[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 15/05/19

C'est un patch bien plus conséquent que la semaine dernière qui a été déployé sur les serveurs de Lost Ark ce matin !

Voici ce qui s'y trouve :

  • Système de gravure partagé entre vos personnages
  • Lancement de la saison 1 compétitive de PvP
  • Équilibrage des classes (essentiellement PvP)
  • Amélioration de beaucoup de contenus
  • Correction de bugs

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 15/05/19.

Partage du système de gravure

Engraving effects have been consolidated into Expedition units.

Engraving effect and acquisition destination expedition integration

  • We have combined the engraving effects of the characters in the expedition into units of expedition.
    • The highest level you already possessed and the effect of the impression of the gathering phase are reflected in all the characters in the expedition to share.
      (The highest level in the Fellowship and stamps other than the collection phase are not returned and summed up separately.)
  • We have changed the item reward that can be acquired only once per character, to be able to acquire only once for each expedition.
    • Target Acquisition Location: Favorability, Ephona Reputation, Island Heart, Giant Heart, Great Artworks, Adventure Stand, Tower
    • Once you have received an item reward from the expedition, you will receive a replacement reward when the next character is rewarded.


Reflecting the integration of the expedition in accordance with the achievement rate of acquired contents in some engraving

  • In the case of some of the markers below, we deleted the stamped items that we had, and reflected the step of stamping effects according to the achievement rate of each content.
    • If you have not mastered the lower level stamps, you will be paid as an imprint item in the integrated inventory.

Learn more about target engraving

The masterpiece of surprise II]

  • Depending on the number of 'trust' NPCs achieved by the character in the expedition, you may apply the Collector's Point II for surprise (except duplicate achievement)
    • Sasha


Sudden Impact Stamp Book II]

  • According to the number of 'trust' NPCs achieved by the character in the expedition, among the favorable NPCs,
    • Beatrice
    • Shilian


Wanderer Stamp I]

  • Among all the expeditionary characters, 'Wanderer I' collection point is applied based on the number of the characters that have the highest 'Tower of Shadow'
    • 19th floor: 1 point
    • 25th floor: 2 points
    • 30th floor: 3 points
    • 40th floor: 4 points
    • 46 floors: 5 points


Wanderer Stamp Book II]

  • Among all the expeditionary characters, 'Wanderer Stamp II' collection point is applied based on the number of characters that have the highest 'Tower of Fate'
    • 13th floor: 1 point
    • 20th floor: 2 points
    • 31st Floor: 3 points
    • 36th floor: 4 points
    • 46 floors: 5 points


Ether Strengthened Engraving I]

  • Based on the number of 'trust' NPCs the characters in the expeditionary team have under the favorable NPC,
    • Urr
    • Seira
    • Gideon
    • Elder Toto
    • Gobius 24
    • Ness
    • Belitta
    • Panda Pupu
    • Tanya Butter
    • Selly


Strong Will Engraving I]

  • Based on the number of 'trust' NPCs achieved by the character in the expedition, the 'strong will stamp I' collection point (except duplicate achievement)
    • Neria (Leon Heart)
    • Neria (mane wave port)


Strong Will Engraving II]

  • Based on the number of 'trust' NPCs achieved by the character in the expedition, the 'strong willpower II' collection point (except duplicate achievement) is applied.
    • Adel
    • Eared


Mana Flow Imprinting I]

  • Based on the number of 'trust' NPCs achieved by the characters in the expeditionary NPC, apply the 'I' point of flow mana flow mark (except duplicate achievement)
    • Ajana


Defense Balance Engraving I]

  • According to the number achieved by the characters in the Fellowship, you can apply 'Defense Balance Mark I' collection points (except duplicate achievement)
    • Summon a brilliant star (level 3)
    • The price of chicken (level 3)
    • Lonely scavenger (stage 3)


Double point engraving I]

  • Depending on the number achieved by the characters in the expedition below, the 'Double Point Intersection I' collection point (except duplicate achievement)
    • Dr. Whale (stage 3)
    • Caretaker (Level 3)
    • Beach Patrol (Phase 3)


Engraved UI changes

  • You can now see the occupation of all classes in the engraving effect UI.
    • In imprinting, you can only give the job character of the target character class the same as before.
  • Engraving Effect When you mouse over a job mark in the UI, information on which job mark is printed is displayed in the tool tip.


Stamps Item Changes

  • We have removed the restriction on occupation of all occupation items. Now you can register with any job class in any class regardless of your job.
  • We have changed some of the "Untransferable" marking items to "Fellowship".
  • It has been changed to be destroyed by using an engraved item that has already been registered with an engraving effect and can not be destroyed or used.
  • Fixed the common action casting text that occurs when using items that are engraved on the engraving process.


Ouverture : PvP Saison 1 & Competition Saison 1

The new competition season is going on.

You can play before competition again, starting with Season 1.

Scoring before competition

  • The pre-competition ratings were adjusted based on the previous season's ratings.
  • If you have achieved 2200 points in the past pre-season, season 1 will start at 1600 points.
    (If you have 800 points, start at 1400 points.)
  • Adjusted ratings can be checked during the competition before season 1 competition.


Pre-competitive rating

  • Based on the distribution of the last season, we adjusted the range of each pre-competition rating.
  • Now the Silver section will be changed to 1400 ~ 1599, and the Platinum section will be changed to 1800 ~ 1999.
  • Grandmaster is from 2200 to 30th, master is from 31st to 100th.
  • I changed the appearance of the pre-competition rating icons.
  • Please refer to the table below for more information on the range of grades.
Rating  icon Rating (Before change) Rating (after change)
Grandmaster 1 to 100 1 ~ 30
master 101 ~ 300 31 ~ 100
Diamond 2300 points or more 2000 or more
platinum 2000 or more More than 1800 points
gold 1700 or more 1600 points or more
silver More than 1400 points More than 1400 points
bronze Less than 1400 Less than 1400

Weekly upgrades are available.

PvP  Weekly Promotion Scheme

  • The PvP rank expands to zero . The names of the classes after the first stage are as follows.
    • The first stage  > bunk> 3-> 4-speed> 5> 6> 7> 8-speed> 9> 10> Ultra > 2-pole> tripolar> quadrupole> 5-pole> 6-pole> 7-pole> 8 pole> pole 9> The Promise
  • From the rank after the first round, you earn "rank score" at the end of each match.
    • Classes below the first level can not acquire 'class points', and they will acquire experience points in the same way as before.
  • You can compare the rankings of the adventurers in the server with the cumulative "grade points" during the week, and you will get the experience value for each section.
    • When two or more classes are settled every week, 'class maintenance cost experience' is deducted.
    • The 'experience of class maintenance expense' increases with the higher class, and when the amount of 'class maintenance expense' is larger than 'settlement experience', the cumulative experience value decreases.
    • If the cumulative experience falls below the experience required to achieve the rank due to the 'class maintenance cost experience', it is demoted to the previous rank.
    • However, it will not be downgraded to subculture.
  • In addition to the 'Battlefield of Proof', the rank score can also be obtained through the request of the Sila Mael Battlefield, PVP-related Epo-Nana.
  • If there is no weekly PVP activity, the compensation will not be paid.
  • For weekly upgrades, they run for the same period as before the competition, and when the new season starts, the class is reset to the beginning.

Added a new reward 'coin of the vessel'

  • 'Courage Coin' is a new PVP currency introduced with Season 1.
  • The weekly settlement, the higher you achieve the rank, you can receive more compensation.
  • 'Coins in the container' can be used through 'PvP equipment exchange' NPC, and you can purchase various items such as new engraving.
    • Some items have a specific class attainment requirement in the purchase.
  • In the future, we will add new products that can be purchased as 'Coin of Courage'.
  • Coinage coins are initialized at the start of the next season and must be used during the season.
  • The proof of the token which is the battlefield reward of the existing proof is still paid at the end of each game.

[Weekly Upgrades Flow Summary]

[1] Obtained 'Rank Score' [2]  Obtained 'PvP experience value' according to grade point interval [3] Acquisition of compensation according to settled rank
  • Acquisition of class points through the battlefield of provenance, Sila Mael battlefield, and Ephona commission (PvP type)
  • Weekly Settlement : One time every Wednesday on the basis of ranking points in the server
  • Last experience : Cumulative experience + weekly experience experience - weekly maintenance cost experience
  • Payment of the difference in the price of the container according to the class determined by weekly settlement
  • Purchase of PvP equipment exchange merchant by coin

Penalty for cheating

  • Considering the play data on the battlefield of the proof, we added a penalty policy for cheating from the first season.
    • If you are not participating in combat lessons within the battlefield of the demonstration, you will not be able to earn the rank score and the token of the battle.


Added PvP  info window.

At the character level 50, you will be able to use the PvP info window with the opening of the battlefield contents of the proof.

  • You can use PvP info window with the existing Winning sentence shortcut (Alt + K). Winning sentence UI can be used in PvP info window.
  • You will be able to see key information related to PvP, such as weekly rank scores and pre-competition ratings, along with pre-competition information from the PvP info window.
  • Through various statistical information, you can check various information related to your ability besides W / L.


Équilibrage des classes

Class common patch history


  • PVP Critical Damage Default magnification changed as follows.
    • Original: 2.0 times
    • Change: 1.5 times



Spear shot
  • Increased damage on PVP by 13%.


A sentence of victory

  • Changed the "iron barrier" sentence effect as follows.
    • Existing: Each time you are hit by an enemy, all damage taken for 2 seconds is reduced by 2%, reducing it by up to 40%.
    • Change: Every time you are hit by an enemy, all damage taken for 2 seconds is reduced by 2%, reducing it by up to 20%.



Perfect Swing
  • Increased damage on PVP by about 17.6%.
Inder Payne
  • Added an extra immune effect to your base skill.

Battle Master


Internal combustion

  • PVP 'Last Whisper' Tripod damage has been reduced by 40%.
  • The effect of reducing damage during casting has been changed as follows.
    • Original: 90% reduction
    • Change: 80% reduction


A sentence of victory

  • 'Emergency Recovery' sentence effect has been changed as follows.
    • Existing: 3% of maximum health is restored when using a mobile device.
    • Change: When using a mobile, 2% of maximum health is restored.

Soul Master


  • We have reduced the damage of the 'Shadowless Shout' Tripod by 58% in PVP.
  • If you apply the 'Robustness' Tripod with 'Desperate Attack' or 'Sharpest Judgment' Tripod, you have slightly increased the duration of your immunity stay.


Lance Master


Fog of the ball
  • We changed the jumping to keep the immune effect more than the shot until we put the window on the floor and get down to the place.
Tear gas
  • Reduces the duration of a striker's fallen state by 75% when he hits the enemy in the air.
  • We have changed the 'Robustness' Tripod to 'Strengthened Strike'.
    • Existing: Becomes immune to attack during the casting skill.
    • Change: Damage to enemies increases by 25%.
  • 'Sharp Raise' has been reduced by about 50% in the fallen state of a ranged shooter.
  • 'Space Saving' Reduced the time spent in the fallen state of a tripod by 33%.
  • Changed the time of the attacker's fallen state to 1 second when attacking.
Immense heat wave
  • Decreased the duration of strikes by 50% when attacking.
Minglong heat wave
  • Decreased the duration of strikes by 50% when attacking.
Yuseong River
  • Decreased the duration of strikes by 50% when attacking.

Hawk Eye


Charging shot
  • Increased Damage in PVP by 17.7%.
  • Increased Damage in PVP by 17.7%.


Stack & Loin

  • Stack of PVP damage has been changed as follows.
    • Stack Phase 1: PVP Damage Increased by 112.9%
    • Stack Stage 2: PVP Damage Increased by 45.2%
    • Stack Phase 3: PVP Damage Increased by 24.7%
    • Stack 4 step: same as existing


  • We changed the motion speed faster.



Sound holly
  • Reduced the 'concentrated saturation' tripod damage by 15% in PVP.
  • We have reduced the skill's range of judgment by about 20%.
  • In PVP, the distance that angels push out during the chorus is slightly increased.


Améliorations du contenu


  • We have changed the attribution setting of Haegeumseok, Runes, Magical Powder, Engraving Tool, Artisan's Hammer and some related box items to Expedition Bind.
    • Some items remain the same as before.
  • When you complete jumping growth after May 15, you will receive an integrated 'Jumping' Compensation Box 'and' Add [Jumping] Compensation Box '.



  • May 15 (Wed) After the regular inspection ~ Wednesday, May 22 (Wed) The 'Shilling Great Explosion' event will be extended until the regular inspection.
    • During the event, you can double your Shilling Compensation in the Cube Compensation box. [Details]

[Lost Arc Shop]

New products have been added.
  • Tricion Pass
    • You can start directly to level 50 without going through the record in use.
    • You can use it only for characters that have achieved a battle level of 50 within your account and are not a former character.
      * You can also use it if you have deleted a character that has achieved a battle level of 50 in your account.
    • For more information, please check the store announcements. [ Shortcut ]
  • Character slot extension rights
    • Character slots can be expanded up to 6 times per expedition on the character selection screen, so only up to 6 items can be purchased per expedition.
    • This item can only be picked up on the server you purchased, but it can be used on any server upon receipt.
  • Amplification's Battle Potion
    • When used, you gain a 100% increase in the amount of proof you gain from your battlefield and guild fighting for 60 minutes.
  • Energetic Aura Potion
    • Use 15% of your treasure, spend 100% of your luck in gold exploration and gold fishery, but you will get an extra bonus.

※ Amplification of electric field potion / energy of heat is common Note

  • The buff effect is not deleted when the character dies or exits the game.
  • Please note that the duration of the buff effect will expire even after you quit the game.
  • This potion can not be stacked.

[Jumping Growth]

  • We changed the jumping growth method in the character selection window.
  • When you use the "TriSion Pass" to jump, you will complete jumping growth immediately after your transition, and you will move to Bernese Castle.
  • Changed the name of 'Jumping Growth Voucher' to 'Event Triion Pass' which was paid as an existing event.
  • We have made some changes to the dungeon list when using 'Event Tree Sion Pass'.
    • King's Tomb → Brilliant Ridge
    • Under the body of the giant → Basement under the church
    • The equipment and character levels that are paid to the changed dungeon have been adjusted.
  • When the jumping growth is completed, we have improved to complete the discovery of 'Gye-seok stone' adventure.


[Character Slot]

We have added an available character slot to expand.
  • You can add character slots using the 'character slot extension' purchased from Lost Arc Shop.
    • The quantity of "character slot extension" is shared on an account-by-account basis.
  • You can add up to 12 character slots including 6 existing character slots by adding 'character slot extension'.
  • Extended character slots are applied individually to the expedition units of the target server.
    • To extend the character slot of another server, you must use an additional 'character slot extension' on that server.


[Sila Mael battlefield]

Improved the convenience of entering the battlefield.

  • We have added the following items to the guild UI as follows:
    • Added a button to open 'Silmael Battlegrounds' in Guild Info UI.
    • If you do not apply for Challenge for Guild Wars and Subtleties, you will output information about the Challenge application schedule.
  • Sila Mael Battlegrounds Guild Wars and Battle Challenge application rights have been modified as follows.
    • Original: Guild name, sub-guide only challenge / can cancel
    • Correction: Guild member, sub-leader, executive challenge / cancellation
  • Add guild member invitations while entering Guild Wars, Battlegrounds
    • This function can only be used by guild members, sub-guild members and executives.
    • You can invite guild members through the upper left button during battle preparation time
    • Invitation via command
      • / Invitation to battlefield 'nickname'
      • / Invite all battlegrounds
    • Invited guild members can choose Accept / Decline
  • Scheduled subpoenas, Guild Wars Challenge
    • Guild Wars
      • Existing: Wed, Fri, Sun from 0:00 to 20:00 can apply for challenge
      • Correction: From Wednesday to Sunday from 0:00 to 21:20 can apply for challenge
    • Substitution
      • Existing: Challenge application from Wednesday to Saturday
      • Modification: Challenge application from Wednesday to Sunday (time is the same as before)
  • Guild Tuning
    • Existing entry time (every 20 minutes)
      • 1 game: 21:30
      • 2 games: 21:50
      • 3 games: 22:10
    • Revision Entry Time (every 15 minutes)
      • 1 game: 21:30
      • 2 games: 21:45
      • 3 games: 22 o'clock
    • Time after entry
      • Preparation for battle: 3 minutes
      • Battle progress: 10 minutes
      • Results screen: 2 minutes
    • Time after revision entry
      • Preparation for battle: 2 minutes 30 seconds
      • Battle progress: No change
      • Result screen: 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Sila Mael battlefield ranking time adjustment
    • Original: Every Wednesday from 05:00
    • Correction: Every Wednesday from 02:00


  • Improved the movement speed increase buff on the guild battle map as follows.
    • Existing: Exit buff area to apply effect
    • Fixed: Applying effects when entering or exiting the buff area
  • Added to the calendar to display the duration and duration of the Sila Mael Battleground Guild Wars / UFOs.


[Proof of battlefield]

  • We have added 9 kinds of demonstration battle-related expeditionary assignments and 1 kind of compensation title.
  • We have added two titles related to the first season of the competition.
  • PVP Store NPC has added 'Buy Coin' button.
  • We added a reward for the season 1 before competition.
    • Only one of the face avatar box items that were awarded in the existing bronze and silver class will be awarded when the bronze level is reached.
    • For various combinations with other avatar sets, the top and bottom avatars paid at the time of achieving the gold rank are separated by the top and bottom and paid when the gold or silver grade is achieved, respectively.
    • Each avatar box consists of pre-season compensation avatars and other external avatars.
  • During hot time event hours, we increased the number of tokens from 5 to 6 to be awarded when defeating the battlefield.



  • Added an icon on the adventure's UI to guide the progress of the adventure to be shared on expedition units.
    • When you hover over the icon, a tip tooltip appears.

  • Added 'Display Identity Tooltips' to Preferences.
    • You can turn the tool tip on or off when you hover over the Identity HUD.

  • In the character selection window, a popup window asking whether to go to the character selection screen is displayed when receiving the goods to be used.
    • Press the 'OK' button on the popup window to go to the character selection screen.



  • Modified to disable keyboard operation during navigation adventure production.
  • We have improved the ability to not click the "Matching Request" or "Cancel Matching" button continuously in the entry window for each content.
  • After the cooperative quest is completed, some cooperative quests have been added to display the time until the next cooperative quest occurs.
  • It is improved to be able to skip the output when you enter the boom of the Handel continent.
  • In the 'Dungeon' category in the milestones' contents map, 'World map location guide' items of 'Palace of dreams' and' spiritual land 'are added.
  • Dungeons, Raid, Mode content matching request and matching failure sound changed, added.


Correction de bugs

[Dungeon / Combat / Skill]

  • Fixed a bug in the battle with the Raid Guardian 'Belganus' that prevented the user from removing the 'Power of Light' and 'Shadow Power' buffs when moving around.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'loser's hideout' in progress, intermittent use of the skill has been fixed the phenomenon impossible.
  • Lutheran Dungeon 'Eastern King Lutheran's Tomb' during the process, when the character is attacked by a certain position, the character is moved to an abnormal location has been fixed.
  • Fixed the problem that when the monster is using the skill, the target character does not go out of range or the monster moves to a position where it can not catch the character, the object is not summoned.
  • Proof of battleground stance on the move stance change When the stance is changed, the stance change information is not output to the usage information UI of the watch mode.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which a character intermittently gets caught in a specific location on a 'Raised Ridge'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of changing to the first awakening by entering the second awakening device into the hot key slot and entering the triathion training field.
  • Fixed a situation where the second character's action is cut off when two characters quickly interact with the logging collection in order.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the "Teenage girl, the look of the tackle" was accomplished in the expedition task in 'experience mode' of the former in Trishion.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that the number of times of using the awakening device is outputted as '99 + 'when changing the awakening device in Tricion and escaping.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the tool tip value of the debuff icon displayed when applying the 'concentrated target' tripod of the destructor 'Running Crash' skill is different from the actual tool tip value.
  • Scout Skill We have adjusted the judgment area of ​​the hunting skill slightly to match the skill effect area.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when using 'Snake Changsik: Galactic Oyster', in some places, it is blocked on the back ground and does not damage the mouse position.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the window player can not use the mobile device when the intensive stance is used and the game is released after the transformation.
  • Fixed a bug that the 'Fierce Combat' tripod effect of Battle Master 'Flushing' skill was not applied.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the hold time and the actual hold time described in the tool tip are applied differently when applying the 'summoned will' trepod to the 'rhythm of the half' skill of the bard.
  • Bard 'Light of Wind' skill 'Light Protection' has modified the contents of the tooltip of the Tripod.
    • Pre-change: Reduces 50% of damage to enemies, 50% of damage done during Light Cyclone, 75% of damage done by party members within 3 seconds, and 10% of maximum health. .
    • After the change: Damage to enemies is reduced by 50%, but damage done by the Light of Light is reduced by 50%. Creates a shield that absorbs up to 10% of your maximum health, reducing damage done by party members by 75% for 3 seconds except yourself within range.
  • Fixed the problem that when you use Arcana 'Checkmate' skill 'capture weakness' and 'deadline' tripod together, 'deadline' damage does not get 'weakness capture' effect.
  • Fixed the problem of stacking stacks more than intention when using Skill by applying Arcana's specific Tripod.
  • Devil Hunter Fixed a problem where the guideline of the 'Perfect Shot' skill was longer than the actual judgment.
  • Devil Hunter 'Last Supper' skill 'Hot Open' and 'Double Shot' when used in combination with the Tripod, the phenomenon of hair separation has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where Skill could not be removed from the skill slot by drag & drop when using Devil Hunter's rifle stance.
  • Fixed a problem where the effect sound is not output when using Warlords 'Fire Bullet' and 'Spear Shot' skills.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the self-destructive position of Pauru is intermittently self-destructed instead of enemy position when using 'Self-destruct command' skill after applying 'Paurus of Flame' of Summoner 'Pauru' skill.
  • Fixed a situation where the summoner pet 'Kellion' does not take combat motion when in battle.
  • Fixed a problem where mouse click does not work when the mouse cursor is positioned directly above the Identity UI when the blaster's cooling state is terminated.


[Item / milestone]

  • Fixed the phenomenon of missing '2-tier treasure map' and 'Periodic Absorbing Inscription II' compensation for 'Chaos Gate' expectation reward for milestones (Alt + G)
  • Fixed the problem that some chaos dungeons are not shown in the 'Chaos Dungeon' category in the milestone contents map in a specific level section.
    • Also, we corrected the item level section of each dungeon exposed to milestones.
  • When I try to register or purchase after registering / purchasing the number of items in the register / goods purchase popup window on the exchange, I corrected the phenomenon that only one is registered / purchased regardless of the quantity entered.


[Sailing / Quest]

  • Fixed a situation where the automatic route destination can not be set intermittently when setting the automatic route immediately after departing from port.
  • Fixed the problem that the BackGround phrase is displayed on the sailing skill animation output screen with low probability during the voyage.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that animation effect is not output intermittently during sailing, treasure hunt.
  • Agena's Favor Quest 'Final Giant' progress, Fixed the phenomenon that the character's neck part is broken after the Totoik and meeting production ends.
  • Lutheran Medellinist Monastery 'Support for the Fleshy Village' Quest's mini-info window and journal window misspell have been corrected.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the character gets stuck with a low probability when climbing using a vine placed at the entrance of a quiet resting island.
  • Fixed the problem that the name tag is displayed irregularly to environment NPCs inside the Atropos Island building.


[UI / Graphics]

  • When using 21: 9 resolution, we have fixed the phenomenon that the item acquisition, experience, and seal acquisition UI are slightly out of character.
  • Fixed the problem that the party member who is connected is displayed as offline in the party UI intermittently.
  • Added the information tooltip symbol in the adventure's UI, 'The adventure's success rate of the continent is shared by expedition units'.
  • Devil Hunter corrected the phenomenon that the outline is not displayed when applying 'Outline effect on combat' in environment setting.
  • Fixed the situation where the mouse cursor shape change function using Ctrl + mouse wheel works with scroll and world map zoom function.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'NPC Shillok' in Lutheran Castle intermittently overlaps.
  • Fixed the problem that some NPCs in the Shushire continental frost prison area take non-conforming motions.
  • Fixed the problem that the face detail setting value does not apply when the character that set specific customization is canceled after the transformation.
  • We have added legend items to set whether to display co-op and competition quests on the world map overall map.



  • Fixed misleading and awkward expressions in some texts and unified the names.
  • Fixed a situation where the boarding status is canceled when crossing the city and the general field.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'N' marking is exposed even if there is no item to be received in the goods box in ROSK ARK SHOP.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the cooldown time of items with the cooldown time in the tooltip is displayed based on the 'when the character can use the item' in the Lost Arc Shop.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that automatic movement is possible by using information view of other characters.
  • Fixed a situation where an error message that does not match the situation is displayed when two or more characters interact with the same object (ex: quest collection) at the same time.
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