[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 10/07/19

Cette semaine, deux nouvelles îles ont été ajoutées lors de la mise à jour hebdomadaire de la version coréenne de Lost Ark : Gisbro et Blue Wind Island !

Elle contient également quelques ajustements et corrections de bugs, comme d'habitude.

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 10/07/19.

Ajouts et ajustements

[ Addition of two new islands]

A new island with a cool beer and pleasant festivals has been added.

  • We have added 6 kinds of quest expeditions related to Gisbro.
  • We have added four titles related to gypsy brooches.
  • We added 'The Heart of Gypsy Brody Island'.


A new island 'Blue Wind Island' has been added to make it windy with horses.

  • Added 5 kinds of blue expedition-related expeditions.
  • We have added one title for Blue Wind Island.
  • You can earn emotional expressions 'Whistle' by rewarding the island of blue wind.
  • We added 'The Heart of Blue Wind Island'.


[ Area / Map]

  • We moved the 'Proof Battleground Application Board' and related NPCs from the Great Steel Castle to the 'Pride Hall' area.
  • We have added a Warehouse NPC near the Forge of the Legend of the Great Castle.
  • As the Handel continent quest 'Distorted Dimensional Maze' is underway, the destination of the stage moving to 'Scent of the Wind' has been changed to be more clearly displayed on the World Map.

[ Dungeon / Reid]

  • I have upgraded the chance of dropping the maze of oblivion.
  • Tier 3 Chaos Dungeon 'emotions expression: Roar', 'emotional expression: threat' has been changed to acquire.
  • After opening the Chaos Dungeon UI for the first time, the dungeon is selected according to the item level of the character.
  • We have expanded the level range that can receive 100% of the sun stone fragments and the sealing compensation in the 6th level revaluation.


[ Item / milestone]

  • We have changed the color of items to clearly distinguish item icons from 'Fallen Oman's Fragment' and 'Alluring Fear of Desire' from their belongings.
  • We have improved the quality of the effects that are produced when weapon 15 or more steps are played.
  • Added information on weekly raid, tier 3 secret dungeon in milestone.
  • We have added information on where to acquire the items needed for equipment training in the recommended contents tab for each milestone.
  • We have added the acquisition point information to the 550 level ornaments item sold in the luxury shops.


[ Character / Skill]

  • We increased the maximum value of the tendency point from 500 to 600.
  • Hawk Eye 'Atomic Arrow' skill has been changed to display the debuff icon.
  • Berserker 'Tempest Slash' Skill's 'Turbulent' Tri-Ford tooltip description has been improved more intuitively.
  • Modified to apply to the attacks of petrification (Kellion, Heavy Turret) summoned to the awakening skill by the effect of increasing damage of the attacking specialization 'Specialized'.


[ Lost Arc Shop]

  • We have changed some of the components of 'Crystal [2,000]' and 'Crystal [3,600]' products.


[ Other]

  • 'Emotion Expression: Whistle' has been added as a new favorable emotion expression of Neria of the continent.
  • We have improved the list of applicable vessels in the vessel skin tooltip to make it easier to check.
    • Display the same order as vessel in berth mode
    • If applicable to all vessels, marked as 'all vessels applicable'
  • Added the 'Marine Activity' legend of the Sailing World Map (M).
    • We have added items such as treasure hunting, golden fishery, and underwater exploration, which distinguish various navigation activities except aboriginal villages as legend "marine activities".
  • We have made some changes to the cumulative effect description that can be confirmed in the title window.
    • Before change: In your account
    • After the change: Within the Fellowship
  • Fixed a visual effect that was awkward when using the 'Creep' skill.
  • A character who achieves item level of 545 or more in the 'Treasure left by ghosts' commissioned by Epson during the week has added the item to receive 'Sun Stone Fragment'.

Correction de bugs

[ Dungeon / Battle / Raid]

  • Fixed a problem in which the attack direction of the breath and the shot range do not coincide when the 'Regyoros of Freezing', which appears in [Expert] Legioros, uses the breath continuously.
  • Fixed a problem where the explanation of 'Na Krascena' appeared in the contents description of '[Expert] Regio Ross' within the milestone.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that the MVP contribution by the battle item was excessively applied in Weekly Raid 'Earth Rage' and 'Grief Trackers'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the quest does not progress intermittently during the 'Ark of the Ark' stage in 'The Ark of Oman' in the Dungeon of the Yon Continent.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the camera view point changes to awkward when using certain skill in 'Venture Bottom Zone' of 'Daring Brewery'
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Temple of Sinners' boss during the re-battle intermittent boss's physical strength bar is incorrectly fixed the phenomenon.
  • In the Marine Dungeon 'Knut's Tomb', we corrected some awkward parts of the output after the reef bombing.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Ruins of the Ancient Knight' battles with the boss during the battle with a scarecrow remains in the character after the resurrection of the boss is not reset when the boss has been fixed intermittently.
  • Fixed a situation in which the Damage of the 'Storm of the Torment' given by the Raid Guardian 'Akates' was applied differently depending on the user's ability to deal with the debuff.


[ Skill]

  • Fixed a situation in which under certain circumstances it seems that Summoner's petulant "Kallion" does not seem to disappear intermittently.
  • Increased Paurus Damage When equipped with an option with a polishing option, the damage of the Pauru-generated projectile is increased, and damage of normal attack and skill attack does not increase.
  • Fixed a situation where the blaster was in the battle mode when it moved to the area or proved that the bombardment mode was maintained.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the 'Wide Attack' tripod effect from Battle Master 'O's: Blessing' skill.
  • Fixed a situation where the character does not move when applying the "excellent maneuverability" tripod of the Hawkeye 'evasion shooting' skill at the trithion training place.


[ Item]

  • Fixed the phenomenon that the effect of set of ornaments of alluring desires is different from tool tip.
    • We have modified the tooltip text of "hangover" to "10% of receiving damage" actually applied.
    • We modified the effect of 'Odor' to match the tool tip.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the item acquisition place is not displayed in the tier 3 trinket box which deals with the transaction and the tool tip of the step 3 engraving book.
  • Fixed the information on the 'Fellowship Accaccio Box' which was not marked well as '[Moving Trader] Andy'.
  • Fixed a situation where the achievement item level value of a character was not updated immediately, intermittently.
  • Fixed a problem where the EPCON reputation reward was not displayed at the acquisition point of the item dictionary.
  • During the train, when the equipment is lagging at the last train, try to train it fast and correct the phenomenon that the output of success is not output.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that can be pressed before the OK button is output in the 'effect conversion' and 'equipment inheritance' progress stages.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when you put the crafted ability stone into the "item disassembly" window, it is exposed as a pre-warp icon.


[ Sailing]

  • Fixed a problem where the loading hint of 'Balpurgis Night' in the Balpurgis Island dungeon was incorrectly printed as a hint on other islands.
  • Fixed an awkward phenomenon where a line was drawn on the bottom of a specific location in the Death Valley.
  • Pirate town Atlas after the death of the character after the resurrection of the base button when you try to disable the button is disabled intermittently corrected.
  • Fixed the problem that the buff or debuff information acquired due to the skill of the ship skins is not normally displayed in the party window.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that Sailen sea area in the north of Papunica continent does not appear as an event area on the map.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the departure sound is output when clicking the departure button of the ship without boarding the crew.
  • Fixed the problem that the float map symbol is not exposed to the minimap intermittently during navigation.

[ Quest]

  • During the quest 'Water Tank Investigation' in the Yon Continent Quest, we corrected the phenomenon that can deal with the next level of monsters when reconnecting at a certain stage.
  • Fixed the problem that the quest does not progress to the next level when fighting with NPC Gunmar in the quest of 'Soul of the Soul' in the continental quests of Yon Continent and when fighting in the far distance.
  • Fixed the possibility of accepting cooperative quests that do not meet the prerequisites under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the problem that the effect is not displayed on the object that is the target of the quest.


[ Command of Shilian]

  • It seems to be a terrain where characters can move inside the cave of Platinum Field 'Lonaunyuji', but it has been corrected to try to move to that terrain.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when the collected material was destroyed by using the stepping skill while holding the platinum collection, the step motion was maintained.


[ Battlefield]

  • In Sila Mael Battleground, 'Bollard Battleground', when a character uses a turret, the character's screen is shaken.
  • Fixed the location of Sila Mael Battleground Guild Wars 'Invitation' button, which was displayed in awkward position on the 21: 9 screen.
  • Fixed the problem that the related cursor display (+ Ctrl) does not appear when mouse over the Proof Party UI.


[ Other]

  • Fixed some typographical misappropriations.
  • Fixed a problem where mouse cursor stops intermittently when friend list of friends window is clicked.
  • Fixed a situation where when you interact with an object with the G key while the character skill effect is active, the message that does not match the situation or motion is displayed.
  • In card battle mode, the chat window position is moved differently from intermittent operation.
  • Fixed a change in weapon's top / bottom when riding in 'Ride: Staufebrize'.
  • Fixed the possibility of skipping when the 'skipable' UI was output and the ESC key was pressed in a production scene that can not be skipped.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when registering for sale at the currency exchange, the number of times of daily registration is exhausted, but the registration button can be clicked.
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