn around! We have increased the stamina of the 'Voodoo Taiki' appearing during the process.
  • Fixed the problem that some sailors' voyeur skill names are displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the problem that the crew can not board / unload the crew by drag and drop from the crew list.
  • Fixed a problem in which the map symbol of Grandfather and Gene stones of Opel's Lonely Island was not displayed.
  • Totoik Fixed the problem that the map symbol of Toto village headmaster of Mokko village is displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the Stormy Sea area debuff effect (skill not available) is transferred to other ships located nearby.

[Niveau de vie (Artisanat)]

  • Life Skill Fixed the situation where the standby time is not applied, and the waiting time is slightly increased intermittently when the character is reconnected.
  • While other characters are interacting with the collection, we have fixed the phenomenon that the skill is applied when using the plant collecting life skills florist.
  • Some of the islands have a somewhat lower experience with archeology.
  • Fixed a problem where tooltips are output as duplicates when mouse over the symbol after trap and trap installation.
  • Plant Picking Life Skills When using Plant Sacrifice to acquire buffs of other hiding types or to acquire Plant Buffalo Buffs while applying the Hiding Buffs, the existing buffs have been modified to be released.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the ranking of Hunting game 'Swift Amour Catus' is displayed as 4 ranks instead of 6 ranks.
  • Fixed a problem in which the game does not appear when casting a machete in an active search mark on the island of Kaltshertz.


  • In the Shu Shay Dungeon 'Mirror of the Mirror', 'Moving to the Deep' stage, the monster that is being treated is running short, and the phenomenon can not proceed.
  • Eadarin 's favorability quest' land of faraway happiness' has been fixed the phenomenon impossible to proceed.


  • Chaos Dungeon 'Erosion of Darkness' intermittent inability to proceed to fix the phenomenon has been adjusted as follows.
    • The location of the entrance to the boss appearance area has been changed.
    • The boss monster's tracking distance has been reduced.
  • In Chaos Dungeon 'Ruins of Ancient Knights', when the boss was destroyed, it was intermittently unable to re-enter the boss area.


  • Fixed the problem that the match time count does not match the actual time when the match UI is closed and reopened after the application of the battlefield proof match, moving over a certain distance.


  • Fixed the problem that the first item is not displayed on the second page of items retrieved through the Exchange Category Filter.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that the 'delicate brushing' stamp book can not be traded on the exchange.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that we can trade 'fresh tomato' privately.
  • Fixed the problem that the cooldown time disappears when the cooldown time of the item is less than 5 minutes.
  • Fixed the problem that the 'Incoming Mail' window closes automatically after paying or receiving gold by mail.
  • When sending mail for billing, the message "This is an object that can not be sent" appears intermittently, and the phenomenon that mail can not be sent has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where the wrong error message is displayed depending on the position when changing the item slot position in the warehouse with the mouse.


  • As the Christmas season ended, all the continents' Santa and snowflake deer left Accra.
  • The favorability of the snowflake deer which is carried out by the Christmas event is removed.
  • After the Christmas season has ended, we have removed the favorable items 'snowballs in glass bottles' and 'Christmas lollies' for the event.


  • Fixed the problem that the symbols on other layers in the world map are not displayed during the Quest on the Island of the Highlands.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'I did what I did wrong' among the expedition 'favorability' category tasks.
  • Fixed the problem that '%' is missing in tooltips of some buffs.
  • We have optimized fonts in game.
  • Depending on the classification results of the Games Rating Committee, a "gambling" mark is added to the game.
  • When using 'Mokoko's Frying Pan' in a large city, it has been modified so that it can not be attacked at a flat rate.
  • When you open the Lost Arc Shop at the Tricion Training Center, you will now have the ability to call the Skill Book of the exercise room.
  • Fixed a situation where the battle information room information on the homepage was not updated under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the problem that when you uncheck 'Background Sound' in Preferences, sound will be output when navigating 'treasure salvage' and 'underwater exploration'.
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