[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 19/06/19

Nous y voilà, le second épisode de Lost Ark vient d'être lancé sur la version coréenne du jeu ! Découvrez le nouveau continent, Yon, peuplé de nains !

Il s'agit d'une grosse mise à jour, comprenant beaucoup d'ajouts et modifications :

  • Nouveau continent
  • Equipement Tier 3
  • Nouveau Gardien de Raid
  • Nouvelles îles
  • Équilibrage des classes
  • Et bien d'autres...

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 19/06/19.

Ajout de contenu

The land of great Umar

  • World Quest has been added to the continent.
    • You can see new NPCs and contents through the World Quest.
    • Item level 545 or higher, you can proceed to the World Quest of the continent.
  • Added favorable NPC 'Kayara', 'Neria' and 'Dancer Imaru' to Yon continent.

  • A book of adventure of the Yon continent was added.
  • Mokko seeds have been added throughout the continent.
  • You can use grapefruit cruise line from all over the continent from the land of the starting point of the Yonkang Port.
  • A new emotion expression 'Dance: Umarka' and a score 'Romantic Weapon' which can be obtained through the continent of the United States have been added.
  • The sea area has been extended to the vicinity of Yonkantai.
  • You can see the new marine life that is only seen in the Yon continental sea area.
    • The new marine creature "Ironcladic Marlin" is much stronger, more agile and smarter than any marine creature we have ever experienced.
    • If you go along with a crew who has the skill to knock out the Ironclad Spearfish, you will be able to attack easily.
    • The scales of the Welsh Magpie are hard, so it is necessary for several people to use the stun technique .

Tier 3 equipment item has been added.

  • You can see 3 tier items in various new contents.
    • Distinctive Brewery: Shoulder, Necklace
    • Oman's Ark: Helm, Ring
    • Knut's Tomb: Bottom, Earrings
    • Maze of oblivion: top, glove, necklace, earring, ring
  • Tier 3 You can acquire 'Fragment of equipment' from dungeon contents that can acquire hero equipment and exchange it into a box.
    • Targeted Dungeon Content: Fascinating Brewery, Ark of Oman, Knut's Tomb, Labyrinth of the Forgotten
    • Armor box items can deal with other characters, and when used, will acquire equipment items of random occupation.
    • The acquired equipment item is attributed to the character, and when disassembling it can acquire a certain amount of 'equipment fragments' corresponding to the equipment part.
  • Tier 3 Weapons and armor can be grown through luck.
  • Tier 3 equipment items do not use runes slots .
  • Tier 3 Ornaments do not use Item Levels .
    • Tier 3 The area wearing the trinkets is excluded from the average item level calculation. 
      Example: If you have all the ornaments attached to tier 3, your character's average item level is calculated as the average of your armor and weapons.
  • Tier 3 The set effect is added to the trinket.
    • When you attach certain sets of jewelry together, the set effect is activated.
  • A new effect is added to the Tier 3 Ring item.
    • Monster Adjustment: Affected by the strength of opponent's monsters, increases damage by up to 40%. 
    • All Attributes Damage Reduction: All attribute damage is reduced by up to 60%. Each existing property is applied as an additional effect on resistance.
  • In Tier 3, most of the attribute options can be obtained from ornaments, so character conversion is only possible with ornaments.
  • Tier 3 A certain amount of "Fragments of Ascension" is used to change the character's attributes.
    • 'Fragments of Ascension' can be obtained at a certain amount when disassembling the tier 3 ornaments.
    • 'Frag of Fate' can deal with other characters.


Equipment lining system has been added.

Tier 3 weaponry and equipment can improve the performance of equipment.

  • The equipment can be used after completing quest quests, 'Legends Sing', which can be carried out when the world quest of Yon continent is completed.
    • When you complete the quest 'Legendary Singing', you can get a new tier 3 weapon.
  • If you use 'Sunstone Fragment' to fill the equipment experience required by the Lapping stage, you can try 'Lap Equipment'.
  • When you try to train the equipment, the material is consumed depending on the level of the rake and the item type, and at certain stages it will either succeed or fail depending on the probability .
    • If you are successful, you will be able to use the item tooltips to see information.
  • You can see the necessary material information for each item in the item dictionary.
  • When you try to train, you can use additional materials to increase your chances of success.
    • The quantity available for each additional material in a single batch is limited.
  • Failure to do so will destroy all of the material used, but the likelihood of success of the equipment will increase slightly.
    • The lapping and experience points of equipment items that attempted to be lashed remain unchanged.
  • 'Transform Effects' allows you to change the effect of the effect on the instrument.
  • You can increase the level of raising of other equipment by consuming the equipment that has been trained through 'Takeover of equipment'.
  • We added a weekly ePona request for livelihoods.

Main material for equipment lining

  • Sunstone fragments
    • PvE / PvP Equipment This is the item needed for raising or raising experience.
    • The sun stone fragments also have items in the form of pockets, and you can get sun stone fragments when you use them. (Some sun stone debris bags are available.)
    • It is mainly obtained from Epona's request and various dungeons.
  • Umanium / gallium
    • This item is necessary for PvE equipment lap.
    • It is possible to deal items .
    • Mainly weekly Raid II and event can be obtained from Chaos Dungeon.
  • Breakthrough (broken / hard / polished / shiny)
    • PvE This item is only used during the rake phase, which is necessary for equipment ladder and may fail.
    • This item is shared by the expedition .
    • It can be obtained mainly by Chaos dungeon and pirate coinage.
  • Breath (of earth / lava / of Arcturus)
    • This item increases the probability of success.
    • You can usually get it from a secret dungeon.
    • It is possible to deal items .
  • Umar's Hammer
    • This item is used to change the effect of the effect.
    • You can usually get it from a secret dungeon and wrecks over three levels.
    • It is possible to deal items .
Learn how to build your equipment


  • You can grow and re-train Tier 3 equipment experience through 'Vahun Tour' located in 'Great Castle' of Yon continent.

  • You can open the equipment growth window by clicking on the 'Growth' button, and you can determine the quantity of 'sunstone debris' that will be used to grow equipment experience.
    • Increased experience increases the cost of growth, and the accumulated experience does not accumulate.


  • When the necessary equipment experience is met and the necessary material is prepared, the 'Equipment Rune' button is activated.
    • The materials required for lubrication may vary depending on the equipment item and the level of lubrication.


  • Depending on the level of success, the probability of success can vary, and you can use additional materials to increase your chances of success.
    • The quantity available for each additional material in a single batch is limited.
  • Depending on the success probability indicated, success or failure of the lap is decided .


  • If the equipment is successfully trained, the skill level and skill level will be applied.
  • Even if the equipment has not been trained, the level of the equipment items that have been tried to be trained will remain unchanged and the probability of success of the equipment will increase slightly.
    • The additional success probability accumulated due to the failure of the process is initialized when the process is successfully trained.


Transform Effect]

  • The effect of the lattice that is applied to a particular lattice step can be changed through the 'Transform Effect'.
  • The 'Hammer of Umar' and a certain amount of gold are used as an expense when 'Effect Transformation' is in progress.
  • The effect that changes to 'Transform Effects' is randomly determined.


  • The effects that can be converted are limited depending on the type of equipment item and the level of lapping.



Equipment succession]

  • Equipment items above the 'legend' grade can be 'inherited equipment' using materials from the same class of equipment as the previous class.
  • Depending on the lapping stage of equipment items used as equipment inheritance material, the succession to the specific lapping stage will proceed.
  • Depending on the target equipment item and the main material item, the equipment succession cost may vary.


 ※ Please check the game guide for more information about the equipment training system. [ Game Guide - Equipment Rewinder ]


Added 8 dungeons 'Nightmare of Antares'

  • You can acquire legendary class 3 tier equipment items and lap materials from the two new 'Antares Nightmare' dungeons.
    • Forgotten Hero's Tomb: Entry level 725 or higher
    • Crushed steel heart: Entry level 820 or higher
  • Item Level 725 or more As a character '[Guide] After the end of the nightmare' quest, you can use the 'Nightmare of Antares' dungeon through the stone statue located in the city.
  • 'Antares Nightmare Ticket' item is used when entering the dungeon.
  • 'Antares Nightmare' Dungeon requires 8 players.
  • You can enter the Antares Nightmare Dungeon on the continent.
    • If you have a party member on board, you can not enter.
  • When you enter Antares' nightmare, two party 8-player raids are supported.
    • Once a raid has been configured, you can use the raid chat (/ raid, / a) to communicate with the same raid members and send and receive SmartPing signals.
    • The raid UI allows you to view the member's class, health status, character name, and party number.
    • The raid UI can be moved by dragging according to the user's convenience, and can be changed to Minimize / Simplify / Maximize mode through the Change Mode button.
    • Each party that forms the raid has its own color, and the attacking members can see their location through the map symbol displayed in the color of each party on the map.
    • In Antares' nightmare, you can not ban party members or attackers.
    • You can not pre-configure the raid, you can apply for a match with an individual and up to 4 party members.
  • In 'Antares Nightmare', death can only be 'instantly resurrected' using ' feather of resurrection' .
    • If you can not use the Resurrection Feather within the time limit , it will automatically move out of the dungeon .
  • When you clear 'Antares Nightmare', a loot is auctioned and an additional compensation box is created.


6 step new raid guardian 'Akatsu' appearance

  • The minimum entry item level for 'Acace' is '725' .
  • In 'Akatsu' you can acquire three kinds of jewelry with set effect.
  • Added quest for 'Akates' investigator.
  • We added 'Akatsu' weekly Epoana request.
  • We have added 'Akates' to milestone.
  • We have added the 'Invert 6 Stage' category and 'Acace' to find the party.


Two island updates

■ Welcome Butterfly Island is the strongest field Boss Adrine appeared.

  • Welcome to the island of Butterflies, a new field boss 'Adrien' appears.
    • Now the Welcome Butterfly Island can only enter when Adrienne appears.
    • Item Level 800 over only the island entrance you. 
      ※ Agena is a good opportunity for the quest progress is always available.
  • Welcome to the island of butterfly Quests have been added to the appearance of Adrine.
  • Welcome We have changed the maximum number of visitors to Nabi Island to 8 persons .


■ An unknown ruin was hidden in an isolated island of eternity.

  • NPC 'Marie' has been added.
  • Added an eternal island quest and rewards.
  • The Isle of the Milestone category has been added to the "Island of the Eternal Isle."
    • Added 6 new Expeditionary Quests and 3 Expeditionary Quests for 'Isle of Eternity'.


Tier 3 Added new dungeons and labyrinths

■ New Tier 3 Chaos Dungeon 3 has been added.

  • You will be able to enter three new Tier 3 Chaos dungeons through the stone statues located in each major city.
    • Sinner's Temple: Entry level 545 or higher
    • Fallen Nether: Entry level 680 or higher
    • Sanctity of Consolidation: Entry level 775 or higher
  • Tier 3 In the Chaos Dungeon, you can acquire the materials you need to train your equipment.
  • Tier 3 Event In Chaos Dungeon, you can acquire the materials and tier 3 secret map for your equipment.


■ New labyrinth 'labyrinth of oblivion' has been added.

  • 'The labyrinth of oblivion' can be entered in 'Iron hammer workshop' of Yon continent.
    • Item Level 625 or more Character 'exhaled breath of oblivion' Quest after the completion of the quest is possible .
    • You can enter it using 'Admission ticket: labyrinth of forgetting'.
  • You can exchange equipment items and box items on Tier 3 'top' and 'gloves' with 'Equipment fragments of forgotten space' obtained from 'The Maze of Oblivion'.
    • Tops and gloves box items can deal with other characters, and when used , acquire equipment items in random jobs.
    • The acquired equipment item is attributed to the character and you can acquire a certain amount of 'debris of equipment forgotten' during disassembly.
  • We added a weekly ePona request for 'The Labyrinth of Oblivion'.


■ Marine Dungeon Knut's grave has been added.

  • You can enter the marine dungeon 'Knut's Tomb' in the waters adjacent to the Yon continent.
    • In order to enter Knut's Tomb, you must complete the quest 'Finding Traces of Cream Snail' which can be done at item level 585.
    • Only item level 585 or more can enter the dungeon .
  • In 'Knut's Tomb' you can get various items including 'Sunstone Fragment'.
  • In 'Cannon shooting screen', 'Mouse cursor' can be activated / deactivated with ALT key.

Équilibrage des classes

Battle Master


Brain angle
  • Increased the standard damage of the skill by 19.7%.
  • Increased mana consumption by about 16%.
  • The cooldown time has been changed as follows.
    • Original: 7 seconds
    • Change: 9 seconds

Moonlight angle

  • Increased the base damage of the skill by 16.7%.
  • Increased mana consumption by about 13%.
  • The cooldown time has been changed as follows.
    • Original: 18 seconds
    • Change: 22 seconds



  • First, second hit damage is reduced, and last strike damage is increased. (Total damage is the same as before)
  • We changed the 'Endless Rage' tripod effect as follows.
    • Existing: Cost 8 times faster and hit the enemy to hit the enemy with a 20% increase. As you hit, your attack range increases slightly and your attack energy regains 2 hit points per hit.
    • Change: Increases the damage done to the enemy by 30% by inflicting the last strike after several times fasting the base 8 times. As you hit, your attack range increases slightly and your attack energy regains 2 hit points per hit.
  • We changed the 'Shaking Zone' tripod effect as follows.
    • Legacy: Each time you shoot down, the spikes rise from the ground, and every time you hit it, you gain 10% more damage to the enemy.
    • Change: Each time you shoot, the spikes rise from the ground, and every time you hit it, the damage it inflicts on the enemy increases by 15%.


Death sentence

  • PvP damage has been increased by 9.1%.


The right of release

  • Increased damage on PvP by 12.5%.


Supernova explosion

  • Increased the damage done by PvP by 17.6%.

Soul Master


Elbow height
  • The effect of 'Frost Attack' has been changed as follows.
    • Existing: Changed to [Number] attribute and freezes the enemy for 2 seconds when the skill is hit.
    • Changed: Changed to [Number] property and increased cooldown for 4 seconds. When the skill is hit, freeze the enemy for 2 seconds.


Bronze Day berserk

  • Increased the standard damage of the skill by 14.9%.
  • I have increased my air consumption by 50.
  • The cooldown time has been changed as follows.
    • Original: 20 seconds
    • Change: 24 seconds



  • Increased the base damage of the skill by 15.2%.
  • I have increased my air consumption by 30.
  • The cooldown time has been changed as follows.
    • Original: 15 seconds
    • Change: 18 seconds

Lance Master


Menwal Island

  • Increased the standard damage of the skill by 18.9%.
  • Increased mana consumption by about 14%.
  • The cooldown time has been changed as follows.
    • Original: 16 seconds
    • Change: 20 seconds


Blue Dragon Jin

  • Reduced the base damage of the skill by 32.7%.
  • We changed the 'Dropping window' tripod effect as follows.
    • Existing: Attacks the window to the mouse position. Hits hit immediately on the floor, causing 20% ​​more damage to enemies.
    • Change: Attacks the window at the mouse position. Attack range is reduced by 20%, and damage done by enemies increases by 20%.
    • Increased delay time until window drops after casting skill.


Yuseong River

  • We changed the 'Robustness' tri-fold to 'Concussion'.
    • Existing: Becomes immune to attack during the casting skill.
    • Change: The neutralization phase of the skill is granted.


Immense heat wave

  • The effect of PvP has been changed as follows.
    • Existing: Fires an enemy when attacking.
    • Change: Strike the enemy when attacking.


Red dragonfly

  • The effect of PvP has been changed as follows.
    • Existing: Fires an enemy when attacking.
    • Change: Strike the enemy when attacking.



El Seid

  • PvP damage has been reduced by 8.3%.


Ancient Window

  • Increased damage by 21.2% during PvP.



  • Increased card gauge acquisition by 66.7% during PVP.


Stack skill

  • Increased the base damage of all stacked skills by 8.3%.


General skill

  • Increased the base damage of all normal skills by 10.6%.


Celestial Rain

  • Increased the base damage of the skill by 45.8%.

Devil Hunter



  • Increased damage on PVP by 8.4%.


The Last Supper

  • Increased damage on PVP by 7.1%.


Spiral flam


  • Increased damage on PVP by 14.2%.


Perfect Shot

  • Increased damage on PVP by 34.2%.




  • We changed the skill motion more quickly.



  • Skill preparation We changed the motion faster.



  • We have changed the stun effect retention time for the following attack hits.
    • Original: 2 seconds
    • Change: 3 seconds
  • We changed the 'keep stun' tripod effect as follows.
    • Existing: Stun effect retention time increases by 2 seconds.
    • Change: Increases stun effect duration by 3 seconds.


Plasma Storm

  • We changed the skill motion more quickly.
  • Plasma field movement speed is changed more quickly.


Gravity explosion

  • PVP increased gravity field explosion damage by 12.5%.

Hawk Eye


Uniform fire

  • The "Stealthy Move" tripod effect has been changed as follows.
    • Existing: After 3 seconds of using skill, you will be stunned, but the cooldown time increases by 3 seconds.
    • Change: The skill is stunned for 3 seconds after using, but the cooldown time increases by 6 seconds.


Quick Cut

  • The "Stealthy Move" tripod effect has been changed as follows.
    • Existing: Uses skill, stays on for 3 seconds, and increases movement speed by 30%.
    • Change: Using Skill for 3 seconds, stunning, movement speed is increased by 30%, but the cooldown time increases by 3 seconds.


Sharp shooter

  • Increased damage on PvP by 11.5%.


Blade Storm

  • Increased damage in PvP by 17.4%.


Silver Hawk: Final Attack

  • Increased damage in PvP by 15.3%.


Item level growth easing]

Based on the introduction of the Yon continental and 3-tier equipment, the existing item level growth section has been improved as follows.

  • We have increased the number of replaceable aclaciums from 3 to 5, which can be exchanged for labyrinthine voids and empty labyrinth fragments.
    • We have reduced the purchase cost of the labyrinth exchange NPC acracheum to half.
  • Increased the number of acquisitions of the secret acupuncture dungeon daily to three.
  • We have doubled the amount of 'slayers' that can be obtained in weekly raids.
  • We have greatly reduced the material required for polishing equipment at dawn.
    • The required quantity of 'Slayer's Mark' will remain unchanged.
  • We have increased the number of purchases of tear-2 legendary equipment abrasive materials three times from the previous one.


[Potion  item price reduction]

  • We lowered the price of some general potion items as follows.
    • Master Healing Potion: 40 Shillings → 35 Shillings
    • Mastermind Healing Potion: 80 Shillings → 60 Shillings
    • Enhanced Healing Potion: 140 Shillings → 100 Shillings
    • Special Healing Potion: 260 Shillings → 180 Shillings
    • Divine Healing Potion: 450 Shillings → 350 Shillings

[Stamp impression cost reduction ]

I lowered the stamping cost as follows.

  • Tier 1 Accessory
    • Level 1 Stamping: 10000 Shillings → 5000 Shillings
    • Level 2 engraving: 20000 Shillings → 10000 Shillings
  • Tier 2 Ornaments
    • Level 1 Stamping: 30000 Shillings → 15,000 Shillings
    • Level 2 engraving: 50000 ceiling → 20000 ceiling

[The ghost ship that destroys life]

The way of entering the 15th ghost ship has been restructured as follows.

  • We changed the 'ghost ship destroying life' to an island that can be admitted according to the scheduled time from a fixed location.
  • The appearance schedule of the ghost ship destroying life is the same as before.
    • Every Tuesday and Thursday: 19:00 / 22:00
    • Every Wednesday, Friday: 01:00
    • Every Saturday: 11 o'clock / 18 o'clock
    • Every Sunday: 0 o'clock
  • The 'ghost ship destroying life' appears in six places, three in each of the sea and ocean of Procyon.
  • You can see where you can enter when searching for 'Phantom of Destruction' on the World Map.


Weekly Raid]

  • Tier 3 We have added a 2 week weekly raid based on the equipment update.
    • You can use 'Weekly Raid II' from item level 600 or higher.
    • 'Admission: Weekly Raid II' is consumed when entering Weekly Raid II. 
      ※ You can also exchange 'Admission ticket: Weekly Raid II' as a 'Mark of Slayer'. (2019-06-19 content added)
    • In Weekly Raid II, you can acquire the materials you need to train your equipment.
    • We have subdivided the weekly raid sub-category of 'Find Party' according to the addition of 'Weekly Raid II'.
  • When the raid guardians are in an adjacent state, they add a pattern to move the rest to a different area except for one guardian after a certain period of time. 
  • We have adjusted the battle balance of existing weekly raids.
    • We lowered the guardian's stamina in the existing weekly raid.



  • We changed the maximum number of apprentice raids to two.
  • I have adjusted the apprentice raid's battle difficulty based on 1 person.
  • According to the maximum entry capacity adjustment, the appraisal raid has been changed so that the MVP system is not applied.
  • Removed the 'Apprentice Raid' classification of finding a party according to the change of the entrance number.
  • 'Hell of Hell Gaia' has been modified so that it does not move when it is in the air before the battle begins.



We have added a ship skin that can change the ship to a special appearance.

  • In the berth mode (Z), you can apply the ship skins you have by pressing the 'Skin List' button.
    • Ship skins can only be applied and released near the port .
  • Each ship skins has one or two unique sailing skills.
    • However, the movement-only skins can not use the active technology of the existing ship & crew. (Passive effect is maintained)
  • Some skins may be limited to applicable vessels .
  • There are skins that can be used only in some fixed-term or PC rooms. 
  • Ship skins can be acquired by Lost Arc Shop, PC room benefits, events and more.
  • Acquired skins can be used by all characters in the expedition .


Tier 3 We have added a reward that can be obtained from the voyage according to the equipment update.

  • Added Tier 3 Marine treasure map.
    • Tier 3 You can acquire equipment liquefied material through a marine treasure map.
  • It has been added to acquire equipment liquefaction materials through navigation activities.
  • NPCs have been added to exchange Pirates' Tier 3 equipment ladders in 'Pirates of the Sea' and 'Fermat of the Sea'.
    • Ocean Paradise Phuket: Paytonia
    • Cradle of the Sea Fermata: Perthania

We have added a sailor with stunning throwing skills.

  • Stunned casting techniques can be used to hunter the 'Ironclad Marines' in the Yon continental waters.
  • Sailors with stunning gulags can meet through the following path.
    • You can acquire an application form for 'Abidov' and 'Sea hunter Abidov' crew at the ghost hunting guild line.
    • You can obtain applications for Yozo, Tar Milla, Rookie Rookie, and Yan Zeke from Sailor Employee Brandy.


  • 'Super Bingo GO GO Bingo doll to complete GO GO!' We have changed some of the 4th, 5th, and 5th event missions.
    • Rune mount success 5 times → Ability stone work completion 1 time
    • 3 times of labyrinth clear of pride → Participation of 3 times
    • Empty the labyrinth clear 5 times → labyrinth clear 5 times
    • Polishing effect conversion 10 times → participation in battle 3 times
    • 5 victories in the battle of the ...
    • Competition Victory 3 times → Square Hall 20 times 
      ※ Please confirm details on the event page. [ Event page ]



  • All maps and navigation maps now display hazardous areas, and in global maps you can turn off or turn off dangerous areas as a legend.
  • Removed some legend features that are not used in navigation and the entire World Map (M).
  • Aboriginal villages have been improved to display in the entire map as well.



  • Newly added content information added to the milestone.
  • Added new item information to item dictionary.


Dungeon / Battle]

  • We have adjusted the balance of existing Tier 1, Tier 2, and Chaos Dungeons so that you can play the game more quickly and comfortably with one person.
    • We lowered the health of normal monsters.
    • Elite, Named, and Seed Monsters.
    • Boss Monster's health has been reduced.
  • One person in Chaos Dungeon In the area moving to the area where the boss emerges, when reconnecting and reconnecting, it has been improved to move directly to the area where the boss is located.
  • We adjusted the maze's battle difficulty as follows.
    • We lowered the health of normal monsters.
    • We have reduced the health of the named monster.
    • I adjusted the battle difficulty according to the party personnel.
  • If the combat status is canceled due to the death of all characters in combat with the Named and Boss Monsters in the Labyrinth of Pride, the monsters have changed their consumed HP to remain unremoved.
  • We have adjusted the amount of plague explosion skill damage used by the Pestilence Bartho of the 'Crystal of the Dragon'.
  • We have increased the health of the field boss below.
    • Everglades's nest: Chuo, a chug of mixed



  • You can purchase Tier 3 PvP equipment and a variety of material items to grow your equipment to large city PvP equipment exchange traders.
    • PvP rank and item level conditions must be met before you can purchase .
  • Added PvP Weekly Compensation with a new item that can be used to train Tier 3 PvP equipment.
    • The higher the rank of the material, the more amount of compensation you can receive.
    • The added laps will be paid from the settlement on Wednesday, June 26.



  • Berserker's 'Strike Wave' skill has been improved as follows:
    • Fixed an occasional attack that occurred twice.
    • Improved to use the mobile device immediately after using the skill.
    • We have changed the attack on the attacking ground to no longer be affected by the increase in attack speed.
    • We have shortened the delay time so that we can continue the next skill more quickly after casting skill.
    • Corrected the phenomenon that the effects of 'Wave' and 'Cerberus' triad combination were not applied in some cases.
    • Corrected the phenomenon that the amount of acquisition of the identity gauge was excessively high when a large number of skill was selected by selecting 'Cerberus' tripod.
  • Berserker 'Strike Wave' skill 'breakthrough' more accurate tripop guide has improved.
    • The charge step increases by one step, and the time taken by the second step charge is reduced by 0.1 second. Overcharge increases damage done by your opponent by 40%.
  • Warlord 'Spear Shot' skill's 'Close-up Explosion' improved the accuracy of the Tripod Guidance text.
    • Before change: Changed to charge skill. Gives a total damage increase of 25% when taking 2 Stage, a total damage of 105% when taking 3 Stage, but a 20% damage when taking Stage 1.
    • After change: Changed to the charge skill. Gives a total damage increase of 25% when taking 2 Stage, a total damage of 105% when overcharged, but a 20% damage when taking 1 Stage.
  • It has more intuitively modified the guiding phrases of 'Infantry' and 'Endless Rage'.
  • 'Blastor' 'napalm' skill 'Chain Explosion' and 'Dancing Flame' when applied to the Tripod, the flame zone creation time was changed to be applied simultaneously with the first attack.
  • Corrected the expression of guards related to the effect of the shielding effect of 'Chang-Yeongseo' and 'Immunity' skill.
  • Changed the number of 'Bleeding' from '3 times' to '5 times' for 5 seconds when applying the 'Throwing Wounds' tripod, which is a skill of 'Changed Dragon'.


Command of Shilian]

  • The entry level of the Tower of Fate 40th to 50th floors has been changed as follows.
    • 40 to 44 Floor: 560 → 600
    • 45 to 49: 580 → 650
    • 50 Floor: 600 → 700
    • We have reorganized some of the clear rewards so that you can receive rewards that match your level.
  • We also applied MVP system to cube and boss rush contents.


Sila Mael battlefield]

  • We have improved to check the guild that challenged each base.
    • You can check the number of guilds you have challenged in the detailed description of the base on the right side of the Sila Mael battlefield board.
    • You can check the list of challenged guilds in the 'Ranking this week' item in the base ranking window. 
      ※ However, if there is no record, rank is not displayed.


Requested by Epson]

  • We have improved the daily EpoNa requests shared by the expedition units so that all of the characters in the expedition can instantly bookmark them.
  • We have revised the recommended level information for some weekly ePOne requests.
  • Quest quests are added daily. 
    • Guardian Investigator Quest When you complete the Heroes that Stop the Turbulence, you can perform quests on the dense fog ridge, the red sand desert, and the new daily Ephonas of the Frigid Rest.


Secret map]

  • Tier 3 has added a secret map.
    • Tier 3 You can acquire equipment lure materials through a secret map.
  • We sell items that can acquire tier 3 secret map randomly in the metropolitan gold store.



  • I have upgraded the stamina of the 'Slow Turtle's Vice Captain' monster that appears on the Island of Aspiring. (2019-06-19 content added)
  • The 'Trap' hunting object placed on the island of the covenant has been removed.
  • We have improved the turning motion of some ships more naturally.
  • We added 43 new expeditionary tasks.
  • We added ten kinds of title to the expedition task force.

  • We have improved the skill name to be displayed when applying the party buff and debuff effects through some skills and tripods. 
  • The following sentence effect has been improved so that it can be applied to the attack of the pet.
    • Sentence of glory: an unstoppable onslaught
    • Glory of the Glory: Job Hunter
    • Sentence of Glory: Burning Time
  • We have added 'Devil of the Disease Priest' to the target monster at the end of the Sho Shire continent quest 'Wolves'.
  • Changed the item 'Luck Essence' from 'Character' to 'Fellowship'.
  • We changed the name of the living tool selection box to "Living Tool Box".
  • We have added the 'Other materials' category to the 'Reinforced materials' section of the exchange.

Correction de bugs

Dungeon / Battle]

  • Some of the monster's image debuff attribute was applied to the 'brain' attribute was modified to 'fire' attribute.
  • Fixed a situation where a party player does not have a party synergy buff in certain situations.
    • Renew duplicate synergy only in the same party.
  • Fixed the problem that the range of the dictionary attack of the monster 'Volky' in front of two consecutive attacks was slightly different from the actual attack range.
  • Fixed the problem that when a target attack command is issued to a pet, the attacker can not attack normally while holding the object.
  • When Chaos dungeon matching is attempted, it is impossible to cancel the matching with a low probability.
  • Raid Guardian 'Lava Chromanium' now has a slight deviation from the actual range and direction when using breath skill.
  • Fixed a bug that resurrected from an abnormal position with a low probability when resurrecting base in the 'Red Sand Desert'.
  • Fixed the problem that when the dungeon is forcibly released after entering the raid area, the ending sound of the ending sound is output according to the ending time of the raid.
  • Fixed a problem that when a signal was used with the 'player's winning' mark applied in the raid, the player will display the character drawing text.
  • Fixed a bug monster 'Plague Bottle' in Anitts continental dungeon 'Envy of the Enemy' that when using the strengthening skill, it is subject to disablement.
  • Fixed a bug that could use the battle item 'Camouflage Lobe' while boarding the hover board during the 'Heart of Krater' dungeon in Art Destain continent.
  • During the battle with the boss 'Jagan' in the Lutheran Dungeon 'Royal Tomb of the Lutheran', the pet was recalled to the air in the back of the jar, and the movement was possible.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which Intermediate Boss 'Guardian of Light' appeared intermittently in Lutheran's Dungeon 'King Lutheran's Tomb'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the effect of 'advance kwiki' and 'magic spurt' skill used by monster 'Dreamwalker' monster in Handel's Dungeon 'Palace of Dreams' is applied intermittently differently. 
  • In Handel's Dungeon 'Palace of Dreams' quest In the 'Palace of Dreams' progress, even if the correct answer is put in the correct position in the third stage of the 'Dreamy Army Corps', there is a low possibility that the quest target is not completed.
  • When you enter a dungeon that is transformed immediately upon entering, it is an action you can not do during transformation. The message that the message "is displayed" is corrected.
  • Fixed the problem of moving to an area that can not move intermittently when using Escape.
  • Fixed a problem where some of the monsters used to attack certain points of the skill had a smaller effect than the actual damage range.



  • At the completion of Destruction of the Production Facility of Art Destain Quest, the NPC name exposed and the NPC name of the interaction target are different.
  • Ardetain Fixed the phenomenon of 'Pickpocket' monsters appearing around the Rijen Orphanage in Totlich of the continent.
  • In the process, when the character who has earned the trust of Ajena is finished, the camera shows the appearance of the building.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that Artemis loading image and tip are displayed when entering quest 'water sanctuary'.



  • Summoner 'El Seed' when using the skill, intermittently summoned the number of pet monster has been fixed.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the identity gauge gets more than the actual number of hits when applying Arcana 'Spiral Edge' skill 'Ruthless Shot' and 'Card Storm'
  • Bard 'Soundholik' skill intermittently monster 'slow turtle's sub captain' does not damage the phenomenon has been fixed.
  • When the infector wears 'Heavy Gauntlets with a dazzling fruit', the appearance of previously worn weapons is dimly corrected.
  • Berserker 'Power Brakes' skill 'Power Accumulation' while applying the tri-pod, overcharged in the state of death after the resurrection of weapon effects remain fixed.
  • Fixed a situation where Hawk Eye does not have the effect of increasing the Hawk Gauge recovery amount when the Specialization value is increased in combat.
  • Hawk Eye 'Deadly Target' skill icon and effects are now exposed to other characters have been fixed.
  • Fixed the problem that when you try to interact with an object by right clicking the mouse during skill casting, the skill cast is canceled.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the logging gauge disappears when using life skills during logging.
  • Fixed the situation that when the skill that is applied skill is activated and the skill during hunting is activated, the cooldown can be reset by using the equipment release and re-installation.
  • When using a dashing skill, we have fixed the passing of objects through certain situations. 


Command of Shilian]

  • Fixed a situation where you can not intermittently damage monsters in Phase 11 of the Trial Cloak.
  • Fixed the problem that the information of the logging icon is displayed as overlapping when checking the logging icon of the world map after using the skill to find the tree in the platinum field.
  • Fixed a situation where the mini-map of Platinum Field 'Yudia Ancient Waterway' is exposed as if there is an obstacle in a specific location.


Requested by Epson]

  • Requested daily EPCA When a sub character who does not perform 'Whale Watching' performs a request, the phenomenon of request completion NPC is not seen.
  • Fixed the problem that NPC is not seen when subpocharging is performed by sharing daily 'Efo' request 'whale watching'.



  • Fixed a situation where it is impossible to 'confront' an opponent character on some liner.
  • Voyage Passive Skill When 'Quick Operation' is used when crossing the sea in the state of 'Joeulmuljil' applied, the phenomenon that the movement speed decreases intermittently has been corrected.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the symbol of the island of sleeping song is active at the time when it is impossible to enter when checking the world map during navigation.
  • Fixed the problem of exposing unknown environment objects to certain areas during navigation.



  • Fixed a phenomenon in which characters seem to be floating in the air intermittently when talking to an NPC after boarding a ride.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that only characters were seen when checking the character that boarded on the riding, but the other character boarded the riding.
  • Fixed a situation in which a character watches the opposite direction of the NPC while playing goodwill.
  • Modified the knee color of some avatars to be a little darker.
  • Fixed an awkward phenomenon in the motion of certain environment NPCs in Handel continent 'Roarun'.
  • Fixed a situation where when a box item is opened in a location where the terrain elevation of Artetaine continent 'Stern' exists, the item is dropped at a location other than where the character is located.



  • Fixed a bug where you can not enter 'Bell' in the first letter of the recruitment title when registering the Reveal Guardian 'Belganus' token recruitment post in the party finder window.
  • Lost Arc Shop Fixed the problem that the color of the items displayed in the product configuration is not exposed by some UI window.
  • Verification battlefield buff When we have "battlefield time", we corrected the phenomenon that additional damage is indicated in the character information window as 19.9%.
  • Fixed a problem where the 'N' mark displayed when the PVP info window (Alt + K) was opened for the first time does not disappear.



  • Fixed 'Ability Increase Potion' that can not be acquired yet to be searched in Item Dictionary.
  • Fixed the problem that the buffer name is displayed abnormally when using some potion items.



  • We corrected some awkward expressions and punctuation of some texts and unified their names.
  • Fixed the message that the store response is slow when trying to purchase more than the maximum number of items in the merchandise box.
  • We have corrected the phenomenon that the exchange can not register the property with low probability.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that was not reflected in the achievement of 'full-filled herbalism' using the following skills.
    • Berserker: Berserk Fury
    • Warlord: 'Burst Cannon' skill 'overcharge'
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