[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 27/02/19

Voici les notes de patch de la mise à jour de cette nuit sur les serveurs de Lost Ark. Ce patch marque notamment  l'arrivée d'un mode "apprenti" pour les Gardiens de Raid !

Il contient également quelques changements pour le Corridor of Trials, les objets de bataille, des ajustements pour le matchmaking du GvG, et diverses corrections de bugs.

Voici le patchnote du 27 février 2019 (dont une partie traduite par Mokokoark).

Difficulté "apprenti" pour les Raid

  • Added a new raid called “Apprentice Raid”
    • The apprentice raid is easier difficulty version of the guardian raid
    • Players can access the new raid from the apprentice raid board besides the guardian raid board in the capitals
    • Rewards are adjusted based on the difficulty (Fewer drops compare to the guardian raid)
    • Players can receive the first clear reward box from any difficulties, but players can receive the reward once per character
    • Shares the number of guardian soul harvests with the guardian raid
    • Requires 10 item levels lower than the guardian raid for the matching queue system
    • Killing bosses from the apprentice raid give a quest credit for weekly Epona request
    • Players can advance their guardian slayer tier by killing bosses from the apprentice raid

Corridor of Trials (Boss rush)

  • Adjusted the number of Antares Coins that can be acquired from clearing the boss rush and the time bonus
    • Increased the number of Antares coins from the mid-levels and the time bonus
  • Changed reward items that can be purchased for the Antares Coins
    • Added Trial RNG Box
    • Removed heroic ability stones and added legendary ability stones
    • Removed the tool of engraving and the artisan hammer

Objets de bataille

  • Adjusted gathering nodes in the platinum field
    • Sapling: spawns Tier 4,5,6 saplings
      • T4 sapling: Platinum Gathering material
      • T5,6 Saplings: Spawns the golden fruit tree based on saplings’ tier
    • Archeology: Spawns two tier 6 trails of artifact
  • Players can obtain more materials for battle items from the platinum field
    • Gathering: healing potion, advanced healing potion, blessing of elemental, and advanced endurance potion
    • Woodcutting: awakening potion,  and advanced suppression potion
    • Mining: Molotov, and advanced expertise potion
    • Hunting: Adropin, and advanced haste potion
    • Fishing: Rocket boots, advanced critical potion, trumpet of ruteran, and thunder bolt
    • Archeology: water bomb, and advanced mastery potion

※ We will continue to review the battle items supply and demand in addition to the updated items today.

Donjon : Labyrinthe

  • Rewards have been adjusted
    • Increased the number of ancient coins that can be acquired from dungeon completion
    • Reduced required the number of tokens for exchanging acrasium boxes
    • Reduced required the number of tokens for exchanging rune boxes
    • Reduced required the number of tokens for exchanging unlock stones


  • Added “생명을 파괴하는 유령선” (Ghost Ship) spawn times
    • Every Saturday 22:oo/22:30/23:00
    • Players can enter the ship once
  • The ghost ship will spawn randomly in dangerous seas
  • Fixed an issue that minimap become inactive after players escaped from wrecked ships

Champ de bataille de Sylmael

  • Sila Mael Battlefield Guild Matching Rules have been improved.
    • When matching, it has been improved so that guilds of similar level can be matched.
    • The overall improvement announced by the previous announcement is being prepared as a separate task and will be announced through the announcement once the contents are confirmed.
  • Fixed a situation where the information of other guilds occupying Sila Mael battlefield base is not displayed.
  • Fixed the problem that when using the content with 'Matching', the reward buff for the first place in Silma'ël does not apply.
  • Fixed the situation where the guild rating is displayed as 0 in the ranking of the base which never challenged in the silmael battlefield.


  • More players can acquire items from the field bosses
  • Increased the drop rate of the cooking recipe from “거신 카스피엘” (Caspiel)
  • Increased the drop rate of the cooking materials from Proxima
  • Increased the maximum number of crafting goods from 10 to 99
  • Adjusted  the amount of mark of lupeon that dropped from various contents
    • Increased the number of drops from the chaos dungeon
    • Increased the number of drops from Epona pouch
    • Decreased the number of drops from elite monsters from dungeons and fields
  • Added an affinity gift item that can be purchased for 3000 marks of lupeon from the mark of lupeon exchange vendor


  • Players no longer can cleanse debuff “cannot use any tracking battle items” by using skills
  • Fixed an issue that players cannot use recovery move action when players hit by skills that hit multiple times in the short time of period
  • Fixed an issue that Bard’s skill Heaven’s play with bravery play tripod trait had unexpected skill range
  • Fixed an issue that Summoner’s “순간 폭팔” tripod trait and Hawkeye’s “DM-42” skill reacted to corpses


  • Chaos Dungeon 'Ruins of the Ancient Knights' Fixed a situation where certain objects can not be hit by Summoner's general attack.
  • Wizard Prologue Area 'Prohibited Altar' Progress 'Inside the Prohibited Altar' stage Fixed the problem that the quest was delayed after skipping.
  • Handel Story Dungeon 'Storm Temple' in progress, the boss appeared in the appearance of the boss 'Kerone' has not appeared with a low probability of emergence.
  • Fixed a situation where a dungeon is re-entered in a dungeon already cleared when entering a dungeon under certain circumstances.
  • AniTz Dungeon 'Yanbyeolyeon' is in progress, I have ignored some monsters, the mobile interaction is not activated when the issue is further corrected.


  • The following improvements have been made so that you can use the Lost Arc Shop more conveniently.
    • Modified to display all products even when more than 50 items are held in the merchandise box.
    • We have modified the order in which products have recently been added to appear in the shopping cart and merchandise box above.
    • We have improved the skill of the ride to preview the ride.
    • We've made improvements to preview only major social actions in the preview.
    • When changing camera in preview, we changed the existing rotation value to be initialized.
    • In the preview, I modified the rotation value so that Devil Hunter looks more at the front.
    • We have added the change posture button to the preview of the presenting.
    • We modified the preview of the gift to display the character's weapon.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'Marie's secret shop' seems to be under inspection when opening a lost arc shop under certain circumstances.


  • 'Ea'darin' favorability During the course of the quest, we corrected the phenomenon that the size of Ea'darin is small in certain situations.
  • During the Quest of the Racaysan Surveillance Tower of the Shashire Racaythus Watchtower, the character of Sibigger is attacked with a low probability during the second stage of the Guard's Threat Trigger, and the phenomenon of being trapped in the terrain has been corrected.
  • Fixed a problem where the quests did not progress because the monsters did not appear intermittently in the 'Queen's Garden' area of ​​the wizard Prologue.
  • During Artemis continent Lunapass 'Conspiracy around Arman' quest, we fixed the phenomenon that wagons are not activated intermittently.
  • Wizard Prologue Area 'Queen's Garden' Quest Even though you have completed a specific goal of 'Three Seal Stones', when you reconnected intermittently, you corrected the phenomenon that you must start from the previous quest 'Soul Transition'.
  • Wizard Prologue Area 'Banned Altar' in progress 'Inside the Banned Altar' at the stage of the game after the skip for a certain time, the problem has been fixed.
  • Doodle Prologue Area 'Delphi's Club' Quest 'breakthrough' in progress, 'Hojong' does not move intermittently corrected the phenomenon.
  • During the Totoik Story Dungeon 'Golden Fruit Tree' phase, the character has been hit by certain skills of the Hiebi Executive during the 'Suppression of the Hiebi Executive' phase, and the phenomenon of being trapped in the terrain has been corrected.
  • Fixed the problem that the number of times of the "enemy crusade practitioner" intermittently is not updated normally during the quest of 'Controversy of Controversy' of 'Delphi's Guest'.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the target NPC appeared intermittently during the 'Breakthrough' quest of 'Delphi's Guest'.
  • Fixed a situation where you can not complete the next step if you kill the monsters beyond the stalagmites before destroying the stalagmites at the stage of destroying the stalagmites that are blocking the path.
  • We have changed the layout so that it does not happen to block the character of the social party that appears during the sudden quest 'Social Party' of the Ants Continent 'Wisteria Hill'.
  • Fixed a problem where the vine objects could not open intermittently in the Artillery continental dungeon 'Agiloth's Tail'.
  • Eastern Blight of the Rutheran 'The Cliff of the Wind' Story In the course of the mission, the character has been changed to Darren Aman.


  • Fixed a problem where the appearance of a specific shoulder armor only appears in the 'Hide Helmet' state when 'Decorate' is selected when decorating the warrior character.
  • Fixed the phenomenon in which the 'player's win' engraving effect is activated even when the HP of the target is not maximum in certain situations.
  • Fixed the problem that when the Devil Hunter stance is changed, the cursor does not move intermittently if there is a cursor on the flame directing.
  • Warlock 'Defense Position' on the move, the defense posture is removed, but the HUD is displayed in the state of turning on, has been fixed.

Niveau de vie (Artisanat) / Cartes

  • Fixed a bug where you can not fish a certain point fishing point in Handel's Silvery Wave Lake Fishing Point.
  • Decreased casting time Fixed the situation that when casting collecting after reconnecting with buff, it takes more casting time intermittently than actual.
  • Fixed the problem that the skill name of the 'Robo' card was applied to a name that does not fit the actual effect.
    • Before correction: unity (attack power)
    • After modification: unity (physical strength)


  • Lutheran, Anichs, Loch Handel, and Elite monsters from continents have been modified to appear at random locations.
  • Increased field elite monster regeneration latency.
  • When blocking the casting skill of the monster, the gauge is not updated immediately, corrected the phenomenon.


  • Guild information (Alt + U) has been revised as follows.
    • Existing: Possible challenge on the battlefield of Sila Mael
    • Correction: Challenge for Guild Wars and Subtleties
  • Guild information (Alt + U) has been revised as follows.
    • Existing: Grant special benefits when occupying battleground base
    • Fix: Up to 2 base occupation buffs provided

Graphisme / Système

  • Elite monster effect 'Damage amplification' Debug tooltip name does not print correctly corrected.
  • Changed the position of the box created to block the player's movement in the Changchun of 'Anchors' continent 'Changchun'.
  • Has modified the appearance of the battlefield board of raids and demonstrations in Handel's large city 'Roarun' to match the local design.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that characters are caught in the vicinity of Roarun's craftsman 'Sebius' NPC.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that marine life did not move or slow down as intended by certain conditions after the update on February 20th.
  • Fixed the problem that the marine life hit by the neurotoxic skill did not slow down after the update on February 20th.
  • Fixed the phenomenon where the propensity points of information windows of other characters are displayed as the maximum value (500) rather than the actual values.
  • Fixed a problem where some skill's effects do not appear normally in certain terrain.
  • When rafting on a platinum field, we fixed the phenomenon that the character is moved to the ground immediately after boarding intermittently.
  • Proof of battlefield After entering 'Competition', we corrected the phenomenon that the character does not move at the starting position with low probability.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the error message "This is an unacceptable behavior for boarding passengers" when boarding a Cannonball Cannon.
  • Fixed the problem that the image was intermittently output or stopped when using the navigation skill.
  • Fixed a situation where character moves to a position where character can not move inside Mercia.


  • Fixed some typos in the game text.
  • We have improved the size and position of some awkwardly laid out UIs.
  • We have updated the schedule for the emergence of Calendar Island, which will appear from March 1 to March 31.
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