[Lost Ark KR] Détails de la mise à jour du 09/10/19

C'est une grosse mise à jour qui a été déployée cette nuit sur les serveurs coréens de Lost Ark avec l'ajout des Reverse Ruins !

Elle contient également :

  • Le nouveau raid pour 16 joueurs : Kaiser
  • 3 nouveaux donjons
  • Une modification des armes légendaires de Tier 3
  • Des améliorations sur la raffinage d'aquipement
  • Et bien d'autres

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 09/10/2019.

Nouveaux contenus

16-player Abyss Raid 'Kaister' appeared

16- in-one Abyss Raid 'Kaister' has been added.

  • That I introduce you to the existing name "Epic Raid ' a' Terre car issues Raid" Add to Abyss raid was.
  • The number of weekly entry restrictions for  Kaisster Raid is one and is used separately from Mystic Raid .
    • The number of entries will be reset at 06 o'clock every Wednesday.
      ※ If you leave the dungeon during the attack, the number of admissions will be deducted even without receiving a reward.
  • Kaisuiter Raid requires 16 guests.
  • 'Kaister Raid' can enter at least item level 925.
  • 'Kaister Raid' is divided into 4 phases, and as the phase progresses, the recommended level of attack increases. (Added description for 2019-10-09)
    • During the raid, you can decide whether or not to stop the reprisal.
    • In the event of a decision to cease the domination or fail to attack, the vote will determine whether or not to obtain the reward. (Only if you succeed at least 1 phase)
    • If you decide not to earn your reward by voting, your entry will not be deducted.
  • You can get the new Artifact Equipment 'Destroyer' as a reward by killing 'Kaister'.
    • 'Allow Fog' equipment can be inherited as 'Decay' equipment, up to 15 levels depending on the level of refining of the material.
    • The base item level of the Decayer equipment is 915 and can be regrown up to 20 levels.
    • The refining and succession of the Decayer equipment uses the Essence of Wrath, a special material, and requires the Umanium Crystal and the Galatonium Crystal.
      ※ You can exchange existing 'Umanium' and 'Galatonium' with 'Umanium Crystal' and 'Galatonium Crystal' through NPC 'Gabis' located in each big city.

Welcome to Endless Battles: 'Reverse Ruin'

Added 'Reverse Ruin', a welcome space for endless battles.

  • You can obtain the new sheet music 'Welcome to the Y'smund' through the '[Guide] Call of Yozmund' quest that appears when the John Main quest 'Legend Sings' quest is completed.
  • You can enter Reverse Ruin through the entrance located in Yozmund.
  • Reverse Ruins do not apply effects from external factors such as runes, imprints, buffs, smelts, item levels, and general potions and battle items.
  • The Reverse Ruins are seasonal, and when the new season begins, the progress of the last season, reward information, and collected Astra and welcome stones are all reset .
    • The preseason will be held after the October 9 update until separate notice.

  • 'Reverse Ruin' consists of a total of 100 stages, and you can move on to the next stage by successing each stage.
    • If you enter 'Reverse Ruin', you will need to achieve 100% of the welcome gauge within the time limit to be successful.
    • If you succeed, you will be given a rank based on how long you are progressing.
    • If you succeed, you can get the first reward of the stage. Depending on the level of completion, the next stage or additional stage will be opened.

  • Reverse Ruins can be equipped with 'Astra', which can be acquired in progress, to show more powerful abilities, allowing you to grow to the next level.
  • Astra can be equipped in 4 slots: Will, Belief, Focus, and Desire, and can be replaced if you have a better Astra like equipment items.
    • In the Astra UI, you can check the effects of the Astra on 4 slots.
    • Unused Astra can be disassembled to obtain 'Welcome Stone', but it will not be restored when it is disassembled, so choose carefully.
      ※ Astra is only applied to 'Reverse Ruin' and can be installed / replaced only in 'Yosemund' and 'Reverse Ruin'.

  • You can obtain 'Welcome Stone' as a loot in 'Reverse Ruin' and exchange it for various rewards.
    • You can open the sealed welcome weight that can be found during the Reverse Ruin as welcome.
    • You can exchange 'Welcome Stone' with various items through NPC Gatekeeper Kurdi in Yozmund.
    • By bartering with Gatekeeper Kurdi, you will also receive a special ingredient called "Re-stone of Yoz" that can increase your chances of success .

  • In future updates, we will be adding the materials acquired from the Reverse Ruins during the Preseason to create equipment that can be equipped into new slots.
    • Also, during the 'Reverse Ruin' pre-season, we will collect various opinions and data of adventurers to open a full season with better appearance.

3 new dungeons

New Tier 3 Chaos Dungeon 'Forgotten Scars' has been added.

  • Forgotten Scars can be entered by any character with item level 860 or higher.
  • In Forgotten Scars , you'll earn higher levels of Breakthroughs and Tickets: Vanity Labyrinth .


New Labyrinth Dungeon 'Vanity Labyrinth' has been added.

  • You can enter 'Vanity Labyrinth' by talking with 'Secretary Hiomir' of the Great Continent of Yon Continent and completing the quest 'Endless Vanity Chunk'.
  • Vanity Labyrinth is located in the Continental Land of Promise.
  • Vanity Labyrinth is open to characters with item level 860 or higher.
  • Admission Ticket: Vanity Labyrinth is required to enter Vanity Labyrinth.
    • Iron Hammer Workshop NPC Collector Gwangur can exchange 10 Tickets: Labyrinth of Oblivion for 10 Tickets: Vanity Labyrinth.
  • In Vanity Labyrinth , you can obtain  Tickets: Bloody  Martial Arts and Reforged Materials.


New Antares Nightmare Dungeon 'Armor of Bloods' has been added.

  • The statue of Antares Nightmare is located in each metropolis, allowing you to enter the Marvel of Uprising.
  • There are 8 players who need to enter 'Football of Blaze', and characters with item level 900 or above can enter.
  • You need 'Ticket: Blaze of Blaze' to enter Blaze of Blaze.
  • You can get the  tokens and materials you need to reclassify Tier 3 Relic Equipment 'Destroyer' equipment in 'Combat Blood' .

Tier 3 Legendary Weapons Retuning

Some of the skill tripod-specific buffs applied to Tier 3 Legendary Weapons have been changed as follows:



Sword Storm

  • Existing: When using 'Earthquake Wave', the neutralization level increases to [Best].
    • New: Earthquake Wave Tripods deal 50% more damage to named or higher monsters, and their rating is increased to [Best].



Sizemic Hammer

  • Existing: When using 'Hunger Power' damage increased by 40%, attack speed is reduced by 30%.
    • New: The Hunger Power Tripod increases damage by 40% and increases to 75% when the target is a raid monster, but reduces attack speed by 20%.
  • Previously: Attack speed is increased by 40% when using 'Enhanced Weakness.'
    • New: Increased attack speed and damage to enemies by 40% when using 'Strengthened Weakness' Tripod.


Perfect swing

  • Previously: 'Uncontrolled' damage increases by 40%, attack speed and charge rate decrease by 20%.
    • New: Increases damage dealt by 40% when using 'Uncontrolled' Tripod, and increases damage by up to 75% when the target is a raid monster, but reduces attack speed and charge rate by 20%.


Full swing

  • Previously: When using 'Beast's Eye', damage is increased by 30% and the charge time reduction effect is removed.
    • New: Increases damage dealt by 60% and reduces the charge time.



Burst Cannon

  • Existing damage reduced by 80% when using 'Rolling Bomb', but reduces cooldown by 5 seconds and leaves powerful burn damage lasting 5 seconds to all targets hit.
    • New: Reduces the cooldown of 5 seconds when using the Rotating Shot Tripod, and causes powerful burn damage that lasts 5 seconds to all targets hit.
  • Previously: 'Saturated Saturation' increases damage by 60% and increases cooldown by 6 seconds.
    • New: Increases damage dealt by 100% and increases cooldown by 6 seconds when using 'Saturated Saturation' Tripod.


Charge Stinger

  • Previously: When using 'Last Charge', critical strikes occur, cooldown is increased by 6 seconds, and mana cost is increased by 25%.
    • New: Fixed critical hit when using Last Charge Tripod.



Dancing of Spineflower

  • Existing: When using 'Visible Intensity', Attack Speed ​​is increased by 30%, and it grants the target enemy more than 4 poisoning over 5 seconds for 5 seconds.
    • New: When using 'Visible Intensity' Tripods, attack speed is increased by 30%, damage to seeded monsters is increased by 50%, and the hit enemy is granted a poisoned state that stacks up to 3 times for 5 seconds.


Secret Garden

  • Previously: Using 'Secret Chance' increases Ruin damage to enemies by 50% and mana cost by 100%.
    • New: Increases Ruin damage against enemies by 75% when using 'Secret Chance' Tripod.



Ancient window

  • Existing: 'Ancient Power' leaves ancient targets with stigma. Ancient stigmatism explodes at 3 stacks, dealing great damage to the target.
    • New: Increases damage dealt to enemies by 30% when using 'Ancient Power' Tripod, leaving ancient stigma on hit targets. Ancient stigmatism explodes at 2 stacks, dealing 150% additional damage to the target.



Sound holic

  • Previously: When using 'Saturated Saturation', every attack hit restores 1% of your maximum mana and marks your opponent. The marker stuns the target for 3 seconds at 4 stacks.
    • New: When using 'Saturated Saturation' Tripods, damage to named monsters is increased by 80% and marks each opponent on every hit. The marker stuns the target for 3 seconds at 4 stacks.


Sonic vibration

  • Previously: When using 'wide attack' skill cast distance is increased by 20%, while the skill cast damage is reduced by 75%.
    • New: Increases skill cast distance by 20%, increases self and party members' attack speed by 20%, and increases mana regeneration by 200% when using the Wide Attack Tripod.


Oh: Heavenly Dragon

  • Previously: When using 'Eye of the Storm', when the target hits an attack that collects enemies, the target's damage to Hellurang heaven is increased by 10%, up to 90%.
    • New: When the target hits an enemy-gathering attack when using the Dragon's Eye 'Trop of the Storm' Tripod, the target's damage to the Dragon's Heaven increases by 10%, up to 90%, and if you keep it for 1 second or longer, Attack power increased by 40%.



Cyclical priesthood

  • Existing: When using 'Blast Explosion', the last hit floats the enemy and explodes 3 seconds later on the ground, leaving a shock zone that causes great damage.
    • New: The 'Blast Exploding' Tripod leaves the last hit in place and explodes 1.5 seconds later on the ground, leaving a shock zone that deals great damage.


Death sentence

  • Existing: When using 'Shock Explosion' neutralization level is increased to [Best].
    • New: When using 'Shock Blast' Tripods, damage to named monsters is increased by 50%, and their neutralization rating is increased to [Best].
  • Existing: Heals an additional 80 when using 'Brain Breath'.
    • New: Heals an additional 60 when using 'Brain Respiration' Tripod, and reduces cooldown by 6 seconds.



Warm fire

  • Existing: When using 'Afterimage Attack', Attack Speed ​​is increased by 30% and gains Toughness Effect.
    • New: Afterburn Tripod increases attack speed by 30% and deals 80% damage to enemies.


Yeorae height

  • Existing: 'Colorful Attack' causes additional damage when hitting all four palms.
    • New: When you use the 'Colorful Attack' Tripod, you deal 50% more damage to Seed or higher monsters and deal additional damage if you hit all four palms.



Onyx Heatwave

  • Existing: When using 'Awakening', Critical damage is increased by 100%.
    • New: The 'Awakening' Tripod increases the critical damage dealt to named monsters by 200%.


Red dragon

  • Existing: When using 'Weakness Capture', Critical Hit Rate increases by 50%.
    • New: Increases critical strike damage and critical strike chance by 50% when using 'Focus Capture Tripod'.



Daemon vision

  • Previously: When using Overpower, damage to enemies is increased by 125% when overcharged, but the charging time is doubled.
    • New: When using the Overflowing Tripod, damage to enemies is increased by 100% when overcharged.




  • Previously: 'Easy Prey' increases your critical strike chance by 50%.
    • New: Increases Critical damage by 100% when using Easy Eat Tripod, and deals 50% more damage if the target is a named monster.


Charging shot

  • Existing: When using 'Instant' cast distance increases explosion damage up to 90% by 30%.
    • New: Using 'Instant' Tripods increases explosive damage by 40%, up to 120% as the cast distance increases.
  • Existing: When using 'Coarse Aim', there is a 20% chance to increase damage by 200% and stun the target for 3 seconds when overcharged
    • New: Increases critical strike damage against named monsters by 200% when using the Trueshot Tripod.


Devil Hunter]

Shotgun Speaker

  • Existing: When using 'Extended Shot', 20% chance of causing additional damage to enemies hit by the last attack.
    • New: Extended Shot Tripod now deals 250% additional damage to enemies hit during the last attack.
  • Previously: Attack speed increases by 30% when using 'Special Bullet', and gains toughness during casting.
    • New: Increases attack speed by 20% and damage to enemies by 80% when using the Special Bullet Tripod.


Last Supper

  • Existing: When using 'Burn Shot', the last attack leaves a bullet on the ground for additional damage.
    • New: Fireshot Tripod increases damage to enemies by 50%, and the last attack leaves a shot on the ground that deals 180% additional damage.




  • Previously: When using 'Blue Flame', a target hit more than a certain number of times will freeze for 3 seconds, increasing damage taken by 30% for the duration.
    • New: When using the Blue Flame Tripod, targets that hit more than a certain number of times are frozen for 3 seconds and deal 50% increased damage to enemies.
  • Existing: When using 'Burn Burn', the maximum image overlap is increased to 10.
    • New: Burn Fire Tripod increases damage by 50% and stacks up to 10.

Ajustements et améliorations

[ Equipment Refining]

  • Added 'Special Ingredients' to assist in refining.
    • When refining, the use of special materials can have a variety of effects that can help refining, including increased success rates.
    • Special materials can be obtained from contents such as Abyss Raid and Reverse Ruin.

  • A craftsmanship system has been added to increase the stability of re-skills.
    • Failing to re-skill, craftsman's energy rises.
    • If the craftsman's energy is at maximum, there is a 100% chance to succeed in the next round of equipment .
      ※ If the basic success rate is 100%, craftsman energy will not accumulate.
      ※ Craftsman's energy is only applied to accumulated equipment, and is not shared with other equipment.
      ※ The craftsman's energy will be reset upon successful reincarnation or succession regardless of the accumulated amount .


[ Raid]

  • The following improvements have been made to make Abyss Raid smoothly.
    • Changed Abyss Raid's mandatory respawn time from 10 to 30 seconds to better suit the situation.
    • Phase start latency has been added to Abyss Raid. This is a time that does not apply to the actual play time before using the workshop or departing the ship.
    • The progress UI of the Abyss Raid Mystic has been changed to be easier to recognize.
    • With the introduction of Kaishuter, Abyss Reid's entry UI has been changed.
    • Added target time and rank for Abyss Raids to Abyss Raid progress UI.
  • The battle balance for the Mystic Raid Phase 1 has been adjusted as follows:
    • Mystic's health has been lowered.
    • Lowered Mystic's requirement to disable.
    • Relaxed the conditions to release the restraint cast by Mystic.
    • Mystic lowered the damage dealt with his Greater Abilities after stun his character.
    • Fixed the judging method for only some of the skills that rise from the floor where Mystic casts.


[ Cube]

  • Lowered the monster balance on the Dimension Cube.


[ Battlefield of Proof]

  • Increased the amount of Coin Rewards for Courage that is paid weekly for the Ultra Extreme class.
    • The revised reward will be reflected from the weekly settlement on October 16, based on this week's PvP activity.
  • Fixed an unintentional excess of rating gaps in matching.
  • Slightly increased the score for winning in matches with rating gaps, and slightly reducing the score for losing.


[ Sailing]

  • The percentage of farming points generated for each hazardous area has been changed as follows.
    • Treasure lifting points no longer spawn in the Sandstorm Rift, but generate more gold fishing points.
    • Instead of reducing the number of underwater exploration points in Siren, the Treasure Lifting and Golden Fishing Points will be slightly more.
    • There are no more underwater exploration points in cold waters, but a little more treasure lift and gold fishing points.
    • Treasure lifting points no longer spawn in stormy waters, but slightly more underwater exploration and gold fishing points.
  • Raised the level of marine life in dangerous waters.
    • Sturgeon and small lucky swordfish are the same as in previous levels.


[ Quest / Fellowship]

  • We have added related eponas or quests based on new content updates.
  • Added 21 new Fellowship assignments.
  • Added 5 titles as a reward for the Expedition.
  • Major quest lines and dungeons have been added to facilitate quest progress.
    • During a quest with multiple targets, the quest's target will be displayed as a symbol when the quest cannot be completed for a certain time.
  • The NPC has been removed from the daily epo and quest targets to facilitate the use of the NPC 'Chair', which is in charge of property conversion and barter.

[ Item / milestone]

  • We have added milestones and item dictionary information as we update our new content.
  • Potion-type battle items can now be used while holding tools.


[UI / Graphic / World Map]

  • Improved the minimap displayed by pressing the Tab key as shown below.
    • You can change the location of the extended minimap by holding down the mouse wheel button and dragging with the extended minimap enabled.
    • Square Hall can be used by pressing Alt and clicking Square Hall in the expanded minimap.
  • Damage fonts have been improved as follows.
    • Damage fonts have been slightly reduced by NPC rating.
    • Unnecessary damage font output has been reduced.
  • Changed the character for channel saturation to the following graphical notation
    • Green circle-seamless
    • Yellow circle-congestion
    • Red Circle-Saturation
  • We've made it easier to find the location of certain quests by configuring the Wisdom Island map in two layers.


[ Skill]

  • Added the total damage value for Arcana 'Checkmate' skill description.
  • Added the total damage value of the skill to Summoner 'Twister'.
  • Added the damage score for the 'Mother Windbird' skill in Summoner
  • Changed the name of the buff that is applied when using the Invoker's "Long Dragon Heatwave" skill to the "Indomitable Courage" tripod.
    • Original buff name: ignorant window
    • Buff Name after Change: Indomitable Courage


[ Prologue]

  • Added a command to restart dungeons during the Prologue Dungeon.
    • If you find it difficult to proceed due to an unexpected situation, you can use '/ dungeon reset' in the chat window.
      ※ This command is only available in the Prologue Dungeon Area.


[ Other]

  • Removed Show / Hide Minimap and related shortcuts (Alt + M).
    • The minimap UI can be minimized through the icon on the top right.
  • Changed the location of the Mistrium Exchange NPC in the Stern Area near the Abyss Reid entrance statue.
  • Improved the visibility of the 'Show Life Bar' option in Preferences> Gameplay> Show.
  • Fixed the ability to check the maximum item achievement level when checking the conditions for Weekly Raid II.
  • Tier 3 Event Chaos Dungeon's Chaos Bind has been rescheduled to apply more randomly.

Correction de bugs

[ Battle / Dungeon]

  • Fixed an issue where only the range of effects effects would be displayed when the scientist Marie in AirGuides added the dashed skill during the Art Detin Continental Dungeon 'Heart of Krater'.
  • Fixed a bug where Adrenaline would not intermittently move while on the ground and underground during the battle with Field Boss 'Adrin'.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the character's buffs were applied to projectile damage on vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Art Detained Continent Dungeon 'Heart of Krater' was revived intermittently for a period of time after killing the boss.
  • Fixed an issue where one-man raids would be retained intermittently when remaining in a large city due to abnormal termination in Antares' Nightmare Dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some deaths to be misnamed when dying during a 'mystic raid' battle.
  • Fixed an issue where the command to change to raid chat would not be entered during the output of Antares' Nightmare Dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where dungeon entry would not be canceled when boarding a liner while clicking the OK button to enter the dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where party members' boarding and matching buttons in the dungeon application UI were disabled when boarding a liner while in dungeon matching.
  • Fixed problems with some monsters below.
    • Overlord Living Armor
    • Corrupted Ogre
    • Afterglow of the Fallen Ogre
    • Twilight Judge Solas
    • Twilight Judge Plauto
    • Judge of the Fallen Light


[ Skill]

  • Fixed a bug where the damage reduction buff of the chain skill would not be applied when the skill was quickly applied by applying the 'damage reduction' and 'ultra fast cast' tripods of the bard 'wind of music' skill.
  • Fixed an issue where the target next to Death when the target hit by Tripod 'Death Howl' in the 'Prelude of Death' skill was killed by the 'End of Death' debuff.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the attack at the mouse cursor position when attacking the bare hands of Summoner and Former Wizards.
  • Fixed an issue where skills would not be used intermittently when moving a region while chatting.
  • Fixed the tooltip so that the damage applied to the Firebird Tripod in Summoner's Flycatcher's skill will now match the actual damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Destroyer's Dreadnought skill's 'Blow Hammer' and 'Bright Attack' tripods would not apply damage to gravity damage.


[ Items]

  • Fixed an issue where the Awakening's Deathstone and Intense Awakening's Deathstone were used together and the effect was output one more time when the buff was finished.
  • Fixed a bug where Bard's 'Broad Light of Light' skill 'Focus on Light' tripod was inadequate in the tip of the 'stige of light' debuff tool of the 15th level retreat effect.
  • When applying the 'Excellent Ability' tripod of the Battlemaster 'Winning Strike' skill, the 12-stage refining effect is applied to be the same as the tool tip.
  • Fixed an issue where the chance of Breath of Earth was slightly higher when using Legendary Rank 15 reskills.


[ Quest]

  • Hypnose's Eye Quest 'I Won't Forget!' Fixed an issue where the NPC Ambassador 'Blue-Calassus' was inconsistent with some features.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could not accept weekly recurring quests if they didn't display an epo or quest.


[ Battlefield of Proof / Silmael Battlefield]

  • Fixed a bug that caused the effects and sound not to appear when destroying the gates during Silma's Battle fortress.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon would not display when Destroyer 'Gravity Weighted' was activated in the Battleground of the Battleground of Protest.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Bard Awakening 'Oratoriio' was not displayed in Battle of the Battle of War.
  • Fixed the issue where the direction of the muzzle is changed when the character who boarded the cannon gets out of a certain area and reboards the cannon during the Silma battlefield fortress battle.

[UI / Graphic / Sound]

  • Fixed an issue where the target information UI was displayed during battle with 'mannequin' appearing in sys.Landoftruth.devbui9%!) U%!
  • Fixed the issue where the target information UI was displayed to monsters that were unable to attack.
  • Fixed an issue where walking motion was abnormally outputted when recovering ampoule boxes after being transformed into a trafficker during the Art Detin Continental 'Dirty Passage' quest 'Recovering Trafficking Items'.
  • Fixed the effect of the Sacred Flame effect of the Ancient Hunter Econ ornament on large monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where the area map name would not appear on the World Map of Abyss Raid 'Mistrasia'.
  • Fixed an issue where a blank page was displayed when boarding or disabling after searching for a crew in the crew list window.
  • Fixed an issue where the hole gauge was visible and disappearing from the HUD when moving to an island while sailing.
  • Fixed the middle finger appearing abnormal in the default dance movement of the Wizard class.
  • Fixed hair graphics being displayed abnormally when there was a specific background behind the character.
  • Fixed the phenomenon where the sound of 'Fooling' will be output continuously when canceling a summon without canceling the expression of emotion while using pet emotion expression 'Fool'.
  • Fixed an issue causing vertical streaks on the face when zooming up the camera depending on the assassin class's lip color.
  • Fixed a bug where the Silma Battlefield Guild Battlegrounds would continue to display a sound notification until the next entry time if the Battleground was ended early.
  • Fixed a bug where Summoner's 'Windbird' skill 'icebird' and 'motherbird' tripods would display a slightly unnatural effect where the skill was used.
  • Fixed a bug where Bard 'Sound Holic' was stunned by the ability to refocus on the `` Trial Saturation '' tripod.
  • Fixed the issue where mouse input does not work intermittently when clicking on friend list in friend window.
  • Fixed the issue where the Chaos Bind Guidance icon was displayed abnormally under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed the issue where the movement position of other characters was abnormal in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where the beam attack effect of entering the chess room of the Rohendel Continental Dungeon 'Palace of Dreams' was not output.
  • Fixed the issue where the graphics around both sides of Silma were displayed abnormally during the entry into Silma Battleground Fortress.
  • Fixed an issue where afterimages of characters that weren't actually present intermittently appeared in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where pets in the preview screen would intermittently appear in NPC appearance when the pet library was opened.
  • Fixed the problem of abnormal message when re-connecting after entering special character '&' while adding group in friend window.
  • Fixed an issue where the hair would appear abnormally when using Hawkeye 'Smoke skill' above the graphics option 'Up'.
  • Fixed the issue where the maximum number of pages in the card drawer 'Grow card' and 'Skill inheritance' tabs are displayed as 0.
  • Fixed the issue where the move button is activated even when the card storage 'Grow up card' and 'Skill inheritance' tabs cannot be moved.
  • Fixed a bug where the Aircraft Identity Gauge would not be grayed out intermittently during the Aircraft Fortune Breakfast.
  • Fixed the issue where local information was displayed as 'Mistrasia' when located in 'Batonose of Decision' after entering Mystic.
  • Fixed an issue where region names would not display when opening a world map on a ship moving to Mistrasia.


[ Guild]

  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'N' mark to disappear when the guild was updated.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Change' button in the 'Subscription Management' submenu of Guild UI guild management was applied differently than intended.
    • To change the guild introduction, click the 'Change' button, enter it, and then 'Apply' to complete the change.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Change' button would not activate when the Guildmaster changed the guild bloodstone distribution.
  • Fixed a bug where the guild rating would give 0 points when mercenaries didn't rate anything.
  • Fixed a bug where the skill slot was placed in the guild skill slot but the skill slot's location changed when entering the battlefield.
  • Fixed a bug where the buttons at the bottom would not be reflected in real time depending on the status of the character who delegated the guild.


[ Other]

  • Fixed typos and awkward expressions in some text.
  • Fixed the issue where the 2018 island calendar is displayed on the calendar.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain vehicles to move out of the vehicle without getting off.
  • Fixed a bug that did not board a liner but displayed a message in the chat window indicating that the liner cost was deducted.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could move over certain objects on the Isle of Wisdom.
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