[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 26/12/18

Une nouvelle mise à jour de Lost Ark a eu lieu cette nuit. Moins importante que les précédentes, elle touche tout de même à pas mal de chose, avec notamment la baisse de difficulté de deux Gardiens de Raid : Calvinus et Levanos.

Autre changement notable, ils ont retiré le debuff du deuxième niveau du cube, ce qui facilite l'obtention du coffre en argent.

Je vous laisse découvrir tout les changements du patchnote du 26/12/18 ci-dessous (en anglais).

[Gardiens de Raid]


I have downgraded the difficulty of the raid guardian 'Calvinus'.

  • Among the skills used by Calvinus, we have slowed down the speed of the skills that are overly fast.
  • Calvinus has reduced the damage of 'Guryeong Jade' explosion, which absorbs 'Gwangpung Jade' and summons it under strengthened condition.
    • When I was hit by a bombing, I was no longer strangled, but only to be rigid.
    • We have shortened the distance to be pushed farther than usual.
  • Calvinus has been leaning back and downgraded his skill to fire forward.
    • It will be shot once even if it overlaps several tornadoes.
    • The speed at which the whirlwind flew was reduced by 50%.
    • The size of the whirlwind has been reduced by 30%.
  • We have downgraded the debuff 'curse of the wind' to be applied when attacked by Calvinus.
    • We have significantly reduced the amount of damage per deeper nesting.
    • Debub's name was changed to 'Stormy Stalk'.
    • We have modified the tooltip information of the debuff to be more detailed with '10% increase in magic damage per overlap'.
  • Calvinus has downgraded his skill to cause a small extreme whirlwind around him.
    • You will be hit only once, even if you hit several stormy tornadoes.
      However, since this tornado is a two-tiered hit, the damage amount is output twice.
    • It starts to produce smaller stormy tides later than usual. Instead, the interval at which tornadoes fall is shorter than before.
  • After Calvinus emerged in the air, he downgraded the attack to mass-produce a small stormworm and land it again.
    • You will be hit only once, even if you hit several stormy tornadoes.
      However, since this tornado is a two-tiered hit, the damage amount is output twice.


  • We have downgraded the difficulty of Reid Guardian 'Levanos'.
    • Reduced the health of Revanos and Revanos Core.
    • We have downgraded the damage level of some skills of Levanos.
    • We have downgraded Levanos to 25%, which is widespread.
    • Modified so that it does not become stiff even if it touches the 'elemental energy wall' generated by Levanos.
      Also, when you touch the wall, the damage cycle is adjusted a little longer.
    • We have modified the movement of the 'Elemental Energy Bomb Drop' skill that Levanos uses to keep the bombs down while they are dropping.
    • We have modified some of the skill attributes of Levanos to 'Saturn Attributes'.
      If you have a resistive resistor, you can get a resistance effect. If there is no resistance, the damage is the same as before.
    • Fixed an issue where the effects and judgments of the Levanos front sector tree spikes attack did not coincide finely.
  • Fixed a problem in which when a battle ends when a raid guardian 'Levanos' area is not destroyed, the spell shield buff disappears.


  • Destroyer 'Perfect Swing' TriPod Fixed the effect that the damage increase effect of 'Sharp Hammer' when applying 'Sharp Hammer' and 'Sharp Hammer' only applies when the charge is completed.
  • Fixed a bug where the damage is different from the tooltip when applying Battlemaster 'Bongchung' Triopod 'Crushing Breeze'.
  • Fixed a bug where the Damage of Battlemaster 'Islander', 'Triage', 'Attack Weakness' is applied differently from tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug that only last damage will be applied when using Battle Master 'Hajo Kagiru'.
  • Fixed a bug where the characters did not move immediately after the third strike, intermittently, when the Infielder 'Fluffy Flight' tripod 'Fluffy Force' was applied.

[Navigation / Îles]

  • We have downgraded the difficulty level to make it easier to liberate slaves on the island of Karl-Hertz.
    • We have added a slave appearance on the island of Karl-Hertz.
    • The slaves were changed to appear more frequently on the island of Karl-Hertz.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of lowering the frame when using Skill 'Strong Shoulders' from Skillet Island.
  • Since the emergence of the unknown island boss monster, we have fixed the phenomenon that the character can not be manipulated for a certain period of time when entering the unknown island.
  • Fixed a problem where characters can not be moved from specific location of Sunflower Island and error message is output.
  • Corrected the phenomenon of dropping the 'sea treasure map of Gyeongnae' when the succession of the treasure was succeeded in the sea of ​​Procyon.
  • Fixed a situation where the cooperative quest 'Fragrant Sound' does not start at a specific location in Harmony Island.


  • Fixed a situation where you could not get compensation when you entered the Chaos Dungeon alone in certain situations and cleared it.
    • If this happens, the number of Chaos dungeon entries will not be deducted.
  • In Shushaire secret dungeon, the compensation box can not be opened because it is close to the wall.
  • Chaos Dungeon Fixed a situation where a character can not move from a certain position of 'Stopped Mystery'.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Nightmare Cave' was hit by a specific monster, or moved to a location that can not move when the debuff has been fixed.


  • Fixed the phenomenon that a character is buried in a square hall when getting on / off from the square hall of Berne Castle 'Harmony Square'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of being in hostile relationship with other characters when boarding with a different character on a certain elevator on the island of Hephnos.
  • Avatar Production NPC has been modified to not be able to create 1st level PVP avatar with '[avatar] PVP 1st level' production recipe.

[Commandement de Silian]

  • We have downgraded the difficulty level so that debuff does not occur in the second stage of the cube.
  • Fixed a situation where when a character enters the Platinum field as a party, and the character 'Abort', the last character can not escape from the Platinum field as 'Abort' .


  • Fixed a problem where the mileage acquisition message was displayed in duplicate on the chat window when the mileage was obtained at the Lost Arc Shop.
  • On the attendance event page, we have specified the end of the event more clearly.
  • Fixed the problem that the last page was not maintained when closing and reopening the attendance event page.
  • Changed the UI design to automatically complete the character name of the subject when typing in the chat whisper target.
  • I have changed the text color of some games.
  • Improved the visibility of icons displayed on the admission confirmation confirmation popup window.
  • Fixed a problem where password reset UI is not output when wrong password is entered more than maximum number of times in 2nd password input UI.


  • Fixed a situation in which some basic NPC ambassadors did not appear.
    • Target NPC: Familia, Dades, Jude, Art Destaine, Bastian, Sasha, Seira, Aone
  • If you attempt to use another square hall during the attempt to use the square hall, it will be moved to the square hall where you tried to use it first, but the cost reduction message has been corrected for the square hall cost that you tried later.
  • Fishing life skill 'point fishing' fixed some error phenomenon.
  • Fixed some typographical errors.
  • Fixed a situation where you could send mail to your character in certain situations.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of outputting 2 compensation texts of the result before competition of battleground of proof.
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