[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 26/06/19

Comme tous les mercredi, une nouvelle mise à jour a été déployée sur les serveurs coréens de Lost Ark.

Au programme : ajout de nouveaux tiers de Gardiens de raid, amélioration de l'interface de recherche des quêtes d'Epona, et bien d'autres améliorations.

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 26/06/19.

Mise à jour

[ Raid]


  • We have added a guardian to the 6-step raid to get additional equipment lure material through raid.
    • [Expert] Lumerus: Item Level 600 or higher
    • [Expert] RegiOros: Item Level 650 or higher
    • [Skills] Belganus: Item Level 700 or higher Matchable
      ※ 'Experienced' Guardians have higher difficulty than the existing subjugated guards.
  • Added 6 levels of Raid Guardian to find out about party items and milestone information, weekly Epson commission.
  • Added 5 levels of Apprentice difficulty raid.
    • Apprentice difficulty raid can get the right amount of compensation for the difficulty.
  • Level 6 'Raid Guardian' 'Akatsu' Reward Item 'I want to add stamp III' has been added. (2019-06-26 content added)


[ Epona commission / quest]

  • We have improved the search function of Epona request as below.

    • You can search for a favor or reputation by typing more than two letters.
    • Removed the compensation type filtering option from the reputation status and added filtering options according to reputation progress.
    • We have improved to check the compensation for each stage in the detailed information window.
  • Below are some of the pre-Quest quests in the daily Epona-Quest have been changed.
    • We changed the quest of the deep fog ridge, the red sand desert, and the rest of the cold to the 'calm of the night that kept the hero from stopping'.
  • Quest to open the curtain of Procyon 'Quest for a new sea' to be able to receive at the ports of each continent in my sea improved.
    • Find the 'Experienced Route Chapters' in Mane Waves Port, Changchun, Fermented Passage, Krona Harbor, and Frozen Seas.
  • Corrected the recommendation level for 'Akatsu' weekly Epson commissioning.
  • Yueda Daily Efona Corrected the quest area to be clearly visible when questing 'Cursed Remains' Quest.
  • Fixed the problem that the name of the item is exposed to white which does not reflect the rating color in the final reward UI of the ePOne commissioned reputation status.
  • We added the pre-quest condition of the 'Star-eyed Girl' in the group quests of the paradise on the sea paradise, and modified it to be acceptable after completing the quest 'in the hands of our future'.



  • Since June 19, 10:00, we have added the following recurring item rewards from PvP activities.
    • The soul of the slayer
    • Hero's Soul (Above the Superlative)
      ※ There is a difference in the amount of compensation paid by each class. For more details, please check the PvP info window in game.
  • Strengthening ability correction applied to battlefield of proof.
    • The maximum and minimum widths of the attributes that are applied in the battlefield of the proof have been further reduced.
  • We have added and adjusted the ability correction in Sila Mael Battleground Guild Wars.
    • New stats correction has been added to all locations except Rusty Metal Land.
      ※ The new ability value correction is added, and the maximum and minimum of the ability value applied in the guild battle are reduced compared to the existing one.
    • The ground base of a rusty metal is subject to the same stats correction as the battlefield of the demonstration.


[ Sailing]

  • We adjusted the amount of 'Drifting Soul' and 'Regularity of Marine Life' which were set excessively compared to the power of luck that is consumed in the Ironclad Marines Hunting.
  • In case of marine dungeon 'Entry confirmation window' is exposed, all buttons in 'Entry confirmation window' are disabled when ship being ship is wrecked.
  • Harmony Island co-op quest is completed, each player can be revived to be able to cancel the production.
  • Added 'Umanium' and 'Galactium' as 'Clear Ghost Ship' to clear the life. (You can only acquire character of item level 545 or higher.)
  • We have changed the sales items of the Yonkabon Guild Hunting Guild Line as follows.
    • We have added 'Yonhang Sea Sailing Legend Map Box'. (Only one item can be purchased per week.)
    • We have added 'Yonhang Sea Sailing Random Map Box'.
    • Existing legendary sailing secret map item sale will end.


[ Lost Arc Shop]

We added the following convenience functions to the Lost Arc Shop and revised the UI.

  • We have expanded our product range.
    • You can see more recommended items through the scroll function.
  • Marie's secret shop update news alarm added.
  • We have added the latest / most popular sort filter in Lost Arc Shop.
  • We have adjusted some categories.

[Event ]

  • PC room compensation has been changed as below.
    • 90 minutes Compensation: Shilian's command (PC room)
    • 120 minutes Compensation: [Daily] Request Epo board +1 (PC room)
    • 150 minutes Compensation: Umar's precious liquor material box

[ Item / Store]

  • The properties of some abrasive material items below have been modified to be sellable and destructible.
    • Abrasive equipment for equipment
    • 'Shadow of dream' equipment abrasive material
  • The "Fallen Oman" trinket set options have been changed as shown below.
    • Existing: Critical Rate 5%, Critical Damage 10%
    • Change: Activate the effect of 'Velcroze's Maggie' with a certain probability when attacking the enemy.
  • Fixed the 'View Information' button on the item tooltip that is linked to the chat window to be always exposed at the bottom of the tooltip screen regardless of the tooltip length.
  • Antares has been modified to always expose merchants who can exchange equipment.
  • Modified to always expose the vessel which can exchange the constant of Knut.
  • We have relocated AccraSim merchandise, which was tradable to merchants in large cities, as an exchangeable luxury merchandise item.
  • We have changed the "Special Healing Potion" to be dropped from hidden boxes appearing all over the continent of Yonk, excluding the starting ground.


[ Milestone]

  • We have added information on the acquisition to some of the ingredients of the Yonja Adventure.
  • We added 'Ignore Abbreviation II' stamp in the item dictionary.
  • We removed the 'all-around medicine' from the milestones 'Nacre Sena' and 'Heavy Armor and Crusena'.
  • Changed the recommended milestones of "Kal Eligos" to "Belganus".


[ Fellowship]

  • Expedition Achievement We have improved the achievement count to be higher for all characters who have contributed by easing the conditions of "If you were a little late ...".
  • We have reinforced the contents to make it easier to recognize the acquisition conditions of 'Lucky' titles that can be acquired by the expeditionary task compensation.


[ Other]

  • Equipment Growth Equipment Growth UI has added a 'Min / Max' button that can be used to set the amount of sun stone shards to use to grow equipment experience.
  • Tear-3 'buff' effect of the equipment has been improved to be more visible. In addition, buffs of similar effect have been improved to apply effects according to the situation at the same time.
  • Tier 3 Equipment Improved buffing tooltip color notation for "hardened" play.
  • At the Lost Arc Shop, we have slightly improved the position of the 'ride: Staufebrize' preview camera.
  • Welcome to the Butterfly Island World Map.
  • I added the phrase "every second" to the tooltip description of "Auto Acquisition" in the navigation skill.
  • Added 'Secret map' item to the party search list.
  • When exchanging the map, we improved the "probability of rating rise" to 2 decimal places.
  • We have adjusted the position of the talking Umar NPC placed in the great castle.
  • Fixed dungeon description of 'Antares Nightmare' entry screen.
  • We have updated our calendar calendar in July.
  • We have improved to output only the earliest schedule among the multiple times set in the calendar ghost ship schedule.


Correction de bugs

[ Quest / Monster]

  • Fixed the problem of exposing object effects that are not associated with quests in the land of the John Territory.
  • Fixed the problem that the character position and the camera view are moved suddenly in the re-imagining direction after proceeding with the "Kid's Rule with Belle Cruse" of "Keep Great Seal" of the John Continent Quest.
  • Fixed the problem that the location of the quest zone is abnormally displayed during the quest "Searching for clues of treasure".
  • Large Mushroom Island 'Inferiority' During the quest, we have corrected the phenomenon that we can not enter the island when we go out of the island and enter the island again.
  • Fixed the problem that the target quantity of monster is intermittently lacking at the step of 'To the deepest place' of Totoiku continent Quest, 'Harming monster hatching period'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the health bar of 'Signatous MK2' appearing in the heart of the fallen steel is marked as one line.
  • Fixed a problem that the health bar of the Yonkai monster is not displayed normally.


[ Dungeon / Battle]

  • Fixed the phenomenon that the party character or his character is not seen intermittently during Knut's grave production.
  • Knut's grave progressed to the maximum left and right angles, and when the bombardment proceeded, the cannon bounced off the sea and exploded into the character's side.
  • Fixed the situation where the shortcut key setting is reset automatically when getting off the cannon from Knut's grave.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which the position of party members, the installation of weapons, and some other awkward expressions are expressed during a certain production in the 'Dungeon of Oman' dungeon 'Oman's Ark'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that certain monsters can not be struck in invincibility for a certain period in 'Oman's Ark' in the Jon continental dungeon.
  • Jon continental dungeon 'Oman's Ark' Quest During the 'Origin of Oman' quest, we fixed the situation that we can not proceed the stage in certain situations.
  • Fixed the problem that the brewery door does not work intermittently in the 'Dreadful Brewery' of the Dungeon of the Yon Continent.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the character was moved to an impossible position intermittently in the 'Dreadful Brewery' of the Dungeon of the Yon continent and the dungeon was not available.
  • In the Lutheran Dungeon 'Royal Tomb of the Lutheran', the final boss 'kangan' has not been removed immediately after death.
  • In the Lutheran Dungeon 'King Lutheran's Tomb', we corrected the phenomenon that the 'kangan' during the battle with 'kangan' continued intermittently and invincible.
  • Fixed a condition that can not intermittently execute 'giant bone destruction' quest condition in Artillus continental dungeon 'Agilos' tail'.
  • Twilight Island Dungeon Twilight Chapel In progress, if a monster has been hit by a monster in a certain area, the situation is blocked and the progress is no longer possible.
  • Fixed a bell cruse stalemate during battles with Belcruze, which allowed him to attack while in hiding.
  • Boss monsters 'bell cruse', 'Kizura' stealth buff when the icon is exposed to the stealth duration has been fixed the phenomenon.
  • Chaos Dungeon In the boss room After the death of the base resurrection, intermittently blocked the door to the knockback state has been fixed the phenomenon.
  • Fixed a problem in which the damage lightning damage font of the 'Aura of Bondage' buff given by 'Naber' soul is abnormally printed during the quest 'Ancient Power of Ancestors'
  • 'Ark of the Ark' Vahun Tour appeared in the appearance of Vahon Tour is now invisible.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that progressive skill such as technicians 'crushing chaos' and 'Ichigo gauze' intermittently passes through the target and can not be hit.


[ Sailing]

  •  Fixed the problem of intermittently disappearing the effects of 'Onboard Supper' and 'Energetic Aura' when moving and changing the channel during the sailing .
  • Corrected the phenomenon that when the crossing of the marine dungeon 'entrance confirmation window' crossed the prokinion tent, the state of the 'entry confirmation window' of the person who crossed the tent is different from that of the dungeon waiters.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the character is exposed to abnormal position when arriving after boarding the line to the mane wave port from the land of the beginning of the yon continent.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that related effects are maintained even if we remove the ship's skins or crews that have Stealth,
  • Fixed a situation where 'Stealth', 'Spell Seed', and 'Gala Dinner' are not connected to the game and the time is deducted.
  • Fixed a situation where the 'Escape from the elevator' phase does not progress intermittently during the 'Secret Laboratory' quest of the 'Isle of Eternity'.
  • Cooperative quest in the Island of Fog 'Honey is the best!' Fixed the problem of exposing quest NPC symbols in places that are not related to islands of fog when checking the navigation, navigation world map.


[ Item]

  • Corrected the problem that the tooltip text of some active buffs of the tier 3 equipment is incorrectly described.
  • Fixed the fact that the information of the character equipped with the tier 3 accessories and the total item level are different from the actual one.
  • Tier 3 Fixed the problem that the tool tip of 'no decomposition' was not written.
  • Tier 3 Fixed the phenomenon that the current item experience value is displayed in the tool tip of the hero grade.
  • Fixed the problem of not recognizing the items stored in expedition warehouses during training.
  • Fixed the random option of item removed when retrieving item with random option after posting a trophy after auction.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the category described in the "Sunstone Shatter Pocket" tooltip description is incorrect.
  • Fixed a situation where several secret maps of the same rank are indicated on the component tool tips of Umar's valuable secret map pocket.
  • Fixed the problem that the acquisition point is not displayed in the tooltip of 'Ability Increase Potion' that can be obtained by Marie NPC favorability rating.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the acquisition destination of equipment fragments that can be obtained from 'Daring Brewery' of the Yonkang Dungeon is not marked well.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'Destructive Skill Damage Increase' was incorrectly marked as 'Intensive Skill Damage Increase' in the 6th stage of the Destroyer 'Great Story Helm'.
  • When Changers and Berserkers change weapons with Reinforcement effects to other weapons, the effects of previous weapon enhancement effects remain.
  • Fixed a problem where the same weapon or strengthening effect does not reflect the weapon's strengthening effects in the Character Info window when other items are worn.
  • Fixed a situation where items with no item name are exposed in the item dictionary.
  • In certain situations, the phenomenon of the elimination of the electric potion effect of amplification has been corrected intermittently.


[ Party]

  • Fixed the phenomenon of intermittent party UI remaining after matching ends.
  • Fixed a situation where when a character was killed and reconnected during the raid, the party was disbanded and connected to the village.
  • Fixed a situation where the Chaos dungeon was cleared but then the party was held.


[ Graphics / UI]

  • Fixed the impossibility of moving from a specific location in Bern's castle production district.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of intermittent stairs stuck in a certain stairway in Berne Castle when boarding and moving.
  • Fixed a phenomenon where the mouse cursor is not visible intermittently or appears as a different cursor.
  • Rutheran Castle Fixed a problem where the surrounding environment object partially covers the screen when moving to a specific location.
  • Fixed the possibility of characters moving over certain objects in Yildia 'Saland Hills'.
  • Fixed the problem that some NPC speech bubbles appeared in the production scene of the great castle of Yon continent.
  • Fixed the problem that the characters of the character information window are not exposed at the NPC interaction after calling another character's information window.
  • Umar's Watcher's Head When the avatar is worn, the problem of the hair coming out through the goggles is fixed.
  • The martial arts class has modified the phenomenon that the knees are overlapped when riding a turtle type ride after wearing the avatar 'silver rain top and bottom'.
  • The Hunter class corrected the phenomenon that the color of the hand is different from the color of the skin when the avatar function 'on the boundary observer' works.
  • Fixed a problem where some parts of the hand are pierced from the basic posture when the infector wears certain weapons.
  • Fixed a problem where the context menu can not be called from Ctrl + Right-click in the raid UI during the 8-player dungeon progress.


[ Other]

  • Fixed awkward expressions and typographical errors in some texts.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the achievement rate of the adventure is wrongly listed in the acquisition place of the romantic 'Weapon' score.
  • Fixed the problem of not acquiring the mosquito seeds at a certain position in the lake at the time of Shusaire continental stay.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that some NPCs walked in the footsteps when checking out the legendary blacksmithing scene after setting the ratio of 21: 9.
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