[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 24/04/19

Sans surprise, un nouveau patch hebdomadaire vient d'être déployé sur les serveurs coréens de Lost Ark. Ce que nous retiendront de ce patch est sans aucun doute l'arrivée de la nouvelle classe : le Lance Master !

Voici ce qu'il contient dans les grandes lignes :

  • Arrivée du Lance Master, nouvelle sous-classe des Fighter
  • Ajout du ticket permettant de passer 50 instantanément
  • Baisse des coûts en matériaux pour l'amélioration de l'équipement
  • Gain d'Accrasium amélioré dans certains contenus
  • Améliorations et corrections diverses

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 24 avril 2019 !

Mise à jour de contenu

Martial arts new class Lance Master appeared!

■ Martial Arts New Class Lance Master has been updated. 

  • The "Lance Master" is a new class that can be changed at a dance hall.
  • We added the equipment items of the 'Changer' to the same structure as the existing class.
  • We have added 'Avatar' Avatar that can be acquired through in-game content with the same configuration as the existing class.
  • We added two kinds of engravings to the corridors of the trials and Atlas of the pirate villages.
  • New milestones have been added to the window manager.
  • We have added Quests and Guides related to 'Changer'.
  • We added 8 kinds of expeditionary project related to the 'Changer' and 1 kind of compensation title to the expeditionary project.

Sub-characters at a glance up to 50 levels! Add jumping growth voucher

■ Added jumping growth voucher that can grow up to 50 levels of sub character to foster further at a glance. 

  • You can use the 'Jumping Growth' function using 'Jumping Growth Benefit'.
    • 4/24 (Wed) After the update, you will receive one "Jumping Growth Voucher" per account during the event period. [ Event Page Shortcut Link ]
  • The character with 'Jumping Growth' clears 6 dungeons sequentially and moves to Berne, and the following applies.
    • Achievement of battle level 50, achievement level 25
    • Complete both main and general quests to Shushire continent.
      * Island quests and some guide quests will not be completed.
    • Activate square hall and liner to Shushire continent
    • Completed by jumping growth Quest reward payment, ride, ship acquisition
      ※ If there is not enough free space in your belongings bag will be paid by mail.
    • Activate
      1st skill and additional skill gains ※ 2nd skill can be obtained after the awakening quest.
    • Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Ability Stone
  • 'Jumping Growth Voucher' is only available for accounts that have achieved at least one character battle level 50.
    • Character combat level 50 achievement conditions include records of deleted characters and are independent of the server.
  • 'Jumping Growth Voucher' can only be used for characters that have not been converted yet.
  • 'Jumping Growth Voucher' is 'Account Vault', which shares shares on all servers.

  • You can use 'Jumping Growth Use Right' by selecting the character to be used in the character selection screen and pressing the 'Start Jumping Growth' button at the bottom.
  • A character with a jumping growth voucher can be converted immediately from Tri-Zion.
  • Careful selection is necessary because jumping growth can not be canceled during progress.

  • Interacting with the 'Records of the Record' in the middle of the 'History of Tri-Zion', which has moved since the previous occupation, you will see a list of dungeons that must be cleared in sequence.
  • Before starting each dungeon, press the 'Ready to Battle' button to download the appropriate level of equipment and mount it in your carry-on bag.
  • You can enter the dungeon by clicking the "Enter" button when you are ready to start a dungeon through combat preparations.

  • You can move to the "Berne Castle" area by clearing the six dungeons sequentially, and you will be compensated for the "jumping growth".
  • Start your adventure quickly by checking your growth potions and appropriate levels of equipment items in your personal belongings bag (shortcut I).
    • If you do not have enough free space in your belongings, please check your mail box.


Cost savings and volume growth for growth!

■ We have drastically reduced equipment difficulty and polishing costs for some sections.  

※ Above 525Lv polishing equipment will remain the same as before.

  • Drastically reducing the amount of Accra Syum required for machine polishing.
    • Acquisition amount that was obtained when disassembling the existing equipment items was adjusted according to the reduced abrasion cost.
    • 4/24 (Wed) Depending on the abrasive value of the equipment items that were held at the time of the regular inspection , we will provide the acaculum as much as the quantity that can be obtained upon disassembly has decreased.
      • Disbursement quantity: Disassembly result before update Accrasome quantity - Disassembly result after update Accrasome quantity
      • Payment due date: 4/26 (Fri)
  • In addition to acacia, we have reduced the number of materials required for machine polishing.
  • The cost of polishing equipment has been greatly reduced.
  • We have reduced the cost of purchasing PvP equipment.
  • Reduced the material requirements for raid equipment.
  • Materials required for the production of living equipment have been changed.
  • It has been improved to acquire the item level ornaments higher than the existing item with a certain probability in the secret dungeon.
    ※ The maximum reward item level of each secret dungeon is the recommended item level shown in the secret map tooltip.
  • Increased the chance of acquiring heroes and legendary ornaments from raid.
  • Raid Guardian When cleared for the first time, it has been improved to acquire definite ornaments of heroic rank.
  • Chaos Dungeon Compensation Box increases the chance of acquiring ornaments.
  • The cost of purchasing 'jewelry' items that can be acquired through barter exchange, such as lupeon seal and pirate coinage, has been greatly reduced.
  • 'Boss of the Elemental Land [Hard]' has been improved to make sure that the equipment item is dropped.
  • Improved 'Boss of Difficulty' [Palace] of 'Dream Palace' has decidedly drop equipment items.

■ Acquisition of some content increased drastically.

  • We have doubled the amount of acaculum that can be obtained from the event chaos dungeon box.
  • We have increased Acquacum II acquisition volume, which can be obtained through daily and weekly Efona requests, twice as much as before.
  • We have doubled the number of items that can be exchanged for 'SilaMeal Blood' for 'AccraSim II Box' items.

Improving equipment growth & increasing the chance of getting jewelry ]


Améliorations et corrections


  • In the quest of 'Procyon's Tent', we have modified 'Wisdom of the Island' to no longer be necessary.
    • If you were already in the process of wisdom in the island, go to Eadarin in Bern.
  • We have changed the place where we can get 'Fragment of Chaos' from 'Quest of Procyon' quest to 'Traces of Solitude'.
  • The mind of the island has changed the ten rewards as follows.
    • Expedition's First Reward: Cream Snail's Glittering Coin x2
    • Alternative Reward: Coin of Cream Snail x3
      ※ Island's mind 10 characters You can acquire 10 rewards of the island's mind that has already received the reward.
  • We have improved the progress of some of the islands below and the difficulty of obtaining the island's hearts.
    • We have downgraded the maximum number of passengers to 20 to reduce competition on the island of Argon.
    • We have improved the boss's appearance on the map so that you can better discover the boss that appears during quests on a tranquil island.
    • We have added a safety zone around Govi ​​24 to make it safer to talk to NPCs on Goblin Island.
    • We have adjusted the number of destruction targets for large eggs and small eggs to make it easier to reach the target on the island of Spida.
    • We have improved the ability to acquire a certain amount of life experience from the huge eggs of Spider Island.
    • One rank hunting target appearing on the island of Shinwol appeared many times more rapidly and adjusted the difficulty so that it can acquire 'decision mixed scales' with higher probability.
    • We have adjusted the position of the game to appear one rank in the southernmost highland of the island of New Moon, and 5 rank in the lowland lowland.
    • We downgraded the cost of false sculptures from 100 to 60 for the exchange of secret maps of the island of false desires.



  • Field Boss and some island cooperative quests have been changed to 3 minutes.
    • Orbis Island and Uncharted Islands, Loch Handel Continent Field Boss Harmargadon Co-op Quest time will remain the same as before.
  • Field Boss 'Cooperative Quest' completed rewards have been modified to be paid differently depending on the contribution of the boss like the drop item of the boss.
  • Daily Efona commissioned 'Frozen Memory' reward for 'Glacier Beer' (Hero rating favorable gift) has been changed.

[Combat / Skill]

  • The provocation effect has been modified as follows.
    • Lowered the frequency of re-attack immediately after a monster's attack is canceled by provocation.
    • When a monster is caught in a provocation when the direction is changeable, it is modified to look at the target with provocation.
    • Some bosses have been modified to prevent provocation while using the phase change skill.
    • Field boss 'Reaper Apolas' turtle transformation, tornado summoning skills have been modified to prevent provocation.
  • Has been fixed in the handel of the continent 'wide wing spirits' attack was not canceled more than the state has been corrected.
  • The casting skill of 'Slime Devil Mukusu' in Sapphira cave has been canceled due to an abnormal state attack.
  • Removed the slip phenomenon during the rotating movement of the 'predator crocodile'.
  • Fixed to apply dart damage to 'Flame' debuff applied when using flamethrower skill after boarding Heavy Walker in Krater's Heart Dungeon.
  • Summoner's pet has been improved to prevent the effect of health recovery.
  • Changed the name of the technician's identity to 'Unggi Breakfast'.
  • We have reinforced the description in the class UI Identity UI tooltip below.
    • Berserker
    • Warlord
    • Engineer
    • Blaster
    • Summoner
    • Arkanas
  • When some classes are turned off, ID status processing is changed as shown below.
    • Fixed a situation in which the Blaster can once again activate the Bombardment mode when it is transformed from the last firepower phase after its transformation.
      • All stages → cooling status
    • Changed so that the fortune-telling breakfast time is not initialized by transformation after the use of Gimgang Sunghong.
    • Fixed a situation where Berserker was able to acquire congestion gauge while possessing debuffing debris when he was transformed.
      • Normal state → normal state - congestion state → exhaustion state - exhaustion state → exhaustion state
    • The Hawk Gauge has been changed so that it is not reset when the Hawkeye is transformed.
  • Warlord A part of the 'Dash Upper' skill has been reorganized and renamed as follows.
    • Ready to defend → Exceptional maneuverability: Moving distance increases by 1m.
    • Strengthen Bombardment → Strengthened Strike: Damage to enemies increases by 30%.
    • Piercing Strike → Defeat Weak: Increases damage by 40% to enemies who are immune.
    • Flame → Strengthening the jungle: When the window is raised, the enemy is fired further away, and the enemy is shaken down to the window without bombarding it. Attacking attacks give 80% more damage to enemies that are stunned.
    • Sharp movements → Unstoppable Shoots: Bombard one more time in a shell attack, causing 110% additional damage to a shell attack.


[Lost Arc Shop / PC Room]

  • Marie's secret shop was renewed.
    • New items have been added that have not appeared before, and items with special prices sometimes appear.
  • We have changed the attributes of the following items from the character unit to the expedition unit.
    • [Daily] Request for Epoana +1
    • [Daily] Request Efona +1 (use immediately)
    • [Daily] Request for Ephona +1 (PC room)
    • [Weekly] Requesting Eponara +1
    • Chaos Dungeon +1 / Content Reward Item
    • Chaos Dungeon +1 / Lost Arc Shop Item Item
    • Guardian Soul Harvest +1
    • Guardian Soul Harvest +1 (for immediate use)
  • We have added a message to inform you when a product with a receipt period remains in the store.
  • We have made some changes to the benefits of PC connection access as shown below.
    • Connection: Rehabilitation medicine (Bond) X 5 → Advanced Rehabilitation medicine (Bond) X 3
    • 60 minutes: Advanced Recovery (Own) X 3 → Hero Gift Box (Optional) X 1


[Raid / Dungeon]

  • We have applied the standard raid matching item entry level lower by 5 levels.
  • Removed all chaos dungeon entry requirements.


[Sila Mael Battlefield / Battlefield of Proof]

  • We have changed the ability to acquire Silmael Buff in Guild Wars.
    • Existing: Attack power 15%, physical / magic defense 30% increase
    • Change: ATK 30%, ATK 15%, Movement Speed ​​15%
  • We have adjusted the balance of Guild Wars 'Blue Dragon Area' and 'Blue Dawn Battleground' base as follows.
    • Blue / Red Team's "Silmael Fragment" position is slightly away from the entrance of each base.
    • The time value for the first generation and regeneration cycles of the Blue / Red team 'Silmael Fragment' has been increased.
    • We have changed the 'Silmael Fragment' point from 30 to 50 points.
    • The existing NPC guard position has been modified to be closer to the entrance side.
    • Increased the number of NPC guards from one to two at each base entrance.
  • Guild Wars 'Rusted Metal Land' Base defeat conditions have been changed from a team of four or less to a team of two or less.
  • We have increased the amount of tokens to be paid when defeated in the battlefield of the proof as follows.
    • General defeat Compensation: 2 → 4
    • Hot Time Defeat Reward: 3 → 5
  • We've added smart ping to use on the battlefield of proofs. (Except before the battle, except for the black box)


[Fellowship / milestone]

  • Added a 'Secret Dungeon' tab in the milestone that allows you to see the ornaments that can be obtained from the secret dungeon.
  • We have improved the notation of some items so that we can more specifically know where to acquire items in item dictionaries.
  • The "Heart" symbol displayed in the favorable gift item slot has been changed so that it is also displayed on the favorable items that can be acquired by the attendance reward and the card battle reward.
  • We have improved the system to expose the symbols related to the dead time to the production window when trying to make use of the item with the dead time.
  • If there is no assignment for the "Hidden" category of the expedition project, the text has been changed to display the guidance text.
  • If there is a title in the completion bonus of the expedition, you can overclock the mouse to see the title and reward points.
  • We have increased the number of experience points that can be gained through the achievement of the "Queen of Two Faces".
    • Create a friendly relationship with Agena 60 exp → 100 exp
    • Become a trustworthy person for Agena 60 exp → 120 exp
      (If you have already accomplished this task, you will receive additional expedition experience value when you complete the update.)


[Graphics / UI / Preferences]

  • Mouse cursor interface function has been added as below.

    • Mouse cursor size 'Max' has been added. (Preferences - Gameplay - Display - Interface - Settable in the mouse cursor menu)
    • We added "magnification" and "maximum" sizes when selecting 'Basic Mouse Cursor'.
    • Added the ability to quickly select mouse font color with Ctrl + wheel button.
  • Finding a party (shortcut key [;]) We have added a path to invoke a function as below.
    • 'Find Party' button on the Raid board
    • 'Find Party' button on Shilian's command entry screen
      ※ Can be used in Platinum Field, Boss Rush, and Cube.
  • The stone statues of Lutheran castle, Sternen, Bern castle and Roarun are now more beautifully modified.
  • We have modified the NPCs and targets to be displayed appropriately during the quest.
  • We have improved the tooltip to display information about the NPCs that have been achieved by each continent and the NPCs that have not been achieved when you open the adventure's UI and mouse over the goodwill slot.
  • We added favorable impressions / adventure to the standing item icons of favorable / adventurous given in the attendance and card battle UI.
  • If you press a key that is not assigned an operation key, a guidance message is displayed.
  • When the preference is opened, if the operation key is not assigned, the warning is added in the UI.
  • When you open Preferences, you have added an 'N' notation to each menu and option if a new feature exists.
  • We have added a map of the Roarun region on the World Map so that you can view it in a multi-layered format.
  • The map of the station of Mureungdo circulation station has been corrected to appear more accurately.
  • The object name tag of the lower terrain is output when moving on a slow-moving vehicle in the Mureungdo circle, improving the awkward expression.
  • Improved to display system messages in the chat window when acquiring items or tokens as a sailing skill.
  • Added the ability to change the color of the collection name to gray if your final skill rank is lower than the rank required in the collection.
    (In the case of a fishing boat, it will guide you through the system message when the required rank is not met.)



  • We have changed the wait time for exiting platinum field from 7 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • During the Tower of Shadow, if the stage is clear, it has been improved so that it does not attack 'the object that the monster spawns at the time of destruction'.
  • We have added a system to check the guidebook related to the training course by clicking on the tutorial which will be presented when entering the training course.
  • Devil 'Death Curse' granted to the ghost ship after his death has been improved so that it will not be re-granted when the channel is moved.
  • We have unified the expression of hostile objects in the victory sentence tooltip.
  • During the Jumping Growth Event, we have changed the wait time for character deletion from 31 days to 7 days to 1 day.
    • If the character is waiting for deletion, the above time will not be reflected. If deletion is tried again after deletion, it will be applied as 1 day normally.
      ※ Character deletion wait time and criteria may change again depending on the situation.

Correction de bugs

[Sailing / Quest / Calendar]

  • Fixed a situation in which a character is intermittently moved to an abnormal position in a particular vehicle on the Goblin Island.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that the character does not move when the vehicle is moved, although it was aboard the vehicle of the specific location of the island.
  • Fixed a phenomenon where a large egg of Spider Island could be lit by a distance or more away.
  • Fixed the possibility to acquire items far away from Bollard after boarding a cannon.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the appearance of the character disappears when riding on a riding post during the process of taking a picture while the quest 'An Unexpected Monument' of the Antsu Continent 'Wisteria Hill' is in progress.
  • Corrected the problem that the name information of the area map is not displayed when proceeding to track quests proceeding from the sea of ​​Procyon.
  • The title of the quest 'Procyon's Sea Soul Harvest', which is a progressive quest in the sea of ​​Procyon, is displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a situation where the effect of a debuff in anchored mode remained when moving to a city using a return song with a debuff applied due to a dangerous sea penalty, and then moving back to the map.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that if the boss death directing is not skipped at the Totoik 'Protector's Restroom', the momentary motion is stopped after the end.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the following islands are not counted on 'Discovered islands' during the 'voyage record' of the world map (shortcut key M).
    • Island of Starlight Lighthouse
    • Distorted Island
    • Island of broken glaciers
    • Island of Commitment
  • Shilian favorability quest 'Shilin' Shilin 'in progress, Shilin' s resolutions have been modified so that weapons can not be seen.
  • Ea'darin goodness quest In the quest 'Remnants of Sageul', Ea'darin has corrected the awkward part of his remake of magic.
  • Fixed a situation where the production does not end normally during the 'second glory' stage during the 'glory wall'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when the blaster is switched to the bombardment mode, it is impossible to move around the location where the incense is destroyed while the Anitts continental dungeon 'Yanbyeonjeon' is in progress.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of "Berthus" body appearing in the direction of "Berthus" disappearing under the ice during the quest of "Frozen Throne" quest.
  • Cooperative Quest There is a character in the position where it is possible to participate, but it was not able to join the cooperative quest intermittently.
  • Fixed the problem that the name of the navigation cooperative / competitive quest displayed in the calendar is displayed before the change.
    • Also 'invasion! My sea ',' invasion! Procyon's Sea 'using the location guidance button to change the location of the quest to know the progress.


[Dungeon / Combat / Skill]

  • The raid's expectation reward now corrects the invisible attribute inorganic material.
  • Raid Guardian Fixed the area where the landing point display range and attack determination range are intermittently different when there is a specific obstacle when attempting to attack downward after the 'Influence of the Red Flame' and 'Influence of the Black Sea'.
  • During the raid progress, when the boss position is checked by the battle item 'Signal', the raid boss is not positioned at the intermittently confirmed position, and the phenomenon that can not be traced afterward is fixed.
  • After the raid was finished, there was a record of intermittent previous matching, which made it impossible to apply new matching.
  • Raid Guardian In the battle with 'Hell' s Hell Gaia ', when the Hell Gaia' s first encounter attack skill was used, the graphic option 'B' corrected the phenomenon that the dictionary effect is not output.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the character can move to a position where the character can not move from the 'Dark Mist Ridge'.
  • During the raid process, after the resurrection after the death, when the skill was used, the character movement to the base resurrected position has been fixed.
  • Chaos dungeon 'crying abandoned mine,' after a mining train ride on the intermittent operation is not possible to fix the phenomenon.
  • Fixed the problem that the effect of the skill used by the character is not displayed at a certain position in the secret dungeon.
  • Fixed the phenomenon where the blindness effect is applied to the skill used by the monstrous 'Cruel Chin'.
  • Fixed the fact that the skill range of the 'Specter that moves the plateau' in the Pernar Plateau does not match the actual determination area.
  • Ardetaine Field Boss 'Signatous' has been modified to match the range of the laser attack range was larger than the presentation.
  • During the battle with the final boss "Janggan" of the Lutheran Dungeon 's Tomb of Lutheran, we corrected the phenomenon that "kangan" does not use the breath after moving the terrain left / right.
  • In the labyrinth of emptiness, a certain monster appears to be in a different position depending on the party member.
  • Fixed a problem that when a player entered the labyrinth dungeon, he was forced to leave the game.
  • Fixed a problem where the character could move over an object that seemed to be unable to move at a specific location in the eye of the Hipp North.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when a warrior character tries a turtle type ride, the cloth material of the waist is floating in the air.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the monsters are moved abnormally when using the skills after applying the Tripod 'Massacre Time' of Destroyer 'Perfect Swing'.
  • Fixed an icon of the "unbearable power" tripod of the skill of the Destroyer 'Duraffein' skill 'trail of the pain' and 'the size hammer' skill of the skill to the skill effect.
  • Warlock 'Counter Sphere' skill has been fixed for a short time when you hit the stiffness, Fixed the duration of the anti-shock immunity after the attack slightly longer.
  • When a Hawkeye is overlaid with a "Target of Death" to a specific target, another Hawkeye has corrected the phenomenon that the target of death can not be superimposed on that target.
  • Devil Hunter Shotgun Stance 'Referee's Time' skill 'Sentence Sentence' The tooltip of the Tripod has been modified as follows.
    • Before change: Fires a powerful bullet with 600% damage in combat.
    • After the change: Collect the weapon in the muzzle, compress 5 rounds of bullets, shoot 1 shot, maximum damage increases by 20%.
  • Fixed the phenomenon where the hair is stuck in the position of the hair when wearing the helmet with a specific hairstyle.
  • Proof Battleground Fixed a problem where the number of times of use displayed in the elusive tooltip is displayed incorrectly in the battle mode of the battleground.
  • Fixed the problem that the effects of party members were not displayed when checking 'Show effects' in Preferences on the battlefield of Proof.
  • Fixed the problem that no party buffing will occur during the battle of the battlefield.
  • Fixed the problem that when you use 'Song of Tricion' item with remaining cooldown time remaining, you can see the waiting time for song's cooldown in 'Tricion's Song' in the score UI window (shortcut F2).
  • Life Skill Archeology Excavation Fixed the problem that the UI is displayed on the left side during mini game.


[Item / milestone / item dictionary]

  • Fixed a bug where some attributed battle items are not used in certain areas.
  • In the milestone bartering tab, the NPC name of the master necklace of the sea is incorrectly described as 'Black Irihoe', and it has been changed to 'Nexle'.
  • Fixed the problem that the acquisition point is not displayed on the item tooltip of 'Random Pirate Coin Box'.
  • Fixed some permanent potency potions that were not revealed to the acquaintance from exposure in the item dictionary.
  • Fixed the problem that the number of items that can be acquired from the item acquisition pop-up is not displayed with a low probability when using the "Mystery Box of Trial".
  • Fixed the problem that when selecting 'Select Rating' drop-down box in the Exchange, the selection menu related to rating is not displayed.
  • When registering the commodity on the exchange, if you register before searching the commodity in the exchange, the "lowest price" item is displayed in 1 gold regardless of the lowest price currently registered.


[Find a party / party]

  • When entering the dungeon as a party unit, the message that the matching system message is output is corrected.
  • Fixed the problem that no information message is displayed when entering the trithion training course while the party is being recruited.
  • When 10 or more recruitment articles are registered in the party search window, the 10th recruitment article is not shown.
  • Fixed the problem that the button is not changed to disabled when clicking the applicant's information view button in the recruiting information window.
  • Fixed the problem that when a party is matched to the tomb of King Lutheran and the dungeon is executed, the party is not maintained when moving from 'Last La Forest' to 'King's Tomb'.


[UI / Graphics]

  • 'Emotion expression: sitting down', the weapon appearance worn from the time of execution is modified so as not to be seen.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which the NPC guard Jane Eve of an isolated island of eternity seems to float in the air.
  • Fixed a situation where a specific location on a Berne transporter fell to a non-mobile area.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of being located on abnormal terrain when using the contents while boarding the vehicle and escaping.
  • Fixed the problem that the graphics of the front part of the dragon rides are displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed a problem that when selecting slots in the rune slot changing UI, selecting the slot again after canceling in the selection window, the selection screen of the dragon stone does not appear.
  • In the Attendance Event window, the name of the item '[End of Epson] Completion of the Right to Completion' is partially cut off.


[Lost Arc Shop]

  • Fixed the phenomenon that when you click 'Unplug All' on the preview screen after clicking the avatar or the item to be ridden in the lost arc shop, the icon of the ride skill remains and an error message is displayed when clicked.
  • Fixed the problem that when the F4 key is pressed while the 'Extended Preview' screen of the Lost Arc Shop is displayed, the animation of the character in the preview screen stops and some buttons are not input.



  • Fixed a problem where the recruitment of "Belganus" was not registered in the party search.
  • When using Escape from Tricion Training, it is not possible to escape, but it is possible to escape.
  • I have reinforced the appeal action tooltip guide in my favorability window.
    • Before change: The number of goodwill actions performed is reset at 6 am every day.
    • After the change: The number of goodness-actions will be processed at the end of the action and will be initialized at 6 am every day.
  • We have changed the text of the text hints that are exposed to certain secret maps.
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