[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 04/09/19

Voici le contenu de la mise à jour hebdomadaire de la version coréenne de Lost Ark, avec l'arrivée d'une nouvelle île liée à un événement !

Elle contient également quelques ajustements et correction de bugs.

Découvrez le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 05/09/19.

[ Event]

September 4th (Wed) ~ September 25th (Wed) Before the regular check-up 'Dough comes down from the sky' event is held.

  • Event island `` Kungdeok Kung Island '' appears in the sea of ​​Guiena.
    ※ Event islands are not included in the number of islands visited so far in the voyage record.
  • During the event, liners have been added to transport to Kung Duk Island from each continental port.
  • In Kung Duk Kung Island, you can obtain event-only item 'Dal Rabbit Warrior' through various activities.
    • Every 55 minutes, the event quest 'Be prepared for the shock' begins.
    • The event quest 'Finally came!'
    • You can perform the `` Glitter Dough '' quest once a day.
      ※ If the PC room benefits are applied, you can  get more 'Dal Rabbit Melee' as an additional reward for the event quest .
  • You can also earn 'Dal Rabbit Melee' in Daily Epona Quest and Weekly Epona Quest.
  • A variety of items can be exchanged through the Moon Rabbit Biography Exchange NPC 'Mephi' located in Kung Duk Kung Island.
    • You can also exchange various song items obtained during the event quests with the 'Dal rabbit bile'.
      ※ You can only exchange 'Dal Rabbit's Warfare during the event period.


The Cheking Festival Coin Exchange period has ended and the 'Cheeking Festival Coin' exchange NPC 'Chikolo' has disappeared.

  •  'Chinging Festival Coins' that could not be exchanged within the period were deleted.


[Improve Remnant Token Recipient in Antares]

Added weekly quest `` Tomb of the Forgotten Hero ''

  • Added weekly quests to perform in Antares Nightmare Dungeon 'Tomb of the Forgotten Hero'.
    • This quest will be reset every Wednesday 06:00 .
    • If you clear the quest, you will receive 'Antares Remnant Token' (random weapon / armor).
      ※ This quest can be obtained from NPC 'Talos' in each big city. (Add 2019-09-04 content)

Added Mystic Phase Clear Reward

  • Mystic phase clear rewards include `` Antares Remnant Token '' (randomly acquired from weapons / armors).
    • You will receive one for each phase, and you will get a total of three tokens if you complete all three phases.


  • Epona Request UI has been improved as follows.
    • We have also improved the search box to find currency
    • Improved the display of rewards and reputation points already earned.
    • Improved the ability to immediately accept and complete a request that can be performed in the reputation details window.
  • Improved to display symbol icons on the following types of items.
    • Crush item
    • Term items
    • Junk items
    • Book of Adventure Collectable Items
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap and the sailing HUD were intermittently displayed in the berth mode UI in voyage mode.
  • Fixed a bug where raid members would not display an icon to check the death status of raid members.
  • Fixed a bug in which a symbol that guides the direction of a destination in the minimap is displayed abnormally when the 'fold' of the minimap is performed after the 'destination sharing' in the world map.
  • Fixed a bug where the notification window for the location of entry was not displayed when entering the captain's room of the Metus system.
  • Fixed the issue where the UI bar was moved to the right when exposed, while not using the 'breath' item.


[ Quest / Adventure Book / Fellowship]

  • Fixed some inconsistencies in hidden stories.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fellowship Overcoming Storm Storm could not be achieved.
  • Changed the recommended level of some weekly eponas and quests.
  • Fixed an issue where the reward icon and the text were activated even if the completed reward was a character reward in the Epona Request reputation details window.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the quest from progressing after the Toque Continent 'Last Greeting' quest was in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where martial arts couldn't be moved to Mirror Valley when the Prologue's `` I can get it back '' quest was partyed.

[ Calendar]

  • Up-to-date content related to the battlefield of Silvama.
    • 'Guild Battle Application Period' has been changed to 'Guild Battle Application Period'.
    • Updated guild match schedule.
    • Added the schedule of fort battles.


[ Pet]

  • Pets no longer hide when transformed
    • Pets can still be summoned and summoned while still transformed.
    • We've added a text that will be displayed when you use the Pet feature while transforming.


[ Silmar Battlefield / Guild]

  • Fixed a bug where level 300 corrections for Giant's Nest and Rudric's Scream bases were incorrectly applied during Silma's battle.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not enter the base using the Guild Window when they were unable to enter the battlefield.
  • Fixed the issue where 'N' is displayed on the sub tab of the guild menu when the new guild skill is acquired.
  • Fixed incorrect duration notation for some guild skill tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where Guild symbols of guilds rated above a certain level would continue to appear as 'Sprout' symbols in the information area on the left side of the recruiting mercenary menu.
  • Added the recruitment time for mercenary recruits to 10 minutes before the match.
  • Fixed an issue where some recruitment schedules were displayed incorrectly in the 'Mercenary Recruitment' window.


[ Raid / Battle / Item]

  • Fixed party members who were located outside of large cities leaving the raid when entering the 'Netare's Nightmare' dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug where Raid Guardian 'Igrexion' was using the 'Gravity Field' jersey skill, causing damage to be constantly reduced even when Igrexion fell after destroying the core using core fragments.
  • Raid Guardian 'Igrexion' no longer causes disabling while using certain skills.
  • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Raid 'Mystic' was in progress, causing the Frost Debuff effect of the 2-Phase Monster 'The Frostheart Golem' not to be released by Battle Items and some skills.
  • Fixed an issue where the target hit by Bard 'Sound Wave' skill would sometimes approach the character while ignoring the effect of the skill.
  • Fixed identity debuffs for some classes being deleted at the end of the cube stage.
  • Ancient Hunter Econ's Trinket 3-piece set Fixed a bug where Holy Fire was not triggered by certain attacks, and the stacking effect was shared between many characters.
  • Fixed incorrect classification notation of some item tooltips


[ Sailing]

  • Fixed the issue where the skill 'Lantern Switch: OFF' that is available after transformation from the Metus Islands 'Werner's Mansion' is applied as a skill that does not match the attribute.
  • Fixed an issue where the appearance of NPCs in certain directed scenes was somewhat awkward while the Metus Islands 'Werner's Mansion' was in progress.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Electric Lantern' symbol on the World Map would not be exposed intermittently while the Metus Islands 'Werner's Mansion' was in progress.
  • Fixed the incorrect stair symbol and name on the map of the 'Merner's Mansion' area of ​​the Metus Islands.


[ Graphics]

  • Fixed an issue that caused abnormal output from residents appearing in the 'Iliacan Appearance' scene of the Shuray Continental Dungeon 'Mirror Labyrinth'.
  • Fixed an issue where the Assassin Class's left arm's movement was abnormal when embarrassing.


[ Lost Arc Shop]

  • The following two items have been discontinued.
    • [Weekly] Rapid Growth Package-Tier 1
    • [Weekly] Rapid Growth Package-Tier 2

[ Other]

  • Added a mileage mark to the purchase window of the character name change ticket, character appearance change ticket, character slot expansion ticket, and jumping growth ticket on the character selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the resequence effect would not be displayed when checking the item worn after searching for a character in the 'Combat Info Room' on the homepage. 
  • Fixed typos and misrepresentations in some texts and unified mixed phrases.
  • Fixed a bug where Mococo Seeds would not be acquired while in a transformed state.
  • Fixed the issue where the card locker shortcut key (ALT + C) does not work correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the information of the previously shared map is not exposed when entering and exiting the secret dungeon after sharing a large number of secret maps with party members.
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