[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 23/01/19

Une nouvelle mise à jour importante vient d'être déployée sur les serveurs de Lost Ark avec au programme : nouvel équilibrage des classes et mise à jour du contenu.

Une des modifications majeure de cette mise à jour concerne la régénération de mana, qui est augmentée de 25% pour toutes les classes !

De plus, un système de matchmaking automatique est également ajouté pour les Raids normaux.

Voici ci-dessous le patchnote en anglais de cette mise à jour (dont une partie a été traduite par Mokokoark).

Edit de 16h00 : Le Tripod Builder est également à jour avec le patch d'aujourd'hui.

■ Équilibrage des classes

Dev Comment : we do know that the current party structure relies on bard class. Synergy effects for the party from each class are different and it creates an imbalance between classes. We will not just buff/nerf classes, we will try to assign each classes role based on their specialties and revamp the game system.

All Classes

Dev Comment: If you do not have food or inscription for Mana, classes that use mana face mana shortage and cannot use skills on time.  It leads players to choose mana reduction traits on tripod.

  • Increased 25% of Mana regeneration for all the classes


Dev comment: In party plays, taunt becomes more effective and increase party members’ damage done in a short period.

  • Cry of Hatred
    • Defense Preparation
      • Reduces damage taken by 20% for 6 seconds. Used to be 30% for 4 seconds
    • Threat
      • Reduce enemies’ armor by 30% for 6 seconds. Used to be for 4 seconds
    • Raise Morale
      • Increase all party members’ attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 20% for 6 seconds, used to be 30% on attack and movement speeds for 4 seconds


Dev comment: The damage increase effect was applied only to caster itself, but we changed to the defense reduction effect that can be helpful to the party members. It helps the party members with instant damage increase.

  • Endure Pain: 'Signs of Pain' tripod has been changed
    • Successful hits decrease the target’s all defense by 60% for 6 seconds


Dev comment: It is not high damage output, but sustain top-level debuff that multiplies the final damage done. You can choose 1 or 2 tripod traits to contribute overall damage done by the party members.

  • Sundering Strike: The 'Sharp Strike' tripod is changed to 'Monster Shock'.
    • Successful hits on the target, the target takes 5% more damage for 6 seconds
  • Wild Tiger Strike: The 'Strengthened Strike' tripod is changed to 'Suppress Monsters'.
    • Successful hits on the target, the target takes 5% more damage for 6 seconds
  • Decisive Attack: 'Wave Propagation' The Tripod will be changed to 'Suppress Monster'.
    • Successful hits on the target, the target takes 5% more damage for 6 seconds


Dev comment: It is not high damage output, but sustain top-level debuff that multiplies the final damage done. You can choose 1 or 2 tripod traits to contribute overall damage done by the party members.

  • Rapid Shot: The 'dragon-style' tripod is changed to 'monster hunting'.
    • Successful hits on the target, the target takes 5% more damage for 6 seconds
  • Atomic Arrow: The 'ranged shooting' tri-pod will be changed to 'monster hunting'.
    • Successful hits on the target, the target takes 5% more damage for 6 seconds
  • Sharp Shooter: The 'quick-handed' tri-pod is changed to 'monster hunting'.
    • Successful hits on the target, the target takes 5% more damage for 6 seconds


Dev comment: Mana regeneration is decreased on Shredi due to increased mana regeneration on all the classes. But mana regeneration recovery effect will apply to all party members, now you have an option to increase the contribution in the party play.

  • Sticky moss swamp: The 'Acidic Swamp' tripod is changed to:
    • Reduces all defenses by 60% on the enemy.
  • Shurudy: The 'mana regeneration' tripod effect changes as follows.
    • While you summoned, it increases mana regenration by 40% on all party members


Dev comment: We change tripod traits to  reduced mana consumption on certain skills by 75% last month, but we rolled back to 50% due to the today’s mana regenration changes

  • Celestial Rain: The 'Horsepower Control' tripod effect changes as follows.
    • Casting has a 50% chance to not consume mana
  • Secret Garden: The 'Mental Fortification' tripod effect changes as follows:
    • Reduce mana consumption by 50%


Dev comment: “Heavenly Performance”‘s effectiveness are similar to before (They nerfed the skill but it still has similar effectiveness with today’s mana regen patch)

  • Heavenly Performance: all party members’ mana regeneration speed has been changed
    • 12~40% based on skill level. Used to 35~80% based on skill level

■ Mise à jour du contenu

Lost Ark Shop

  • You can use Mari’s secret shop on PC web browsers
    • You can use the shop on the official website “web shop”
    • Shares purchase opportunity on the web and the game
    • Will support mobile web browsers in the future


  • Added matching system on Normal Raid
    • You can enter raids through the matching system
    • Up to two classes may overlap through the matching system (ex: beserker, berserker, warlord, bard)
    • If a party has three or more of the same class, matching is not possible (ex: bard, bard, bard, hawkeye)
    • The matching system applies item level restriction, but LFG still does not apply item level restriction to enter the raid
    • You cannot use LFG board while queuing the matching system (vice versa)
    • LFG board is still there
  • Changed in Raid entry restriction
    • Party members can be anywhere and any channels
  • When you enter a raid as a solo, a system will give you an option to chose “Gathering Guardian’s Soul”
  • Fixed an issue that when you failed to enter a raid, a system message did not show


  • Changed a price of “신비로운 잎사귀 카드” (mystical leaf card) to 1,500 silings, you can buy it from traveling merchant
  • Fixed an issue that chain effect bonus did not show on detailed character information when chain effect is applied through changing rune slot
  • When you open “얼음 미로의 귀중품 상자 (ice maze quest reward)” from “따듯한 온정의 횃불” (Warm Warming Torch), items will go to your inventory instead of dropped on the field
  • Fixed an issue that leaves empty slots when you store all important items to your storage
  • Fixed an issue that auto-sort function on material storage tab creates empty slots
  • Fixed an issue that inscription tool does not apply when it is stored in the material storage tab
  • Fixed an issue that you could not use drag & drop to store items in storage
  • Fixed an issue that 도발 피래미 and 상급 도발 피래미 showed wrong item grades
  • General Vendors in the capitals will have the same price as NPC 이비엔 in Lakebar

Amélioration des objets

  • Fixed an issue that you could summon suicide bombers by equipping and unequip a ring that has 강령술 inscription
    • Fixed an issue that a player could summon suicide bombers quickly in the platinum fields
    • Suicide bombers from 강령술 will be summoned based on each cycle when combat begins

Navigation / Îles

  • Fixed an issue that “Discovery: Mokoko Mushroom” skill did not have skill cooldown
  • Adjusted maximum capacity for each channel on Golden Wave Island
  • Fixed an issue that native village repair cooldown did not apply when a player switched a channel right after repair from the village
  • Fixed an issue that a system message did not show when a player used objects on 니헬타로프의 상념


  • Fixed the problem that 'Rapid Preparation' effect does not apply when 'Rapid Preparation' and 'Extra Attack' are applied.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the amount of elemental bubble acquisition does not increase when applying some combination of Battle Master 'internal combustion' tripods.
  • Summoner Identity Skill 'Ali Marge' when using the monster in the area, but the intermittent damage to the phenomenon has been fixed.
  • Corrected the effect that the effect of the Arcana 'Gotta' card does not apply to the poisoning damage of 'Ivoque' Tripod 'Mana addiction'.
  • Hawk Eye 'Stormy Wing' tooltip now displays lower damage than actual damage, and now has the effect of reducing the speed of movement that does not actually occur.
  • Hawk Eye 'DM-42' Tripod 'Destruction Enhancement' and 'Explosion Diffusion' when applying the destruction effect 5 times has been fixed the phenomenon.
  • Devil Hunter 'AT02 Ryutan' Tripod 'Ice Grenade' when applying the damage listed in the tooltip damage is less than the damage has been fixed.
  • Blaster 'Gravity Explosion' Fixed a problem where the 'hard armor' and 'gravity whirl' effects do not apply when using some combinations of the Tripod.
  • Warlock 'Shield Rush' and 'Catch Chain' skill have been fixed to prevent normal monsters from casting their skills.
  • Warlord 'Nellathia's Aura' buff tooltip has been modified to produce a different effect than the actual effect.


  • [Weekly] Fixed a problem that can not accept EPCON requests irregularly.
  • [Weekly] When the Ephrona Commitment '[Ghost Ship] Treasure left by the ghost' is completed, the 'Rune Selection Box II' is not paid.
    • If you have already completed the quest but have not received the box, we will send it to you by post.
  • [Weekly] We changed the cube request to list in accordance with the equipment level of the character in the Epson commissioning target.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the spider cocoon is not hit with certain skill when proceeding in the Lake Quest 'Ice Cocoon' time of Shu Shyer stay time.
  • Fixed the problem that the quest count does not increase when the instrument avatar is worn during the cooperative quest for the next instrument playing.
    • Island ritual
    • Touching Shilian
    • With the tree of life
  • Bern North Dungeon 'Gorgon's Nest' Quest During the 'Masu Hunt' quest, if the player does not proceed with the 'pursuit trail truce' quest but finds the 'last trail left by the Rangers', he is unable to move to the boss emergence zone.
  • Quest quest journals and descriptions of the rewards have been added.
    • At the completion of the quest, the mind information of the obtainable island is displayed in the summary area of ​​the quest journal.
    • The simple tooltip of the compensation icon will only guide you through the compensation payment method.
  • When completing the quest 'Mysterious Sculpture', the phenomenon of being unable to acquire the 'Rouge Golden Prize' has been corrected.
    • For those adventurers who have completed the existing quest but have not won the Golden Globe Award, we have paid the item by mail.


  • In the hidden box of the 'Lutheran's Tomb' dungeon, we have modified it to be able to obtain compensation for the dungeon level.
    • As with other hidden boxes, only the characters that open the box have been modified to be able to obtain compensation.
  • Chaos Dungeon "Traces of Solitude" After the treatment of boss, the directing has been modified so as not to skip.
  • Increased the number of instance dungeons that can be entered when a Chaos Gate is created.
    • In the future, more people can enter the Chaos Gate.
  • Fixed a situation where debuff is removed when cube is in progress with debuffs being taken from the battlefield of raid and proof.

Codex, calendrier, Milestone

  • At the milestone, we have changed the minimum level of 'Boss Rush' recommended item level to 400 level.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'Field of the island of the ebb grace' is output to the expectation reward of field boss 'mixed chow' in the milestone.
  • Fixed the problem that calendar is displayed twice on the calendar date display intermittently.


  • Fixed the phenomenon of outputting the delayed waiting UI time for the battlefield entry of proof.
  • Fixed a situation where when a character dies at a specific location in Platinum Field 'Lonaunganji', the character can not move.
  • We corrected the phenomenon that the shoe shoe does not move to a mobile track after moving to a specific track move in the lake area at the time of stay.
  • Fixed a bug where certain 'run' track moves in the Bernese Fernar Plateau could not be used in the lower terrain.
  • I changed the icon image of 'Ride: Shadow Terpheon'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the canceled recipe was left in the favorites when releasing and re-creating the recipe bookmark.
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