[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 24/07/19

Alors que nous sommes à une semaine de la mise à jour apportant le nouvel archétype Assassin à la version coréenne de Lost Ark, c'est une tout petit patch qui a été déployé sur les serveurs du jeu.

Il ne contient que quelques ajustements.

Voici le patchnote en anglais de la mise à jour du 24/07/19.

[ Sailing / Events]

  • We have changed the quantity of 'material basket' that can be acquired at 'Jisbrody' cooperative quest clearance as follows.
    • Existing: 1 ~ 3 depending on cooperative quest phase
    • Change: 5 fixed per cooperative quest
  • Fixed the time remaining until the start of 'Jisbrody' co-op quest.
  • Fixed the time remaining until the start of 'Heartbeat Island' co-op quest.
  • We have changed the quest execution time from 10 minutes to 3 minutes, 'Heartbeat Island' Quest '[Daily] Song for you', '[Daily] Do not worry about yourself', '[Daily] Sometimes calm waves'.
  • We have modified the name and description of the skill to remove the light beam from "Heartbeat Island".
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the seamon effect is deleted when transformed from inside the ghost ship.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the color and sound of seawater is the same as that of Sailen sea area in a place other than Sailen sea area while sailing.


[ Item / belongings]

  • Corrected the phenomenon of intermittent dropping of the compensation item of the compensation mail sent to the island mind's substitute quest.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the pet intermittently warps when moving the character while the pet emotional expression is moving.
  • I changed the attachment setting of the avatar item acquired from the memory avatar set to the "Fellowship ownership".
  • Bard 'Twilight Blow Up and Down Avatars' color exposure is corrected incorrectly.
  • Fixed the problem that the waist line is displayed abnormally when the wizard class is worn under certain conditions after wearing 'avatar in swimsuit'.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the list of components is blank when various raids are cleared without selecting the product after using the box listing the components.
  • Tier 3 Hero's 12 levels of equipment under the "effect of additional luck" description of the actual effect is described differently from the phenomenon has been corrected.
  • We have improved the continuous damage of 'incineration', 'full blood', and 'blood loss' during the equipment recycling effect.


[ Pet]

  • Fixed the phenomenon that items of basic belongings are moved when using the 'move items in bulk' button in the warehouse after selecting pet belongings.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when another character enters his place after pet summoning, his pet appearance is displayed to the opponent.

[ Skill]

  • Fixed a problem that when using the Destroyer 'Gravity Force' skill, the rigid immunity did not apply at the beginning of the action.
  • Fixed the problem that the tooltip phrase of the craftsman's skill 'Bronze Day Gwangpo' is displayed abnormally on the battlefield of the demonstration.


[ Dungeon / Battle]

  • During the Air Gates Dungeon Quest 'Last Place', we have also added a new feature that does not progress the quest phase even if killing 'Cain' NPC intermittently. 
  • Marine Dungeon 'Knut's Tomb' has improved some of the production scenes so that the environment around the dungeon is similar to the dungeon concept.
  • Blaster occupation stamped 'Consecutive Bombardment' After using 'Bombardment: Concentrated Saturation' skill, the cooldown time is not reset.


[ Quest]

  • Fixed a situation in which a character who completed a first awakening quest could accept a shortened first awakening quest in Triion. (Revised content 2019-07-24)
  • Hunter Class Awakening Quest '[Awakening] Finding a new power' during the first stage of the buff, the effects of other awaken quests have been fixed the phenomenon is displayed.
  • Fixed a situation where the casting bar of the quest is constantly exposed when abandoning quests that require a long wait in a specific area.


[ Graphics / Sound]

  • Corrected the problem that peripheral objects are not output at a specific location of 'Black Morphing Workshop'
  • After playing mode content in the prestige hall of 'Great Castle' of Yon continent, I corrected the phenomenon that the background music can not be heard when I go back to the pride hall.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the floor graphics in certain locations of Routeran Eastern continent 'Borea Manor' look abnormal.
  • Fixed the problem that when the warrior class played 'Singles of Stars', no related effects were output.


[ Other]

  • Fixed typographical and awkward expressions in some texts.
  • If the pets are forcibly summoned in Sila Mael Battleground, we have modified to display the relevant guide.
  • We have modified the loading image to guide the swimwear package to a more suitable image for the component.
  • Fixed a situation where the path to the environment object was blocked in the land of the beginning of the Yon continent and it could not reach the 'magic pot'.
  • Fixed a slight inconsistency in items that were exposed to 'Expected Compensation' in the milestone island category and 'Reputation Reward' in the EPCONA commissioned on the island.
  • Some milestones 'recommended content' has been improved to expose the weekly raid to recommended content according to character level.
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