[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 08/05/19

Et voici les notes de mise à jour de la semaine, avec comme prévu dans la roadmap, l'ajout d'un système de navigation automatique !

Je vous laisse découvrir tout ceci dans le patchnote en anglais du 08/05/19.

Mises à jour

■ Un système de navigation automatique a été ajouté pour rendre la navigation encore plus facile.

  • Now you can open the world map while navigating and automatically navigate to that location by clicking 'Alt + Left Click' on the destination you want to move.
    • If there is an obstacle in the movement route, it automatically goes through the shortest route.

  • Up to 4 destinations can be specified. If you have a threatened watershed, use a bypass route.
  • If you use some voyage skill during automatic operation or press T key, it will be 'paused'.
    • Press T again to resume automatic operation again.
    • To cancel the route completely, please press the 'cancel route' button at the bottom left of the World Map.
    • If you do not select a destination and press the T key, it automatically moves to the front of the ship as before.

■  Améliorations


  • The ship's current movement speed is now displayed at the bottom center of the navigation HUD.
    • The normal flight speed displayed in the existing berth mode is the speed on the pure specification which does not reflect the temporary effect such as the buff.
    • The navigation HUD will show the actual movement speed, reflecting all the incremental effects.
  • Changed the reuse wait time of navigation skill to apply all at once.
  • We have changed the battle item slot customization in 'Medea', 'Lush Reed Island', 'Psychedelic Island', 'Wrong Desire Island'.


  • May 8 (Wed) After regular inspection ~ Wednesday, May 15 (Wed) The 'Shilling Big Explosion' event will be held before the regular inspection.
    • During the event, you can double your Shilling Compensation in the Cube Compensation box. [Details]

  • Wednesday, May 8th A new attendance event will start after regular inspection.

[Objets / Milestone]

  • Chaos Dungeon Reward has been improved to ensure that two equipment items are paid.
    • Weapons / armor and trinkets have been changed to the same level of drop.
  • 'PC room only' Epona Request +1 'tooltip of the item is the same as the tool tip of the other items, reinforced the guidance statement.
  • Changed the attribution setting of 'Changed Engraving Book I' to 'Available for Trading'.
  • We have added the guide to acquire 'I' in the item dictionary. 


  • Ghost ship related week We reinforced the announcement text so that we can know target of Echo order more accurately.
  • Shu Shire continental dungeon 'Baedan's hideout' some of the area of ​​the Quest to perform more intuitively corrected.
  • We have improved the game guide to be displayed immediately when interacting with guide signs on guild battlefields.
  • Production UI The number of productions available on the left item list has been changed from the production quantity to the total producible quantity.
  • Changed the name of the trifold 'Ryundan Island' skill and the 'cruel chauffeur' of the skill of 'Haengponghanghong' skill to 'the window of the brightness'.
  • Totoike changed the cradle directing of the continental rock to skip on the second visit.
  • When a stencil switch is not possible due to a specific marking, a message is displayed to confirm that the stanza can not be changed.
  • 'Unggi Breakfast', 'levitation' emotion expression is also modified to allow motion cancellation.
  • To eliminate the inconvenience of ending the game and not being able to interact during battle, we shortened the time from battle to release of battle mode to 10 seconds.

Correction de bugs

[Personnalisation des personnages]

  • When importing a customization file saved before a specific date (4/17), the color that was previously saved and saved is output in a different color.



  • Changed Maker Skill 'Sonata Changsik: Red Dragon' s Grenade 'when using a very close to the target, the final hit is not hit the problem has been corrected.
  • Fixed the problem that the cooldown time increased by 6 seconds when acquiring the 'unipolar turning' tripod, which is the skill of the player.
  • Fixed a problem where the attacking area of ​​the skill 'Yusong Gangcheon' skill is intermittently deviated.
  • Fixed a situation where the 'fire control' tripod effect was not applied to a small additional explosion generated when applying the 'dancing explosion' tripod of Blaster 'Front Shoot' skill.
  • Fixed a problem where the skill slot does not return to the normal mode when the blaster is in Bombardment mode.
  • Bard 'note bundle' skill 'melancholy stigma' Fixed the phenomenon that the skill range that can be used is too wide when applying the Tripod.
  • Arkanas 'Scratch Dealer' skill 'Sudden Exposure' when applied to the tri-pod magic, the effect of ignoring the defense is now applied together.
  • Fixed a situation where the Battle Master 'Ignition Combat' skill and the Berserker 'Shoulder Charge' skill can not attack specific objects.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Referee's Tower' at the awakening of the resonator 'Jin: extinction' when using the intermittently canceled the phenomenon is canceled.
  • Fixed the phenomenon in which the buff effect that reduces 'damage received' is displayed as a slightly lower value in the character information window.



  • Ea'darin goodness quest In the course of 'Healing Time', we have corrected the phenomenon that the quest symbol of Ea'darin moved to 'Rania Village adventurer guild' is displayed next to the square hall instead of inside the guild.
  • Guardian Investigator Quest Fixed the phenomenon of intermittent awkward scenes appearing at the quest of 'The Lord of the Rough, Berthus' quest.
  • The 'Ladybug Irion' quest in the 'Sweet Forest' area has corrected the phenomenon that the male ladybug is still following the player even after it has entered us.
  • Berne Krona Harbor Route Quest Fixed a problem where the 'Coruma Harbor' NPC was incorrectly displayed in the 'Krona Harbor' area at certain stages.
  • In Handel's Dungeon 'Palace of Dreams' quest In the process of' Palace of Dreams', we corrected the phenomenon that the quest target is not completed with a low probability even if the correct answer is put in the correct position in the third stage of '


[Objets/ Milestone]

  • Changed the equipment that was provided by jumping growth to apply the appropriate abrasive effect to the job.
  • I have modified the item description of the favorable gift 'Knights of the Knight' according to the setting.


[UI / Graphisme / Terrain]

  • We have removed unnecessary information that was displayed in the target UI of some explosives containers.
  • Fixed the battlefield battlefield order in case of selecting the helmet and hide the avatar function has been modified to work normally.
  • As a result, characters have been trapped in structures in certain locations in the Handel continent 'Destroyed Xanil' area.
  • Handel Continent 'Destroyed Jenna' area specific monsters in the area of ​​abnormal movement has been corrected.
  • Fixed a problem where the track could not be moved at a specific location on the 'Bol'ar' island.
  • Fixed a problem where the question mark symbol displayed on the entry point of the story mission obscures the character when the viewpoint is reduced in the game.
  • Fixed the phenomenon of intermittent party UI remaining after matching ends.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the item that is worn is not hidden when a certain production is progressed during the emotional expression progression.
  • Fixed a situation where when a class that uses a skill slot separately level up by acquiring the skill of another stance through the stance conversion, the shortcut key of the stance skill acquired in the battle skill window (K) disappears.
  • Fixed the phenomenon in which the color of the inside part of the character 's arm is discolored when using' emotional expression: stretching 'after wearing a light colored top.
  • Fixed a problem where some parts of warlord's weapons were worn out when they were worn.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the icon of the equipment slot of the other character is displayed abnormally when it enters into the interaction screen and escapes while viewing other character information.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which the character intermittently gets caught after using the track movement at 6 o'clock on the secret base X-301 island.
  • Fixed the situation where the position of the chat window is displayed intermittently at the end of the card battle.
  • When a character moves to a position where it is impossible to access by using a certain skill, the phenomenon that is not actually moved but is displayed as being moved to that position is corrected in other character screens.
  • Fixed a situation where a character ended a battle and put in a weapon, but the other characters seem to be holding the weapon constantly on the screen.
  • Fixed a problem where some quest information is displayed incorrectly in the stair symbol tooltip in the world map.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the left chest area of ​​a character is crushed when wearing a certain top.
  • Fixed the vertical line appearing on the character's ankle when worn under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a phenomenon in which a magician's weapon is not exposed after a certain production, when a magician holds a "Golden Mirror" in the Yuyaa continental dungeon "Morai Ruins".



  • Fixed misleading and awkward expressions in some texts and unified the names.
  • Fixed an intermittent problem that prevented SilaMail Battleground Guide signs from interacting.
  • Chaos Dungeon 'Beyond the Border' Boss 'Border Guardian' has intermittently used the jersey skill at the beginning of the battle.
  • Fixed the problem that chat window size can be changed by folding and expanding after chat window is fixed.
  • In the tooltip of a clay grenade, the grenade's attribute is marked as a 'Gee' attribute instead of a 'toe' attribute.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that when the user right-clicks the interaction key for island entry while using 'rapid operation', the automatic movement stops and the interaction reaction does not occur.
  • In Handel's Destroyed Jennai's "Outbound Area" area, we fixed a phenomenon where a monster recognized a character but did not attack it and returned it.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the notation of 'other N' is not displayed in the tooltip description of the box containing many components.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that gold was not recalled intermittently even though it attempted to recover gold after expiration of the sale price at the currency exchange.
  • Silmael Battleground Fixed a situation where an error message was intermittently displayed during an attempt to enter the Guild Wars, making it impossible to enter.
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