[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 27/03/19

L'équipe de développement a encore une fois bossé dur pour la mise à jour hebdomadaire de Lost Ark, car elle contient une fois de plus de nombreux nouveaux contenus !

Voici ce que nous avons au menu :

  • Ajout d'un nouvel ensemble d'objets légendaires
  • Ajout d'un nouveau gardien
  • Ajout du "Palace of Dream [hard]"
  • Le vaisseau fantôme (Ghost Ship) apparaît désormais plus souvent
  • Ainsi que de nombreuses améliorations et corrections

Voici en détail le patchnote de la mise à jour du 27 mars 2019 :

Ajout de contenu

■ Added a variety of 2- tier legendary equipment.

We have added 4 new 2-tier legendary equipment that can grow from 525 to 555 levels through polishing.

We have added 'Pride of Honor' equipment.
  • After acquiring the Pride of Honor Production Method, which is the 47 ~ 52 point reward of the island's mind, you can make it through NPC of 'Sea Equipment Paradise' or 'Other Equipment Making' of Fermata of the Wind Cradle.
  • It can be polished using exclusive materials that can be exchanged for 'Island Shards' and 'Accelerations II', 'My Tears'.
  • We have added quests to acquire 'Pride of Honor' equipment and polishing information on 'Paradise of the Sea' and 'Fermat of Wind'. PALM: PALMATO: '
    A gift given by the paradise of the
Added 'Shadow of Dreams'  equipment.
  • 3/27 (Wed) You can acquire the newly added 'Palace of Dreams [Hard]' or collect the 'Dreams of Crystals' and exchange necessary parts from the NPC 'Set' located in front of Palace of Dreams.
  • You can use 'Akrasium II' and special materials that can be exchanged for 'Dreams Crystal'.
We added 'dazzling fruit' equipment.
  • You can make it from the NPC of 'living equipment production' of big city through living materials.
  • You can use 'Platinum Coin' and exclusive materials that can be exchanged for living materials and 'Accrasium II'.
We added 'Glory of Bloodlust' equipment.
  • It can be exchanged through the "PVP equipment exchange" NPC of big city as "token of toger".
  • You can use 'Accrasium II' and special materials that can be exchanged for 'tokyo'.


  • Added new 2-tier legendary equipments.
  • The set options and grinding bonus effects of each equipment are shown below.

※ The existing weekly raid 'dawn irregularity' equipment has been reorganized and added the effect of grinding bonus.

※ New T2 legendary equipments and weekly raid equipment reorganization contents [ Details ] 

■  New Guardian Raid : Belganus

  • 'Belganus' The minimum entry item level is 'above 545'.
  • In 'Belganus' you can earn a new earring item with 1 ~ 3 random options to boost your skill.
  • Added quest for 'Belganus' Investigator.
  • We have added a weekly Epoana request for 'Belganus'.
  • We have added three kinds of quests related to 'Belganus' and the title 'Belganus'.

■  'Palace of the dream [hard]' meet the new dungeon equipment!

  • In order to enter the 'Palace of Dreams' you have to complete the quest of 'Handholding El Horwyn' by Rohhandel.
  • The 'Palace of the dreams [hard]' is only adventurous with item level 515 or higher.
  • In the 'Palace of the Dreams [Hard]', you can acquire 'Shadow of Dreams' equipment that can grow up to 555 levels through polishing.
  • We have added a quest for 'Deepening Dreams' in Roarun on Handel's continent.
    • After the Quest of the Deepening Dreams in Roarun of the Handel Continent, the NPC 's' Set', located in front of the Palace of Dreams, can be used to equip the dreams with equipment.

■ Meet the " Life-Destroying Ghost Ship" more often!

The ghost ship that destroys life (15 ghost ship) has been improved as follows.


Appearance time and appearance point Additional placement

  • The 'ghost ship destroying life' has been improved to appear 9 times a week for the following week.
    • Every Tuesday: 19:00 / 22:00
    • Every Wednesday: 01 o'clock
    • Every Thursday: 19:00 / 22:00
    • Every Friday: 01 o'clock
    • Every Saturday: 11 o'clock / 18 o'clock
    • Every Sunday: 0 o'clock
  • Changed to have a random appearance time of 0 ~ 3 minutes based on appearance time
  • We have added more points to appear in the area where ghost ships appear, and we have improved the ability to meet ghost ships from more locations than ever before.
    (The number of objects and the number of ghost ship appearances are the same as before)


Change the entry method and compensation acquisition method

  • We have removed the limit on the number of admission times that can only be entered once per week.
    • We have changed the ghost ship that lives in the ghost ship to destroy the life for 5 minutes when the ghost ship is abandoned.
  • We have changed the 'Ghost Ship Destroying Life' reward once a week.
    • After the reward, additional admission is possible, but reward can not be obtained further.
    • Reward acquisition limit is reset every Wednesday at 06:00.

Améliorations et modifications


  • 'Harmony of the hand' has changed the set effect of the equipment. (2019-03-27 Corrected the name tag)
    • 5 sets Effect: Super Charge Lv.1 → Wanderer Lv.1
  • Added a set effect of 'proven force' equipment.
    • 5 sets Effect: Strong Will Lv.1 → Strong Will Lv.1 / Attack Speed ​​+ 4% / Move Speed ​​+ 8%
  • We changed the set effect of 'skillful fruit' equipment.
    • 3 sets Effect: Secret map Lv.1 → Disability Lv.2
    • 5 sets Effect: Steady state Lv.1 → Movement speed + 10%
  • Improved set effect of 'Dawn Ridle'  equipment and added new abrasion bonus effect.
    • 3 sets Effect: attack speed + 3% / movement speed + 6%
    • 4 sets Effect: Critical hit rate 5%
    • 5 sets Effect: ATK + 10% / Awakening Lv.1
    • Set: 6 damage + 15% damage + 15% damage to raid monsters
    • 6 sets 15 Polishing effect: 10% reduction of damage to raid monster
    • 6 sets 25 Abrasive Effect: Stable Condition Lv.2
    • 6 sets 30 Abrasive Effect: Acquires 'Frenzy' effect when attacking a raid monster
      (Frenzy: Attack speed + 2%, Movement speed + 4% for 3 sec, can be stacked up to 3 times)
  • A common option for a set of raid equipment has been changed.
    • 5 sets Effect: 10% increase in damage to Raid monster → 15% increase in damage to Raid monster
  • Items If there are many tooltips and you can not see them on one screen, hold down the cursor on the item and press [Alt + Mouse Wheel] to scroll the entire contents.


Objets / Boutique / Collections

  • Collective points (Mokko seed points, island heart points, giant heart points, great artifact points) Even if you did not acquire previous rewards at the time of reward acquisition, we have changed to acquire the next reward when the conditions are met.
  • We have added Baroument to the lonely island Opper.
    • We sell special abrasive materials used in honor pride equipment.
    • I can purchase again with my tears in the blessing of harmony, the hand of harmony, the way of making honorable pride equipment.
    • Depending on the number of hearts collected on the island, you can purchase the Prowkeon sailor's certificate box in advance.
  • Changed the number of man-made stones needed for barter exchange in a metropolitan city.
    • Purchase costs of Haegeum, Rune Box, Engraving Tool and Ability Stone have been reduced.
  • We have downgraded the number of 'token stickers' required for existing 1 ~ 2 tier PVP equipment purchasing and polishing materials.
  • We have removed the purchasing level limitation of the material items of the polishing step of existing 1 ~ 2 tier PVP equipment.
  • The names and grades of the following items that can be acquired by the island's mind reward have been changed and modified to be destroyed.
    • How to make weapons of harmony → How to make pride weapons of honor
    • How to Make a Harmony Helmet → How to Make a Pride Helmet of Honor
    • How to make harmony a prize → Making pride of honor
    • How to make harmonious underwear → How to make a proud honor
    • How to make harmonious gloves → How to make honorable pride gloves
    • How to make Shoulder Armor of Harmony → How to make Pride of Honor Shoulder Armor
  • Added item level condition for items that can be picked up from the Stone Picker of Opper Truth, the heart reward of 59 islands.
  • I have slightly increased the drop probability of accessing 1 secret map.
  • We have changed the selling price of the sailor 'Herbello', which can be purchased from 'Tumbungi Fishery Guild Line', to 500 Pirate Coins.
  • 'Blessing of harmony', 'Hand of harmony' Equipment 4 We reduced the purchase cost of special abrasive materials required for polishing materials, and removed the restriction condition for purchase item level.


  • We adjusted the battle difficulty of the weekly raid.
    • We slightly lowered the guardian's stamina in the weekly raid.
  • Improved to randomize party party order determined by raid matching.


Navigation / Quêtes / Calendrier

  • Club Abigne's cooperative quest 'Let's leave the body to rhythm' to be able to easily clear the cumulative progression type has been modified to cumulative count.
  • We have changed the recommendation level of Apologize for the labyrinth week of pride.
  • We have increased the number of 'debris of the island' paid to acquire during the voyage of luck.
  • I am able to acquire "my tears" as a sailing activity that consumes the energy of good luck.
  • I increased the amount of my tears on the island fragments and period of the weekly Epo commission.
  • We increased the amount of debris supplied to the island of the daily Epoana commission.
  • We have added the April island calendar to the calendar.
  • Giant Mushroom Island Quest 'Inferiority' from 'Giant Mushroom Stem' to 'Large Mushroom' has been modified to obtain.
  • Giant Mushroom Island Quest '[Mind] You and I want' to 'mushroom gut' to be able to acquire large mushroom has been modified.
  • Changes have been made so that the hunting collection on the island of New Moon is relocated 30% faster than before.
  • We have changed the item to the level of the character's item level to compensate for the "Hammer of the Craftsman" item during the completion of the Quest for Epson Quest.


Donjons / Combat

  • We have downgraded the battle difficulty of 'Palace of Dreams [Normal]'.
  • It has increased the probability of appearance of a locked box placed in the 'labyrinth of pride'.
  • Symbol indicating the location of the treasure chest dedicated to the labyrinth has been changed so that it can always be checked in the mini map.
  • The symbol name of the treasure chest dedicated to the labyrinth has been changed from 'Treasure Chest' to 'Locked Chest'.
  • Twilight Island Dungeon 'Twilight Chapel' Quest In the 'Twilight Voices', we have changed the pursuit distance so that the monsters watching can pursue the character further.


UI / Graphisme

  • To improve the readability of the party UI, the font size and the stamina bar have been adjusted to be larger.
  • We added shadows to the party UI icon as shown below so that we can better understand the death and shutdown status of party members.
  • When the Hawk Eye identity skill can not be used, it has been modified so that the presentation of the skill slot is not output.
  • Improved to check the automatic party configuration and rejection system messages during loading.
  • We changed the output condition of the health gauge of 'Bell Red' and 'Kiriko' monster from the vine saplings to 'hit'.
  • I changed the color of the nickname text that is displayed when I am using SmartPing to red.

Corrections de bugs

Navigation / Quêtes / Calendrier

  • Corrected the problem that the rating color (white) is not output when boarding a regular grade crew in berth mode.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that after the cruise line is interrupted, only the ceiling is subtracted and the movement is impossible.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when a character completes a statue at a specific location on Argon Island, the character is paid in a position where it can not obtain compensation.
  • Twilight Island Dungeon 'Twilight Chapel' Quest During the 'Twilight Voices' phase, we have fixed the problem that the quest does not progress even if we wait at the target position in the second stage.
  • Fixed the error message when you move to the quest position after starting the song 'Deer and Clouds' in Mureungdo circle cooperative quest.
  • Corrected the phenomenon of capturing sensation at a place where Interaction can not be intermittently interrupted when hunting at the entrance of the secret space of Monte Island.
  • Fixed a possible phenomenon of PVP even after the end of the quest 'Island of Blood', which has the wrong desire.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the Quest does not progress if it is immune to darkness during the quest of 'Frost and Reggie Roth of Darkness'.
  • During the Quest 'Procyon's Tent', the phenomenon of output of the island's mind collection for the exchange of 'Island's Wisdom' in NPC Ambassador and Quest Mini Information has been corrected to 15.
  • Fixed an awkward part of the mini-info window description of the island quest "Lost in the Reed Forest" of the lively reed.
  • Weekly Epona Quest quest 'subversion! Lumerus' goal I have modified the tooltip description that describes my map information as' the coldest refuge 'to' dark fog ridge '.
  • Yudia Quest in 'Ozhong Hills' Let' s go to Lutheran! During the process, when moving to Zagorasan by using the square hole in the 'Move to Luceran' phase, the situation that the quest is not completed is fixed.
  • Fixed the problem that the quest does not move while the quest 'Breakthrough' is underway in the Martial Prologue area 'Delphi'.

UI / Graphisme

  • Fixed the phenomenon that party UI is output when entering the battlefield of the proof and production is in progress.
  • Silmael Battleground Guild Fixed a situation where when the server is shut down during game play, the text "Possible to Enter" remains in the UI of SilaMael Battlefield even after the game time is over.
  • Fixed a problem where the game notes can not be closed when the ranking UI output from the end of the competition quest on the island of the lively reed overlaps the output of the game note.
  • Fixed the problem that the map symbol of free ridge is not displayed.
  • Proof Battleground In the battle mode of the battleground, we have fixed the phenomenon that the new awakening device is installed but exposed to the existing awakening device.
  • Fixed a problem where the class symbol and the health bar do not turn gray when the party member moves to another channel after converting the party UI to the reduced version in the party state.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of playing with a basic instrument instead of an avatar when using a square hall while wearing a musical instrument avatar.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the target object of the favorable quest 'Angel in the cage' outputs abnormal motion even after the interaction.
  • Fixed the problem that the nose protrudes out of the mask when wearing a mask type of head equipment when the hunter series character is set to maximize the nose size while customizing the appearance.
  • Fixed the problem that some NPC's face is not printed by Handel.
  • Fixed a problem where certain NPCs in the resort Grabis seem to be awkwardly bent.
  • Fixed the unnatural phenomenon of the NPC Eli's motion that is encountered during the quest 'Journey' quest.
  • Fixed a bloody island monster 'Deadly Crocodile' that died outside the field of view, and when the monster moved to the deceased position, the monster appears to be alive.
  • The appearance of the monster 'Trent' appearing in the labyrinth of emptiness has been corrected in the form of a human spear.
  • Fixed the movement of characters over certain objects on Monte Isle.
  • Fixed the problem that black screen is intermittently displayed while cube is in progress.
  • Fixed a problem where some equipment worn by a character in the character information window is too bright when the graphics option is more than 'Up'.
  • Fixed the problem that the rendering is displayed incorrectly when using '21: 9' and 'Staircase Prevention: High' option when NPC outline is displayed.
  • Fixed the problem that the size of the chat window does not change when changing the resolution.


Donjons / Combat

  • In the Handel Land Dungeon 'Land of the Elemental', the track move icon that interacted under certain circumstances did not disappear and the other track move was not available.
  • Fixed an intermittent lag during battles with the boss monster "Reaper Apolas" in Death Valley.
  • Fixed a bug that when using a skill that keeps track of the target during a battle with the boss 'Talmackum' of the secret base X-301, the skill only tracks the boss once.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Summons of the Serpent' in a specific location, 'El Seed' when summoned, 'El Seed' can not attack the monster has been fixed.
  • Guardian Raid Fixed the phenomenon that the recruitment postings remain in the list when changing the channel after registering the party recruitment using 'Find Party'.
  • Field boss 'Batu Aku' and 'Batu Aku Jin' have been fixed together with the phenomenon.
  • Apprentice raid 'Taitalos' has been fixed in the extinction of the catastrophic phenomenon.
  • Fixed the problem that Guardian that can not be converted by apprentice raid is displayed on apprentice raid bulletin board.
  • Fixed a raid guardian 'Taitaros' submitting a sand storm to a wrong location at a low frequency.
  • Raid Guardian Fixed a situation where the operation could not be done when the production ended after success.
  • Fixed a problem where character is caught at the end of certain position in labyrinth area.
  • Fixed the intermittent character trapping in the multi-ethnic district staircases in Berne, northern Bern.
  • Fixed an intermittent character trapping in Vito's mansion staircase in Bern's northern 'Rania Village'.
  • Fixed a bug that does not apply Reduced Cooldown on some skills during cube progression.
  • Reduced Attack Speed ​​Fixed a bug where the Super Armor effect does not apply to the intended range when dealing with a debuff.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when a character is moved and a pet is moved to the ground while a pet is summoned, the character moves to the commanded position.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Summoner's pet, 'Marilyn,' to get stuck in a hardened state and unable to move after the position has been moved or the state has been released.
  • Fixed the problem that the stack is not filled up intermittently when using the bard 'note bundle' tripod 'bend'.


Objets / Milestone

  • Fixed the phenomenon of 'drug addiction' effect that some recovery items are not applied.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that if you close the belongings bag window (I) while dragging the item in the warehouse, the item can be destroyed without confirmation popup window.
  • Fixed a situation where when the stacked skill or skill is changed to a stacked skill through a tripod, the skill use period can not be shortened as an option to reduce the cooldown time of items
  • 'Flame / Electric Grenade' Tooltip text of the item belonging to the continuous damage has been corrected the phenomenon of the wrong description.
  • Fixed the bombardment of the field boss hurmagedon dropping items that do not have 'hurmage money' on the acquisition site.
  • Manifest 'Mana Flow' has changed the actual effect and tooltip different phenomenon.
  • Fixed the fact that the tooltips differ from the actual effect of the 'Strong Will' imprint.
  • When comparing the 'Ability Comparison' tooltip of 'Ability Stone' to 'Life Activation Force' effect, only the 'Stage Bonus' stat is compared and corrected.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the trinkets are not output when checking the expected compensation of the 'ghost ship destroying life' in the calendar.
  • Added to the Handel Continent's "Daily Ephrona Commitment" Reputation Final Reward enchantment, quick acquisition of certain potions.
  • Corrected the problem that the Blue Hole Island Monster 'ARKAYA' is not output from the acquisition point information of 'Desired Engraver II' item.
  • Fixed the problem that the damage increase value of 'Charge Master Insignia' was measured lower than the tooltip description.
  • 'Unknown Island' boss monster has been added to the acquisition site of 'Cursed Doll Stamp Book II'.
  • If you are able to receive collectable point rewards, you have the option to pick and receive items that meet the conditions of the receivable items.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of 'Destruction of the area - Kaly ElGos' in the acquisition point of the hero's class ornaments that can be obtained at the time of the raid guardian 'Taitalos' subjugation.
  • Fixed the problem that the deck configuration stored in the card storage box disappears when reconnecting characters.
  • Fixed the problem that the name of the card 'Briareos' is listed incorrectly.
  • Card Battle 'Tune (Attack)' skill and the tooltip effect has been fixed differently.
  • Milestones' contents map Fixed the phenomenon that the lock indication of the 'Raid' category is also displayed to the 'Raid Challenge is possible but the character with insufficient matching item level'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'NPC name' is not displayed for 'Ring of Collected Power' exchange in the 'Shop / Barter' category of the milestone.



  • Fixed some typographical misappropriations.
  • Fixed a situation where characters are trapped in some parts of the map.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that the voice of crew 'Bellona' is output to other sex.
  • Fixed the problem that sound is not output when clicking the 'Area Information' button on the board of the raid entry board.
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