[Notes de patch] Détails de la mise à jour du 06/03/19

Voici le patchnote de la nouvelle mise à jour de Lost Ark. Au programme cette semaine : des modifications pour le champ de bataille de Sylmael et diverses corrections de bugs.

Pour le champ de bataille, les récompenses ont été ajustées et beaucoup de nouvelles bases ont été ajoutées. On peut désormais se rendre à 30 joueurs dans certaines d'entre elles !

Service de sécurité

  • We changed the 5% discount on the liner service that was provided when joining security service to 25%.
    • You will receive a discount of up to 75% when you sleep with a PC room benefit (50% discount on scheduled flights).
  • [Details and Events]

Champ de bataille de Sylmael

Sila Mael Battle Score The reward and balance have been restructured as follows.

Réorganisation des récompenses

  • We have changed the existing ranking rewards to 'Silmael Bloodstone'.
  • Depending on the difficulty level and ranking of each base, 'Silmael Bloodstone' is paid.
  • 'Silmael Bloodstone' is a token item that can be exchanged for various items through 'Silmael Bloodstone Exchange' NPC placed on the board of Silmael Battlefield.
  • We have changed the 1st and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 70%, and 100% of the reward standards for subpoenas and guilds.

Bases : ajustements et ajouts de nouvelles bases

  • Rudrick's cries
    • Item level can only be applied up to 300 through ability correction.
    • Battle items are not available.
    • Up to 8 people can be admitted.
  • Giant's Nest 
    • Item level can only be applied up to 300 through ability correction.
    • Battle items are not available.
    • Up to 4 people can be admitted.
  • Swamp's Swamp
    • Item level can only be applied up to 350 through ability correction.
    • Battle items are not available.
    • Up to 16 people can be admitted.
  • The ruins of despair
    • Item level can only be applied up to 350 through ability correction.
    • Battle items are not available.
    • We have changed from a maximum of 16 people to 30 people.
  • Protector's Land
    • We've changed the recommended item level from over 400 to over 480.
    • We have changed from a maximum of 16 people to 30 people.
  • Ancient boundary
    • Recommended item level changed from 350 to more than 400.
    • Up to 8 people can be admitted.
  • Kathryn's hatred
    • Recommended item level changed from 400 to more than 420.
    • We have changed from a maximum of 8 people to 16 people.
  • We added a new base ' frosted rods '.
    • Recommended item level is above 500.
    • Up to 30 people can be admitted.


  • We have improved the sales pattern of some of the items that were sold at the Lutheran Royal Trading ship and the new Bern probe.
  • The Lutheran Royal Trading ship and the new Berne probe have appeared on all channels and have changed from a specific port or island.
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to enter the secret dungeon through tracking on 'Island of New Moon'.
  • Corrected the coincidence latency of 'Explore: Underwater exploration', 'Explore: Treasure salvage', and 'Explore: Reef Nambu line' skill when passing through the Procyon's Tent.
  • During the voyage, the phenomenon of inability to move to a ship in some areas has been corrected.


  • We have increased the probability of dropping the 'Storm Anchor' dropping from the Black Cathedral.
  • During the battle with the 'Dreamy Corps Queen' in Handel's Continental Dungeon 'Palace of Dreams', the characters are moved to an abnormal position intermittently.
  • Fixed the problem that the quest phase does not progress even if killing the 'Cain' NPC intermittently during the 'Final Place' of the Air Gates Dungeon Quest.


  • Handel Continent Epoque Quest 'Naughty Nymph' has been modified to make it easier to complete.
  • Fixed an issue where black quests did not progress intermittently during battle with black teeth in the quest 'Black Tooth' in Lutheran Continent 'Rusty Anchor Tomb' area quest.
  • Fixed a situation where you can not proceed to the 'Tasha' employment phase in certain situations during the navigation tutorial quest.
  • Quest for cooperative quests of black teeth 'Everyone, turn around! Fixed a problem that the Quest could not be completed because some target monster did not appear with a low probability.


  • Fixed an excessive increase in skill damage from 'Freezing Regius' to Area.


  • In case of changing the transaction amount or amount of the counterparty in the 'private transaction', it is automatically unlocked.
  • Fixed to be able to lock after 3 seconds when unlocking in 'Private Transaction'.
  • Improved the inconveniences that appear excessively separated from the Lupeon seal that is dropped when using the Eponer's Pockets I and II.
    • There is no change in the amount actually paid.
  • We have modified some of the island's mind acquisitions that were not previously revealed to be displayed in the item dictionaries and tooltips.
  • Fixed a problem where items dropped from a treasure box in a wreck can not be acquired with a low probability.
  • We have modified the items below that are limited to acquisition opportunities to non-destructive.
    • Wanderer Stamp I
    • Wanderer Stamp II
    • Secret map engraving I
    • Sealing explosion stamp II

Graphisme / UI

  • Property conversion result UI item tooltips have been modified to display actual applied values.
  • Fixed the invisibility of Schussyer's 'Elpis' arc during trance transfer from Trishion.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the party UI of the character who entered when entering the triceion contest as a party remains.
  • Chaos dungeon clear after intermittent party UI remained fixed phenomenon.
  • Guild window 'History' tab in the wrong sort order was fixed.
  • Fixed the problem that the rank of 'guild rank' in guild window is displayed abnormally.
  • Improved costume graphics displayed in some awkwardness when the martial arts class is 'sitting' after wearing the rose avatar set.


  • Fixed typographical and ununified expressions in some text.
  • Fixed the "Guardian Curse" and "Fugitive" debuff effects removed when Chaos Dungeon Clear was activated.
  • Fixed the problem that when using the Battle item 'Clay Grenade', movement speed reduction effect also occurs to allies.
  • Fixed the following message to be displayed when trying to acquire accumulated point compensation during battle or abnormal interaction.
    • 'You can not get reward because you are in battle or you can not interact with an NPC.'
  • Fixed an issue where item reusable debuffs will not be removed even after tracking is completed in 'Ancient Waterway in Yudia'.
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