[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 05/06/19

On continue l'avancée sur la nouvelle roadmap de Lost Ark avec cette mise à jour hebdomadaire. Cette semaine, ce sont les quêtes journalières et le système de réputation qui sont retravaillés !

Au programme :

  • Quêtes journalières maintenant partagées
  • Système d'affinité partagé
  • Ajustements divers : raid, secret map, navigation
  • Correction de bugs

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 05/06/19 !

Mise à jour

[Quêtes journalières d'Epona]

Daily Epson reputation and quest list is shared by expedition units.

  • Since the update on Wednesday, June 5, reputation status is integrated based on the character with the highest reputation in each expedition within the expedition.
    • Plate values ​​other than the highest ePona referral reputation in the expedition are not counted separately.
      ※ Depending on the conditions, some additional types of ePanada may be added.
  • Daily Epson reputation and quest list is shared by expedition units.
    • Any epochal quest done by a specific character in the expedition can be done immediately by any characters with the Epochal request contents open.
      (The sub-character does not have to re-achieve the prerequisites for opening each epoch).
  • The number of times you can make a request for an Epo is retained on a character-by-character basis.
  • You can also make a completed EpoNa request with another character.
    • However, reputation points are earned only once at the first time, even if the same ePoNa submission is performed with multiple characters per day.
    • Referrals that can not earn reputation points are not shown in the reward list.
  • Reputation compensation is divided into expedition / character unit compensation.
  • If there is a character that achieves the reputation of an ePona that earns the following reward on the
    expedition, the other character of the expedition will be able to acquire the reward immediately from the time he unloads the ePona request.

    • Great artwork
    • The heart of the island
    • Persistent ability increase item (content modification)
    • Vehicle
    • Emotional expression
    • Dungeon Tickets
      ※ All other rewards will be changed to one win per Fellowship.
  • According to the sharing of the Expedition Expedition, the condition for the quest 'Eatarin' s favor 'in Bern, was added.
    • The character level must be 50 before Adele introduces the adventurer guild and opens the milestone.


A relaxation bonus system is introduced for daily Efona commission.

  • We introduced a relaxation bonus system in order to improve the parts that each character was unable to perform every day in the Epo.
  • Depending on the number of complaints left at 6 am every day, a 10-point break-in bonus will be charged.
    • Days not connected are added together and charged together.
  • You can earn 20% of your Reward Bonus when you complete your daily Ephrona quest and earn twice the rewards except Reputation Points.

    • If you are eligible for a Reward Bonus Reward, the Bonus Reward mark will change to Green under the Reward Bonus Gauge.
    • Please be sure to select your request before completing the order because the rest bonus will be consumed in the order you completed the request.
  • The rest bonus will be charged up to 100 points and will not exceed the maximum.
  • Relaxation bonuses are acquired / consumed per character, not expedition.
  • With the introduction of the relaxation bonus system, the Epson commissioned UI has been partially revised.


[Système d'affinité]

Affinity NPC's favorability rating is shared on expedition basis.

  • Since the update on Wednesday, June 5, each favorability NPC will be integrated into the highest rank and achievement point within the expedition team.
    • Grades and achievement points other than the highest favorability in the expedition are not counted separately.
    • However, depending on the character-specific tendency, conversation with the NPC may be limited.
  • The likelihood action (playing / emotional / presenting) performances are shared on a Fellowship basis.
  • You can proceed with a friendly conversation even if the sub character does not proceed with the NPC quest of the favorable NPC.
  • Favorability quests are shared on a Fellowship basis.
  • NPC's favorable tooltip has been added to display the details of the NPC's likelihood in the favorability window.


Affinity rating rewards will change.

  • Favorability Level With the expedition unit sharing, the favorability compensation system changes similarly to the compensation system of the adventure.
  • Accordingly, the concept of alternative compensation for rewards that can only be received once per expedition is abolished.
    • June 5 (Wed.) If you did not receive replacement compensation before the regular inspection, you paid one set as a unified storage box.
  • If there is a character in the
    expedition that achieves the favorable rating of the below rewards, other characters of the expedition will be able to immediately acquire the rewards below from the time the nephew of the NPC has been undressed.

    • Great artwork
    • Heart of the giant
    • The heart of the island
    • Persistent ability increase item (content modification)
    • Vehicle
    • Avatar
    • Emotional expression
    • Dungeon tickets
    • Seaweed
    • Rune
    • Battle items
      ※ All other rewards will be changed once to be acquired only once per expedition.



  • 'Super Bingo GO GO Bingo doll to complete GO GO!' We have increased the duration of the event by one and relaxed the conditions for achieving super bingo.
    • Event period extension: From Wednesday, May 29 to Wednesday, July 3 Periodical inspection Before
    • 5th round bingo progress Addition: June 26 (Wednesday) After periodic inspection - July 3 (Wednesday) Before regular check
    • Super Bingo Achievement Condition: Bingo Completion 5 lines → Bingo Completion 3 lines
      ※ Super Bingo Completion Condition is also applied to the first bingo plate. Those who have achieved 3 or more bingo in the first round will be counted as achieving super bingo.
      ※ For details, please check the event page. < Go to Event Page >
      ※ The 5th Compensation tab for the extended event period can be checked after the regular check up next week.
  • The "Thunder Wings of Fear" event has ended.
    • 'Pouring Lightning Land' and 'Wailing Thunderling Land' no longer appear.


[ Raid]

  • I have adjusted the battle difficulty of Carl Ellogos as follows.
    • We have greatly reduced the amount of damage caused by the brain grenade launcher.
    • Damage caused by Ice Crack and Ice Cyclone has been significantly reduced.
    • Attributed to the lightning skill.
    • We added a movement pattern that roars for about 5 seconds after granting golden thunder in the state of pale lightning.
    • We have slightly increased the wait time interval before dropping in the ringing state.
    • We lowered the attack speed of the ringing state.
    • Increased the range of explosion of golden thunderclouds.


[ Sailing]

  • Some improvements to the automatic route function.
    • Improved the ability to move to the port even if the destination around the port is designated as the destination.
    • Consistently modified display priority of automatic route symbol.
    • Fixed the automatic route description not displayed when opening the world map on the island.
    • Navigation The HUD has been improved to open and close the World Map every time the 'Automatic Route' button is pressed with the mouse.


[ Skill / Battlefield]

  • We changed the name of the 'Cut Enhancement' tri-pod of the Bard 'Conviction Core' skill to the name of 'Corel keeping' that matches the tooltip contents.
  • Life Skill The effect of 'plant disguise' of plant picking has been changed to look translucent to other characters in the hostile situation.
  • If the battlefield is judged to be insufficient to participate in battle continuously, the battlefield application is restricted for a certain period of time.


[ Secret map]

  • We have reduced the difficulty of navigating through the entrance to the secret dungeon through rare to legendary secret maps.
    • When using rare or legendary secret maps, the location and location of the entrance to the secret dungeon will be displayed directly. If you are near the entrance to the secret dungeon, the direction and distance to the entrance to the secret dungeon will be displayed.

[ Other]

  • I have changed the color of the acquisition message from chatting to white to yellow.
  • I have changed the 'Show my job' option in the engraving effect UI to be checked by default.
  • In the process of annihilation of stamps, if it is possible to engage in transactions, the annulment processing is disabled.
  • Improved to display the information about the location of the shortcut in the alert message when using unassigned hotkey.


Correction de bugs


  • We corrected the phenomenon that MVP points accumulate to team members when using the battle item 'bonfire' to restore the team member's physical strength.


[ Battlefield]

  • Fixed a problem where the 'Top Rank' PvP Rank score in the Competition Quest Rewards UI window is displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed the situation where the time that can not be entered during the ranking in the UI of Sila Mael battlefield UI is abnormally exposed.


[ Item]

  • Fixed a problem where the level-up symbol is displayed on equipment that is lower in item level than equipment worn in inventory.
  • Skill and general attacks, regardless of the distance from the item can be obtained from the phenomenon has been corrected.
  • Fixed the problem that when the expired item is stored in the warehouse, the color of the icon is displayed as usable.
  • Fixed an issue where a tool tip titled 'Random options will be added when acquiring' is also listed for items that do not have random options.


[ Combat / Skill]

  • Raid Guardian 'Hell Gaia' and 'Huh Han Hai Gaia' are using the 'Rush' skill, and the character is attacked when moving the character in the past.
  • The Slow effect of the raid guardian 'Nacrassena' and the 'Ejecting skill' of 'Heavy Armor or Crassena' has also been applied to Invincible.
  • Fixed a situation where the lying position and the actual position are misaligned when the raid guardian 'Hell's Hell Gaia' is in neutral state.
  • Fixed the problem that the number of times of use of 'Filled One Piece' achievement is not counted when applying the 'Pole Island' tripod,
  • When Blaster wins in the raid and Chaos dungeon while using 'Bombardment Mode', the phenomenon in which the characters are buried in the cast is corrected.
  • Berserker 'Power Brakes' skill 'Power Accumulation' while applying the tri-pod, overcharged in the state of death after the resurrection of weapon effects remain fixed.
  • Fixed the difference between tool tip and actual damage when applying Arcane 'Ivoque' 'Focusing Magic' and 'Split Magic' TriPod.


[ Sailing / Quest]

  • Corrected the phenomenon that the BGM is intermittently changed to the BGM in the general sea area when the channel is moved in the sand storm waters during the sailing.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when a network delay occurs in the Circle Side of Transcription Prologue area, the character moves to the position where the skill is used when the space bar is used to enter a certain position.
  • Fixed a problem in which the name of the STERNEN NPC was not printed at the STERNEN LOOKING JOURNEY 'Lost Researchers' quest.


[ Other]

  • Fixed the problem that when a chat message contains some words (<,>, /, etc.), messages longer than 47 characters are not output or changed to special characters.
  • Fixed the possibility of whispering to characters in other worlds other than the same party member in all matching content.
  • Fixed a problem where system message that intermittently moves out during matching entry is displayed.
  • Ride: Fixed the appearance of a black line on the head of a moss turtle.
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