[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 28/08/19

Comme promis durant la dernière lettre de Risha, c'est une énorme mise à jour qui a été déployée sur les serveurs coréens de Lost Ark cette semaine.

Avec l'ajout des éléments suivants :

  • Nouveau champ de bataille PvP
  • Refonte des récompenses de guilde
  • Nouveau gardien de raid
  • Nouvelles îles
  • Et bien d'autres choses !

Une page de présentation de pour la plupart de ces ajouts a été ajouté au site officiel lors de la mise à jour, si vous voulez y jeter un œil.

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 28/08/19.


Nouveau contenu

Added Silma Battlefield Fortress

■ new battlefield fortress has been added.


3 kinds of new fortification base]

  • Fort Battles is 16 vs 16 battlefields.
    • At least 8 people must enter and if there are less than 8 players at the start of the battle, they will be treated as failure .
  • Redcliffe Fortress
    • Challenge condition
      • Guild of 16 or more
      • Guild Rating 1701+ Challenges Available
    • correction
      • PvP-only correction is applied.
  • Bamboo forest
    • Challenge condition
      • At least 16 guilds
      • Guild Rating 1300 ~ 1700 Challenge Application
    • correction
      • PvP-only correction is applied.
  • Ashen Wolf Northern Fortress
    • Challenge condition
      • At least 16 guilds
      • Over 1050 guild ratings available
    • correction
      • Same calibration as Battlefield of Proof (but not Victory Crest)

How to join]

  • You can proceed with the challenge application in the same way as the guild match.
  • If you 'request challenge' fortress battle base that meets the challenge application conditions within the challenge application period, you can proceed with matching guilds and fortress battles according to the game schedule.
  • Only one of the 'Guild Wars' or 'Fortress Wars' bases can apply for and participate in the challenge.
    ※ You cannot apply for the challenge of 'Guild War' and 'Fortress War' base.
    ※ Mercenaries can only participate in one of the Guild Wars or Fortress War.

Win condition]

  • The team that absorbs the opposing team Silma first within 20 minutes of battle will win.
  • If the battle time ends, the team with the more points wins.

Game time]

  • Fortifications will be played from 21:30 Saturday and will be played 3 times a day.
  • 20 minutes per game with 3 minutes preparation time, 20 minutes battle and 2 minutes break.

How to earn points]

  • Earn points for killing enemy characters in the same way as in guild matches.
  • Earn points for destroying Guardian Statues, Gates, and Silmah Guardian Statues.
  • If you summon a Heavy Walker, you will earn points.

Basic rule guide]

  • Guardian Statues, Gates, and Silmah Guardian Statues can be effectively destroyed by Heavy Walkers.
  • Heavy Walkers can effectively destroy them by using cannons or Silmael cores.
  • Destroy the guardian statue to attack the gates.
  • Destroy all Silma Guardian statues to absorb them.
  • Killing Neutral Named Monsters grants the entire team buff.
    ※ Buffs obtained by killing Neutral Named Monsters will remain on death and can stack up to 5 stacks.
  • Gain a stealth buff to use your opponent's underground passage.
    ※ You can only enter the underground passage of the opposing team that can be used to obtain the Stealth Buff


※ You can find more detailed information on the battle strategy and victory method on the official website update page. < Go to Fortress Update Page >


Guild System Expansion

Guild functionality has been fixed. (Added contents 2019-08-28)

  • New Guild Member duration reduced from 7 to 3 days.
    ※ Guild members who have remained for more than 3 days before the update will be reduced to 3 days.
  • Guild Withdrawal penalty has been adjusted as follows:
    •  1 day → 4 days → 8 days → 16 days → 32 days
      ※ Guild withdrawal penalties below combat character level 50 are unchanged.

Guild UI has been reorganized.

  • Guild Basic UI has been reorganized.
    • You can check the guild mark, experience, guild leader, guild, guild ranking, and guild blood at once.
    • My Info can help you identify weekly and goal contributions.
    • In the Guild Comprehensive UI, you can apply for, support, and enter various contents of the guild.
  • Guild Skills UI allows you to set various guild skills for the battle of Silma.
    • See Guild Skills for more information.
  • Guild Research UI allows you to study various guild benefits and guild skills.
    • For more information, see Guild Study.
  • History has been reorganized.
    • Guild: You can check the guild information, number of people, and research.
    • Battle of Silmah: You can see the battlefield of Silmah on the map, the results of the guild and fort battles.
    • Guild Bloodstone Acquisition: You can check the amount of guild blood obtained through donation and weekly distribution.
    • Guild Bloodstone Use: You can check the contents of research and skill use.
    • Weekly Guild Bloodstone: You can find information about Weekly Acquisition and Weekly Distribution.
  • Guild management has been reorganized.
    • Distribute allows you to dispense weekly guild blood.
      • See weekly distribution system for details.
    • You can accept or decline the guild that you requested to join through Manage Subscription.
      • The Unsubscribe button has been moved to subscription management.
    • Level benefits have been added, so you can check out the various personnel expansion and research according to the guild level.


Added a credit system to the guild.

  • Earn credit every week.
  • You can increase your level of contribution with weekly credit.
  • You must earn a certain level of Weekly Contribution before you can receive Weekly Guild Bloodstone.
    ※ Guild Contribution can be obtained through various activities such as attendance, donation, research support, and participation in the battlefield of Silma.

The donation system has been added to the guild.

  • Donations will be reset to the number of times you can donate at 06.00 a day.
  • Through donations, guild members can earn Silma Bloodstone, Weekly Contribution.
  • Guilds can earn Guild XP, Guild Bloodstone.
  • Donations include regular donations, advanced donations, and honorary donations, which can be made once a day.

Attendance has been added to the guild.

  • You can attend once a day and you will receive rewards for both the guild and the guild.
  • Guild members gain Silvama Bloodstone and Weekly Contribution.
  • Guild gains Guild XP and Weekly Guild Bloodstone.
  • Be sure to get free rewards through attendance ! Take it!


Added weekly distribution system to guilds.

  • Guild leaders can set weekly guild bloodstone distribution rates and target contributions.
  • Distribute 'Weekly Guild Bloodstone' to guild members based on their bloodstone distribution ratio.
  • Guild members must earn at least a weekly contribution in order to receive a distribution.
  • You can earn weekly credits up to 100% reward based on your goal attribution rate.
    • A maximum of 8,000 hemoglobins can be obtained in a weekly distribution per capita.
  • Weekly Guild Bloodstones can be earned through Silma Battlefield Rank Rewards and Guild Member Attendance.
    • If you have less than 100 Weekly Guild Bloodstones, they will automatically roll over without being dispensed.


Added a research system to the guild.

  • Guild research allows you to expand your guild benefits and capabilities.
    • Research can be done in the General tab or Research tab of the Guild UI.
    • You must have permission to research to start a research. If you have the authority, you can start your research by consuming 'Guild Bloodstone'.
  • When research begins, guild members can reduce research time by supporting research.
    • If you support your research, you will be able to earn Simael Bloodstone and Contribution.
      ※ Once the study begins, you cannot cancel the study until completion.

Guild skills have been added.

  • Guild research allows you to learn powerful guild skills.
  • Guild Skills can only be used on the battlefield of Silma, granting powerful buffs and debuffs to all allies or enemies within range.
  • How to Use Guild Skills
    • You can edit and save the currently researched skills in the Skills tab of the guild window.
    • Guild skills are divided into 'Guild Battle' skills and 'Thunder Battle' skills, and each skill can be edited and saved.
    • Guild skills can only be edited by the guild leader / guild leader.
    • After the challenge is created, skill editing is not possible.
    • To use the guild skill, 'Guild Mana Stone' is required, and Mana Stone must be purchased before entering the game through 'Guild Bloodstone'.
    • When entering the battlefield, the amount of guild mana is automatically deducted by the specified amount, and the skill can be used within the amount of mana.
    • Mana Stones not used on the battlefield will be refunded.
    • Guild members with the highest level of authority when entering the battlefield are given access to skills.
    • Privileges for using the skills are transferable to others.


Sylvael Bloodstone Shop has been reorganized.

  • Items available for purchase are added based on Guild Shop Item Research Level.
  • Depending on the guild level, you can research guild shop goods.
  • The effect is applied only when you are in the guild, and if you do not join or leave the guild, the expanded product will be changed to Cannot be purchased.


Sylvael Battlefield Reorganization

Silma Battlefield Rewards have been reorganized.

  • Rank rewards have been reorganized as follows:
    • Removed Simael Bloodstone and Sealing Chests from existing guild members.
    • The weekly Guild Bloodstone is given to the guild based on the calculated rank.
    • The guild experience gained has been increased.
  • We added ranking condition.
    • Ranking conditions apply only to Guild Wars & Fortress Warriors.
    • You need to get a fixed score for each base to be ranked.
    • You need to be ranked to be eligible for 'Rank Reward'.
    • The ranking condition is set to a level where you can only be rewarded if you normally play all games (including byes).
      ※ If you fail to play the rest of the game after one participation, you may not receive the rank compensation due to the lack of rank calculation condition.
  • Guild Warrior Rewards have been reorganized as follows.
    • 'Seal box' has been removed.
    • 'Silmaelle Bloodstone' and 'Weekly Contribution' are paid as participant rewards.
    • Tokens and PvP experience gains have been increased.
  • Added Reward Success.
    • Regardless of where you apply for the challenge, you can get a reward once a week for each character.
    • Revolutionary Success Reward pays Silmah Bloodstone and Weekly Contribution.
    • The higher your base, the more Silmah Bloodstone you can earn.


We have added a new guild match base and reorganized the existing guild match base.

  • A new battleground 'Frost War' has been added.
    • The battlefield is set against the backdrop of Shusier, and it is a battlefield where you can feel the snowstorm and feel cold.
  • The following nine races were held: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, three days a week to reduce fatigue.
    • 5 th Thursday: The Heresy's Residence
    • Played 5 Fridays: Blue Dragon's Realm, Frost War
    • Five Sundays: Black Eagle Battlefield, Blue Dawn Battlefield
  • The capture buff has been reorganized.
    • However, this week's buffs will be applied unchanged and the reorganized buffs will be applied when acquiring the Borrower's Occupation Buff.
  • The following points have been changed to apply the same correction as the battlefield of proof.
    • Apply base: black vulture battlefield, the area of the Blue Dragon, the residence of the heretics, the land of rusted metal
      is in ※ However, eight bases this statement of victory not apply.
  • We've changed the base for the proof of battle and other PvP-specific corrections to:
    • Application Point: Frost Warrior, Battlefield of Blue Dawn
    • The correction effect has been enhanced.
  • We have adjusted the guild rating conditions among the base challenge application conditions.
    • No Guild Rating Conditions: Black Eagle Battlefield, Blue Dragon's Realm, Heretic Home, Rusty Metal Land
    • Guild Rating 1101 and above: Frost Wreath, Blue Dawn Battlefield


Mercenary system added.

  • You can now enter the battlefield through the mercenary system even if you are not in the guild.
    ※ Mercenary system can be used when opening the guild system.
    ※ Characters joined to the guild cannot participate in mercenaries.
  • A button added at the bottom of the minimap UI allows you to print the mercenary recruitment window.
    • You can register for Mercenary Recruitment and apply for Mercenary participation 2 hours before the battlefield scheduled time.
    • If a guild registers for mercenary recruits, the mercenary can apply to participate.
    • If a guild accepts your entry, you will be registered as a mercenary for that guild, and you will be able to participate in the guild's challenge.
      ※ Mercenaries can only participate in one base per week.
  • If you are a mercenary, you can earn the following rewards:
    • Like guild members, you get a reward for participating at the end of the match.
    • Apart from participation rewards, you can receive employment from the guild.
      ※ Employment rewards must be participated in all matches of the bases that the guild applied for in order to obtain normal compensation. (Deducted by the number of times you did not participate)

Guild War Improvements]

  • Increased respawn time at death from 7 to 15 seconds to increase the sense of accomplishment and tension in strategic group battles.
    • Automatic respawn after 15 seconds
  • Added a base return function.
    • You can return to your base by using the ',' shortcut key or by clicking the button to the right of the vehicle UI.
    • If you are attacked when you return to the base, it is automatically canceled.
  • Base recovery has been enhanced.
    • Significantly improved the healing effects such as health, mana, and sp.
  • Improved the output of warning alerts when absorbing Silmael and Silma debris.
  • If there is an opposing team within a certain range around the character, it is also shared with allies.
    • The mini-map allows you to locate your opponents.
  • Improved functionality for challenge applications.
    • Challenges can only be applied to one of the Guild Wars or Fort Warholds.
    • If you request a challenge, you cannot cancel it and it will be canceled automatically after regular inspection.
  • Improved PvP correction.
    • Adjusted PvP-specific correction balance for damage and health.
    • This enhances the fun of the Battle Studio and improves the end of the battle in a short time.


Improved Revolution]

  • Increased Silma Devourer Boss stats below.
    • Shattered Rift, Ancient Boundary, Khasrik's Hate, Knights' Cemetery, Guardian's Land, Frost Seal
  • The Bolar battlefield has been modified as follows.
    • Fixed the maximum level of existing items to apply up to 600 items.
      ※ Bolar battlefield has been modified as above to aim for a base to play through cooperation with guild members regardless of item level.

Common Enhancements]

  • Repair shops have been added to the bases of Tobol, Guild and Fortress.
    • Maintenance (replacement of skills, equipment, and battle items) is only possible during battle preparation time and cannot be changed once the battle begins.
  • You can create raids at each base.
    • A separate button allows you to send raid invitations to all guild members in the battlefield of Silmael.


Added Tier 7 Raid Guardian 'Igrexion' and 3 skilled Guardians

Level 7 New Raid Guardian 'Igrexion' and 3 Skilled Guardians have been added. Take on a new raid in the new map Scarred Earth.

  • Level 7 Raid can be entered from item level 775 or higher.
    • [Expert] Urnil: Matches item level 775 or higher
    • [Expert] Helgaia of Cruelty: Can match item level 825 or higher.
    • [Expert] Blackfield's Yoho: Matchable to item level 875 or higher
    • Igrexion: Can match item level 925 or
  • Added Level 3 inscriptions to obtain in the Tier 7 Raid.
  • Added 5 new jewelry items that can be obtained from Igrexion.
    • Jewelry items can only be obtained by characters with item level 925 or higher.
  • Added Party Finder, milestone information, and weekly epona quests based on the Tier 7 Raid Guardian.
  • Added three new raid expedition tasks.
  • In addition to the Tier 7 raids, the new standard Raid Guardian 'Acates' now has an appropriate maximum item level. (2019-08-29)
    • If you exceed the raid's proper item level, the amount of some goods may be limited.
      ※ Inscriptions and weekly raid tickets that can be obtained in 'Acates' do not apply to the limit of acquisition amount due to exceeding the maximum item level.


Sheet music collection and empathy expedition

Sheet music acquisition information is shared by expedition.

  • Once acquired in the Fellowship, all characters in the Fellowship can use it in common.
  • The scores that are important to the progress of some of the scenarios below and scores that are only available through special paths are excluded from expedition.
    • Song of escape
    • Trishion's Song
    • A song of courage
    • Cantabile of the Mind
    • Festival song begins


Emotion expression Action acquisition information is shared by expedition.

  • Emotional expressions acquired once in the Fellowship can be used by all characters in the Fellowship.
  • Emotion Expressing Action Expeditions now allow Emotional items learned from Fellowship units to be removed from the NPC Store Sales List.
  • In accordance with the Emotional Action Expedition, the following two Emotional Actions that can be purchased in the Mileage Shop can be purchased once per Fellowship.
    • Character Emotion Expression: Shining Star Dance
    • Pet Emotions: Cheer
  • We refunded the purchase mileage of '[Pet sympathy] jealousy' and '[emotion expression] shining star dance', which waspreviously purchased in the expedition unit, as below  . 
    • If several characters in one expedition have acquired the target emotion, they will be considered as having acquired only one time, and the remaining amount will be refunded as mileage.
    • Unused emoticon items that have been left in the box have been deleted in bulk, and the mileage will be refunded as much as the deleted amount.
      ※ Duplicate purchases and acquisitions will be confirmed on the basis of the Fellowship, and once acquired for each Fellowship of each server , they will be excluded from the refund .


2 new islands added

Added the new island 'Metus Islands', where the shadow of death curls up in the storm. 

  • Added 5 new Expeditionary Tasks for the Metus Islands.
  • Added 'Heart of the island of Metus'.
  • You can turn into a investigator in the Metus Islands to investigate the Secrets of the Mansion.
    • You can illuminate the lantern to investigate or check the 'dark place'.
    • Consume evil spirits by consuming 'fuel' obtained while the lantern is on.
    • 'Fuel' can be obtained by searching for the light.


New Shadow Island, a mysterious and fantastic night market, has been added.

  • Added 5 types of expeditions and 2 titles for the Shadowmoon Market.
  • Added 'Shadow Moon Market Island'.
  • You will find merchants selling special items at Shadowmoon Market.
    • Hourly and on-time bookshelf appearance
    • Every 15 minutes, a surprise magic merchant appears
    • 30 minutes every hour
  • You can catch runaway spirits by using 'camera' scattered around the Shadowmoon Market.


Améliorations et ajustements

[ Event]

The Cheating Raid event ends and Ban Ban Mumani Island disappears.

  • Characters on Ban Ban Mumani Island have been moved out of the island.
  • You can exchange 'Cheeking Festival Coins' through NPC Chicolo, placed near the stone statues of each major city return before the regular inspection on Wednesday, September 4th.


Assassin Update Memorial Event has ended.

  • At the end of the event, the 'Event Trishion Pass' paid for the 'Forgotten Shadow Legacy' event has been removed.


[ Preferences]

  • You can use the 'Auto Skip Dungeon Direction' feature in the Settings.
    • If you enable the option, skippable productions that are visible in party dungeons and raids are automatically skipped.
    • If you are in a party, skip voting is performed automatically.
  • Added guild shortcuts in the 'Hotkeys' section of preferences.
    • Return to Fort Battle Base
    • 5 guild skill use


[ Dungeon / Reid]

  • Increased the chance of directly obtaining tokens from the 'Anthares Nightmare' clear reward box.
  • Slightly increased the types and quantities of rewards available in the Tier 6 Raid Guardian 'Acates'.
  • After completing the Abyss Raid, the 'More' button has been deactivated.


[ Belongings / Items]

  • Fixed an issue where moving a warehouse item with the pet belongings window specified will move the item to the pet belongings window instead of the normal belongings window.
  • 'Cube Vision' items, which can only be obtained from the general cube 'Silver Box', have been changed to have a chance of being acquired in all section reward boxes.
    • Cube visions that are kept in your belongings can be removed through 'destruction' or 'sales' in the store.
  • Changed the Bind type of Trinket Box from Event to `` Fellowship '' at the event before the Assassin Class was released.
  • Changed so that 'Life Point Potion', which does not have a designated place in the item dictionary, is no longer exposed in the dictionary.
  • Improved Potion Merchant to sell 'Blessed Healing Potion' in Bern and Stern.
  • Changed the following stamp items to `` Tradeable ''.
    • Steady State Imprint II
    • Super Charge Imprint II
    • Fugitive Imprint II
    • Lucky Hunter Inscription II
    • Mana Recovery Increase Imprint II
    • Prerequisite Stamp II
    • Yard Inscription II


[Class ]

  • We fixed the following inconvenience when the Demonization status was automatically released when interacting with Demonic Demonization.
    • Improved track movement (jumping, climbing, zipping, etc.) while maintaining demonic status.
    • Maintained the demonization status and improved basic actions (open box, switch operation, etc.).
    • Devilized state can no longer interact with the demonized state.

[ Quest]

  • Daily Epona commissioned 'Eternity! Among the targets of Bulletproof Cream! ', NPC' Shor 'has been changed to NPC' Kakur '.
  • The peach of the peach of the Mungungdowon Cooperative quest 'New Peach' has been changed so that other characters can complete the quest normally even if the character who participated in the quest removes the golden peach.


[UI / Graphics]

The top menu has been improved.

  • 4 new buttons have been added to the top menu.
    • Calendar, event information, coupon, guidebook
  • We've integrated notifications into the top menu.
    • You can see multiple notification items in one integrated notification button.
    • Removed item processing notification items from the notification items.
  • As we improved the top menu, we've reorganized the quick menu at the bottom right.
    • Removed event quick menu category.
    • Removed calendar, attendance, event information, coupon menu.
      ※ In the game menu (ESC), the existing menu is maintained.

  • The notification UI has been improved as follows.
    • Changed output location to the bottom of the minimap.
    • Added item dictionary, milestone, and recruit recruit notification button.
    • The Find Party notification button has been changed to always output.
  • Improved the issue that icons are not displayed for the following items in the Like and Milestone UI.
    • Crush item
    • Term items
    • Junk items
    • Book of Adventure Collectable Items
  • Improved readability of the Smelt effect found in item tooltips.
  • Added fog to Mystic and the end of the first fight.
  • We added a mark so that you can check your destination within the line.
  • Fixed the raid leader and party leader icons to be more intuitively identifiable.
  • Improved the raid information window to identify raids in other areas.
  • If you play bye bye in the Battle of Silma battlefield guild, the guild members have been improved to display a message about the bye.
  • Fixed minor differences in basic appearance when wearing avatars of the same concept.
  • Slightly improved the appearance of unnatural thighs when wearing a female avatar converted swimsuit top.


[ Lost Arc Shop]

  • The following 2 items have been discontinued.
    • [Weekly] T3 Growth Aid Package
    • Bahuntur's Growth Support Package
  • In the character selection screen, the following items have been purchased and added immediately for use.
    • Character name change ticket
    • Character appearance change ticket
    • Character slot extension
    • Trishion Pass
      ※ If you make a purchase from the character selection screen, you will receive it immediately and apply it to your account.



  • Added the following adventure quests to complete the jump growth.
    • Revealed Enemy
    • If the tail is long, it will be caught.
      ※ The character who has progressed the previous jump has also completed the quest and reflected the propensity point.


[ Other]

  • Changed the recommended item level of the Tier 6 Tier 'Acates' in the Raid category of the milestone.
  • In Antares' Nightmare Dungeon 'Tomb of Forgotten Heroes', if the character who died before the last rapportion is resurrected, it will be resurrected at the end of the final direction instead of where it died.
  • Removed NPC Priest Moro from the Great Castle of John Continent on the way to Unfinished Garden.
  • Some details have been added to make the description of the expedition task 'Full closet' clearer, and the final target quantity has been changed from '168' to '120'.
  • Added Job-specific text to the Blade and Demonic Class job-specific imprinter item tool tips.
  • When the raid leader is automatically delegated, the party leader of the earliest number party has been modified to be the raid leader.


Correction de bugs

[ Dungeon]

  • Fixed an issue where Artemis Continental Dungeon 'Aguilros' Tail' acquired items that were not related to quests.
  • Fixed the issue where the quest was not updated intermittently while the Yon Continental Dungeon 'The Great Brewery' quest 'Keep the Great Seal' was in progress.
  • Fixed an intermittent respawn on the elevator during the death of Antares' Nightmare Dungeon 'Tomb of the Forgotten Heroes', Guardian of the Light, Lunar Guardian and Battle Areas.
  • Fixed a bug where Antares 'Nightmare Dungeon would not move to the next level in Antares' Nightmare Dungeon 'Tomb of Forgotten Heroes'.
  • Fixed an issue where the party would occasionally disband when it was matched to Antares' Nightmare Dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue where an dungeon could not be played intermittently due to a dungeon directed at a specific location while the isolated Eternal Island 'Secret Lab' was in progress.


[ Battle / raid]

  • Fixed an issue that caused Stance to reset to Handgun when Devil Hunter cleared Labyrinth, Chaos Dungeon, etc.
  • Fixed a bug in which Demonic could not cancel a motion while using the Meteorology while demonizing with a skill keystroke.
  • Fixed the issue where the 'Unstoppable Impulse' imprint effect was not applied when demonics were demonized and the demonization was released.
  • Fixed a bug where certain characters would hide and release and then crash when moving to a character hidden by another character.
  • Fixed an issue where the stance would be reset but the Kumgang buff would remain when the Raid was entered while the technician was active.
  • Fixed an issue where the invincible effect would persist even after the shield of the Tier 6 Raid Guardian 'Acates' was destroyed.
  • Fixed a phenomenon where the 'Timeout' exposed during the Abyss Raid would occur between 1 and 2 seconds for each character.
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip would not appear when hovering over the sealing icon in the UI reward list.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect messages would be displayed to the raid leader when nothing was selected in the Abyss Raid vote.
  • Fixed awkward line heights in the Abyss Raid Retirement and Reward Collection voting windows.
  • Fixed an issue where a question mark icon was displayed in the Reval Time Reward slot when the Recession was stopped in the middle of an Abyss Raid.
  • Fixed a bug where Raid Guardian 'Helgaia of Harsh' was not displaying intermittent skill pre-effects.
  • Fixed an issue where, during the previous experience, the class under trial was released but the existing identity buff remained.


[ Quest]

  • Fixed an issue where Artemis area quest 'Legend and Fairy Tale' could not be registered individually because the quest was updated to all party members when the Square Hall was registered in the party state.
  • Fixed an issue where Azerna's Favor quest Knights of Rohendel was unable to meet Knights Adrin on Welcome Butterfly Island.
  • Fixed the issue where characters appeared floating in the air at certain locations while the Wall of Glory was in progress.
  • Fixed the issue where certain stages could not be progressed intermittently during the Toke's Continental quest 'Toward the Deep'.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message would be displayed when interacting with a quest target during the Epona Request 'Agent of Moronto'.
  • Fixed the issue where Marie of Francoise couldn't attack the boss while fighting the boss monster in the presence of high and low car quest 'Destroy the Devils in Chaosgate'.
  • NPC Adele's Favorable quest 'Flame Losing' will no longer cause Adele to remain on the fly.


[ Item / Item Dictionary]

  • Fixed a bug where Agna's Decision and Malum's Fighting Spirit trinkets would not trigger in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where item level information for tier 3 trinkets would appear in the ability comparison column when hovering over trinkets sold by tier 3 trinkets.
  • Fixed avatars not being able to use avatars stored in the Equipment / Avatar Warehouse when converting avatars.
  • Fixed an issue where only one item was purchased regardless of the quantity entered when entering the number of purchases and attempting to purchase by entering the Enter key instead of the Buy button.
  • Fixed the issue where the number of material items is only partially displayed when checking the 'refining information' of the 'recyclable' item in the item dictionary.
  • Fixed an issue where, when viewing the information of a character in a different region, the character actually appeared to be wearing all set item accessories or intermittently not wearing some of them.


[ Sailing]

  • Fixed the issue where the camera's zoom in / out would be unnatural when using fast navigation during ship movement.
  • Fixed a bug where the ship skin was not released, but the skin appeared to be released intermittently.
  • Fixed the issue where the name and description of the sailor 'Juran' was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of islands visited to date has been displayed abnormally.
    • Fixed an issue where certain islands were counted twice and printed.
    • Event Island visits have been modified to not be included in the navigation record.


[ Raid]

  • Fixed an issue where the raid chats would not be displayed intermittently when the 'Raid' item was checked in the Chat tab settings.
  • Fixed the issue where the "Rad" item was applied as the default setting in the Chat tab of the "System" tab of the chat window.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented raids from displaying raids in other areas.
  • Fixed an issue where the raid leader's expulsion would not result in a system message.
  • Fixed an issue where the death icon would not display in Raid UI and Raid settings window when raid members in other areas were killed.
  • Fixed an issue where inappropriate messages were displayed when raid members attempted to banish other raid members.
  • Fixed a slow update of the death status when moving to a location with raids or changing positions with other raids to edit a dead raid in the Raid Settings window.
  • Fixed the issue where the name of the character is displayed in the party UI when reconnected after changing the character name with the character name change right while in a single raid.
  • Fixed the issue where the party numbers of the party leader and the second party member were output the same when entering the dungeon as the raid.


[ Graphics / UI]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented characters from moving at certain locations while the Peyton Prologue was in progress.
  • Fixed the issue where the character info window was displayed incorrectly as if it had a rune effect on a device that had exhausted its durability.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the icons of some equipment items to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the preview music icon was incorrectly displayed on avatars other than instruments in certain situations while using the avatar creation preview window.
  • Fixed some NPCs disappearing abnormally in the Continental Black Anvil Workshop.
  • Fixed an issue where the armpit area was abnormally exposed when wearing a female class converted swimsuit avatar.
  • Fixed the issue where the Avatar color changed to silver under certain circumstances while wearing the Wizard Class's Eve Avatar Face 2
  • Fixed awkward back appearance when the Mage class wore Avatar of Noble Emotions.
  • Fixed a bug where the Warrior Class would display some graphics when wearing the 'Steel March Head' avatar.
  • Fixed an issue where the instrument would not be exposed while playing Serenade of Love in Warrior Class.
  • Fixed a bug where Assassin's class would display some graphics when wearing 'Combat Mercenary's Gloves'.
  • Fixed an issue where the Assassin class would not scale only the Identity HUD when resizing the configuration HUD.
  • Fixed an issue where certain parts of the Assassin class would look unnatural when attacked after wearing them on certain avatars.
  • Fixed a phenomenon where hotkey input and hotkeys were output when the Silvama battlefield status panel and result window were exposed.


[ Other]

  • Fixed typos in some text.
  • Fixed the issue where some NPC's names were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the names of continents that are not yet open are not displayed in the world map.
  • Fixed the issue where the Ether effect from the Gathering Life skill 'Essence of Vitality' was applied to party members.
  • Fixed the issue where the motion is canceled when the 'ESC' key is pressed while expressing certain emotions.
  • Fixed the issue where the map location is shifted to one side after pressing the World Map (M) key after entering Totosilver Island.
  • Fixed the issue where the party member could not be activated by the 'Pending party member' popup window when entering a welcome butterfly island while the party member was watching the show.
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