[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 31/07/19

Nous y voilà, la mise à jour de cette semaine sur les serveurs coréens de Lost Ark apporte deux nouvelles classes : Blade et Demonic !

Ce patch contient également d'autres modifications :

  • Amélioration des contenus partagés entre les personnages
  • Ajout de nouvelles récompenses pour les cœurs d'îles
  • Nouvelles personnalisation de personnages
  • Et bien d'autre

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 31/07/19.

Ajout de contenu

Deep night intruders, new class 'assassin' appeared!

New class "assassin" has been newly updated.

  • The Payton Prologue of the assassin class has been added.
  • When you reach 10th level as an assassin class, you can transfer to 'Blade' or 'Demonic'.
  • The assassin class equipment item has been added in the same configuration as the existing class.
  • We have added the book of the masters of the assassin classes 'Blade' and 'Demonic'.
    • Engraving is sold by the luxury merchant, Lupeon's Tension Exchange, Shiren's Coin Exchange NPC.
  • We added 20 kinds of expeditionary tasks related to the new class 'Assassin'.
  • We added 3 kinds of compensation title for the new class 'Assassin' related expeditionary task.

Collective Points and Special Effect Potion Expedition Conversation

■ Collective points and special effect potions have been chatted away.

[Collective point expedition conversation]

The state of the island, the heart of the giant, the state of acquisition of great art collecting points, and the reward acquisition information will be shared with the Fellowship.

  • When a specific character within an Fellowship acquires a Collector Points point, the Collector Points content is immediately reflected on all open characters.
    • However, even if you reacquire already acquired Collective Point elements, they will not be added to the Collector Points of the Fellowship.
  • We have removed the replacement reward for the one-time payment reward for the expeditionary unit during the collectable point reward .
    • Rewards that can be collected repeatedly on a character basis are paid the same as before.
  • As collective points become expatriate conversations, we have removed the mind shortening quest of the island of the sub-character .
    • Wednesday, July 31 The target quest which was going before the regular inspection was removed from the quest execution list.
      ※ The character of 'Shadow of the Shadow' which the character of the expedition who acquired 'The Heart of Shadow Island ' item will be deleted at the regular inspection on Wednesday, August 7 .

[Special Effect Potion Expedition Dialog]

Increases the character's abilities, propensity points, and potions.

  • Special effects potions once used by a certain character within the Fellowship will be applied to all characters within the Fellowship .
    • Skill Point Potion, Life Point Potion
    • Increases character stats Potion, propensity point potion
      Special effect potion that has been used more than once in the expedition unit no longer increases the character's stamina and tendency points.


Améliorations et ajustements

[ Sailing]

  • We have added 71 ~ 80 collection points for the island's mind.
    • 71: One of the Opert Sailors' token selection box
    • 72 pieces: 99 parts for rare ships
    • 73 pieces: 1 shining coin of cream snail
    • 74: 1 ship upgrade box II
    • 75: Sailor Application: 1 Jurant
    • 76: Two Procyon boxes
    • 77 pieces: 5 pieces of tombstones of Opper
    • 78 pieces: 100 gold coins 10 pieces
    • 79 pieces: 1 piece
    • 80: Ship Skin: Totoik Aaron Turtle 1
      ※ This compensation can be obtained only once per expedition from the lonely island Opfer.
  • We have improved the sailing area as below so that you can enjoy your navigation activities more smoothly.
    • We have increased the number of basic channels in the navigation area (ocean in the sea, ocean in Procyon) .
    • Corrected the marine activity points and wrecks to regenerate more quickly.
  • We have narrowed the range of interaction for the 'life-destroying ghost ship' position.


[ Triion Pass]

When you complete the jumping growth, you will start the adventure in the "Land of the Beginning" of the Yon continent.
  • Equipment item level paid after jumping has been changed to 555 level .
  • The main and general quests to the Handel continent are completed .
    • Procyon's Tent and Content Guide quests are also done together.
    • You will acquire an additional second skill .
    • Completed quests are rewarded for all quests, ships and ships, and if there is not enough free space on your belongings, they will be paid by mail.
  • The square hall and liner lines to the Handel continent are activated.

[ Change of appearance]

The customization items for character creation and appearance change are expanded and improved as follows.

  • hair
    • Two-tone hair added.
    • In two-tone hair mode, you can construct your hair in two colors.
  • freckles
    • The freckle slider has been changed to the "skin" category.
    • Now freckles can be adjusted with the slider only, regardless of the ball touch selection.
  • pattern
    • We added a new movable pattern that allows size, position, and reversing / copying right / left.
    • You can change the color of a general movable pattern, but you can not change the color of a special moving pattern.
  • We changed the probability of random appearance according to each added function.
  • The position of each color picker to select a color has been moved to the right.


[ Dungeon / Battle]

  • Fixed equipment items (armor or accessories) dropping 100% in 'Blessed Brewery [General]', 'Oman's Ark [Generic]' and 'Knut's Tomb [General]' . (Corrected content for 2019-07-31)
    • Equipment items that were available for 120 dungeon pieces were removed from the store list.
    • We have reduced the number of pieces of 'craving' obtained by disassembling 'Necklace of Fateful Desire', 'Distorted Oman's Ring' and 'Cursed Fog Earring' by half, depending on the modification of equipment item acquisition.
  • We have made some changes to the identity related process when the character dies.
    • In death of Sila Mael, the identity-related processing was changed to the same as the proof of battle.
    • On the battlefield of proof, the core and gauge are initialized at death when the destructor is in gravity weighted area use.
    • In a field or dungeon, if the blaster is in shell mode or is in a cooling state, the cooling state is deleted when killed.
  • We have removed the additional effects of the below abnormal state of the abnormal state effect.
    • Electric Shock: Eliminates the lightning effect that stuns the surrounding ally during each electric shock.
    • Fear: Removed the effect of 100% reduction in critical resistance.
    • Petrification: Removed 30% reduction in defense.
  • Event We have changed some debuffs of Chaos Dungeon to remove them as battle items.
    • Meteorite: Fire damage
    • Zero: Freeze effect
    • Reaper: fear effect
    • Oral: Silence effect
    • Electrode: Electric shock effect
    • Obsession: restraint effect
  • Antares Nightmare In the "Tomb of the Forgotten Heroes", when the next area is opened by activating the lever during the battle with "Janggan", the jargon has been changed so as not to be damaged until it arrives in the area.
  • Antares Nightmare Some improvements have been made to make it easier to play the mid-production scenes from the Dungeon of the Forgotten Heroes and the Heart of the Fallen Steel.
  • During the Handel's Dungeon 'Land of the Elemental', the text displayed when interacting with the spirit's torch object has been modified to suit the situation.
  • We have adjusted the size of the "Wide Buff" of Raid Guardian Arcades to fit the body size.
  • Event Changed Chaos Dungeon to no longer have a 'Piece' debuff.
  • We have adjusted the number of HP lines displayed on HP gauges of some monsters.
    By adjusting the display standard ※, the actual total HP is the same as before.

[ Item / Store / NPC]

  • We have modified the icon to easily identify the box items that are made up of existing tier 3 material items.
  • We added one registration guide per expedition to great artwork and giant's heart item description.
  • Collected point items that have already been acquired have been modified invisibly from the NPC store sales list.
  • Twenty levels of legendary weapon effects have been improved to more spectacular effects.
  • We have added Ability Stone craftsman 'Ritire' to the 'Brilliant Gold Harbor', the land of the beginning of the Yon continent.
  • Added voice ambassador of pet management NPC.


[ Pet]

  • Added a situation where the pet expresses emotions.
    • Expedition level up
    • 1: 1 duel win and defeat
  • Improved automatic acquisition of items, which is basic ability of pet.
    • Modified to check the item level required for normal items.


[BGM ]

  • We have replaced some of the existing raid local music with new ones.
    • Area: dense fog ridge, red sand desert

[ Lost Arc Shop]

  • The Preview function has been improved as shown below.
    • Apply the face of the gift object in the gift preview
    • Add preview function of other job avatars
    • Added preview of components included in box
  • We have modified to display the number of items in the merchandise box.


[ Other]

  • We have improved to display the guideline of "Fellowship reward acquired" in the reward of the fleet units that have already been acquired.
  • Fixed to allow spacing when setting device / skill preset name.
  • August We have updated Calendar Island Calendar.
  • We have changed the Tower's Collector Points rewards to one reward per expedition and added replacement rewards.
  • We have improved some progress conditions so that we can proceed with quests for the Fermat 's commission.
  • If the chat window drop-down menu overlaps the chat tab, the drop-down menu is selected first.
  • When you acquire an item with a marine treasure map, it has been improved so that messages related to acquiring items are displayed in the chat window.
  • We have improved some of the phenomena that the game menu window was opened intermittently after the skipable production skip.
  • Attendance compensation will be renewed after regular inspection on July 31.


Correction de bugs

[ Quest]

  • Chuck: Chuck: "The quest is in progress, the location of the quest zone is incorrectly corrected the phenomenon.
  • The island of blue winds 'big bastard appeared.' Fixed the problem that the quest was not completed intermittently during the cooperative quest.
  • Fixed a problem in which quests are not renewed if the monsters of the next level are eliminated first before the Quest update.
  • Fixed a situation where the quest was delayed and the quest was not possible even after completing the quest 'Infinite Triangles, Truth Truth' in the isolated island of eternity 'The Secret Laboratory'.
  • Fixed a problem that the name of the wake up was not listed in the quest name in the warrior's vow of the first awakening quest of the warrior class.


[ Dungeon / Battle]

  • When Antares' Nightmare Dungeon 'Tomb of the Forgotten Hero' is output, the situation that the director is holding the weapon is corrected.
  • Tier 1 ~ 2 Chaos Dungeon 'Expectation Reward' on the 'Event Chaos Dungeon' tickets have not been exposed.
  • Tier 3 Event Fixed a problem where some monster levels in the Chaos Dungeon are not applied normally.
  • We corrected the phenomenon of provocation and neutralization while 'Scientist S' and 'Scientist Jay' appearing on the Aristaine continental dungeon 'Study base of Aihan' are lying on the ground after death.
  • Fixed the problem that some of the monsters used by the skill do not get a shot effect.
  • Monsters "Slow Wolves" When using this skill, the display range of the skill does not match the actual shot range has been fixed.
  • During the battle against the Raid Guardian 'Belganus', the dark spheres fired by Belganus have been fixed in the air.
  • Fixed the boss symbol being retained by the effect of 'Telescope' imprinting on the Raid Guardian.
  • Summoner 'Current Emission' skill 'Super Current Zone' When applying the tri-pod, the phenomenon that the projectile is generated in the air has been corrected.
  • The Blaster and Devil Hunter classes have been modified so that the 'Ignite' effect does not damage nearby.
  • Berserker 'Strike Wave' skill 'Kelberos' by applying the tri-pod attack, intermittent, the same object twice, the problem has been fixed.


[ Pet]

  • Fixed the problem that 'Link to chat window' function does not work when right clicking on Shift + on pet's belongings.
  • Fixed the problem that the experience menu disappears when the pet function of the pet store is summoned and closed during the previous job.
  • Fixed the problem that the items in the pet items are not moved to 'Full Move' intermittently even though they have empty slots in the belongings window.


[ Item]

  • Corrected the problem that the 'Tier 3 Experiment Bar' of the tool tip of the Tier 3 equipment does not output any contents under certain circumstances.
  • We have fixed the phenomenon that the effect of increasing the damage of skill from the effect of raising does not apply to some chain skill.
  • Fixed the problem that when the battle item 'Adropin potion' is moved to the belongings and warehouses, an inappropriate sound is output.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that ancient gold / silver was intermittently unpaid when using item 'valuables box of ice maze'.
  • Token 'Floating Soul' Fixed the problem that the Epochal Daily Quest that does not exist in the destination is displayed.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that 'Sila Mael's Blood' tool tip of 'Mailable' is printed on the attached item of postal mail sent after settlement


[ Sailing / World Map]

  • Fixed the phenomenon of 'Golden rum barrel' being generated intermittently when moving along the coast of 'Hanpa Sea' during the voyage.
  • Fixed the problem that when using Skill during Sailing or Mouseing over Skill slot, Shadowing and Mouseover effect by using Skill does not match with Slot type.
  • Fixed a problem where a local name is displayed instead of a region description in the World Map region symbol tooltip of the Handel continent region.
  • When inside the building, the "destination direction display" displayed on the mini-map is displayed in a format that does not match the location indicated by destination sharing.
  • Fixed the phenomenon in which symbols are not displayed and symbols are displayed incorrectly when 'Destination Sharing' is performed in Lutheran Castle 'Exchange'.
  • Welcome Nabi Island's Favorability During the quest, we corrected the phenomenon that the island's mini-map is displayed as over-enlarged.


[ Command of Shilian]

  • Fixed a problem where the identity gauge of some classes is not initialized when dying while playing in the cube.
  • Fixed a problem where the clear target monster on the 25th floor of Tower of Shadow does not match the rank of the monster that actually appears.
  • After boarding the raft in the Platinum Field, the raft has left the low probability, but the character does not start.


[ Graphic]

  • Corrected the phenomenon that the chair object is placed in an awkward position on the heartbeat island specific position.
  • Fixed a situation where a character can not move to a certain position in a secret dungeon.
  • When you move to a specific location in the Dungeon 'Land of Elemental Dungeons' on the Handel continent, the graphics are displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the camera keeps zooming out when moving to a specific region after boarding the rider in Handel Continental 'Destroyed Xanay'.
  • While walking across the 'Rainbow Cloud Bridge' on the Handel Continent 'Silver Ripple Lake', the camera suddenly zooms in on the ride.
  • When using emotion expressions using the target selection command, we corrected the phenomenon in which the character advances the emotional expression while viewing only the specific direction.
  • When I played after playing the instrument avatar, I fixed the phenomenon that other characters do not seem to wear an avatar.
  • Fixed the problem that the horizontal line part of the list of integrated accounts is not visible depending on the resolution.


[ Other]

  • Fixed awkward expressions and typographical errors in some texts.
  • Silmael Battleground Guild Fixed the problem that when a character and an enemy character succeed in successive kills during a guild battle, a continuous action window is not displayed.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that when the category item in the exchange is clicked, the text that does not fit in the 'required level' appears and disappears.
  • Fixed a problem that speech bubbles are not output to some NPCs on each continent.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that when the character information of another character overlaps with the character to be used by another character, the corresponding information is indicated in the ring information.
  • Fixed a situation where information can not be checked intermittently when viewing information of other characters.
  • Fixed the message that 'Information can not be checked' message is displayed when clicking the character information window of the party member belonging to another world during the party.
  • Fixed a problem where the character does not stop moving even when entering the pet interaction mode while it is moving or moving automatically.
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