[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 02/01/19

On attaque cette nouvelle année avec une mise à jour de Lost Ark qui a eu lieu cette nuit, et qui ajoute notamment un nouvel événement sur une île du jeu.

De plus, comme annoncé par l'équipe de développement dans l'article sur le futur de Lost Ark, certaines choses ont déjà été mises en place.

C'est le cas par exemple des modifications importantes sur le système d'affinité (la réputation avec les PNJ du jeu) ou de l'équilibrage de certains chaos dungeons.

Mais je vous laisse découvrir tout ça dans le patchnote ci-dessous (en anglais).

Et je vous souhaite au passage mes meilleurs voeux pour cette année 2019 ! Et surtout, que Lost Ark arrive en France !  😎 

[Navigation / Îles]

  • There will be a party hosted by the hostess Erzebet at the 'Gosung Atalanta' on the upcoming island.
    • You can now enter the castle.
    • You can enjoy various plays related to the island.
  • Three expeditionary challenges related to the island became available.
    • 'Would you like a song with me?'
    • 'I will help the solver solve'
    • 'Private detective'
  • Three titles have been added as compensation for the expeditionary task associated with the island.
    • 'Erzebet's'
    • 'Christine's'
    • In the beginning,


  • Chaos Dungeon When playing the 'Nightmare Cave' as a party, the boss monster's damage reduction requirement no longer increases.
  • Event Changed the effect of 'Chaos Bondage' applied to Chaos Dungeon from the existing 2 to 1.
  • We lowered the item level, which is the entry condition of some dungeons.
    • Shy Shayer Dungeon Shadow's Labyrinth (Normal) Entry Requirements Item level changed from 300 to 295.
    • Shy Shayer Dungeon Shadow's Labyrinth (Hard) Entry Requirements Item level changed from 405 to 400.
    • Secret Base X-301 Island Dungeon X-301 Zone 7 (Normal) Entry Condition Item level changed from 335 to 330.
    • Secret Base X-301 Island Dungeon X-301 Item 7 (Hard) Entry Condition Item level changed from 445 to 440.
    • Balpurgis Island Dungeon Furigis Night (Normal) Entry Requirements The item level has been changed from 440 to 435.
    • Balpurgis Island Dungeon Furigis Night (Hard) Entry Requirements The item level has been changed from 475 to 470.
  • Fixed a situation where a general treasure box does not drop a reward in a secret dungeon entering the 2-tier treasure map.


  • We have downgraded some of the points needed to increase the favorability rating of some favorable NPCs.
    • Beatrice, Shilian, Carls, Sasha, Black teeth, Eadalin, Adel: Friendship 1, Friendship 2, Friendship 3,
    • Nelia (Leonhard, Lutheran Castle, Manegee Harbor, Stern), Bastian, Calvados: Friendship 2, Friendship 3,
    • We have removed the penalty that occurred when we repeatedly presented the same favoritism item.
  • We have changed the maximum gift limit according to the favorability item rating.
    • Advanced: 8 → 16
    • Rare: 8 → 12
    • Heroes, Legends: Keep
    • Artifacts: 4 → 2
  • We have changed the favorability class ascending rule.
    • We have changed the favorability grade to be increased based on the acquisition point without completing the favorability quest of the present stage.
    • After a favorable rating has been raised, subsequent favorability actions (gifts, performances, emotions, conversations) can not be executed if the previous step's favorability quest has not been completed.
    • If you can not run a favorability action because you have not completed a goodwill quest, you will get a non-executable alert message.
  • When presenting an item to achieve a confidence level, a favorable item that pays more points than the required favorability points by 200 points has been changed to no gift.
    • If a point is discarded because the number of points earned by the favorable item exceeds 200, the item can not be presented.
    • For example, if you need
      300 points to achieve a confidence level , 600 points when you receive a favorable item, 600 points will be discarded when you reach a confidence level.
  • The favorable items sold in the towns of the fugitives 'small music boxes' have been removed.
    • You can acquire a small music box at other acquisition locations besides the village of the fugitives.


  • We have downgraded the item level purchase limit of accessories that can be acquired by bartering.
    • Before change: Purchase from 5 lower than item level of accessories
    • After the change: Available from 10 lower than the item level of the accessory
  • 'Ring' has been added to purchase from NPC of luxury city merchant.
    • Accessories Item Level: 390
    • Purchase Restrict Item Level: 380 or higher
    • Sell ​​Price: 75,000 Shillings

[Lost Arc Shop]

  • Some of the components of '36 packs a day' sold in Lost Arc Shop have changed.
    • The existing 'Gift Box (Advanced ~ Hero Rank, Random Acquisition)' will be changed to a new 'Hero Gift Box (Hero Rank Fixed, Select Acquisition)'.
    • Items that have already been purchased will be retained as existing items and will be applied from products sold after the 1/2 regular inspection.
  • New items have been added to Mari's secret shop.
    • "Accaccio II" is newly appeared.
    • The existing 'Gift Box (Advanced ~ Legendary Rating, Random Acquisition)' no longer appears, and a new 'Hero's Gift Box (Hero's Rating Fixed, Acquired)' appears.


  • When Berserker 'Mountain Crash' Tripod 'Shake' and 'Earth Crash' are applied, the effect of 'Earth Crash' is not applied.


  • [General] subpoenas of the Epona Weekly Request! We have changed the target quantity of Legio Ross from the existing 3 to 6, and changed the target quantity of '[Legion] Ross' from '5' to '10'.
  • We have adjusted the positions of 'Drifting Pirates' and 'Drifting Sailors' that can be encountered during the navigation quest 'Finding Baribari'.

[Niveau de vie (artisanat)]

  • Plants Collecting Plants in Platinum Field When using flirists, we have corrected the phenomenon of red-flowering in the field.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of paying a higher level of rewards than hunting when hunting 'Furishian Catus', a game that appears in Monte Island.
  • Platinum Field 'Yudia Ancient Waterloo' Trace Monster 'Lutheran Daikyoung' has been modified to correct the phenomenon that the captured object can only be seen by the player with the most damage.


  • Christmas event has ended.
    • We removed Christmas decorations placed in each metropolitan area.
    • The Santa store and snowflake deer will remain in Accraia until January 9th.
    • As the Christmas event ends, '[Event] Christmas Nightmare', '[Event] Snow Flake Strength' quest will be removed from the Quest Journal.


  • We have updated our calendar of dates for the calendar after January 22, 2019.
  • Balpurgis Island Dungeon to Furigis Night Fixed a problem where the entry conditions of the difficulty level and the appropriate level indicated in the milestones are displayed differently.
  • Fixed a situation where some items that can be traded were not registered in the exchange.
  • While using the holding skill of the riding skill, we corrected the phenomenon that it was not moved anymore when we climb above a certain height.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the character movement is unnaturally connected at the end of the skill if a specific skill is used to ride a raptor-like ride.
  • To improve the readability of information displayed on some UIs, highlight and gradation effects have been removed.
  • Fixed some typographical errors.


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