[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 30/04/19

La mise à jour hebdomadaire à déjà été déployée sur les serveurs coréens de Lost Ark. Il s'agit d'un petit patch cette semaine, qui apporte quelques ajustements et des corrections de bugs.

Voici la version anglaise de la mise à jour du 30/04/19.


  • 4 new regular products have been released.
    • [Daily] Request Efona +1 (use immediately)
    • Guardian Soul Harvest +1 (for immediate use)
    • Chaos Dungeon +1 (for immediate use)
    • Weekly Raid +1 
      * 'Weekly Reward Limit' increased by 'Weekly Raid +1' will be deducted from the base count first and can be used in all weekly weekly raids, but only once . 
      ※ 'Weekly Raid +1' increased to 'weekly compensation limit' will be reset at 06:00 on Wednesday .


Chaos Gate

  • We have modified to create individual corps gates for each of the areas below where chaos gates appear.
    • Anitsu: Monghwang Corps
    • Ardetain: Dark Corps
    • Berne: Madness Corps
    • Shoe Shire: Disease Corps
  • After Chaos Gate Boss, we added an item to be submitted to the loot auction. The following items can appear with a certain probability.
    • Periodic absorption II engraving
    • Tier 2 tied rune box
    • 430 level hero secret map


Jumping Growth (ticket de leveling)

  • Fixed a situation in which a character who progressed from jumping did not achieve the rust of the brilliance [Normal] of Lutheran Adventure.
    • The item of 'Rare [Rare] of Lightning [Normal]' adventure that has not been achieved at the expedition that carried on the existing jumping growth will be changed in the future.
  • Fixed the problem that some reward items are not paid after completing jumping growth.
    • The character who has undergone the existing jumping growth has been paid additional compensation items that have not been paid through the mail.
  • When jumping grows, when you have filled up your belongings, when you click 'Acquire Item' in the 'Ready to battle' section of the record, you have been issued a message to display the lack of space for your belongings.
  • Improved to display the guiding text when using 'Song of Escape' before Dungeon Clear.
  • Jumping Growth When the dungeon process is completed, the 'Escape Song' usage guide has been improved.
  • We have changed the 'Record of the Record' through Interaction in the 'Record of Tricion', the jumping growth space.
  • We have changed the location of Beatrice in 'Tricion's Record'.
  • We have improved the "Trition's record" area configuration.


Navigation/ Quêtes / Calendrier

  • We have improved the reward of the navigation cooperative quest to be confirmed on the calendar.
  • We updated Calendar event of May island appearance.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when a squid is attacked, it does not come up above the surface.
  • At the Gosung Atalanta Quest 'Gosung', we corrected the phenomenon that the quests do not progress intermittently at the stage that attracts the guards using the ongoing chairs.
  • During the Eastern Border Quests on Lutheran Quest, NPC corrected the situation where Leon and Cress were out of position.
  • Fixed a problem where the quest symbol on the NPC can not be seen well because of the effect of cracking the floor at a certain stage during the progress of the Guardian Inspector Quest of the Frigid Restraint, 'Berthus'.
  • Fixed the problem that 'Unknown error message' is displayed when pressing the lever's interaction key (G) continuously during the battle on the top of the battle with the kerchant in the Eastern tomb of Lutheran Dungeon 'Lutheran King' .
  • Fixed the problem that when a box was opened in a specific location in the 'Forgotten City', the character would not be able to escape if the box was respawned again.
  • Fixed a problem where characters can not get caught in a barricade in 'Bolal Island'.
  • Unlike the intention of 'Uncharted Island', the cooperative quest started, and the appearance of the monster after 3 minutes has been corrected.
  • Fixed the problem that the floor of 'Goblin Island' is somewhat awkward.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the hidden story of 'Totoike adventure' does not proceed normally.
  • During the production of a specific track move of the eyes of the Hip North, the phenomenon that the icon which does not correspond to the situation when the iron pipe is moved and the phenomenon that the character appears to move in the air are corrected.


Donjon/ Combat / Compétences

  • Chaos dungeon 'crying abandoned mine,' after a mining train ride directing intermittent operation is impossible to fix the phenomenon.
  • Fixed the problem that when you interact with some 'Curious Elves' that appear in the Dedicated Secrets of Life Dungeon, the dialogue does not appear.
  • The dungeon name registered in the Totoic Adventure book has changed the actual dungeon and the name to be different.
    • Before the change: In the body of the giant
    • After the change: Totoike in the body
  • Some over-set Field Boss Co-op quest completion rewards have been adjusted.
  • Fixed the fact that the 'Quick Install' skill of the Blaster 'Summoner Turret' skill does not apply the rigid immunity.
  • Fixed the problem that when a debuff such as 'confinement, sleep' is applied while using a battle master 'internal combustion' skill, it is immediately released by skill.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which the character died and could not be resurrected at TriSion Training Center.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the character 's trembling and afterimage are expressed too much when applying the' collision ignoring 'tripod of Summoner' Shurdie 'skill.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the buff effect of Keumkang linebreak disappears when logging out and moving the map while using the mechanic Geumgang line.
  • Fixed the problem that when you use the 'Pole Island' tri-pod skill, you can not output superimposed super-charged text.


Objets / Milestone / Codex

  • We have added 'Gold Store' NPC, which sells 'secret safe' items in the vicinity of the big money exchange.
    • Secret safe (10,000 shillings): 100 gold
    • Secret safe (100,000 shillings): 1,000 gold 
      ※ We have removed the secret safe item from the list of merchant merchants.
  • Fixed the problem that the selection menu related to 'Registration Period' is not displayed when clicking on the 'Registration Period' drop-down box in the Exchange.
  • Fixed the situation that when 'life skill initialization ticket' and 'battle skill initialization ticket' are kept in the warehouse, they are marked as not holding.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the avatar item can not be mounted when attempting to send it as billing to the blocked person.
  • Fixed a problem where the scroll bar is not initialized to the top when the milestone scroll is checked and the bottom of the list is checked, and the expected reward or details button is clicked and another category is selected.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of searching 'Weekly Raid Equipment Avatar' items that can not be created in advance.
  • Raid Guardian 'Hell of Hell Gaia' Reward Ornament Item Acquisition 'Akatesu', 'Desperation Verusu' was corrected incorrectly the phenomenon.


UI / Graphisme

  • We have changed some of the pickings that were difficult to find in Platinum Field or Funnels to look better in the background.
  • Fixed a situation where characters were not able to escape in some logging trees when the collection was resurrected with cooperation benefits in Platinum Field or Funeral Zone.
  • Fixed the problem that the position of the character nickname moves up and down when the warrior series moves the track.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the model pupil of a certain preset is somewhat distorted in the customization of the wizard class.
  • Fixed a yellow mouse cursor when selecting a different character from normal size pink mouse cursor.
  • In some OSs, when the full screen is applied, the maximum mouse cursor size is adjusted to the size supported by the OS in order to correct the phenomenon that the mouse size 'maximum' cursor is invisible.
    • It is 20% smaller than the existing maximum size cursor.
  • Fixed a situation in which a character could penetrate a particular fence in Berne.
  • Cube in progress 'Increased cooldown time' Fixed an awkward part of Debuf's tooltip context.
  • Fixed the problem that the screen is displayed intermittently while the cube is in progress.
  • Fixed a problem where the cooking tools of 'Atropose' chefs seem to float in the air.
  • Fixed a problem that some of the system warning messages related to ride were printed in white.
  • In the window with character auto-complete search function, the search box is not activated when mouse is clicked out of the search box.



  • Changed the "Attack Window" weapon avatar, which was awarded as a pre-requisite for a window maker, to the expedition unit in character units.
  • Some card skills have been modified to less than actual effects to match the actual effect.
  • Sila Mael Battlefield Battlefield Challenge Challenge has fixed a possible event on any day of the week.
  • Fixed a problem where the display order category of the 'Tea and Libra' guild line was incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed the problem that item level does not change when registering recruitment in party search.
  • We modified the tooltip contents of 'Automatic Party Rejection' to be a function-specific description in the Preferences My Community menu.
  • We have modified the achievement conditions of the Expeditionary Challenge 'Miraculous Reverse' to match the actual conditions.
  • Fixed a problem where the location information of friends and guild members is mislabeled in friends and guild windows.
  • Platinum Field When you enter the Land of Lonely Land, you must have only one 6-rank log to be created. 
    ※ 6 seedlings will be created the same as before.
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